China is NOT What I Expected… (first day in Shanghai) 🇨🇳

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30 Sept 202330:25


TLDRThe video script documents a traveler's initial apprehensions and eventual fascination with Shanghai, China. The journey begins with the traveler's nervous anticipation upon arrival, followed by explorations of local cuisine, public transportation, and the bustling city life. The narrative is filled with cultural discoveries, from trying out a unique breakfast to navigating the metro system and engaging with locals at the famous Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. The traveler's experiences at the walking street and with various food items highlight the city's vibrant atmosphere and modernity, ultimately leading to a newfound appreciation for the city and its people.


  • 🌏 The traveler's initial impression of China was shaped by limited knowledge and news cycles, prompting a personal visit to Shanghai for a deeper understanding.
  • 🏙️ Shanghai's modern skyline and urban development felt familiar yet distinct to the traveler, drawing comparisons to Sydney City.
  • 🚉 Navigation in Shanghai presented challenges due to language barriers and reliance on local apps, but friendly locals proved helpful.
  • 🍜 The local cuisine, including scallion noodles and a breakfast crepe, left a strong impression and were considered delicious and life-changing.
  • 🛍 Shopping experiences in Shanghai were marked by a mix of international brands and local markets, with notable mentions of a fake market and WeChat payments.
  • 🎢 A visit to People's Park and the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum showcased everyday life and popular attractions.
  • 🚶‍♂️ The city's quietness was highlighted by the prevalence of electric vehicles and bicycles, contributing to a different urban atmosphere.
  • 📈 The traveler's initial apprehensions about visiting China were largely alleviated through positive interactions and experiences.
  • 🎥 Filming in public spaces raised some concerns due to camera visibility, but the overall reception was friendly and welcoming.
  • 💰 Financial considerations, such as ATM withdrawals and the use of cash for transactions, were crucial for getting around and experiencing the city.
  • 🌟 The day concluded with a sense of accomplishment and joy from embracing new experiences and defying preconceived notions about China.

Q & A

  • What were the initial expectations of the traveler before visiting China?

    -The traveler's initial expectations were limited to what they had heard in the news cycles over the years. They were apprehensive and nervous about visiting China, unsure of what to expect, especially regarding the reception of having a big camera out in public.

  • How did the traveler describe their first impressions upon arriving in China?

    -The traveler described feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness upon arrival. They were surprised by the modern infrastructure and found the money exchange process interesting. They also noted the difference in the Coca-Cola branding, which was entirely in Chinese.

  • What challenges did the traveler face in terms of technology and navigation?

    -The traveler faced challenges with technology and navigation as their usual navigation apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps were not working. They also encountered difficulties with payment methods, as international cards were not accepted at some establishments.

  • What was the traveler's experience with local food in China?

    -The traveler had a positive experience with local food, describing a breakfast dish of crispy pancakes with chives and egg as life-changing and one of the best things they had ever eaten in a foreign country. They also enjoyed scallion noodles and meat skewers.

  • How did the traveler perceive the public transportation system in Shanghai?

    -The traveler found the public transportation system in Shanghai to be clean, efficient, and easy to use. They noted that there was a fair amount of English on the instructions, which helped overcome the language barrier.

  • What was the traveler's experience with the fake market in Shanghai?

    -The traveler visited a famous fake market in Shanghai and engaged in bargaining for a Stanley Cup and Pokemon cards. They noted the high prices but ultimately made purchases, realizing they overpaid but accepting it as part of the experience.

  • How did the traveler describe the atmosphere and environment of Shanghai?

    -The traveler described Shanghai as a bustling city with a quiet and clean atmosphere, thanks to the prevalence of electric vehicles. They also noted the modern architecture and the contrast between different areas of the city.

  • What cultural activities did the traveler participate in during their first day in China?

    -The traveler visited People's Park to observe daily life, rode a roller coaster, and explored the Walking Street with numerous shops and food vendors. They also tried different local foods and drinks, such as fresh milk tea and honey peach juice.

  • What were some of the traveler's challenges with payment methods in China?

    -The traveler faced challenges with payment methods as their card did not work at an ATM and they could only use cash. They mentioned that WeChat and DiDi, popular apps in China, did not have English language versions that they could use for payments.

  • How did the traveler's perception of China change over the course of their first day?

    -The traveler's perception of China changed positively over the course of their first day. Initially, they were wary and had several preconceived notions, but they found the people to be friendly and the experiences rewarding, which made them feel comfortable and welcome.

  • What was the traveler's advice for other foreigners visiting China?

    -The traveler advised other foreigners to have WeChat payment set up before visiting China, as it is a widely used payment method. They also emphasized the importance of being open to new experiences and defying warnings to truly understand and appreciate the culture of a country.



🌏 Initial Impressions and Anticipations

The paragraph begins with the narrator's limited knowledge of China, mainly derived from news cycles, and a desire to explore Shanghai to gain a deeper understanding. The narrator expresses a mix of excitement and apprehension about the trip, particularly concerning language barriers and cultural differences. The summary includes the narrator's initial experiences upon arrival in China, such as the distinctness of Chinese Coca-Cola branding, navigating the train system, and the anticipation of experiencing the country's famous high-speed train, the maglev.


🍳 Local Delights and Cultural Curiosities

This paragraph details the narrator's attempts to immerse in local culture by trying a traditional Chinese breakfast, navigating the language barrier, and observing the quieter streets of Shanghai. The narrator describes the taste and preparation of a local delicacy, comparing it to an omelette, and expresses delight in the flavors and the experience. Additionally, the paragraph includes the narrator's visit to People's Park, where they witness local games and activities, highlighting the contrast between the bustling city and the peaceful park environment.


🛍️ Bargaining and Shopping Experiences

The narrator shares their experience at a famous fake market in Shanghai, describing the process of bargaining for various items, including a Pokemon deck and a Stanley Cup replica. The paragraph highlights the challenges of language and pricing, as well as the excitement of finding collectibles in a foreign language. The narrator also reflects on the cost of items and the realization of having overpaid, but accepts it as part of the experience.


🚶‍♂️ Exploring the City and its Diverse Offerings

This paragraph covers the narrator's exploration of Shanghai's urban landscape, noting the quietness due to the prevalence of electric vehicles and bicycles. The narrator expresses surprise at the city's architecture and the differences between various districts. They also discuss the local food scene, including scallion noodles and dumplings, and share their thoughts on the taste and texture of these dishes. The paragraph ends with the narrator's reflections on their first day in China, highlighting the warmth and friendliness they encountered.


🥤 Unique Beverages and Street Snacks

The narrator talks about trying unique beverages and snacks, such as fresh milk tea with bamboo flavor and honey peach juice. They express mixed feelings about the milk tea, finding it expensive and not as expected, but enjoy the honey peach juice for its sweetness and thickness. The paragraph also includes observations about the busy streets, the variety of food options, and the narrator's sense of being out of their element in the bustling environment.


🌆 Reflections on a Day of Discovery

In the final paragraph, the narrator reflects on their first day in Shanghai, expressing how their initial worries were replaced by joy and a sense of achievement. They discuss the rewarding experiences that come from stepping out of one's comfort zone and embracing the unexpected. The narrator also mentions their past travels to countries that others have discouraged them from visiting, emphasizing the importance of personal experience over preconceived notions. The paragraph concludes with a look forward to further exploring China and sharing more of their journey in subsequent content.




Shanghai is a major city in China known for its rich cultural heritage and modern skyline. In the video, it serves as the primary location where the narrator explores and experiences Chinese culture, food, and lifestyle. The city's modernity and traditional elements are contrasted, highlighting its unique blend of old and new.

💡Cultural Experience

Cultural experience refers to the process of learning about and engaging with the customs, traditions, and social behaviors of a particular place. In the video, the cultural experience is central as the narrator immerses themselves in Shanghai's culture, trying local foods, observing social interactions, and navigating the city's public transportation system.

💡Language Barrier

Language barrier refers to the difficulty in communication when people do not share a common language. In the context of the video, the narrator expresses apprehension about the limited use of English in China and the challenges it poses in navigating and interacting with locals.

💡Public Transportation

Public transportation is a system of vehicles available for use by the general public, providing travel within a city or region. In the video, the narrator uses Shanghai's public transportation, including the metro and trains, to move around the city, highlighting the efficiency and cleanliness of these services.


Food in this context refers to the various dishes and culinary experiences the narrator encounters in Shanghai. Chinese cuisine is diverse and an integral part of the cultural experience. The narrator tries different local foods, providing commentary on their taste and presentation.

💡Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety is the feeling of nervousness or apprehension when visiting a new place, often due to unfamiliarity or preconceived notions. The narrator admits to having some anxiety about visiting China, particularly concerning safety, language, and cultural differences.

💡Fake Market

A fake market refers to a place where counterfeit or replica items are sold, often as a form of street commerce. In the video, the narrator visits a famous fake market within a metro station, where they engage in bargaining for various items, such as a Stanley Cup replica and a Pokemon card.

💡Cultural Adaptation

Cultural adaptation is the process of adjusting to the cultural norms and practices of a new environment. In the video, the narrator demonstrates cultural adaptation by trying to navigate Shanghai's public transportation, understanding local customs, and engaging with the local food scene.

💡Urban Exploration

Urban exploration involves the investigation and appreciation of urban environments, often focusing on the architecture, history, and social dynamics of city spaces. In the video, the narrator engages in urban exploration by visiting various sites in Shanghai, such as the People's Park and the Walking Street, observing and commenting on the city's unique characteristics.

💡Cultural Preconceptions

Cultural preconceptions are pre-existing ideas or beliefs about a culture that may not be based on personal experience. The narrator initially has some preconceived notions about China, but through their personal experiences in Shanghai, they challenge and redefine these notions.

💡Travel Vlogging

Travel vlogging is the practice of sharing one's travel experiences through video blogs or online videos. The video script is a transcript of a vlog where the narrator documents their journey and impressions of Shanghai, providing an authentic and personal perspective on their travels.


The narrator's initial apprehension about visiting China and the surprise of what they found.

The cultural richness and ancient history of China that has been dominating news cycles for decades.

The narrator's decision to visit Shanghai to discover the real China beyond the news.

The experience of using local currency and the cost comparison with Australian dollars.

The observation that Chinese Coca-Cola is different as it is written entirely in Chinese.

The excitement of trying the maglev train and the speed at which it travels.

The challenge of navigating without English and the reliance on friendly locals for assistance.

The delicious local breakfast of pancake-like crepes with egg and chives.

The bustling atmosphere and the quietness of electric vehicles in Shanghai.

The visit to People's Park and the insight into daily life in Shanghai.

The exploration of the famous Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and the discovery of the fake market.

The experience of bargaining and purchasing a Chinese language Pokemon booster pack.

The narrator's realization of the costliness of certain items and the process of price negotiation.

The excitement of trying local foods like scallion noodles and the different textures and flavors.

The difficulty of using foreign cards and the reliance on cash for payments.

The vibrant Walking Street filled with shops, food stalls, and the unique transportation options.

The narrator's overall impression of China, defying preconceived notions and embracing the new experiences.



China China country that has dominated news  cycles for decades a country rich in culture  


famous for its food its hard-working people  and it's ancient history most of my knowledge  


of China is limited to what I've heard in the  news Cycles over the last few years and I'm  


assuming that most viewers will be in the same  situation I decided to visit Shanghai and find  


out what China is really like for myself and  what I saw really surprised me you're about  


to board to China and I have no idea what  to expect when we get there I'm a little  


bit apprehensive I'm a little bit nervous about  having my big camera out upon arrival thank you


I'm excited it's been a long time since I've seen  a new country well it's been about a month a month  


yeah well no well I've never seen  this kind of country before let's  


have to try into the meantime we have to  catch a train to the main terminal yeah


oh pretty much officially in China this is  cool oh it's cool this is the money that's  


the money we got money yeah so how much is it  that is about 100 Australian dollars how much  


is how much is 100 uh about 20 Australian  dollars this is 20 yeah yeah this one


there's coffee


this is cool okay she had to go capture  the train give me my Coke oh yeah  


it's all in Chinese every other country it's in  it said Coca-Cola right but this one's the only  


one that I've seen that actually just says all  in Chinese writing just a zero calorie that's  


all I know all right let's catch the train  I wonder if Chinese Coke tastes different


exactly there's nothing different about it okay  so we're just heading up now to get the maglev  


which apparently means magnetized levitation or  something magnetic Michael's trying to tell me  


that the train doesn't even touch the track it  doesn't as if it's all magnets magnets how do  


they work that's what I have to say I am a little  bit nervous I've heard that there's not that much  


English here a little bit scared I'm not sure how  vlogging or my having my camera out is going to  


be received here I'm just a bit nervous about  everything so let's see how this goes because I  


feel like this is the fastest train it is it is  the fastest train 430 or 431 kilometers an hour  


about to catch it I think it tastes like six or  seven minutes seven minutes to go 30 kilometers  


oh that's not very fast  are you serious it's closed


close at 10 yeah yeah the the fastest train  yeah we'll get the Metro okay or Duty which  


is over here look at Uber figure it out let's  charge up oh no that was a whole oh no don't  


judge me by the way my first McDonald's  in China whoa look at the popcorn chicken




online but so so far here and the um  convenience store both just haven't  


taken international cards which we've never run  into this problem before well not a problem but  


this has never happened traveling before  yeah we have to adjust we have to yeah


so you just prayed or anything and then  it went to this straight away yeah I'm  


getting it more progressively excited as  we go to see even more of China but we  


are forgive us for having McDonald's no I'm  not asking for forgiveness it's the airport


it's an airport and it's like 10 30. we're not  going to be able to finally at the moment so  


that has made me 10 times 20 million times  more excited to have some Chinese food now


thank you


it's heavy




about 50 something dollars in Australia so it was  not cheap but I'm just looking at these streets  


this is the first like look I've had at Shanghai  or China at all and I feel like I'm in Sydney City  


like I feel like it looks familiar but it's not  familiar it's a weird feeling it's a weird feeling  


I can't really see anything right now because it's  dark it's like midnight almost so I don't really  


know what to expect in the not in the light  all right so we are lost we cannot find the  


hotel Google Maps Apple Maps nothing's working so  after a travel day that ended up hours longer than  


expected with no access to any navigation apps any  transport apps or really any way to get around at  


all we finally arrived in our hotel in downtown  Shanghai thanks to a combination of winging it and  


friendly locals we got some sleep and woke up the  next morning ready to try a real local breakfast  


I am so excited to explore Shanghai  today and the first stop is this famous  


or popular breakfast Pancake type thing  let's try Okay so I've already realized  


there is a lot less English than any  other country I've ever been to trying  


to find this pancake type thing has  become quite a challenge now judges


yes sir thank you that's it okay find it yeah  that's the one so we went to this little yeah  


and we found one but I feel like even though I'm  talking normally I'm shouting like everyone's so  


quiet I'm like respectful and the thing is I'm  saying all these um scooters Drive possible  


I can't hear them until they're almost  running me over because they're electric


so we'll see how this one goes you watch it out


all right sorry


what was that yeah yeah chili


this looks so good my Mandarin isn't really like  my Chinese isn't really like I don't think it's  


working here very well the accent stuff my I think  I'm not pronouncing things properly anyways I'm  


gonna say it looks so delicious you've got like  a little bit of crispy in there some chives some  


egg around the side and it's basically just like  a creeper she like fries it on the plate adds  


the egg cracks it open mixes it around and it's  like basically like egg yolk with some chai oh  


I'm I'm drooling this looks so good


um okay wow the crispy there's like a crispy  thing on the inside mixture is like it's like an  


omelette it tastes like an omelette like  a really thin omelette it's so hot here  


I'm sweating so bad and the flavors  are really good she was just pointing  


out the ingredients and asking me which  one I wanted I said no to chili but you  


can really taste the greens in there the  chives that's really good that's like one  


of my favorite things I think that we've  almost ever had yeah yeah that's good yeah


oh one of the best things I've ever eaten in  my life there is life changing wow this is  


honestly one of the best things I've ever eaten  in a foreign country while traveling and I've  


been traveling for a year and a half or more now  amazing what'd you get it's a fried bread stick  


inside what we just ate oh it's so boiling hot but  she when I ordered it she was like yeah she's like  


that's the one look it's good I like the other  one okay I'm better yeah I could melt against  


this wall and fall under the ground okay I think  we spent like three minutes talking about how good  


this thing is it's good after a life-changing  breakfast I wanted a peek into daily life in  


Shanghai to find out what the people of Shanghai  are really like so we headed to People's Park to  


see what was happening I am a little bit wary of  my camera when I'm here right now so I'm still  


working out what I feel comfortable with but it's  very green very open so let's have a look around  


Park is really nice and it's in the middle of just  like a metropolis of a city like this is oh yeah  


this is crazy like it's it's crazy we're in the  part with all the roller coasters and I want to  


go on one so let's see if we can go on one yeah  so basically you get a card for 10 and you can  


you can load any sort of like amount  you want in it and then just go on the  


rise bit no one seems to be around so  I don't know how I'm gonna actually get  


on I think it's I think consensus yeah all  right let's let's go on the ride whoa okay


oh gosh




good oh going out the wrong way didn't even  sweat this guy me how far done thank you and  


I thought I don't know I thought it was like a  dollar but 40 here is like 8.50 that is so much  


money so I don't know why I pay that much for  that little ride there's all these like older  


men or actually not even that much older some of  them they're playing these games on these things  


I don't think this is chess do you know this game  it's Marshall Marshall what's that I think it is  


I'm just assuming that it is I've known but it's  similar it's like a yeah it's like a table game  


what I'm pretty sure they're the symbols  I might be so wrong here I'm embarrassing  


myself but I think these are the symbols  from mahjong tiles they're showing me  


after a great morning strolling around people's  park it was time to dig a little deeper into  


one of the things that China is best known for  so we caught the metro to the famous Shanghai  


Science and Technology Museum but not to  learn anything under the museum and deep  


within the metro station itself lies the  biggest most famous and probably highest  


quality genuine fake Market on the planet  English yeah two tickets for eight oh yeah


so what's something you found about the  Metro here in Shanghai China it's awesome  


it's really clean it's nice easy to use I was  really stressed we were both pretty stressful  


coming here that it'd be tough for the  language barrier it is with the people  


but it's not with the like instructions there's a  fair amount of English it was quiet it was quiet  


it sort of like came up to us and just  interested curious gonna put this big  


camera away because I'm not sure about  filming so let's do it stealth mode watch


no it's not Stealth at all




hello who's there you're after a Stanley  Cup I would love a Stanley Cup we're getting  


stairs for filling but there's something  illegal Shades so who's the best person


are you gonna get that home  but how much is it oh yes


how many pieces just the one just the  one yeah yeah okay go for this price  


okay that's 31 I could almost buy a new  one for that yeah the quality and a big  


size how many cheese days do you  want only one only one okay 140.


it's a lot of money what do you think oh my God




it used to be Chinese very good okay  that's the price for you 120 okay 50.  


I'm so sorry 50s my cost is more more High  than your 50. I promise well then what's  


your cost my cost is price is the more  higher you it is twenty dollars eighty  


middle price you keep going down why  don't you just tell me the low one


here's my massage


thank you are they closed oh it's  good uh I just wanted to get a like a  


Chinese language booster pack booster pack Pokemon  yeah just any just anything in language Japanese  


was I like collecting the different languages  different prints yeah if it's Chinese so it's a  


stock deck uh okay so no like boosters or anything  like that like so yeah this is 20 and this is 100  


different things that's 45 one with the Snorlax  on the front yeah thank you thank you so much


come on come on sir you want to buy T-shirts  which size you have I have the large one the  


large screen yeah but how much how much are they  oh this one come anyone uh probably just one  


you can't give me the 150 issue wait 150


yeah okay I'm all right thank you it's like  30 bucks no that's way too much thank you


and I definitely realized I overpaid but it is  what it is but I got my Michael got the Pokemon I  


don't know he likes collecting them in different  languages when you go to different countries I  


don't know tell me down below if you like Pokemon  and tell me your favorite Pokemon I think mine's  


Snorlax it's so cute and then have my Stanley  Cup which I've realized now also has a mark on it


it's just plain shipped


American classic the shade Italian  red meat flavor is like spaghetti  


it's spaghetti sauce I don't know what this is  but this brownie brownie or sugar I'm not sure


oh it did work all that bargaining worked up on  appetite so it was time to head back into the city


so one thing I've noticed a lot walking around  the city today is that it's so quiet like most  


of the cars most of the like scooters and  everything are electric so you don't hear  


like the motors and then a lot of people also  ride a bike so you also don't hear that either


so if you don't know me I've been  traveling for about a year and a  


half mostly to Southeast Asia and India  Nepal I've seen nothing like this country  


before like I don't know how to describe  it the buildings are different and they're  


different in different places where you go  in Shanghai as well so I'm really excited  


to see the difference between here in  Beijing which we'll be going a bit later  


on so subscribe if you want to see that as  well but all right let's get some noodles


okay okay and then we'll get some  yeah yeah dumplings dumplings


okay okay sure


this is apparently the dish to have in  Shanghai scallion noodles they smell like  


the me going I make at home last time I used  Chopsticks in a video everyone roasted me um


oh my foreign


no no it's like like kind of sweet but kind  of plain like a soy sauce flavor but not soy  


sauce I don't know oh yeah thank you sure  sure they just taste like plain noodles  


yeah for the delicious noodles so all of  this your Coke for this and this was 40.


it comes out of it pierce it but  then if you pay it it would be  


hot water I don't normally eat this  type of food in case you can't tell


very mushy the flavor is good the texture is  probably not my favorite yeah I prefer like the  


bun type things yeah what's it called bath yeah  wow so good so I am so just worn out from the  


Heat and I've been sweating all morning a little  bit tired but these noodles I loved whatever we  


had this morning that like pancake crepe thing  these are really good so this street I'm pretty  


sure it was called Huang hey and it's where we  were basically this morning it's got basically  


all of the food that you need this noodle place  in particular is recommended by ale other travel  


friends Stefan Pete who lived here actually for  a few years before well you know as I eased into  


the afternoon of my first day in China I started  to come out of my shell while many of the things  


I've been warned about were true passport checks  and cameras on literally every single Corner most  


of the fears I had of China were simply not  coming true as I explored more of this city  


the constant Smiles the Curious Kids and the  general friendliness of everyone we met made  


me feel so comfortable and welcome in a country I  was honestly really worried about visiting this is  


crazy this place is insane but we're here at the  walking Street I'm gonna walk down here obviously  


no cars can come here it's just walking so let's  see what we can find along the way there's lots  


of shops this is nuts I'm walking up and down  here and they've got these little cars or like  


little tiny trains that basically would probably  just take you to the other side of the Walking  


Street so you don't have to walk the hallway  but this is crazy you've got Adidas stores  


you've got all of these shopping centers on the  side oh I saw Sephora this is crazy I I didn't  


know what I expected to see but I don't think  it was this we'll go to it look at me foreign




go to him


okay okay


sure sure thank you thank you I got  a big bucket oh it's hard real hard  


I know whoa that's insane this is insane now you  go back out inside the open Street which feels  


which is so busy but it feels like yeah like open  space open Park through after being in there yeah  


there's still so many people here back here oh  ATM okay we need more money because it's really  


expensive here we're waiting for it to cool down  I thought I'd say if you are coming here and you  


are a foreigner unless you already have WeChat  which is where they do all the payment methods  


on I actually can't do I have a WeChat account  but it won't let me use it in China for payments  


um same with the DD which is their version of grab  or Uber I can't use the English version here and  


uh there's no English language version of the  app that works here so basically the only way  


we can pay for things is Cash um if you already  have waiter if you're from a country that already  


uses that and you have your payment like put into  it already you'll be able to use it when you come  


here give me a shot but we don't have WeChat  payment in the Australian WeChat if you're new  


to my channel hello my name is Rosie and that's  my boyfriend Michael and he basically organized  


everything and I just walk around and eat potatoes  all right so we're in the ATM place just trying  


to get money out but Michael's card hasn't  worked in China yet at all I had to get money  


out from my car to the airport and apparently  now it's not working either I'm a Potato what  


money at the airport cost me eight dollars to  get out oh wow eight dollars withdrawal fee


this isn't bad actually I take it back  it's not great they need salt okay


um thank you pretty money I just I can't  describe what it's like here it's like a big city


so as you know Michael and I came here because  it was the cheapest flight to a country that  


neither Michael and I had ever been to before  so that's why we ended up in China I've never  


seen anything like this I don't know what  to say my impressions of of China is that  


like I thought it would be clean and perfect and  there'd be like a bit like well off as opposed  


in the area we are now I'm here and I like it  whereas I thought I might not like it before I  


got here I had no idea what to expect I didn't  expect this though I don't know how to describe  


it because I had no preconceived thoughts  honestly I never ever thought I'd even come  


to China I've seen everyone with these  skewers these meat skewers so I'm gonna  


grab one I don't know what kind of meat sauce  oh this chicken it smells freaking delicious


I'm gonna stick look how big it is I  don't know what kind of chicken it is  


if you look it looks you can see I don't  know maybe that's the fat I don't know


okay it's not hot it's been there  like for a little bit but it's  


like mush it's like so soft it's good  yeah it's like a barbecue bulky chicken  


I wish it was part of that I wish it was like  more fresh find it everyone's everyone's eating  


the same food you're eating but they're all  watching you eat the same thing yeah I love  


it here and what does that mean hopefully it  means very delicious I don't know why these  


are great like well I don't know like they're  good but like why are they like going crazy


so we're coming down a little Alleyway  off the main walking Street back here  


I feel like that's where whoa that looks cool um


is that what are they what are these Knuckles all  right I have to use Google Translate for this one  


because there is no English fresh milk tea and  bamboo oolong fresh milk tea tea and bamboo chips  


yeah I'll do that one okay fresh milk tea 38.  that's like eight bucks oh my gosh this place is  


expensive we have yeah not this one this one okay  yeah is it good yeah okay thank you you're welcome


so yeah all of these say one but they're all  different sizes some of them I assume one  


I don't know another one a one's one scent of  that oh that's confusing yeah I'm excited it's  


a milk tea in like a bamboo effect so I'm  paying like eight dollars for a bamboo too  


basically yeah we'll try it out thank you okay  we're excited oh I hate it really no no so it's  


um it's like flavored something I don't know  I thought it would be like a milk tea like  


I don't know like a bubble tea or something  it's just like plain tea like water basically  


with a flavor and then some whipped cream on  top I'll eat some of the whipped cream it's  


just basically a cup inside plastic cup it's  very expensive yeah I think you keep the cup  


that's good it's okay this is so busy like  like service this is insane look at this


I just can't believe it I  don't know it's so different  


here like that everyone's having meat on sticks


honey Peach would be nice




20. okay can we have one yeah


thank you


honey Peach and we've got a bucket  of ice because I wanted at Kohl's


why okay that makes sense


yeah enough for it all right get drinking then  it doesn't oh it's so good so sweet it tastes  


like a thicker peach juice I'm not quite  like watery but like not quite a smoothie


all right put this one out


juice The Taste is so good all  right next item with food yeah  


I might just get an orange juice  to be honest yeah these fruits  


are massive like I don't know what's  going on orange juice oh okay this one




what's that oh sorry yeah  where's that where about oh Thai


chicken watermelon orange watermelon  sparkling water yeah this is big I  


think I might want you want to buy one  and just like on our way to get yeah yeah


the side of my hand this is crazy  I know it's just juice but like  


there's like grape sparkling water these  fruits are massive I just feel so out of  


my element I feel like fish out of water  in this place I'm still not used to it


as cold as I think I would like it's so nice  isn't it yeah yeah like real orange juice real  


like that kind of like like almost soury citrusy  taste yeah yeah yeah as opposed to just orange  


flavoring oh it's just a it's like a really  sweet orange yeah it was busy in there ever  


on one of these shoes so this is good I think  I have to steal this one so we're just waiting  


um to cross the road here to get through  the skyline which is the band right  


oh yeah look at all those people oh they're  coming towards the end of the day my worries  


fizzled out and they were replaced by those  genuine moments of joy and achievement we  


get from pushing ourselves outside of our comfort  zones and throwing ourselves into the unexpected  


I visited many countries that people have  told me I shouldn't India Bangladesh Brunei  


and each time I focus on defying the warnings and  getting to know the heartbeat of any country with  


the people and as a result I've been rewarded  with beautiful experiences time and time again


get a photo on this ledge you cannot get  one anywhere there's people the entire way  


along the whole thing all right so that is  the end to an incredible beautiful day here  


my first day in Shanghai in China so watch the  one on the screen right now if you're in the  


future that'll be our next video and I get to  show you more of China see you in the next one

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