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8 Mar 202403:00


TLDRThe speaker reflects on their recent victory with a sense of detachment, acknowledging the transient nature of success in their career. They discuss the challenges of the heavyweight division and the importance of being analytical to avoid unnecessary punishment. Despite losses in the past, they see their experiences as valuable lessons for mentoring future fighters. They also mention a powerful right hand finish in their recent fight and express readiness for potential future matchups, emphasizing their commitment to giving their best in every encounter.


  • 🏆 The speaker finds victory not as satisfying as others might perceive, as their life doesn't change significantly after winning.
  • 🔄 The speaker acknowledges that losing can lead to significant life changes and uses this understanding to mentor upcoming fighters.
  • 🥊 The heavyweight division is recognized as one of the toughest, requiring a high level of dedication and analytical skills.
  • 📈 The speaker has made progress and dedication, which allows them to win without taking much punishment.
  • 🤔 The speaker questions the public's perception of their analytical approach to the sport, emphasizing its necessity in the heavyweight division.
  • 🔄 The speaker sees their journey as a full circle, where past losses have contributed to their current success.
  • 💪 The speaker's approach to fighting is a balance of strength and strategy, which has evolved over time.
  • 👊 The speaker's finishing move, a powerful right hand, is considered one of the best, showcasing their brutal efficiency.
  • 🚪 The speaker is open to future challenges, inviting potential opponents to come knocking if they seek a fight.
  • 🌟 The speaker remains grounded and unaffected by wins, focusing on continuous improvement and staying true to themselves.
  • 🤝 The speaker's ultimate goal is to inspire and guide the next generation of fighters, sharing their experiences and knowledge.

Q & A

  • How does the fighter feel about the concept of victory and its impact on his life?

    -The fighter does not find victory particularly satisfying or life-changing, as he maintains a focused approach on moving to the next challenge.

  • What does the fighter notice about people's reactions to his wins and losses?

    -He observes that people often realize how much their lives can change when they lose, and he uses this understanding to help up-and-coming fighters who may experience losses.

  • How does the fighter view the heavyweight division?

    -He considers the heavyweight division to be one of the toughest in the world, which requires a high level of analytical thinking and dedication.

  • What does the fighter say about his approach to the sport?

    -He emphasizes the importance of being a student of the game and analytical to perform well, even though some people may perceive this as overanalyzing.

  • How does the fighter describe his recent victory and its significance for his career?

    -He sees the victory as a testament to his progress, dedication, and sacrifices, allowing him to win without taking much punishment.

  • What is the fighter's stance on facing other contenders like Fury or Usyk?

    -He is open to facing them if they want to challenge him, and he will continue to do his best in every fight.

  • How does the fighter's experience with losses benefit him and other fighters?

    -His experience with losses helps him to guide young fighters who may face similar setbacks, offering advice on working with new coaches and improving skills.

  • What was the fighter's strategy against AJ, and how did it differ from a typical strength-based approach?

    -He planned to use his analytical skills and progress in the sport to defeat AJ without engaging in a strength-based fight that could drain his career.

  • How does the fighter describe his finishing technique, particularly his right hand?

    -He describes it as a clean, powerful, and monstrous right hand, which is considered one of the best in the sport.

  • What is the fighter's attitude towards his fans and the support he receives?

    -He acknowledges and appreciates his fans, recognizing that their support is a significant part of his career.

  • How does the fighter plan to handle future challenges and opportunities?

    -He remains focused on doing his best in every fight and is open to opportunities that come his way, including facing top contenders.



🥊 Reflecting on Victory and Defeat

The speaker discusses the personal impact of winning and losing, emphasizing that their life doesn't change significantly after a win. They notice that losing can lead to major life changes and use their experiences to mentor young fighters. They acknowledge the toughness of the heavyweight division and their analytical approach to the sport, which has allowed them to avoid punishment and maintain their career longevity. The speaker also addresses their knockout power and the importance of being a student of the game.




Victory in the context of the video refers to the speaker's success in a fight, which they view as a natural progression rather than a life-changing event. It signifies the achievement of winning a contest or competition, particularly in the sport of boxing. The speaker mentions that their life doesn't change significantly after such victories, indicating a level-headed approach to success.


In the video, 'Grump' likely refers to a discontented or sulky mood, possibly in response to being underestimated or questioned. The speaker reflects on how people might have doubted their ability to win, which could have led to a grumpy or determined mindset. This term is used to illustrate the psychological aspect of competition and the drive to prove oneself.

💡Heavyweight Division

The 'Heavyweight Division' is a category in boxing where fighters who weigh more than a certain limit (usually around 200 pounds or 90.7 kg) compete. It is considered one of the most prestigious and challenging divisions due to the power and skill of the fighters involved. The speaker acknowledges the toughness of this division and how it requires a high level of analytical and strategic thinking.


Being 'analytical' in the video means having a methodical and critical approach to understanding and improving one's performance in the sport. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being a 'student of the game' and using analysis to avoid unnecessary punishment and to win fights efficiently. This concept is crucial for the speaker's approach to boxing and his ability to adapt and improve.

💡Full Circle

The phrase 'full circle' is used to describe a situation where events or actions have come back to their starting point or original state. In the context of the video, the speaker reflects on their journey and how past experiences, including losses, have contributed to their current success. It signifies a sense of completion and understanding that past challenges have shaped their present achievements.

💡Savage Brutal Finisher

A 'Savage Brutal Finisher' refers to a fighter who is known for ending fights decisively and with significant force. The speaker is discussing their own fighting style, highlighting their ability to deliver powerful and effective punches that can end a match quickly. This term underscores the speaker's reputation and fighting prowess.


In boxing, 'Undisputed' refers to a fighter who holds all the major world titles in their weight division, making them the universally recognized champion. The speaker mentions this term when discussing their future goals, indicating their ambition to become the undisputed champion in their division.


In the context of the video, 'Fury' likely refers to Tyson Fury, a British professional boxer who is a reigning world champion in the heavyweight division. The speaker is asked about a potential fight with Fury, which would be a significant event in their career and a step towards becoming the undisputed champion.


The 'ring' in boxing is both a literal and metaphorical term. Literally, it refers to the square canvas where the boxing match takes place. Metaphorically, it represents the arena of competition and the challenges that fighters face. The speaker uses the term to refer to their role as a mentor and guide for upcoming fighters, as well as the physical space where they compete.


Mentorship involves guiding, advising, and helping others to develop their skills and knowledge. In the video, the speaker expresses a desire to mentor young fighters, sharing their experiences and lessons learned from their own career. This concept is important as it shows the speaker's commitment to the sport beyond their own achievements and their willingness to give back to the next generation.


Victory is not satisfying but it is what it is, and it doesn't change my life.

Life changes are noticed more when losing than winning.

The heavyweight division is one of the toughest in the world.

The speaker is not buzzing about the win and is focused on moving to the next.

The speaker questions the contest and the possibility of winning.

The speaker believes that experiencing losses can make one a better fighter.

The speaker has seen both sides of the coin and understands the impact of losses.

The speaker's victories and experiences can help up-and-coming fighters.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of being analytical in the heavyweight division.

The speaker has made progress, dedication, and sacrifices to improve performance.

The speaker's approach to the fight was strategic and avoided taking much punishment.

The speaker's losses have been part of a full circle in their career.

The speaker's finish with a right hand was clean and brutal.

The speaker is open to future fights and is ready to do their best.

The speaker is not changed by wins and remains focused on their path.

The speaker is ready for any challenges that come knocking.



Victory it's not it's not that


satisfying it is what it is um honestly


I don't look at it any way my life don't


really change after that type of stuff


do you know what I've noticed with you


lot you realize how much your life


changes when you lose when you win it's


just onto the next so it is what it is


isn't it did you have a bit of the Grump


though that people even thought that


that could be a contest that you were


being questioned that he could even have


a chance to winning I question myself


you know I um it's a tough game the


heavweight division is of the toughest


divisions in the world so yeah it is


what it is we got the job done people


can question me I'll do my best every


time and what will be will be but I'm


not even I'm not even buzzing about the


win just on to the next let's go would


you argue that makes you a bit of a


better fighter though that you've seen


the other side of the coin and you know


how it can go when it when you don't win


that actually victories like this you


know what could happen losing ain't good


for any up and cominging fire but what


it does for me if I'm honest it will


help me be able to speak to Fighters


coming up that may go through losses


that may need to work with new


coaches um that may need to find like


ways to improve their skills because


with enanu tonight let me tell you


something yeah this is how it works full


circle If I Was An Old


AJ it would have been just strength


versus strength it would have been a


fight that would have taken years out of


my career but due to the progression


I've made and the dedication and the


sacrifices I've made I was able to go in


there and get rid of him without hardly


taking any punishment but where people


don't understand that they looked at me


and thought what's he doing he's lost


himself he's this he's overanalyzing but


in a sport like this in heavweight


division you have to be analytical you


have to be a student of the game so you


can go and put performances on like that


so yeah I may have lost a few but it's


full circle so what I'm trying to say is


he doesn't do much for my career it is


what it is but it can do a lot for other


Fighters when I'm sitting on the edge of


the ring and rising up and cominging


fighters in the future mind if I ask you


about about the finish it has to be one


of the cleanest right hands you've


always been a Savage brutal finisher but


that's got to be right up there you tell


me I haven't seen it yet I would say


wait until you've seen it it's uh it's


an absolutely monstrous right hand uh


arguably one of the best look I don't


want to keep you because I know you uh


you got lots of fans here you yeah


exactly right but if you would permit me


to ask you about the future and let me


ask you a question what what questions


are you going to be asking me in the


future probably the same questions I've


always asked you which I hope are the


questions that people at home want want


me to ask and one of those questions is


going to be about Fury usk and the long


road to Undisputed which you surely are


on now no fury you know if they want me


they can come knocking at my door


um I'm just going to do my best each and


every time do you know what I'm saying


but if they want me they can come


knocking out my door I'll just get in


there do my best I'll go home nothing


changes for me brosi um God is good um


charged up by Lucas and if they do knock


on the door if they do knock on the door


what do you open it and say let's go