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TLDRIn a thrilling boxing match, Esau Cruz emerges victorious against Romero, despite the latter's initial resistance. Cruz dominates with powerful punches, eventually securing a knockout in the first round. The referee's timely intervention prevents further harm to Romero, and Cruz is crowned the new 140lb champion in his division debut, bringing pride to his Mexican fans.


  • πŸ₯Š The script describes a boxing match between fighters, with DraftKings listing Romero as the underdog at +240 and Esau Cruz as the favorite at -310.
  • πŸ† Esau Cruz wins the fight, becoming the new 140lb champion in his division debut.
  • πŸ₯‡ The match featured strong punches from both sides, with Cruz ultimately dominating the fight.
  • πŸ”₯ In the seventh round, with 20 seconds left, Romero is under heavy pressure but manages to survive.
  • πŸ‘Š Cruz lands a series of powerful shots, including a counter left hook and a right hand, wearing down Romero.
  • 🧠 The narrative of the fight positions Romero as the antagonist, which he embraces.
  • πŸ€• There is discussion about whether the referee should have stopped the fight earlier to protect Romero from further injury.
  • πŸ›‘ Referee Tom Taylor is praised for his decision to stop the fight at the end of the last round, thus protecting Romero.
  • πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ Esau Cruz, also known as 'Pitbull', represents the Mexican people and fights to make them proud.
  • πŸŽ‰ The crowd and fans celebrate Cruz's victory, highlighting his success in the WWA super lightweight championship.

Q & A

  • Who is the main protagonist in this transcript?

    -Esau Cruz, also known as 'Pitbull,' is the main protagonist in this transcript, as he is described as the winner of the fight and the new champion in his division.

  • What weight class is the championship fight taking place in?

    -The championship fight is taking place in the 140lb weight class, as mentioned during the announcement of Esau Cruz as the new champion in his division debut.

  • What is the significance of the final 20 seconds of the seventh round?

    -The final 20 seconds of the seventh round is a critical moment in the fight, as it is when Esau Cruz manages to survive and continue, despite the heavy punishment he was taking from Romero.

  • What was the referee's role in the fight?

    -The referee, Tom Taylor, played a crucial role by intervening at the right time to stop the fight, thus protecting the defeated fighter, Romero, from further harm.

  • How did the audience react to the outcome of the fight?

    -The audience reacted positively to the outcome, as indicated by the applause and the mention of Esau Cruz representing the Mexican people and making them proud.

  • What was the condition of Romero at the end of the fight?

    -Romero was in a bad state by the end of the fight, as he was taking heavy shots and was close to going down, which eventually led to the referee stopping the fight.

  • What was the initial expectation for Romero's performance?

    -The initial expectation for Romero's performance was high, as he was seen as a strong contender, but he ended up being defeated by Esau Cruz.

  • What was the strategy of Esau Cruz during the fight?

    -Esau Cruz's strategy was aggressive, focusing on landing powerful shots and pushing his opponent, Romero, to the limit.

  • How did the commentators view the referee's decision to stop the fight?

    -The commentators viewed the referee's decision as appropriate and well-timed, as it prevented further harm to Romero.

  • What is the significance of the term 'antagonist' in the context of this script?

    -In the context of this script, the term 'antagonist' refers to the role of Romero, who was the opponent that Esau Cruz had to overcome to become the champion.

  • What was the overall outcome of the fight?

    -The overall outcome of the fight was a victory for Esau Cruz, who became the new 140lb champion in his division debut.



πŸ₯Š Esau Cruz's Victory Over Romero

This paragraph details the climax and conclusion of a boxing match between Esau Cruz and Romero. It highlights the intense final moments of the fight, where Cruz dominates with powerful punches, ultimately securing a victory in the seventh round. The narrative emphasizes the anticipation of a possible knockout and the referee's decision to stop the fight to protect the defeated boxer. The paragraph also underscores the significance of Cruz's win, as he becomes the new 140lb champion in his division debut, and celebrates his representation of the Mexican people in the boxing world.




BET refers to the Basic Entertainment Television network, which is a popular American pay television channel known for broadcasting various sports events, including boxing matches. In the context of the video, it indicates the platform where the boxing event took place. The mention of 'tail of the BET' suggests a recap or highlight of the event, focusing on the performance of the fighters involved.


DraftKings is a digital sports entertainment company that provides users with platforms for participating in daily fantasy and sports betting. In the context of the video, it is likely used to refer to the odds or predictions made for the fight between Romero and Cruz. DraftKings' mention signifies the competitive nature and the financial stakes involved in the boxing match.

πŸ’‘Esau Cruz

Esau Cruz is one of the fighters featured in the boxing match discussed in the video. He is mentioned as the victor of the bout, having won the 140lb championship in his division debut. His performance and the outcome of the match are central to the video's narrative, showcasing his skills and the significance of his victory.


Romero is the other fighter in the boxing match and the opponent of Esau Cruz. He is portrayed as the adversary in the story, with the video detailing his struggle and eventual loss in the match. His character serves to emphasize the triumph of Cruz and the dramatic nature of the fight.


In the context of the video, the antagonist refers to the character or role that opposes the protagonist, which in this case is Romero. The antagonist is essential in creating tension and drama within the narrative, as they provide the challenge that the protagonist must overcome. Romero embraces this role, adding to the excitement and intrigue of the boxing match.


Momentum in the context of the video refers to the shift in the flow or progression of the boxing match, particularly in terms of which fighter is dominating or gaining the upper hand. It is a crucial concept in sports as it can influence the outcome of the event. In the video, the momentum is described as shifting towards Cruz as he gains the advantage over Romero.


The referee is the official responsible for enforcing the rules and ensuring fair play during the boxing match. They have the authority to make critical decisions, such as stopping the fight if a fighter is deemed unable to continue safely. In the video, the referee's intervention is highlighted as a key moment that impacted the outcome of the match.


In the context of the video, 'Pitbull' is a nickname for Esau Cruz, the winning fighter. The moniker is likely due to his aggressive and relentless fighting style, reminiscent of the tenacity and determination of a pitbull dog breed. This nickname adds a layer of personality and character to Cruz, making him more memorable and relatable to the audience.

πŸ’‘Mexican people

The mention of 'Mexican people' in the video is a reference to the cultural and national identity of Esau Cruz, who is portrayed as a proud representative of his heritage. This adds a dimension of cultural pride and identity to the narrative of the video, emphasizing the significance of Cruz's victory not just for himself, but for his community as well.

πŸ’‘WWA super lightweight champion

The term 'WWA super lightweight champion' refers to the title won by Esau Cruz in the boxing match. In the context of the video, this title signifies his achievement and recognition as the best in his weight class within the WWA (World Wrestling Association). The title is a major milestone in a boxer's career and represents a significant accomplishment.

πŸ’‘Guero, Mexico

Guero, Mexico is likely the hometown or a place of significance for Esau Cruz. In the context of the video, it is used to emphasize the personal and cultural importance of Cruz's victory, as it brings pride and recognition to his community. The mention of a specific location adds a layer of depth and connection to the narrative, making the victory more meaningful and relatable.


DraftKings has Romero as a +240 underdog.

Esau Cruz is a surprising favorite despite weight changes, at -310.

Both fighters have strong punches.

Instructions are given to protect oneself and follow commands.

Romero embraces the role of the antagonist in the story.

Jackson Mourin is mentioned as a previous opponent for Romero.

Romero is looking to survive the final 20 seconds of the seventh round.

Esau Cruz lands flush shots to Romero's face.

Romero is still standing after taking a shot, but the referee intervenes.

Esau Cruz becomes the new 140lb champion in his division debut.

Referee Tom Taylor is praised for his decision to stop the fight at the right time.

Esau Cruz, also known as 'Pitbull', represents the Mexican people in his fighting spirit.

Cruz is celebrated as the new WWA super lightweight champion of the world.

Applause is heard as Cruz's victory is acknowledged.

Guero, Mexico is highlighted as Cruz's home, emphasizing his pride for his roots.

The fight's conclusion is discussed, noting that Cruz took advantage of Romero's vulnerable state.

It is mentioned that Cruz jumped on Romero right away, sensing his weakness.

The narrative emphasizes that Cruz's power shots were relentless and aimed to finish the fight.



when you look at the tail of the BET


from DraftKings Romero is plus 240 Esau


Cruz no surprise despite the change in


weight he's minus 310 in this one both


sides punches are good you got my


instructions in the back protect


yourselves at all times listen to my


commands touch them up touch him


up back


up you ready


ready every story needs an antagonist


relly Romero Embraces it and they do uh


Jackson mourin out him a lot of people


thought he lost that fight he just got


hit he just got rocked by Cruz Cruz


looking to drop Romero here in the first


round Romero on his like


skapes esar Cruz looking the yeah here


you know there's a quick counter left


hook off of Romero's right hand Romero


retreating eats another left and right


Esau Cruz teeing off on roley Romero


flush shots to the


face it's final 20 seconds of the


seventh round can Romero


survive but was it that much tape to I


mean sto the momentum to stop the fight


Bruce continues to walk down Romero


again lodes the right hand left hook


Romero takes the shot Still Standing


referee intervenes m m Mia Isa Cruz has


done it


via meico Esau Cruz a new 140lb champion


in his division


debut all right here here's here's the


wrap up and we knew if he got hurt again


like this Tom Taylor wisely stepped in


they were going to stop it at the end of


the last round they gave him one more


opportunity and you almost knew this was


coming yeah we thought they were going


to give Ry Romero time to recover but no


but Cruz jumped on him right away he


knew he had him out he he was he was he


wasn't there Romero so he just jumped on


him hand overhand right overhand left me


just power shots fishous shots from from


Cruz and again I want to give the


referee credit yes he gave him the


opportunity it's a world title fight and


uh he never went down but he would have


eventually got down and maybe gotten


really hurt Tom Taylor jumped in right


here and stopped it at the right time


great job by Taylor I I really love that


esok Pitbull crws representing the


Mexican people always fighting to make


them proud you can listen he is the new


WWA super lightweight champion of the




world Guero


Mexico is