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4 May 202309:06


TLDRDiscover 8 innovative AI tools that surpass ChatGPT in capabilities. ChatSonic offers real-time search and image generation, while Durable simplifies website creation. Eightify condenses video content, and Perplexity provides sourced information. Runway ML excels in image and video manipulation, Amazon Code Whisperer aids programmers, Caktus AI assists students, and Reimagine Home AI helps with home makeovers. These tools showcase AI's potential to revolutionize various aspects of work and daily life.


  • 🚀 ChatSonic is a powerful AI tool that surpasses ChatGPT in writing and chatting capabilities, offering real-time search integration and up-to-date information.
  • 🌐 ChatSonic can connect with DALLE and StableDiffusion to generate images from text, enhancing its versatility.
  • 🗣️ It also supports Text To Speech conversion and Voice Commands, making it a strong contender for virtual assistants.
  • 📈 ChatSonic has usage limits based on subscription levels, with free versions offering a limited number of words per month.
  • 🛠️ WriteSonic provides a suite of AI tools for various content creation needs, all accessible through a single subscription.
  • 🏗️ Durable is an AI that simplifies website creation, generating complete websites with just a few details provided by the user.
  • 🎥 Eightify is an AI-based Chrome extension that summarizes videos, making it easier to extract key information from lengthy content.
  • 🔍 Perplexity is a chat bot that supports real-time search and provides sources with its answers, offering a more verifiable information service.
  • 🎨 Runway ML is a comprehensive AI for image manipulation, including text-to-image conversion, background removal, and more.
  • 👨‍💻 Amazon Code Whisperer is an AI tool for programmers that suggests optimized code snippets based on the context of the code, saving time and effort.
  • 📚 Caktus AI is designed specifically for students, offering essay writing, question generation, and even coding assistance for school projects.
  • 🏠 Reimagine Home AI assists with home makeovers by analyzing photos and creating visualizations based on user input for design ideas.

Q & A

  • What is the main advantage of ChatSonic over ChatGPT?

    -ChatSonic, like ChatGPT, is powered by GPT-4, but it overcomes the limitation of outdated knowledge by supporting real-time search through its integration with Google. This allows it to provide relevant and credible data, including the latest news or events.

  • How does ChatSonic handle the generation of images?

    -ChatSonic can connect with DALLE and StableDiffusion to generate images straight from the chat. The quality of the results depends on the prompt provided by the user.

  • What is the monthly word limit for free users of ChatSonic with GPT 3.5 and GPT-4+?

    -Free users of ChatSonic get 10,000 words per month with GPT 3.5 and 2,500 words with GPT-4+.

  • How does Durable simplify the process of creating a website?

    -Durable simplifies website creation by allowing users to fill in a few details about their business, and the AI generates the website, including headers, images, descriptions, services, testimonials, and even a map.

  • What is Eightify and how does it benefit users?

    -Eightify is a powerful AI-based Chrome extension that summarizes videos, allowing users to quickly understand the content without having to watch the entire video.

  • How does Perplexity differ from ChatGPT in terms of providing information?

    -Perplexity operates similarly to ChatGPT but has the advantage of supporting real-time search and providing sources of information with each answer. It also suggests related queries for additional information.

  • What is the purpose of the prompt pack mentioned in the script?

    -The prompt pack contains ready-made prompts designed to enhance the use of ChatGPT by helping users ask the right questions to get the desired answers, especially for businesses, marketing specialists, and average users.

  • What capabilities does Runway ML offer for image and video processing?

    -Runway ML is a complex AI that can convert text to images, remove backgrounds, expand images, erase and replace objects on photos, color grade videos with text input, create new frames for slow-motion videos, blur faces automatically, and more.

  • How does Amazon Code Whisperer assist programmers?

    -Amazon Code Whisperer allows programmers to receive working and optimized code suggestions by writing a comment inside their code. It analyzes the code and suggests code snippets such as functions, variable names, and entire code lines, which can be accepted or edited.

  • What are the main features of Caktus AI designed for students?

    -Caktus AI is designed to boost productivity and streamline workflows for students. It can write essays, generate discussion questions, create summaries, write personal statements, and even generate full programs for school-related tasks.

  • How does Reimagine Home AI assist with home makeovers?

    -Reimagine Home AI analyzes a photo of a user's space and, based on user prompts, creates a visualization of a new space, taking into account details like color schemes, furniture styles, and room types to help brainstorm and visualize the concept of the space.



🤖 Introduction to Advanced AI Tools Beyond ChatGPT

The paragraph introduces a variety of AI tools that surpass ChatGPT in capabilities. It highlights ChatSonic, which overcomes ChatGPT's knowledge limitations by integrating real-time search with Google, allowing for up-to-date responses and personalized interactions. The tool can also generate images and support text-to-speech, making it a versatile virtual assistant. The paragraph also mentions WriteSonic, an AI suite for content creators, and Durable, a website builder that simplifies the process of creating a professional online presence.


📚 Enhancing ChatGPT with Prompts and Additional AI Tools

This section discusses the potential of ChatGPT when used with specific prompts and introduces additional AI tools. It presents Eightify, an AI extension for video summarization, and Perplexity, a chat bot that provides real-time search with sourced information. The paragraph also offers a pack of prompts designed to maximize the use of ChatGPT for various applications, including business and marketing. It then describes Runway ML, an AI for comprehensive image and video manipulation, and Amazon Code Whisperer, which assists programmers by suggesting optimized code snippets.




ChatSonic is an AI tool similar to ChatGPT but enhanced with real-time search capabilities through Google integration, allowing it to provide up-to-date and relevant information. It also offers the ability to choose a personality for responses and can generate images through integration with DALLE and StableDiffusion. In the context of the video, ChatSonic is highlighted as a powerful tool for writing, chatting, and virtual assistance, capable of planning trips and producing text-to-speech outputs.


GPT-4 is a reference to the fourth generation of the Generative Pre-trained Transformer, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. It is known for its improved capabilities in understanding and generating human-like text compared to its predecessors. In the video, GPT-4 is noted as the underlying technology for ChatSonic, enabling it to provide more accurate and current information than ChatGPT, which has a knowledge cutoff.


Durable is an AI tool designed to simplify the process of website creation. By inputting basic details about a business, Durable can automatically generate a complete website layout with headers, images, descriptions, and even testimonials. This tool is particularly useful for individuals or small businesses looking to establish an online presence without the need for extensive technical knowledge or high costs.


Eightify is an AI-based Chrome extension that specializes in summarizing video content, making it easier for users to extract key information without having to watch the entire video. It targets the issue of long videos with excessive small talk or irrelevant content, providing concise summaries that save time for users seeking specific knowledge.


Perplexity is a chatbot that operates similarly to ChatGPT but with the added ability to conduct real-time searches and provide sources for each answer. It offers users the benefit of not only receiving information but also being directed to reputable data sources, enhancing the reliability and credibility of the information provided.

💡Runway ML

Runway ML is a comprehensive AI tool focused on image and video manipulation. It offers a wide range of features such as text-to-image conversion, background removal, image expansion, object replacement on photos, color grading of videos, and more. Runway ML is designed to simplify content production by providing advanced editing capabilities through text input, making it a powerful asset for creators.

💡Amazon Code Whisperer

Amazon Code Whisperer is an AI tool aimed at programmers, offering code suggestions and optimizations within their coding environment. By analyzing the code and context, it provides suggestions for functions, variable names, and code lines, allowing developers to integrate AI-generated code snippets directly into their projects. This tool is designed to enhance coding efficiency and save time on routine coding tasks.

💡Caktus AI

Caktus AI is an AI platform specifically tailored for students, designed to assist with academic tasks such as writing essays, generating discussion questions, creating summaries, and even producing full programs. While it is noted for its potential to boost productivity and streamline workflows for students, it is also mentioned as being a paid service without a free trial.

💡Reimagine Home AI

Reimagine Home AI is an AI tool that assists with home makeover planning by analyzing photos of a space and creating visualizations based on user input, such as color schemes and furniture styles. This tool is beneficial for brainstorming and visualizing the overall concept of a space before starting renovations or redesigns.

💡AI Tools

AI Tools, as discussed in the video, refer to a variety of artificial intelligence-based applications designed to enhance productivity, assist with specific tasks, and provide solutions across different domains. These tools leverage machine learning and natural language processing to offer services like content creation, website building, video summarization, coding assistance, academic support, and home design visualization.


ChatSonic is like ChatGPT on steroids for writing and chatting.

ChatGPT has a limited knowledge base up to September 2021.

ChatSonic supports real-time search and provides up-to-date information.

ChatSonic can generate images with DALLE and StableDiffusion.

ChatSonic offers Text To Speech conversion and Voice Commands.

WriteSonic provides a suite of AI tools for various written works.

Durable is an AI that simplifies website creation.

Eightify is an AI-based Chrome extension for video summarization.

Perplexity is a chat bot that supports real-time search and provides sources.

Runway ML is a comprehensive AI for image and video manipulation.

Amazon Code Whisperer is an AI for code generation and optimization.

Caktus AI is designed specifically for students to aid in academic tasks.

Reimagine Home AI assists in visualizing home makeovers.

ChatGPT can be surprising with the right prompts.

AI tools are diverse and cater to different needs, from productivity to business.

AI is the future and should be utilized to its fullest potential.



Chat GPT. There’s been a lot of buzz around it  recently… Everyone’s saying how great it is…  


But you’ll be surprised to find out that ChatGPT  is not the only one out there. What’s even more,  


it is not even the best one. Right now I’ll show  you 8 crazy AI tools that will blow your mind!


First - ChatSonic. ChatSonic is like ChatGPT on  steroids when it comes to writing and chatting.  


ChatGPT, as a language model, uses a built-in  library of data, which means its knowledge  


is incomplete and outdated. If we ask it  directly about the span of its knowledge,  


it’ll say that it knows nothing after September  2021. This really limits the variety of its  


responses. ChatSonic, on the other hand, doesn’t  have this problem. It is also powered by GPT-4,  


but does support real-time search thanks to  its integration with Google. And it can give  


relevant and credible data, including  the latest news or events, which is  


absolutely fantastic. And you also can choose  a personality that'll answer you. For example,  


I want a travel guide to create me a travel plan  for a round-trip across the US. So I asked for it,  


and it actually planned a trip and calculated  the budget. Neat! But that’s still not everything  


it can do. It also can connect with DALLE and  StableDiffusion to generate images straight from  


the chat. The quality of results will depend on  the prompt you type. Here I asked for a 50-dollar  


bill with Colonel Sanders as president. It took  me a few attempts to formulate a prompt, but  


the final results are lowkey great. And I’m still  not done. ChatSonic also supports Text To Speech  


conversion and Voice Commands, which makes it a  perfect candidate for a virtual assistant instead  


of Google or Siri. Let’s ask it for something with  a voice-command. “How to peel an apple?” Whoah,  


and it reads the instructions out loud! There’s  only one drawback about ChatSonic - for free  


you get only 10 thousand words per month if you  use GPT 3.5 and only 2 and a half thousand with  


GPT-4+. If your needs are above that limit,  you’ll need to pay. Also, WriteSonic has an  


extensive list of AI tools for copywriters,  bloggers, ad-specialists, etc. to help with any  


written work like blog posts, product details  and headlines, social media content plans,  


website landing pages and so on. And all of those  tools are available in a single subscription.


Second - durable. This AI will be extremely  useful to anyone who needs a website. You  


surely imagine website building as something  long and complex. But Durable makes it super  


easy. All you need to do to create a website  is fill in a few details. Let’s say my business  


type is Dog walking. The name will be “Tired  Paws Inc.” Now wait a few seconds while the  


AI does all the heavy lifting and generating.  Yes, it’s done! Look at it! It has the header,  


the images, the descriptions, everything.  It even filled in the services available  


like On Leash and Off Leash walks. Even the  testimonials and a map are there. You can  


regenerate every part of the website if needed.  I think this is a perfect tool for anyone who’s  


trying to start a small business or just  establish some online presence. So now you  


can forget about paying thousands for a website  - the AI will do it for free! But remember - to  


make changes to the designed website you  need to register. Otherwise - it’s free.


Three - Eightify. You know what I’m missing from  ChatGPT? It can’t work with videos. But Eightify  


can. Eightify is a powerful AI-based chrome  extension that easily summarizes videos. We’ve  


all been in situations when we need to learn  something on YouTube, but the lecture is too  


long and filled with useless small-talk. With  Eightify you can strip the video of all that,  


leaving a short yet concise summary. No need  to watch 3 hours of some dude teaching the  


basics of python - just read the summary  and you’re good to go! Let’s summarize  


this video on another channel about an iPhone  15 leaks. Click “Summarize”, wait a little,  


and here’s the summary. The 8-minute video is  now a one-minute read. You’re welcome, students!


Four - Perplexity. Perplexity is yet another  Chat Bot but with a twist. It operates just  


like ChatGPT but has one huge advantage  - it supports real-time search AND gives  


sources of information with each answer. It  also suggests related queries so you could  


get even more information. This makes  it a perfect tool for anyone who needs  


exact information with sources. Because ChatGPT  even at times when it gives real information,  


it gives no links to sources, so you just have  to trust it. Perplexity, on the other hand,  


proves its words and backs them with reputable  data sources. I think perplexity is the future  


of search engines - no more long lists of  links with similar info - all you get is a  


single response with links to source materials.  At the same time it can also write texts for you  


like emails or essays with the same accuracy  and fluency of speech as ChatGPT. Win-win!


Now when we’re halfway there, I think I should  clarify one thing - even ChatGPT can surprise  


you if you use the right prompts. It’s crucial  to exactly know what to ask to get the desired  


answers. That’s why we created the pack of prompts  you can use to take your game to the next level.  


In this pack there are tons of ready-made  prompts that you just need to copy and paste.  


We think this list will be a game-changer  for businesses, marketing specialists,  


or just average people! I’ll leave a link  in the description for you, so check it out!


Five - Runway ML. Runway is a very complex and  powerful AI that covers almost everything that  


has something to do with images. If you thought  Stable Diffusion and Dalle are cool - you should  


take a look at Runway ML. This AI can convert  text to image, remove background, expand images,  


erase and replace objects on photos. It also  can color grade videos only by your text input,  


it can remove objects from images and  replace them with descriptive text,  


create new frames to turn low-frame-rate  footage into smooth slow-motion videos,  


automatically blur faces, and so on. C’mon,  it can even automatically create greenscreens  


from your videos. This is a really powerful  tool that can make content-production easier.  


The Runway ML is free to use and create  an account. The free version provides  


unlimited project creation and video  export with a maximum quality of 720p.


Six - Amazon Code Whisperer. If you’re a  programmer, you probably already tested ChatGPT  


for coding. And while it’s great for standalone  small tasks, it cannot be integrated into your  


coding infrastructure in any way. So even if  you make it generate you a piece of code, you’ll  


still need to spend time on fiddling with it and  incorporating it into your main code. With Amazon  


Code Whisperer, you can just write a comment  inside your code and instantly get a working  


and optimized suggestion. Code Whisperer analyzes  the code and suggests code snippets depending on  


the context. It can suggest functions, variable  names, and entire code lines. All you have to do  


as a programmer is click enter when you like the  suggestion, or edit the suggestion if something  


is not to your liking. This way you can code  much faster and save a ton of time on endless  


typing of simple elements. The best part is that  it supports a ton of languages, from Python and  


Java to SQL and Scala. This AI tool is free for  individual developers, so be sure to check it out!


Seven - Caktus AI. This AI was specifically  designed to help students, and every feature  


was specifically tailored to students’ needs. The  only issue with this Ai is its price. Caktus AI  


has no free trial - you need to pay to use it  straight away. I think this is a huge drawback,  


but I also get the point of such a decision. But  again, Caktus is the best all-in-one platform  


for students to really boost productivity and  streamline the workflow. Caktus can write essays,  


generate questions for discussions, write  summaries and personal statements. And if  


you’re a future programmer - it can generate you  full programs in just a click. We can ask it, for  


example, write a python program, and it’ll do it  in a few seconds. Of course, this coding AI can’t  


create really complex projects, but it surely  will be enough for anything a school can ask for.


Eight - Reimagine Home AI. This AI will  be perfect for anyone planning a makeover  


of their home. Basically what it does is analyzes  the photo of your place and based on your prompts  


creates a visualization of a new space. You  can input the details like color scheme,  


furniture style, or the room type when  needed to get a more complete makeover.  


I think this AI will be perfect at the  early stages of makeovers and renovations,  


as it helps brainstorm the idea and  visualize the general concept of the space.


There are dozens of other cool AI’s out there.  Some are useful for optimizing productivity,  


others are better suited for businesses and  entrepreneurs. But one thing is certain - AI  


is the future, and we should start using  this tech to the fullest right now!