Trump threatens Americans, Fox Host calls it "somber"

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1 Apr 202408:09


TLDRThe transcript discusses a former President's interview following the wake of a fallen New York police officer. It highlights his dire warnings about the country's future and his claims of increased police deaths, which are disputed as untrue. The conversation also touches on the political debate around police funding, with accusations of misinformation and the impact of such rhetoric on public perception of law enforcement and safety.


  • 📢 The transcript discusses a former President's interview after attending a police officer's wake, indicating a political agenda.
  • 🗣️ The former President threatens the country with destruction if he doesn't win an upcoming election, specifically on November 5th.
  • 😔 There's a noted contrast between the somber tone of the event attended and the aggressive rhetoric used in the interview.
  • 🎤 The interviewee, Brian Kilmeade, is criticized for seemingly supporting the former President's narrative despite its controversial nature.
  • 🚔 The conversation implies a lack of support for the police, with the former President claiming to support them more than others.
  • 🔍 The script counters claims about increasing police officer deaths and crime rates, stating that data does not support these assertions.
  • 🏛️ It is pointed out that funding for the police is not solely under the President's control and that defunding is not a widespread policy among Democrats.
  • 🗨️ The interview is criticized for perpetuating a narrative of increasing crime and violence, despite evidence suggesting otherwise.
  • 🌐 The discussion touches on the broader political landscape, including the role of media in shaping public perception of law and order.
  • 🤔 The transcript raises questions about the truthfulness of the former President's statements and the potential manipulation of public sentiment.
  • 📉 The script concludes with a reminder that facts and data are crucial in understanding the reality of crime rates and police support, despite personal feelings or political rhetoric.

Q & A

  • What was the main theme of the interview given by Former President Donald Trump on Fox News?

    -The main theme of the interview was Trump's warning about the future of the country, stating that if changes are not made by November 5th, the country would face certain destruction. He also discussed his support for the police and criticized the current administration's policies.

  • How did Fox News host Lawrence Jones describe President Trump's tone during the interview?

    -Lawrence Jones described President Trump's tone as 'very somber' during the interview.

  • What was the context of Former President Trump's visit to the wake of a New York police officer?

    -Former President Trump attended the wake of a New York police officer who was killed in the line of duty, using the event as an opportunity to emphasize his support for law enforcement and criticize the current state of law and order in the country.

  • What was the claim made by Trump regarding the frequency of police officers being killed?

    -Trump claimed that police officers are being killed more frequently, suggesting a growing lack of respect for law and order in the country.

  • How does the speaker in the transcript refute Trump's claim about the increasing number of police officer deaths?

    -The speaker refutes Trump's claim by stating that officer deaths have remained relatively flat, bouncing between 100 and 140 per year for almost 30 years, and that the current situation is not indicative of an increasing trend.

  • What was the Fox News anchor Dana Perino's response to the interview with Former President Trump?

    -Dana Perino echoed Trump's sentiments, highlighting the 'sad reminder' of surging crime and violence, and the need to restore law and order in the country.

  • How does the speaker in the transcript counter the narrative of increasing crime rates?

    -The speaker counters the narrative by providing factual data showing that violent crime rates and murder rates are down, and that New York City is currently safer than Oklahoma City.

  • What is the significance of the date November 5th mentioned by Former President Trump?

    -November 5th is presented as the most important day in the history of the country by Trump, implying that if changes are not made by this date, the country will face significant negative consequences.

  • What was Former President Trump's stance on the issue of police funding during the interview?

    -Trump criticized the current administration, suggesting that they are not providing adequate support for the police, and he claimed that he supports the police more than any other president, possibly at double or triple the level of his predecessors.

  • What was the reaction of the Fox News host, Brian Kilmeade, to Trump's comments on the police?

    -Brian Kilmeade did not directly react to Trump's comments on the police during the interview, but the conversation moved on to Trump's support for the police and his criticism of the current administration's stance on law enforcement.

  • What was the speaker's critique of the interview and the claims made by Former President Trump?

    -The speaker criticized the interview as a 'sad excuse' and labeled the claims made by Trump as lies, particularly those regarding the increasing frequency of police officer deaths and the supposed defunding of the police by Democrats.



🗣️ Political Rhetoric and Police Support

This paragraph discusses a controversial interview given by Former President Donald Trump after attending the wake of a New York police officer. Trump's statements suggest that the country is in peril and will face certain destruction if he does not win the upcoming election on November 5th. The conversation also touches on his support for the police, despite facing numerous felony charges. Critics argue that his claims are misleading, as funding for the police is not solely determined by the President and that the narrative of increasing police deaths and rising crime rates does not align with the data, which shows relatively stable numbers over the years.


🚨 Misrepresentation of Crime Rates

This paragraph addresses the narrative of growing criminality in the United States, as presented by certain media outlets and political figures. It highlights the false claims made regarding the increase in crime rates and police deaths, emphasizing that data shows a relatively stable number of officer deaths over the past 30 years. The paragraph also points out that violent crime rates and murder rates in cities like New York are lower compared to other cities, contradicting the portrayal of 'Democratic cities' as dangerous. The focus is on the importance of relying on facts rather than feelings or misleading rhetoric.




The term 'country' refers to a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory. In the context of the video, it is used to emphasize the importance of political change and the potential consequences for the nation's future. The speaker suggests that if certain changes are not made, the very existence of the country as it is known might be at risk.


In the video, 'change' refers to a transformation or alteration in the political landscape, specifically alluding to an election. It implies that the speaker believes the upcoming event will significantly impact the direction the nation takes. The term is used to evoke a sense of urgency and importance attached to the political process.


The 'president' is the head of state and government in a republic, often elected by the citizens. In this context, the former President Donald Trump is mentioned, highlighting his influence and actions. The term is significant as it underscores the power dynamics and the individual's potential impact on the nation's trajectory.


'Unhinged' is used to describe a person who is not balanced or stable, often in an emotional or mental sense. In the video, it is applied to the president's rant, suggesting that his speech or behavior was erratic, extreme, or out of control. This term is crucial as it characterizes the speaker's perception of the president's state of mind during the interview.


A 'threat' is a statement of intention to cause harm or damage. In the transcript, the president is said to have threatened the country with destruction if he does not win the upcoming election. This term is significant as it conveys a sense of danger and urgency, implying that the stakes of the political situation are extremely high.


Somberness refers to a solemn or serious mood, often associated with mourning or grave matters. In the video, it is mentioned in contrast to the president's alleged unhinged behavior, suggesting a disparity between the tone of the message and the expected demeanor for someone attending a wake.

💡support the police

The phrase 'support the police' indicates endorsement or assistance for law enforcement officers. In the video, it is discussed in the context of political stance, with the former president claiming to support the police more than others. This term is important as it relates to the ongoing debate on the role and funding of law enforcement in society.

💡defund the police

To 'defund the police' means to reduce or reallocating resources away from traditional law enforcement towards other community services. In the transcript, it is mentioned as a controversial topic, with the speaker arguing that it is a misconception that Democrats want to defund the police. This term is central to the discussion on public policy and the role of government in funding and maintaining law enforcement.

💡law and order

The term 'law and order' refers to the maintenance of authority and the rule of law in a society. In the video, it is used to emphasize the need for stability and the importance of respecting legal institutions. The speaker argues that the country needs to restore law and order to prevent further violence and chaos.

💡crime rate

The 'crime rate' is a measure of the frequency of criminal activity within a population over a certain period. In the transcript, it is mentioned to discuss the perceived increase in criminal activity. However, the speaker argues that the crime rate is not actually increasing and that the perception may not align with the statistical data.

💡Fox News

Fox News is a conservative-leaning American cable news channel. In the video, it is referenced as the platform where the interview with the former president took place and where certain narratives about crime and law enforcement are being discussed. The term is significant as it represents the media's role in shaping public opinion and political discourse.


The transcript discusses a somber tone used by Former President Donald Trump in an interview after attending the wake of a New York police officer.

Trump threatens the country with destruction if he doesn't win in November, showing a disregard for the democratic process.

The interview with Brian Kilmeade on Fox News is criticized for being a contrived moment used by Trump to bolster himself above others.

Lawrence Jones of Fox and Friends responds with a somber tone to Trump's unhinged rant, highlighting the gravity of the statements made.

The importance of November 5th is emphasized as the most critical day in the history of the country, according to the speaker.

The transcript reveals a political strategy of associating the police with a particular political base, despite the complexity of the issue.

The discussion points out the inconsistency in Trump's support for the police when considering his past actions and statements.

Factually incorrect claims are made about the increase in police officer deaths, which are refuted with data showing a stable rate over the years.

The narrative of increasing crime and violence is challenged by the actual data, which shows a decrease in crime rates.

Dana Perino of Fox News is criticized for perpetuating the myth of rising crime rates despite evidence to the contrary.

The transcript highlights the contrast between the feelings of many Americans and the factual data regarding crime and police officer deaths.

The interview is used as a platform to discuss the broader issue of law and order in the country, with a call to restore respect for these institutions.

The transcript showcases the use of emotional language and appeals to fear in political discourse, particularly in relation to law enforcement.

The transcript provides insight into the political manipulation of tragic events, such as the death of a police officer, for political gain.

The discussion emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between political rhetoric and factual reality, especially in regards to public safety and law enforcement.

The transcript serves as an example of the intersection of media, politics, and public perception, highlighting the need for critical analysis of information.

The conversation underscores the role of the media in shaping public opinion and the responsibility to report accurately on issues such as crime rates and police support.



our country is going bad and it's going to be  changed on November 5th and if it's not changed  


we're not going to have a country anymore Brian  uh looks like the president was really balanced  


a somber tone Speaker 1: Failed. Former President  Donald Trump gave an interview on his plane to  


Brian Kilmeade to Fox News right after going  to the wake of a New York police officer killed  


in the line of duty. Trump's entire presence  there was, of course, one of these contrived  


moments that Trump is using to bolster himself  above others. And you really have to see this.  


I watched this three times to see if I'm really  seeing what what I think I'm seeing. Trump goes  


on an unhinged rant, threatening that if  he doesn't win in November, it's going to  


be certain destruction for the country. And then  they cut to Fox and Friends host Lawrence Jones,  


and Lawrence Jones goes a very somber tone  from President Trump. It's an it's a completely  


unhinged screed in which he threatens the country.  And Lawrence Jones goes very somber, very somber  


from Trump. Here, look at this November 5th. Speaker 3: That's Election day. It's going  


to be November 5th. That is the most important  period of time. It's the most important day in  


the history of our country. Our country is going  bad and it's going to be changed on November 5th.  


And if it's not changed, we're not going to have  a country anymore. Brian, looks like the president  


was really balancing. It was a somber tone. Speaker 1: A somber what are you talking about,  


a somber tone. He he's leaving the wake of  a slain officer killed in the line of duty,  


and he threatens the country with if he doesn't  win, you're not going to have a country anymore.  


Very somber. Very, very somber. Trump. Also,  by the way, facing 88 felony charges and,  


is jumping in on I support the police  and others don't he pulls that one with  


Brian Kilmeade during this interview as well. Speaker 3: And politically, he can't support  


the police. I think he's also making a mistake.  But I think politically is his, base won't let  


him support the police and I support the  police. I would say at the highest level  


of any president by far, maybe double or triple. Speaker 1: Trump supports the police. Double or  


triple what anybody else does. But understand, of  course, that these are also lies. Joe Biden has  


not defunded the police. Funding for police is not  up to Joe Biden. Joe Biden has not advocated for  


defunding the police. No high ranking Democrat has  advocated for defunding the police. I don't really  


know anyone other than some people on Twitter,  I guess, who want to defund the police. I know  


lots of people who want to reform. I know  lots of people who want to improve, retrain,  


reallocate all of those things. And it is actually  Republicans who have made it a habit of saying,  


we need to cut funding from the FBI. They're not  exactly the strongest defenders of, Washington,  


DC, Capitol Police after the January 6th riots.  But the rumor, the idea, the talking point  


persists that it's Democrats that want to defund.  More from this sad excuse for an interview. Take a  


look at this is the start of it, Mr. President. Speaker 3: This is what we got up to today with  


the New York Post. Prime of  his life? Yeah. This officer,  


taken out. You place the call earlier this week.  Why was it important for you to talk to Stephanie? 


Speaker 1: Well, it's really important for my  campaign, Brian, to be seen as doing these things. 


Speaker 3: Stephanie's incredible. And they wanted  me to be there, and I wanted to be there. And  


I came in from Florida. And what a family.  The Diller family. And they lost a a hero,  


really. I mean, just a hero. They're devastated.  The family is devastated. The police forces  


devastated the whole country, you know, this way.  And, it's happening more and more and it's really  


a lack of respect for law and order. And we  have to have law and order back in our country,  


and we're going to do this. This can't happen.  This was a brutal murder. Not only is he a  


police officer in the prime of his life cut down.  This guy had 70 collars in three years. He loved  


doing the job. And this is a blue blood fan. Speaker 1: All right, so you kind of get it.  


First of all, Trump is lying that the number  of that that it's happening more and more that  


police officers are killed. It's a tragedy when  police officers are killed, particularly since  


most of them are just trying to do their jobs  and improve their communities. Most of them,  


that's the reality. And it's a tragedy when they  are killed. But it's not happening more and more.  


You can actually go all the way back to 1996,  almost 30 years, and you can see that essentially  


officer deaths bounce between 100 and 140 per  year. It once went as low as 80, by the way, under  


Barack Obama, it was as high as 140 under George  W Bush. By the way, right now that we're talking  


a relatively small range, but it's not happening  more and more. It's just not a reality that it's  


happening more and more. We have data on this  and Trump is lying. And then lastly, with regard  


to this interview, here is Fox News anchor Dana  Perino in response. Bonds to this Trump interview,  


playing up the growing criminality in the United  States despite the fact that crime is down and  


it's down in a lot of places, and significantly. Speaker 3: It's really a lack of respect for law  


and order. And we have to have law and order  back in our country, and we're going to get  


this can't happen. It's getting getting worse  and worse for police because we're not we're not,  


taking care of them. We're not, we're not we're  not allowing them to do their job properly.  


Former President Trump giving voice to what so  many Americans are thinking after attending the  


wake for NYPD Officer Jonathan Miller, who was  fatally shot in the line of duty, a sad reminder  


as surging crime and devastating violence  are transforming the nation's once vibrant  


cities into fearful danger zones. Welcome to a  brand new hour of America's newsroom. I'm Dana. 


Speaker 1: That entire thing was a lie. That  entire thing was. First of all, if I recall  


correctly, this is the first NYPD officer killed  in the line of duty in more than two years. So  


the idea that this is even an epidemic in New  York is a lie. New York's violent crime rate.  


New York's murder rate. They are lower than those  of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. And they love to talk  


about the dangerous Democratic cities and blah,  blah, blah. They are. And it's funny how she says,  


as many Americans are feeling it, it's probably  true. Many Americans probably are feeling that.  


But facts don't care about your feelings. I  remember being told, and the facts, of course,  


are that officer deaths are basically flat  dating back 30 years. Tragic when they happen,  


but basically flat violent crime is down,  the murder rate is down, and New York is  


safer than Oklahoma City. Those are the facts, the  feelings you can get from Dana Perino on Fox News