Jelly Roll & Lainey Wilson Perform “Save Me”| Live at the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards

1 Apr 202404:03


TLDRThe video script appears to be the lyrics of a deeply emotional country song, which tells the story of an individual struggling with personal demons and a sense of being beyond repair. The song touches on themes of hopelessness, self-doubt, and the search for freedom amidst a life filled with regret and shattered dreams. The artist's raw and heartfelt delivery resonates with the audience, as evidenced by the applause and accolades received, highlighting the universal nature of the human experience and the desire for connection and understanding.


  • 🎶 The script appears to be lyrics from a song, with a focus on personal struggle and feelings of being 'damaged'.
  • 🚫 The narrator expresses a sense of being trapped in negative lifestyle habits, such as drinking and smoking.
  • 💔 There is a strong sentiment of hopelessness and the belief that the situation is beyond repair.
  • 🌌 Imagery of the night sky and shooting stars is used to convey a longing for something more or a desire for change.
  • 🧩 The theme of a shattered life and broken dreams is prevalent throughout the lyrics.
  • 🛣️ The narrator identifies as a 'lost car,' suggesting a feeling of being directionless and in need of guidance.
  • 🏆 The song is mentioned as a winner for the 'country music song of the year', indicating its recognition and popularity.
  • 👩 The artist performing the song is referenced as 'Ly', potentially the sister of the speaker.
  • 🎤 The song is performed by Lany Wilson, who is also applauded by the audience.
  • 👂 The lyrics suggest a message to the audience, advising them not to waste their time on the narrator due to their perceived state of being 'damaged'.

Q & A

  • What is the central theme of the song?

    -The central theme of the song revolves around feelings of being lost, damaged, and struggling with a lifestyle that includes drinking and smoking.

  • How does the speaker describe their emotional state?

    -The speaker describes their emotional state as broken, hopeless, and damaged beyond repair.

  • What does the speaker hold on to for freedom?

    -The speaker holds on to anything that sets them free, possibly referring to their vices of drinking and smoking as a means of escape.

  • What advice does the speaker give to others in the song?

    -The speaker advises others not to waste their time on them, as they see themselves as beyond help and too damaged.

  • What is the significance of the night sky and the moon in the song?

    -The night sky and the moon symbolize hope and wishes in the song. The speaker wonders what it would be like if there were no shooting stars to wish upon, indicating a longing for something positive in their life.

  • How does the song portray the concept of hope?

    -The song portrays hope as something that is washed away with sorrows, suggesting that the speaker's hope is continually overshadowed by their negative emotions and circumstances.

  • What is the significance of the award mentioned in the script?

    -The award mentioned, 'country music song of the year,' signifies that the song has been recognized for its quality and impact within the country music genre.

  • Who is the artist that performed the song?

    -The artist who performed the song is Lany Wilson, as mentioned in the script.

  • What is the title of the song?

    -The title of the song is not explicitly mentioned in the script, but it is referred to as the winner of the 'country music song of the year'.

  • How does the song's lyrics reflect the speaker's view on life?

    -The song's lyrics reflect a view of life as shattered and broken, with the speaker feeling lost and beyond repair, struggling with their vices and the state of their life.

  • What is the emotional tone of the song?

    -The emotional tone of the song is somber and melancholic, with the speaker expressing feelings of despair, hopelessness, and a longing for freedom from their emotional turmoil.



🎤 Struggles and Redemption in Country Music

The paragraph introduces a poignant country music song that resonates with personal struggles and a longing for salvation. The lyrics depict a person trapped in a self-destructive lifestyle, feeling hopeless and broken. Despite the bleak outlook, there's a yearning for freedom and a plea for not wasting time on someone who considers themselves beyond repair. The song's emotional depth is highlighted by the raw and relatable themes of damage, loss, and the search for hope amidst despair. The artist's performance is recognized with an award from iHeart radio, signifying the song's impact and appeal to a broader audience.




Applause refers to the act of clapping hands as a sign of approval or appreciation. In the context of the video, it signifies the audience's positive response to the performance. The repeated mention of applause suggests a live setting where the performer is receiving immediate feedback from the crowd, enhancing the emotional connection with the audience.


In this context, 'save' implies a desire for rescue or support from a difficult situation. The performer is expressing a sense of being lost and struggling, seeking help to overcome their personal challenges. This concept is central to the theme of the video, which revolves around the performer's internal conflict and their longing for change.


The term 'hell' is used metaphorically to describe a state of extreme distress or suffering. In the video, it symbolizes the emotional turmoil the performer is experiencing. The use of 'hell' paints a vivid picture of the performer's mental state, emphasizing the depth of their struggle and the gravity of their situation.


Lifestyle refers to the way in which a person lives, including their habits, interests, and behaviors. In the video, the performer's lifestyle is described as harmful, with references to drinking and smoking. This keyword highlights the performer's coping mechanisms and the societal judgment they face, contributing to their feelings of being 'damaged beyond repair'.


The term 'broken' is used to describe something that is damaged or not functioning properly, often implying a need for repair. In the video, it is used metaphorically to express the performer's emotional state and their sense of being irreparably damaged by their experiences. This keyword is central to the theme of the video, as it conveys the depth of the performer's pain and their struggle to find healing.


In this context, 'free' signifies a state of liberation or release from constraints or limitations. The performer expresses a desire to break free from their self-destructive habits and the emotional pain they are experiencing. The concept of freedom is a recurring theme in the video, as the performer seeks to escape their current situation and find peace.


The term 'lost' is used to describe a state of being unsure or unable to find one's way. In the video, it metaphorically represents the performer's feelings of being directionless and hopeless. This keyword is integral to the video's narrative, as it conveys the performer's sense of disorientation and their struggle to find a path out of their suffering.

💡Damaged Beyond Repair

This phrase suggests that something has been harmed or damaged to such an extent that it cannot be fixed or restored to its original state. In the video, it is used to express the performer's belief that their life and dreams have been so negatively impacted that they are beyond recovery. This concept is central to the theme of the video, as it encapsulates the performer's feelings of despair and their perception of an irrevocably shattered life.

💡Night Sky

The 'night sky' refers to the appearance of the sky at night, typically characterized by darkness, stars, and the moon. In the video, it is used metaphorically to evoke a sense of longing and unfulfilled desires. The mention of the night sky serves to contrast the performer's inner turmoil with the beauty and serenity of the natural world, highlighting the gap between their inner pain and the external perception of their situation.


Sorrow refers to a deep feeling of sadness or distress caused by loss, disappointment, or other misfortune. In the video, the performer's sorrow is a central theme, reflecting their emotional state and the source of their pain. The concept of sorrow is used to convey the depth of the performer's struggles and their longing for relief or a way out of their situation.


The 'heart' is often used metaphorically to represent a person's emotions, feelings, or innermost being. In the video, the mention of the heart signifies the emotional core of the performer's experience. It is a keyword that underscores the personal and intimate nature of the struggles depicted in the video, highlighting the emotional depth and sincerity of the performer's expression.


Dreams can refer to both the natural phenomenon of sleeping and experiencing visions, as well as aspirations and goals for the future. In the video, 'dreams' are used to represent the performer's hopes and desires, which they feel are unattainable due to their current state. This keyword is integral to the theme of the video, as it conveys the performer's sense of loss and the distance between their current reality and their ideal future.


Applause marks the beginning of the transcript, indicating a positive reception.

The phrase 'save me from myself' suggests a struggle with personal issues or inner conflict.

The mention of 'living in hell' metaphorically describes a difficult period in the speaker's life.

The concern about a 'lifestyle is bad' introduces themes of judgment and self-awareness.

The only thing that seems to help is 'drinking and smoking,' indicating a reliance on vices for coping.

The feeling of hopelessness is conveyed through 'all of this is hopeless'.

The line 'something inside of me's broken' reflects a sense of emotional damage.

The plea 'don't waste your time on me' shows a reluctance to burden others with personal struggles.

The phrase 'lost car' is a metaphor for feeling directionless and in need of guidance.

The repeated message 'I'm so damaged beyond repair' emphasizes the depth of the speaker's feelings of inadequacy.

The 'shattered life' symbolizes the speaker's perception of a broken and unmanageable life.

The mention of 'I Heart radio's winner' introduces a successful achievement in the context of personal turmoil.

The hypothetical scenario 'what if the night sky was missing the moon' presents a thought-provoking image.

The act of 'wishing on shooting stars' suggests a desire for hope and change.

The mention of 'sorrows' and 'washing them down' indicates a coping mechanism for dealing with sadness.

The repeated theme of damage and life being shattered reinforces the depth of the speaker's struggles.

The artist Lany Wilson is credited, providing context for the emotional content.

Applause at the end signifies recognition and appreciation for the shared experience.





somebody save


me me from




myself I been so long


living in


hell will they say my




lifestyle is bad for my


H it's the only


thing that seems to


hell all of this drinking and smoking is


hopeless but feel like it's all that I


something inside of me's broken I hold


on to anything that sets me


free I'm a lost


C and baby don't waste your time on me


I'm so damaged Beyond


repair life is shattered my hopes and my


dreams I'm a lost car


and baby don't waste your time on me I'm


so damaged Beyond


repair life is shattered my hopes and my






dreams I proudly present IH heart


radio's winner for the country music


song of the year my sister ly will




everybody what if the night


sky was messing the


moon there were no shooting


stars to use Wishing on


you and all of my


sorrows I just wash them




down it's the only thing




I've ever


found all of this drinking and smoking


is hopeless but feel like it's all that




need something inside of me is broken I


hold on to anything that sets me


free I'm a


car baby don't wait waste your time on


me I'm so damage Beyond


repair life is shatter my hopes and my


dreams I'm a lost


call baby don't waste don't waste your


time on me I'm so




damag life is




my woo


I Heart








Radio the incredible Lany Wilson







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