we can't be friends (wait for your love)

Ariana Grande
10 Mar 202403:48


TLDRThe script conveys a poignant narrative of a strained relationship, where the speaker grapples with the desire to let go of a conflict-ridden past. They express a yearning for peace, not wanting to fan the flames of a monstrous fight, and instead wish for the story to fade away. The lyrics suggest a complex dynamic, oscillating between a wish for distance and a longing for the other's affection, as they cling to hope that the other party will once again find them likable. The theme of waiting for love is recurrent, highlighting the speaker's emotional vulnerability and the struggle with the reality of their situation, all the while seeking solace in the possibility of reconciliation.


  • 🚫 Confrontation Avoidance - The speaker does not want to engage in an argument or fight.
  • 🙊 Desire for Peace - There's a wish to let the story die and find peace.
  • 👫 Complex Relationship Status - The speaker acknowledges that they can't be friends but still has lingering feelings.
  • 💔 Struggle with Feelings - Despite not liking the pain, the speaker remains attached to the person causing it.
  • 💭 Daydreams and Idealization - The speaker feels a dream-like connection but is aware of its illusory nature.
  • 🤐 Silence as a Coping Mechanism - The speaker and 'baby girl' sit in silence, avoiding conflict.
  • 💌 Waiting for Love - There's a continuous waiting for the other person's love and affection.
  • 📜 Clinging to Hope - The speaker holds onto the hope that the other person will like them again.
  • 🎶 Music as a Backdrop - The script includes references to music, possibly indicating its role in the emotional landscape.
  • 🌌 Nighttime Reflection - The speaker feels something during the night, indicating a time for introspection and emotional processing.
  • 🤝 Seeking Connection - The underlying message is a desire to connect, even if it's in a non-traditional way.

Q & A

  • What is the speaker's primary concern in the script?

    -The speaker's primary concern is the struggle with their feelings and the desire to avoid conflict while also not wanting to fuel a monstrous fight.

  • What does the speaker wish for the story to do?

    -The speaker wishes for the story to die down, indicating a desire for the situation to be resolved or forgotten.

  • Why does the speaker mention not wanting to tip to?

    -The phrase 'tip to' is unclear, but it suggests that the speaker does not want to give in to a certain pressure or expectation, possibly related to the conflict mentioned.

  • What is the significance of 'Preen you cling to your papers and pens'?

    -This phrase suggests that the speaker is waiting for the other person to be ready or to change their attitude, possibly by reflecting or expressing their feelings through writing.

  • What does the speaker mean by 'wait until you like me, again'?

    -The speaker is expressing a desire for the other person to regain affection or positive feelings towards them, implying that there has been a change or loss in the relationship.

  • How does the speaker feel about the other person's love?

    -The speaker is waiting for the other person's love, indicating a sense of longing and possibly uncertainty about the reciprocation of their feelings.

  • What is the speaker's attitude towards the argument?

    -The speaker does not want to argue or fight, showing a preference for peace and resolution over conflict.

  • What does the speaker imply about their own feelings in 'I don't like how you pain me'?

    -The speaker acknowledges that their feelings are hurt by the other person's actions, yet they still remain committed or attached to them.

  • What is the significance of the 'day dream' and 'night' in the speaker's description?

    -The 'day dream' and 'night' could symbolize the speaker's contrasting emotions or states of mind, with the day dream representing a hopeful or idealized scenario, and the night possibly representing reality or darker feelings.

  • Why does the speaker say 'maybe that's all I need'?

    -The speaker suggests that the mere knowledge or presence of being alone might be enough for them, indicating a sense of self-reliance or acceptance of their situation.

  • How does the repetition of 'wait for your love' contribute to the overall message of the script?

    -The repetition emphasizes the speaker's persistent longing and hope for the other person's affection, despite the challenges and uncertainties in their relationship.



😔 Conflicted Emotions and Unrequited Love

The paragraph depicts a complex emotional landscape where the speaker grapples with feelings of unrequited love and a desire to avoid conflict. The individual expresses a longing for the object of their affection to once again appreciate them, as indicated by the repeated phrase 'wait until you like me, again.' There's a sense of resignation and acceptance of the situation, as they acknowledge the impossibility of friendship due to the 'monstrous fight' that seems to exist between them. The speaker also yearns for the return of the other's love, as evidenced by the multiple mentions of 'wait for your love.' The mention of 'papers and pens' and 'players' could symbolize the other person's disinterest or distraction from the emotional turmoil. The paragraph concludes with a note of melancholy, underscored by the use of the word 'Music,' which may suggest an attempt to find solace or express unspoken feelings through song.




The term 'understand' refers to the ability to comprehend or grasp the meaning of something. In the context of the video, it suggests a desire for mutual comprehension between the speaker and the listener, as seen in the line 'I didn't think you understand, me'. This highlights the importance of communication and empathy in the relationship being discussed.

💡tip to

The phrase 'tip to' is not clearly defined within the script, but it could imply a cautious approach or a subtle hint. It might relate to the speaker's careful handling of a delicate situation, as they navigate complex emotions and relationships. The phrase is used in the context of not wanting to escalate a conflict, as seen in 'I don't want to tip to but I don't, want to hide'.

💡monstrous fight

A 'monstrous fight' refers to a large-scale or intense conflict, often implying something overwhelming or difficult to manage. In the video, this term is used metaphorically to describe the emotional struggle the speaker is experiencing, as they try to avoid feeding into the negativity of an argument or disagreement, as indicated by 'this monstrous fight'.

💡story die

The phrase 'story die' is a metaphorical expression used to convey the desire to let a situation or narrative come to an end without further escalation. In the context of the video, it reflects the speaker's wish to move past the conflict and find peace, as shown in 'just want to let this story die'. This suggests a preference for resolution over ongoing strife.


In this context, 'preen' could be interpreted as a metaphor for self-improvement or self-presentation. The speaker uses the term to express a desire to be seen in a positive light, as indicated by 'Preen you cling to your, papers and pens'. It suggests a longing for acceptance and admiration, even in the midst of a strained relationship.

💡papers and pens

The phrase 'papers and pens' likely symbolizes the tools of communication, such as letters or written messages. In the video, it is used to illustrate the speaker's longing for the listener to wait for a time when they will appreciate the speaker's efforts and emotions, as seen in 'wait until you like me, again wait for your, love my love'. This suggests a yearning for rekindled affection and understanding.


The term 'silence' in the video script represents a lack of verbal communication or a pause in conversation. It is often associated with contemplation, reflection, or an unspoken understanding. In the context of the video, 'silence' is used to describe a moment of quiet between the speaker and the listener, as in 'M baby girl it's just me and, you cuz I don't want to argue but I, don't want to fight my tongue you think, I'd rather die'. This silence could signify a peaceful resolution or a temporary truce in the ongoing conflict.

💡Miss, understood

The phrase 'Miss, understood' seems to be a part of a dialogue where the speaker seeks acknowledgment or comprehension from the listener. It implies a desire for the message to be received and processed, rather than being overlooked or dismissed. In the video, this phrase is used to emphasize the importance of mutual understanding in the relationship, as the speaker feels that they have been misunderstood or not heard.

💡pain me

The term 'pain me' refers to causing emotional or physical suffering. In the video, it is used to express the speaker's experience of hurt as a result of the actions or words of the other person, as indicated by 'I don't like how you pain me yet I'm, still your'. This highlights the complexity of the relationship, where despite the hurt, there is still a lingering attachment and affection.

💡day dream

A 'day dream' is a spontaneous, self-directed sequence of thoughts, images, and emotions that occur during wakefulness. In the video, the speaker uses 'day dream' to describe a state of mind where they are lost in thoughts or fantasies, possibly about the relationship or the person they are addressing. It suggests a sense of escapism or wishful thinking, as seen in 'it's something like a day dream but, I feel so s in the night'.


The word 'wait' in the video script conveys a sense of patience and anticipation. It is used to express the speaker's longing for the listener's affection and the hope that their feelings will be reciprocated in time, as seen in 'wait for your, love love I wait for your, love'. This reflects a deep emotional investment and the willingness to endure the uncertainty of the relationship's outcome.


The term 'love' is a central theme in the video, representing deep affection and emotional attachment. It is used repeatedly to emphasize the speaker's strong feelings and their desire for the listener's reciprocation of these feelings. The repeated use of 'love' in the script, such as in 'I wait for your love, my love', underscores the significance of this emotion in the dynamics of their relationship.


The speaker expresses a desire not to engage in conflict, preferring to let a story die.

There's an internal struggle between the wish to maintain a friendship and the need to avoid feeding a 'monstrous fight'.

The speaker feels a need to hide but also a reluctance to tip-toe around the situation.

A repeated theme of waiting for the other person's affection and approval is evident.

The phrase 'Preen you cling to your papers and pens' suggests a longing for the other's attention and validation.

The speaker is waiting for the other's love, indicating a one-sided relationship dynamic.

The line 'we sit in silence' conveys a sense of unease and unresolved tension.

The speaker acknowledges the other's perception of them preferring to 'die' rather than engage in a fight.

The mention of looking good implies a desire to maintain a positive self-image despite the situation.

The repeated phrase 'wait until you like me again' suggests a pattern of emotional reliance and cyclical relationship issues.

The speaker seems to be in a state of waiting, reflecting a sense of helplessness or patience.

The line 'I know that you made me' indicates a recognition of the other's influence on the speaker's self-perception.

The speaker feels 'pain' from the relationship, yet remains attached to the other person.

The metaphor of a 'day dream' is used to describe an idealized but unrealistic vision of the relationship.

The speaker experiences a sense of loneliness and isolation, feeling that they are the only ones present.

The repeated phrase 'wait for your love' underscores the speaker's longing and the centrality of the other's affection.

The use of '[Music]' indicates breaks in the spoken content, possibly for dramatic effect or to signify a change in mood.



I didn't think you understand


me how could you ever even


try I don't want to tip to but I don't


want to hide but I don't want to feed


this monstrous fight


just want to let this story die and I'll


be all right we can't be friends but i'


like to just


Preen you cling to your


papers and pens wait until you like me


again wait for your


love my love I wait for your love


me and my truth we sit in




M baby girl it's just me and


you cuz I don't want to argue but I


don't want to fight my tongue you think


I'd rather die you got me Miss


understood but at least I look this


good we can't be friends but i' like to




pren you cling to your


players and P wait until you like me


again wait for your


love love I wait for your


love I wait for you


love I wait for you


love I know that you made


me I don't like how you pain me yet I'm


still your H know what you


made it's something like a day dream but


I feel so s in the night so to know it's


only me


and maybe that's all I need we can't be


friends but I'd like to just


prend you cling to your


papers and pens wait until you like me


again wait for your


love my love I wait for your


love I'll wait for your love


love I wait for you


love I









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