BAD BOYS: RIDE OR DIE – Official Trailer (HD)

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26 Mar 202403:05


TLDRThe script for the Bad Boys trailer is a fast-paced, action-packed sequence that captures the essence of the iconic buddy cop duo, Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. The dialogue is filled with urgency and humor, highlighting the dynamic between the two main characters as they navigate a dangerous situation involving a convenience store robbery and a high-stakes conspiracy involving a corrupt police captain. The trailer teases a complex plot where trust is a rarity, and the duo must clear their names while uncovering the truth behind a criminal network. The banter and camaraderie between the characters, along with the high-octane action, promise an entertaining and thrilling cinematic experience for fans of the franchise.


  • 🎬 The script appears to be from a high-energy action film, likely a sequel or part of a franchise given the title 'Bad Boys'.
  • 🚓 The main characters, Mike and Marcus, are in a hurry, indicating they might be police officers or detectives in a tense situation.
  • 🍺 Marcus expresses a need for a ginger ale, suggesting a preference for non-alcoholic drinks in a high-pressure scenario.
  • 🐶 The mention of fresh dogs could imply the characters are in a casual or humorous situation, possibly a hot dog stand or fast food restaurant.
  • 🔫 A thug with a gun demanding items from a store suggests a robbery scene, adding to the action and tension of the script.
  • 🚔 The clerk asking if the characters are police indicates that Mike and Marcus might be in plain clothes, not immediately recognizable as officers.
  • 💥 Capt. Conrad Howard is implicated in working with drug cartels, but there's a suggestion that he's being framed, adding a layer of intrigue.
  • 📱 A text message from the deceased Capt. Howard implies a conspiracy and entrusts Mike and Marcus with clearing his name.
  • 🔍 Armando warns the detectives to be careful, hinting at a larger plot and potential danger.
  • 🔥 The script includes humor and banter, such as the discussion about stealing clothes and the request for a Reba song, showing the characters' camaraderie and the film's attempt at balancing action with levity.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the dialogue?

    -The main theme of the dialogue revolves around a fast-paced, action-packed scenario involving two characters, Marcus and Mike, who seem to be involved in law enforcement or some form of investigative work. They are dealing with a situation involving a corrupt police captain and are trying to clear their names while facing danger.

  • Who are the two main characters in the script?

    -The two main characters in the script are Marcus and Mike, who are often referred to as the 'Bad Boys'.

  • What urgent situation are Marcus and Mike facing?

    -Marcus and Mike are facing an urgent situation where they are trying to clear their names after being framed as suspects in a case involving a corrupt police captain who was working with drug cartels.

  • What is the significance of the message from the late Capt. Conrad Howard?

    -The message from the late Capt. Conrad Howard is significant because it reveals that he was working undercover against the drug cartels and that he was framed. His message warns Marcus and Mike not to trust anyone and urges them to clear his name.

  • What is the humorous element in the script involving Reba?

    -The humorous element involving Reba is when Marcus is asked to sing a Reba song, and he awkwardly tries to sing a line that is not actually from a Reba song, but from a mixtape, showing a comedic misunderstanding and a cultural reference.

  • How does the script depict the relationship between Marcus and Mike?

    -The script depicts Marcus and Mike as having a close, bantering relationship. They work together and often tease each other, but also rely on one another in high-stress situations.

  • What is the significance of the mention of the US Marine and the job?

    -The mention of the US Marine and the job is a part of the dialogue that shows a brief interaction between Marcus and another character, highlighting Marcus's background and his frustration with the current situation.

  • What is the role of the clerk in the store during the robbery scene?

    -The clerk in the store during the robbery scene serves as a minor character who is caught in the middle of the action. The dialogue shows that Marcus and Mike are not the ones robbing the store, but they interact with the clerk in the midst of the chaos.

  • What does the script imply about the larger conspiracy?

    -The script implies that there is a larger conspiracy at play, with the late Capt. Conrad Howard having been framed and warning Marcus and Mike that they are being set up. It suggests a network of corruption that extends beyond what they initially realize.

  • How does the script use humor to lighten the tense situations?

    -The script uses humor through character interactions and dialogue, such as the exchange about the Reba song and the banter between Marcus and Mike, to provide relief from the intense action scenes and create a more dynamic and engaging narrative.

  • What is the significance of the title 'Bad Boys' for the characters of Marcus and Mike?

    -The title 'Bad Boys' signifies the rebellious and unconventional nature of Marcus and Mike. Despite their commitment to justice, they often find themselves in trouble or at odds with the system, which adds a layer of complexity to their characters.



🚓 Intense Police Action and Accusations

The paragraph begins with an intense and fast-paced exchange about the release of the 'Bad Boys' trailer. The scene quickly shifts to Marcus and Mike in a hurry, with Marcus experiencing stomach discomfort and requesting a ginger ale. The narrative takes a dramatic turn as they encounter a thug who questions the freshness of the dogs and then proceeds to rob a store at gunpoint. Amidst the chaos, Marcus and Mike engage in a tense exchange with the clerk and the thug, ultimately leading to their departure. The story escalates with the revelation of Capt. Conrad Howard's alleged involvement with drug cartels, which Marcus believes is a setup. The late captain sends a message from beyond, urging Marcus and his team to clear his name. The situation intensifies with Armando's warning and Judy Howard's announcement of two suspects, Lowrey and Burnett. Marcus and his team are portrayed as dangerous fugitives, with humorous exchanges about their actions and a light-hearted moment when Marcus is asked to sing a Reba song, highlighting the character's strength and resilience.



💡Bad Boys

The term 'Bad Boys' refers to the main characters, Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey, who are detectives in the Miami Police Department. They are known for their unconventional and often over-the-top methods of fighting crime, which is a central theme of the video. The script showcases their dynamic, with Mike being more reckless and Marcus trying to keep up and maintain some level of order.

💡Capt. Conrad Howard

Capt. Conrad Howard is a character who is posthumously revealed to have been working with drug cartels, suggesting a complex narrative involving corruption within the police force. This revelation adds a layer of intrigue and urgency to the video's plot, as it implies a larger conspiracy that the main characters may need to uncover.

💡Drug Cartels

Drug cartels are powerful, organized crime syndicates involved in the illegal drug trade. In the context of the video, they represent a formidable adversary for the protagonists, as the connection between the police and cartels suggests a widespread network of criminal activity that the detectives must navigate and dismantle.


A conspiracy refers to a secret plan or agreement between two or more people to commit an illegal or harmful act. In the video, the conspiracy involves the framing of Capt. Howard and possibly extends to other members of the police force or government. This concept is crucial as it drives the plot and the detectives' mission to clear their names and uncover the truth.


Detectives are members of a law enforcement agency who are tasked with investigating crimes and bringing criminals to justice. In the video, the main characters, Marcus and Mike, embody the role of detectives, showcasing their dedication and resourcefulness in solving cases, despite their unorthodox methods.


Corruption refers to the abuse of power for personal gain, often involving dishonest or illegal behavior. In the video, the suggestion that a police captain was involved with drug cartels indicates the presence of corruption within the law enforcement agency, which the main characters must confront and overcome.


Fugitives are individuals who have evaded law enforcement and are fleeing from arrest, custody, or confinement. In the context of the video, the term is used to describe the main characters, Marcus and Mike, who are on the run after being framed or misunderstood, adding an element of chase and urgency to the story.

💡Miami PD

Miami PD stands for the Miami Police Department, the law enforcement agency that employs the main characters, Marcus and Mike. It serves as the backdrop for their operations and the organization they are sworn to serve, which becomes complicated due to the presence of corruption and conspiracy within its ranks.

💡Police Corruption

Police corruption refers to the misconduct within police departments, including dishonest practices and abuse of power. In the video, this concept is central to the plot, as it involves the framing of Capt. Howard and the potential involvement of other officers in illegal activities, which the main characters must expose and combat.

💡Unconventional Methods

Unconventional methods refer to the use of non-traditional or unexpected approaches to problem-solving. In the video, the main characters, Marcus and Mike, are known for their unconventional methods in fighting crime, which often involves high-speed chases, risky maneuvers, and disregard for protocol, contributing to the action-packed and entertaining nature of the story.


Action-comedy is a genre that combines elements of action and comedy, often featuring physical stunts, chase scenes, and humorous dialogue or situations. The video script is an example of this genre, as it includes intense action sequences and comedic banter between the main characters, creating a balance of excitement and humor.


The anticipation for the Bad Boys trailer is palpable, with the characters eagerly exclaiming 'Right now!'

Marcus's urgency to slow down is met with resistance, highlighting the dynamic between the characters.

The mention of a ginger ale showcases a humorous and humanizing side of the characters amidst the action.

The freshness of the dogs is a quirky detail adding to the characters' streetwise personas.

The demand to open the register sets the stage for a classic heist scenario.

The exchange about Skittles on the counter adds a layer of levity to the tense situation.

The dramatic instruction 'get in the car' signals the start of a high-speed chase.

The clerk's confusion about the characters being police reflects the blurred lines between good and bad in the story.

The revelation about Capt. Conrad Howard's alleged involvement with drug cartels introduces a complex plot twist.

The posthumous message from Conrad Howard adds a layer of intrigue and urgency to the narrative.

The warning 'don’t trust anybody' sets a tone of paranoia and distrust that permeates the storyline.

The mention of two suspects, Lowrey and Burnett, introduces new characters and raises the stakes.

The flammability of windshield wiper fluid is a unique and unexpected detail in the plot.

The characters' banter about being fugitives showcases their camaraderie and humor.

The request for a Reba song adds a cultural reference that grounds the characters in a familiar context.

The humorous misinterpretation of a Reba song highlights the characters' playful banter.

The final highlight is the revelation that the song is from a mixtape, adding a modern and personal touch to the characters.



Bad Boys trailer is coming out.


Right now.


Right now? Right, right now?


Yeah, ri-right now.


Right now!


Right now! -Ch-check it out.


It's hot.


Marcus: Come on Mike, slow down!


We are late!


My stomach, Mike. I need a ginger ale.




Get a ginger ale, and nothing else.


Are those dogs fresh?


Put’ em in yesterday.


Give me one. Put some relish on that motherfucker.


Thug: Open the register!


Thug: Stay right there!


Is that Skittles on the counter Marcus?


This ain’t mine Mike.


Yes it is.


Shut the fuck up!


Marcus, get in the car.


He has a gun to my head!


You want to deal with him or you want to deal with me?


Sorry sir, but I gotta go.


Call 911.


Clerk: Aren’t you the police?


Marcus: Hey Reggie! Did you eat my snacks?


No, sir!


You ate my snacks didn’t you?


You need to get a job.


I’m a US Marine, sir.


Well then you need to deploy.


Daughter: Dad, look.


News Anchor: We now have evidence that the late Capt. Conrad Howard of Miami PD


News Anchor: was working directly with drug cartels ...for years.


Captain Howard is being framed.


Let's go!


What the hell?


He’s texting us from the other side.


No he’s not, Marcus.


If you’re seeing this, I’m probably dead.


Fuck! Fuckers! Fuck ‘em all!


Conrad Howard: I don’t how high up this shit goes, but don’t trust anybody.


You’re my bad boys, now clear my name.


Armando: You should be careful.


You’re being set up detectives.


Judy Howard: We got two suspects, Lowrey and Burnett!


They’re armed and dangerous!


Marcus: In 5… 4….3…


No! Windshield wiper fluid is flammable!


I ain’t no damn scientist!


Y’all are some terrible fucking fugitives.


I need nasty Mike! Bad Boy!




I got this!


But you don’t though!


Are y’all stealing our clothes?


Just because we black, we stealing your shit?






Look at your shirt.


Why don’t you sing us a little Reba song?


Oh come on, Reba.


Sing your favorite.


Uh...I'm a woman...


I’m a strong black woman...


Yeah ‘cuz she’s not black. -Yes.


What you gonna do, what you gonna…


That ain’t no Reba song.


It’s from her mixtape.