A Boogie Wit da Hoodie
28 Mar 202403:22


TLDRThe transcript appears to be a song or rap lyrics, featuring vivid and intense imagery. It tells a story of resilience and survival, with references to conflict, material wealth, and personal relationships. The lyrics are filled with metaphors and slang, suggesting a narrative of overcoming obstacles and asserting one's presence in a challenging environment. The repetition of certain phrases emphasizes the determination and relentless pursuit of success, despite the adversities faced.


  • 🎶 The script seems to be from a song with a strong beat and rhythm.
  • 🤔 There are references to specific actions and items like 'stepping that b wife' and 'grenades' which could be metaphors or slang.
  • 🏠 Mention of a 'P house' and 'apartment' indicating a setting related to housing or possibly a place of some sort of activity.
  • 💎 'Rocking on my ice' could imply showing off or possessing something valuable or fashionable.
  • 📦 The phrase 'put him in the Box' might suggest a form of punishment or containment.
  • 🚶 Descriptions of 'Yellow Tape' and 'bust down glass' hint at a scene of chaos or a destructive act.
  • 💔 There's an emotional element with phrases like 'broke my heart' and 'love with that'.
  • 🎤 The lyrics are filled with slang and colloquial language, indicative of a hip-hop or rap genre.
  • 🎭 The script seems to tell a story, but it's fragmented and requires context to fully understand.
  • 🚨 The mention of 'shoot up the funeral' could be a metaphor for a dramatic or intense situation.
  • 💃 The script includes references to dancing and possibly club culture with phrases like 'make a [__] dance'.

Q & A

  • What is the setting of the script?

    -The setting of the script appears to be a combination of various scenes, including an apartment and a place referred to as 'P house', which might suggest a tense or action-packed environment.

  • What is the significance of the 'P house full of grenades'?

    -The phrase 'P house full of grenades' suggests a high-stakes situation or a place of danger, potentially indicating a conflict or a metaphor for a volatile environment.

  • What does 'rocking on my ice' mean in this context?

    -In this context, 'rocking on my ice' could be a metaphor for showing off or displaying wealth, as 'ice' often refers to expensive jewelry in colloquial terms.

  • What could the 'Box' represent in the script?

    -The 'Box' is not explicitly defined in the script, but it could symbolize a place of confinement or a specific location that is significant to the characters and events described.

  • What is the significance of the repeated phrase 'hit him hurt leave in the dirt'?

    -The repeated phrase 'hit him hurt leave in the dirt' might indicate a recurring theme of conflict or violence within the narrative, with characters facing physical or metaphorical harm.

  • What does 'Yellow Tape' signify in the script?

    -The 'Yellow Tape' could represent a scene of a crime or an accident, as yellow tape is commonly used to cordon off areas at such sites in real-life situations.

  • What is the meaning of 'Bust down' in this context?

    -In this context, 'bust down' could refer to breaking into or destroying something, possibly indicating a scene of chaos or lawlessness.

  • What could 'glass on the face down on the face' imply?

    -The phrase 'glass on the face down on the face' might describe a violent act or the aftermath of one, with 'glass' potentially symbolizing the breaking point or the consequences of the action.

  • What is the significance of 'heart your baby mommy body you call'?

    -The phrase 'heart your baby mommy body you call' is a bit fragmented, but it could be referring to the emotional connection or affection one has towards someone, possibly a loved one or a child.

  • What does 'I could blow I'm ring and go get it back when' mean?

    -The phrase 'I could blow I'm ring and go get it back when' is not entirely clear, but it might suggest a willingness to take risks or make sacrifices to achieve a desired outcome or retrieve something of value.

  • What is the overarching theme of the script?

    -The overarching theme of the script seems to revolve around conflict, danger, and the struggle for power or wealth, as indicated by the various references to violence, valuable items, and tense situations.



🎶 Musical and Action-packed Sequence 🎶

The paragraph unfolds as a dynamic and vivid scene, interspersed with music and applause, suggesting a lively atmosphere. It describes a series of fast-paced actions, possibly from a performance or a narrative with a strong beat. The mention of 'stepping that b wife' and 'hit with hurt' implies a conflict or a dramatic moment, while 'Bas switches in P house full of grenades' paints an image of a tense situation with potential danger. The presence of 'ice' and the recurring theme of being 'on this [__ __] all day' could symbolize a persistent focus or commitment to a certain activity or state of mind. The mention of 'Yellow Tape' and 'bust down' suggests a scene of chaos or a breaking point, while 'heart' and 'baby mommy body' could represent emotional connections or vulnerabilities. The paragraph ends with a strong emphasis on resilience and determination, as indicated by 'I just put a s and got kicked, back' and 'I could blow I'm ring and go get it back.' The overall tone is intense, with elements of struggle, emotion, and a relentless pursuit of goals.




Music refers to the artistic form of expression that uses sound and rhythm to create a composition. In the context of the video, it serves as a backdrop to the narrative, setting the mood and atmosphere. The presence of music at the beginning and end of the transcript suggests a structured and emotionally charged storyline.


Applause is the act of clapping hands to express appreciation or approval. In the video script, the mention of applause suggests that there is a performance or an event where the audience is actively engaged and responding positively to the unfolding actions or the performer's presence.


An apartment refers to a self-contained housing unit within a building where other units are also present. In the context of the video, the mention of an apartment sets a scene for domestic or everyday life, which may be contrasted with the more dramatic or intense elements of the narrative.


A grenade is an explosive device typically used in military contexts. In the video script, the term 'grenades' is likely used metaphorically or symbolically to convey a sense of danger, conflict, or high stakes within the narrative.


In this context, 'ice' is often used as a slang term for diamonds or other precious stones, symbolizing wealth and status. The mention of 'ice' in the script implies a theme of materialism, luxury, and the potential for greed or envy.


The term 'box' can have multiple meanings, but in this script, it seems to refer to a metaphorical or literal place of confinement or restriction. The use of 'box' in the narrative suggests themes of entrapment, limitation, or the struggle for freedom.

💡Yellow Tape

Yellow tape is often used to mark off restricted areas or crime scenes in real life. In the video script, the mention of 'Yellow, Tape' could symbolize a sense of caution, danger, or an investigation, adding to the tension and atmosphere of the scene.


The heart is not only the organ responsible for pumping blood but also a symbol of emotions, particularly love and affection. In the video, the reference to 'heart' could indicate emotional connections, relationships, or emotional turmoil among the characters.


A club typically refers to a social organization, association, or a place for entertainment such as a nightclub. In the video, the mention of a 'club' could imply a setting where social interactions, entertainment, or specific events take place, contributing to the plot or character dynamics.


A mask can serve multiple purposes, from concealing identity to protection. In the context of the video, the use of a 'mask' might symbolize secrecy, disguise, or the need for protection, adding layers of complexity to the characters' actions and motivations.


Drugs refer to substances that can alter one's mental state, and their use can have various implications, from recreational to medicinal or harmful. In the video, the mention of 'drugs' might introduce themes of addiction, escape, or the influence of substances on behavior and decisions.


Repetitive emphasis on steps, symbolizing progress or movement.

Conflict and confrontation are central themes, highlighted by phrases like 'hit with hurt leave in the dirt'.

Displays of wealth and power, with mentions of 'house full of grenades' and 'rocking on my ice'.

Violence and its consequences, depicted through imagery of 'Yellow Tape' and 'put him in the Box'.

The motif of betrayal and distrust, 'back in my bag in a chome' suggests returning to one's old ways.

A portrayal of heartbreak and its aftermath, 'broke my heart pie glass'.

References to luxury and materialism, 'check out the fridge and a new made back'.

Commitment issues and relationships, 'got on the KNE and she not take'.

The struggle between love and violence, 'shoot up the funeral' juxtaposed with themes of friendship and loyalty.

Personal transformation and identity, 'taking these drugs, I'm starting to feel like I'm psychotic'.

The cycle of violence and retribution, 'hit up your man' and the continuous reference to 'stepping'.

The use of symbolism with 'Yellow Tape' to denote crime scenes or caution.

Expressions of invincibility and defiance against adversaries.

Conflict resolution through violence, as implied by 'leave a little [__] in the leg'.

A complex relationship with fame and the consequences of one's actions, hinted at through the constant return to violent imagery.

The presence of music and rhythm as both a backdrop and a contrast to the themes of violence and power.









steps steps steps steps steps steps


stepping that b wife is no


okay hit with hurt leave in the dirt


Bas switches in P house full of


grenades she rocking on my ice and I'm


[ __ ] on this [ __ ] all


day put him in the Box leave a little


[ __ ] in the


leg huh walk in the apartment all you


see is Yellow


Tape bust down bust down bust down glass


on the face down face yeah I CH heart


your baby mommy body you call


B Dam back in my bag in a chome MK I


just the cuz [ __ ] too fast broke my


heart pie glass the stri club I'm coming


right back I just put a s and got kicked


back check out the fridge and a new made


back cre clutch diamonds on the top of


my hands got on the KNE and she not take


I do the AP got to make a [ __ ] dance


blue fa [ __ ] you saying St on thr up few


band shoot up the funeral shoot out the


van shoot up the funeral hit up your man


I don't know love a't No New Friends he


got caught in the J stepping that bab


wife his no


okay hit him hurt leave in a dirt dirt


Bas switches in pen house full of


grenades she rocking on my ice and I'm


[ __ ] on this [ __ ] all


day put him in the Box leave a little


[ __ ] in the


leg walk in the apartment all you see is




Tape huh bust down bust down bust down


glass on the face down on the face I


chome heart your baby mommy body you


call a


ba damn all I know is gas no braak broke


hold the body with a mask on tape I was


in the P house count cash all day with a


strap on my La can't like no way with a


I head off a i BW out a b like take me


the S okay get what you want I could


blow I'm ring and go get it back when


play with the w of the like I'm and your


nigg SP what you it if I [ __ ] on this


[ __ ] he going to cry about it fall in


love with that [ __ ] don't die about it


h up double CH soon as I hop out it they


at me like I'm [ __ ] taking these drugs


I'm starting to feel like I'm psychotic


and per in Myck stepping that bab his no


okay hit hurt leave in the dirt


Bas swiches and pous full


grenades rocking on my ice and I'm


[ __ ] on this [ __ ] all


day put him in the Box leave a little


[ __ ] in the


leg huh walk in the apartment all you


see his Yellow


Tape huh bust down bust down bust down


glass in the


face yeah I CH your baby mommy body you


call a b