Cuando Cierre La Disco

Chris Lebron & Natti Natasha
28 Mar 202404:20


TLDRThe script appears to be a heartfelt and emotional narrative, possibly from a song or a dramatic performance, centered around themes of love, loss, and reflection. It tells a story of a relationship that once was, but due to lack of trust and unforeseen circumstances, has come to an end. The speaker acknowledges their past love, the pain of separation, and the inevitable realization of the true value of their shared experiences when the lights go out and reality sets in. The narrative emphasizes the sincerity of love and the importance of recognizing its worth before it's too late.


  • 🎤 The script appears to be from a song or performance, with a strong emphasis on love and relationships.
  • 💔 It discusses feelings of betrayal and the pain of a broken relationship.
  • 🚶‍♀️ The lyrics mention someone leaving without a plan to return or slow down, indicating a sudden departure.
  • 🏡 There's a reference to a once shared home, suggesting a past where love was present but not fulfilling.
  • 💔 The theme of unrequited love and the longing for someone to return is prevalent.
  • 🥺 The singer expresses a desire for the other person to realize the true value of what they had together.
  • 🌌 The concept of loneliness and its impact on one's perception of past relationships is touched upon.
  • 🤔 The lyrics ponder questions about loyalty and who will remain when youth and beauty fade.
  • 😔 The pain of seeing the person you love fall and not being able to help is expressed.
  • 🍷 There's a mention of seeking solace in alcohol and the pain that comes when the effects wear off and reality sets in.
  • 🌙 The idea of remembering past love and the sincerity of feelings is contrasted with the harshness of present circumstances.

Q & A

  • What is the setting of the script?

    -The script appears to be set in a salon called Rosas, where an event is being hosted by the speaker.

  • Who are the main characters mentioned in the script?

    -The main characters mentioned are Natalia and Christopher, who are described as artists and residents of the salon.

  • What is the general tone of the script?

    -The tone of the script is a mix of energy and sensuality, as indicated by the phrases 'abrir la semana con energía, y sensualidad'.

  • What is the central theme of the dialogue?

    -The central theme revolves around love, loss, and the pain of separation, as well as the realization of true love over time.

  • What does the speaker imply about their past relationship?

    -The speaker implies that they had a past relationship with the person they're addressing, which was not perfect but still had love that was not lacking.

  • What is the significance of the phrase 'yo no olvido que un día tuvimos, un, hogar'?

    -This phrase signifies that the speaker has not forgotten the home they once shared, indicating a deep, personal connection and shared history.

  • What does the speaker wish for the person they're addressing?

    -The speaker wishes that the person does not experience misfortune, as indicated by 'Ojalá no, te vaya, mal', showing a lingering care and concern.

  • What is the meaning behind the lyrics 'Te va a doler cuando apague la luz y, nadie, llame'?

    -These lyrics suggest that the person will feel pain and loneliness when the excitement fades (symbolized by the lights going out) and no one calls or cares for them.

  • What does the speaker imply about the nature of love in the lyrics 'perder lo bueno, duele'?

    -The speaker implies that losing something good, such as a meaningful relationship, is a painful experience, emphasizing the value of a positive and loving connection.

  • What message is conveyed through the repeated phrase 'importante y cuando Tec, edad donde se arruga la piel'?

    -The message conveyed is that love is important and becomes even more so as one ages and experiences the physical signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

  • How does the speaker express their readiness to support the person in need?

    -The speaker expresses their readiness by stating 'aquí estaré yo para cuando,' indicating a commitment to be there for the person in times of need.



🎤 Introduction and Performance

The paragraph introduces a lively and energetic start to the week with sensuality and artistry. It features the spectacular Natalia and the handsome Christopher. The content includes a song with lyrics expressing a complex relationship, where the speaker acknowledges a past love that was not perfect but also not entirely devoid of affection. The song conveys a sense of loss, regret, and the lingering pain of a love that once was but is now gone. It touches on themes of memory, the passage of time, and the reality of love's impermanence.




Energy in this context refers to the lively and dynamic presence that the artists, particularly Natalia, bring to the performance. It signifies the vibrant and spirited nature of the show, aiming to uplift and engage the audience. An example from the script is the phrase 'abrir la semana con energía,' which suggests starting the week with a high level of enthusiasm and vigor.


Sensuality is the quality of evoking or appealing to the senses, especially in a way that is erotic or alluring. In the script, it is associated with the performance of the artists, indicating that their presentation is designed to captivate the audience through its sensual and appealing nature. The mention of 'sensibilidad a nuestros artistas' implies that the artists are showcasing their emotive and passionate side.


Artists in this context are the performers, such as Natalia and Christopher, who are presenting their craft in the show. They are individuals who express themselves through various forms of art, such as music, dance, or theater. The script highlights the artists' role in providing entertainment and emotional connection to the audience, as seen in the lines 'denle la bienvenida a la espectacular Natalia y al hermoso Christopher'.


Love is a central theme in the script, representing the complex emotions and relationships between individuals. It is depicted as both passionate and painful, as seen in lines like 'yo no olvido que un día tuvimos, un hogar y aunque perfecto no fue el amor, no llegó a faltar.' Love is portrayed as something that can bring joy but also sorrow, especially when trust and fidelity are compromised.


Betrayal refers to the act of disloyalty or treachery, which is a recurring element in the script. It is associated with the departure of a loved one, as indicated by 'te fuiste, sin plan de frenar o algún día retroceder.' The concept of betrayal is deeply intertwined with the theme of love, as it highlights the emotional turmoil and disappointment that follows when trust is broken.


Loneliness is the feeling of sadness and isolation that arises from being alone or lacking meaningful connections. In the script, it is used to express the emotional state of someone who has lost a significant relationship, as seen in 'cuando la soledad en tu habitación se ofumi.' The term underscores the longing for companionship and the impact of solitude on one's well-being.


Sincerity is the quality of being honest and genuine in one's feelings or actions. In the context of the script, it is contrasted with the deceit and betrayal that has occurred in the relationship. The line 'son más,' suggests that true and deep love is characterized by sincerity, which is a value that is missing from the current situation.


Memory refers to the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. In the script, it is associated with the recollection of past experiences and emotions, particularly those related to love and loss. The phrase 'yo no olvido que un día tuvimos' illustrates the enduring nature of memories, even when relationships change or end.


Pain is a physical or emotional suffering that is a significant theme in the script. It is linked to the heartache and regret that come with love and betrayal. The lyrics 'Te va a doler de más cuando apague la luz y nadie llame' convey the idea that the pain of lost love becomes more intense in moments of solitude and reflection.


The concept of return in the script refers to the desire or possibility of coming back to a previous state or relationship. It is expressed through the lines 'tú vas a ver lo que en realidad vale' and 'tú a querer volver,' suggesting a reflection on the value of what was lost and the potential for reconciliation or rekindling of love.

💡伪装 (disguise)

伪装 in the context of the script refers to the act of pretending or hiding one's true feelings or intentions. It is used to describe the insincere expressions of love that others may have shown, as indicated by 'también fingieron amarte.' This term highlights the theme of deception and the difficulty of discerning genuine emotions from feigned ones.


The welcoming of the audience and artists with energy and sensuality.

Recognition of something amiss in a loved one's demeanor at first sight.

The fading of the person once loved.

Reflection on a shared past and a home that was not perfect but filled with love.

The departure without a plan to stop or look back.

The hope that the other does not fare poorly despite the separation.

The realization of what is truly valuable when alone.

The regret of late realization and the difference between the two individuals.

The struggle to forget amidst pretense of love from others.

The pain of seeing the other fall with no one to help.

The emphasis on sincere love and its importance.

The challenge of facing loneliness and the value of fidelity.

The pain of losing something good and the urge to remove blindness to see the truth.

The hunger that sometimes accompanies love.

The bitter aftermath of parties and the longing to return.



damas y


caballeros bienvenidos nuevamente al


salón rosas Rosa Natalia lista en C


tenemos para abrir la semana con energía




sensualidad a nuestros artistas


residentes denle la bienvenida a la


espectacular Natalia y al








yo no soy quien va


aconsejar pero te vi supe que en ti hay


algo que anda bien


mal peor de lo que imaginé Y eso se nota


en tu


mirar la niña que un día enamore se


desvanece sin


cesaro yo no olvido que un día tuvimos




hogar y aunque perfecto no fue el amor


no llegó a


faltar en cambio faltó la fe te fuiste


sin plan de


frenar o algún día retroceder Ojalá no


te vaya


mal porque mi niño sé que cuando c lao


tú vas a ver lo que en realidad


vale Te va a do cuando apague la luz y




llame cuando acabe el alcohol tú queres


volver Y quizá ya sea


tarde pero qu estaré yo para que veas


que no somos


iguales cuando cierre lao y el ron no se


I va para


olvidarme y tú sepas que allí todos solo




amarte también me va a doler verte caer


y a nadie tarde Ay sabrás que lo amor es


sincero son más






importante y cuando Tec


edad donde se arruga la piel Dime quién


se va a quedar dime si ha poca personas


fieles cuando la


soledad en tu habitación se of mi


ausencia te


dolerá porque perder lo bueno


duele amor mío Quítate la


venda antes que Un capricho te




sangre aquí estaré yo para Cuando




que a veces de amor También da hambre


cuando cierre la disco tú a ver lo que




vale Te va a doler de más cuando apague


la luz y nadie llame cuando acabe el


alcohol tú a querer volver Y quizá ya




tarde est y para que vea que no somos




cuando y el rond


olvidarme sepas que í todos solo


fingieron amarte tambi me va a doler


verte caer y nadie


levantarte que amor es sincero son más









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