A Packers Fan Reaction to Aaron Jones Signing with the Vikings

Tom Grossi
12 Mar 202403:09


TLDRThe conversation revolves around the recent acquisition of Sam Darnold and the departure of Aaron Jones to the rival team, the Vikings. The speakers express mixed emotions, from disappointment over Darnold's expected temporary role and subsequent benching, to excitement about Jones' significant pay cut and the impact his move will have on their fanbase. The discussion highlights the strategic moves in football, emphasizing how some decisions, while they may not immediately improve the team, can bring personal satisfaction and a sense of rivalry to the fans.


  • 🏈 Sam Darnold was acquired unexpectedly in a late-night deal, surprising fans.
  • 🤔 The team plans to start Darnold as a rookie QB, but there's an expectation he may get benched soon.
  • 😞 Fans are disappointed with the acquisition, feeling it's a letdown.
  • 📈 Aaron Jones has moved to the Vikings on a one-year, $7 million contract, which is a pay cut for him.
  • 😤 The move is expected to upset the Packers' fans, as Jones was well-liked.
  • 👕 Fans are expressing their mixed emotions through sports merchandise, like looking for a Brett Favre jersey and considering buying a new one for the Vikings.
  • 😅 There's a sense of betrayal and shock among fans, with some comparing the situation to a nightmare.
  • 🎭 The conversation reflects the emotional rollercoaster of being a sports fan, with the highs and lows of player trades.
  • 🤷‍♂️ Despite the changes, some fans remain optimistic that the moves will ultimately benefit the team.
  • 🎶 The script ends with a mention of music, suggesting a lighter note amidst the sports talk.
  • 📝 The transcript captures the passionate and sometimes humorous dialogue of sports enthusiasts discussing recent team changes.

Q & A

  • Why was the acquisition of Sam Darnold described as happening 'in the dead of the night'?

    -It suggests the team was attempting to minimize attention or backlash from the fans and media by making the acquisition late at night.

  • What is the fan's expectation for Sam Darnold's role in the team?

    -The fan expects Sam Darnold to start for a few games but then predicts he will be benched in favor of a rookie quarterback.

  • Why does the fan express dissatisfaction with acquiring Aaron Jones?

    -The fan is dissatisfied because acquiring Aaron Jones, despite his talent, may not improve the team significantly and stirs controversy among the fans.

  • How did the fan react to Aaron Jones going to the Vikings for a one-year contract?

    -The fan was excited and saw value in the move, not for Jones' performance, but for the negative reaction it would provoke from Packers fans.

  • What emotional reaction does the fan have towards playing against Aaron Jones twice a year?

    -The fan is dismayed at the prospect of facing Aaron Jones twice a year, as it could be disadvantageous for their team.

  • Why does the fan want to retrieve their Brett Favre jersey?

    -The mention of Brett Favre's jersey is likely a humorous reference to past instances of players moving between rival teams, suggesting a similar situation with Aaron Jones.

  • What was the fan's reaction to trading TJ Hockenson?

    -The fan was initially upset about trading TJ Hockenson, but the subsequent events, particularly Aaron Jones' move, put that trade into perspective.

  • Why does the fan describe buying Aaron Jones' Vikings jersey as an enjoyable decision?

    -The fan sees buying Jones' jersey as a way to embrace the rivalry and controversy surrounding his move, finding enjoyment in the reactions it provokes.

  • How does the fan justify Aaron Jones' acquisition by the Vikings as making them the 'purple incarnation of Satan'?

    -This hyperbolic statement reflects the fan's strong emotions about the rivalry and the perceived betrayal or antagonism of Aaron Jones joining the Vikings.

  • What is the fan's perspective on making team moves that feel good internally versus improving the team?

    -The fan acknowledges that while some team moves, like acquiring a pass rusher or linebacker, are made to improve the team's performance, others, like acquiring Aaron Jones, are valued for the emotional satisfaction they provide to fans, even if they don't necessarily enhance the team's competitiveness.



🏈 Sam Darnold's Arrival and Aaron Jones' Departure

The paragraph discusses the acquisition of Sam Darnold as a rookie quarterback for the team, with the expectation that he will play a few games before likely being benched. It also covers the disappointment of fans due to Aaron Jones moving to the Vikings on a one-year, $7 million contract, which is a pay cut for him. The speaker expresses excitement about playing against Jones twice a year and the emotional impact of seeing a favorite player, TJ Hackinson, now playing for the rival team, the Vikings, which they refer to as the 'purple incarnation of Satan'. The paragraph ends with a mention of the music playing in the background, which seems to add to the emotional experience of the speaker.



💡Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold is a professional American football quarterback who, in the context of the video, has been acquired by the speakers' team. His presence is significant as it suggests a change in the team's strategy and has implications for the fans' expectations for the upcoming games.

💡rookie QB

A 'rookie QB' refers to a quarterback who is new to the professional league and is in their first year of playing. This term is important in the video as it indicates that Sam Darnold is inexperienced at the professional level, which may affect the team's performance and the fans' anticipation.

💡Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones is a professional American football running back mentioned in the video. His significance lies in his move to the Minnesota Vikings, which has caused a mixed reaction among the speakers, indicating a change in team dynamics and fan sentiment.

💡pay cut

A 'pay cut' refers to a reduction in an individual's salary or compensation. In the context of the video, it is mentioned that Aaron Jones took a pay cut to join the Vikings, which could be seen as a significant sacrifice for the player and has implications for his value in the eyes of the fans.


The 'Packers' refers to the Green Bay Packers, a professional American football team in the National Football League (NFL). In the video, the speakers express their disappointment over a player's departure from the Packers to a rival team, highlighting the emotional investment fans have in their team and its players.


The 'Vikings' refers to the Minnesota Vikings, another professional American football team in the NFL. The team is significant in the video as it is portrayed as a rival to the speakers' preferred team, the Packers, and is associated with negative sentiment due to the acquisition of a beloved player.

💡Brett Favre

Brett Favre is a retired American football quarterback who is a notable figure in the NFL and has a strong association with the Green Bay Packers. In the video, a speaker's desire to wear a Brett Favre jersey signifies nostalgia and loyalty to the team and its past successes.


A 'trade' in sports refers to the exchange of players between teams. In the video, the term is used to discuss the movement of players and the impact it has on fans' emotions and the team's future prospects.

💡pass rusher

A 'pass rusher' is a term used in American football for a player whose primary role is to rush the opposing team's quarterback to force a throw, ideally resulting in a sack. The mention of getting a pass rusher in the video indicates a strategic move by the team to improve its defensive capabilities.

💡feel good

The phrase 'feel good' is used to describe an emotional state of satisfaction or happiness. In the context of the video, it relates to the personal enjoyment the speakers get from certain decisions made by their team, even if those decisions may not objectively improve the team's performance.


In the context of the video, 'music' is used to express the speakers' emotional state and to create an atmosphere. The mention of music being 'beautiful' suggests that it is being used as a form of emotional expression or as a background to enhance the mood of the conversation.


Sam Darnold was acquired in a secretive deal during the night.

The team plans to draft a rookie QB, Sam Darnold, who is expected to play a few games before potentially being benched.

The departure of Aaron Jones has upset fans, especially since he joined the rival team, the Vikings.

Aaron Jones' contract with the Vikings is for one year at $7 million, which is a pay cut from his previous deal.

The speaker expresses indifference towards Jones' performance due to the satisfaction of having him on their rival team.

The frequency of playing against Jones with the Vikings is a source of frustration for the speaker.

The speaker reminisces about a past trade involving TJ Hockenson, indicating a history of emotional reactions to player trades.

The acquisition of Darnold is likened to the team becoming 'the purple incarnation of Satan', showing strong negative feelings towards the Vikings.

The speaker's favorite player, who was expected to join their team, has instead joined the Vikings, worsening the situation.

The speaker acknowledges that while some moves improve the team, the acquisition of Darnold may be more about personal satisfaction.

The music playing in the background is described as beautiful, adding an emotional layer to the discussion.

The speaker is considering buying a jersey of the player who was traded, showing a continued support despite the change in team.

The trade is seen as a way to provoke rival fans, indicating a strategic psychological aspect to player transfers.

The discussion reflects the personal and emotional investment fans have in their teams and players.

The speaker's reaction to the trade news involves a mix of disappointment, acceptance, and even a hint of excitement for the upcoming season.



we got Sam darnold last night in the


dead of the night cuz they knew the news


they were


hiding it's fine we're going to draft a


rookie QB Sam Darnell will be in there


for a few games then he'll get benched I


mean it just sucks


that we got Aaron


Jones now you know how we feel it's not


f fun is it oh I disagree it's actually


really fun he went to the


Vikings and that's his


contract one year $7


million so he did take a pay cut for the


Vikings I don't even care if he's good


do you know how much this is going to


piss off p ERS fans this was worth every


penny Wait so we still got to play him


two times a year this sucks hey Ma


where's my Brett Farm


Jersey I mean I was upset when we traded


TJ hackinson but yikes oh I'm totally


buying this jersey too do you see why


they are now the purple incarnation of


Satan because I am in hell oh if you


think you have it bad


FTP he was my favorite Packers player on


the team and now he's on the


Vikings Oh I thought we were going to


get him and you were going to be pissed


this is so much worse some moves you


make to make your team better like


getting a pass rusher or a linebacker


like we got yesterday this one might not


necessarily make our team better but it


makes me feel good






do you hear it do you hear the music