The Powercreep Truth about Chiori! 4★ Weapon C0 Chiori Showcase (Genshin Impact)

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12 Mar 202416:13


TLDRThe video script offers an in-depth analysis of Chiori, the new 5-star Geo Sword unit in Genshin Impact, comparing her with Albedo and evaluating her performance with different weapons. Chiori specializes in off-field damage and her unique doll mechanic is central to her playstyle. The video explores her potential in various team compositions, highlighting her strengths and weaknesses, and discusses her synergy with other Geo characters and constructs. The script concludes with a reflection on Chiori's place in the current meta, amidst upcoming character releases.


  • 🌟 Chiori is a new 5-star Geo Sword unit with a focus on off-field damage while the main damage dealer is active.
  • 🗡️ Her personal damage is showcased with a fully refined Harbinger of Dawn, but comparisons are made with other weapons like Cinnabar Spindle and Festering Desire.
  • 🎯 Chiori's playstyle is simple but unique, with talents that scale with both ATK and DEF, and she benefits from Geo constructs created by teammates.
  • 💥 Her burst and skill combo can deal significant damage, with the skill being the main source of her damage output.
  • 🪆 Chiori's dolls are central to her identity, dealing consistent damage and providing a unique gameplay mechanic that scales well with buffs.
  • 🔧 Energy generation for Chiori's abilities is somewhat random, with a low chance of generating particles, affecting her overall efficiency.
  • 🛡️ Chiori's dolls do not count as constructs, allowing for more flexibility in team compositions and avoiding the 3-construct limit.
  • 🏹 Comparisons with Albedo reveal that Chiori may outperform him in certain scenarios, especially in single-target damage, but Albedo still has his strengths in AoE and support.
  • 🤝 Chiori works well in Geo-centric teams, particularly with constructs, and can be a valuable addition to Mono Geo or Double Geo team compositions.
  • 📈 The script provides early impressions and comparisons of Chiori's performance, suggesting that her effectiveness may vary with different weapons and team setups.
  • 🎉 Despite some concerns and the competitive pool of upcoming characters, Chiori is presented as a fun and interesting character with potential for various team strategies.

Q & A

  • What is Chiori's elemental role and specialization?

    -Chiori is a 5-star Geo Sword unit who specializes in off-field damage while the player focuses on their main damage dealer.

  • What are the unique aspects of Chiori's playstyle?

    -Chiori's playstyle is fairly simple, but she has unique abilities such as deploying dolls with her skill and burst, which can deal damage independently and trigger coordinated attacks under certain conditions.

  • Which weapons were tested on Chiori, and how did they compare?

    -Chiori was tested with four weapons: Harbinger of Dawn, Cinnabar Spindle, Festering Desire, and her signature weapon, Uraku Misugiri. The signature weapon provided the highest damage output, followed by Cinnabar Spindle, Festering Desire, and the Harbinger of Dawn.

  • How does Chiori's damage output compare to Albedo's?

    -In a direct comparison, Chiori's damage output was higher than Albedo's, especially in single-target scenarios. However, Albedo has the potential to match Chiori's damage in AoE situations and offers additional support through Elemental Mastery boost.

  • What are Chiori's best team compositions?

    -Chiori excels in Geo-centric teams, such as a Mono Geo comp with Itto or Noelle, a Double Geo team with Navia or Geo Traveler, and can also be used as a solo Geo unit in any team composition for additional off-field damage support.

  • How do Chiori's dolls function in terms of energy generation and targeting?

    -Chiori's dolls generate particles randomly, with an average of 5 to 7 particles. They have a mind of their own and will attack any enemy that gets close to them, with a medium range and good durability.

  • What is the significance of Chiori's first constellation in her playstyle?

    -Chiori's first constellation allows her to deploy a second doll immediately after using her skill, provided there's another Geo construct on the field. This is particularly useful in team compositions where she can generate the second doll without relying on other Geo units' constructs.

  • How does Chiori's skill and burst animation contribute to her appeal?

    -Chiori's skill and burst animations are visually appealing and主观ly considered to be among the best in the game, adding to her overall attractiveness as a character.

  • What are the main differences between Chiori and Albedo's roles and abilities?

    -While both Chiori and Albedo are Geo units that deal off-field damage, Chiori relies more on other Geo units to maximize her potential, especially for deploying additional dolls. Albedo, on the other hand, can function independently and provides support through Elemental Mastery boost and his flower's damage scaling with DEF.

  • What are the potential issues with Chiori's design and playstyle?

    -Chiori's design is fun and engaging, but there are concerns about her first constellation feeling like a bait for certain team compositions. Additionally, her reliance on constructs and the random nature of her dolls' energy generation could lead to inconsistent performance in different scenarios.

  • What is the overall verdict on Chiori's performance and place in the current meta?

    -Chiori shows promise as an off-field damage dealer, especially in Geo-centric teams. However, her release timing is challenging due to the introduction of other characters like Arlecchino, Neuvilette, and Kazuha, which may overshadow her potential.



🗡️ Introducing Chiori: The Inazuma Fashion Designer

This paragraph introduces Chiori, the new 5-star Geo Sword unit in the game, focusing on her unique playstyle and off-field damage capabilities. It discusses her comparison with Albedo, another similar unit, and delves into Chiori's damage potential with her equipped weapon, the Harbinger of Dawn. The paragraph also explains her talent scaling with ATK and DEF, her constellation level, and provides a quick demonstration of her solo potential through her burst and skill abilities. The main takeaway is Chiori's ability to deploy dolls that deal significant damage and her potential synergy with Geo teams, especially when constructs are involved.


🎭 Chiori's Damage Breakdown and Weapon Comparison

This section provides a detailed analysis of Chiori's damage output, emphasizing the role of her dolls in her overall damage potential. It explores the energy generation, targeting, range, and durability of the dolls, and compares Chiori's damage with different weapons: Festering Desire, Cinnabar Spindle, and her signature weapon, Uraku Misugiri. The comparison reveals that while the Harbinger of Dawn offers a good balance, the signature weapon significantly outperforms the others. However, the author advises viewers to take these early impressions with caution and suggests that different weapons may be more suitable depending on the specific stats needed.


🔥 Chiori vs. Albedo: A Tale of Two Geo Units

The paragraph compares Chiori and Albedo, highlighting their similarities and differences in terms of damage output, utility, and team synergy. It discusses the fragility of Albedo's flower versus the durability of Chiori's dolls and the impact of their respective constellations. Chiori's higher critical rate and potential for increased Geo DMG are contrasted with Albedo's broader AoE and snapshot capabilities. The author suggests that while Chiori excels in single-target scenarios, Albedo could match her in AoE situations. The paragraph concludes with the author's contemplation of a follow-up video to further explore the comparison between these two characters.


🌟 Team Compositions and Final Thoughts on Chiori

This final paragraph discusses various team compositions that Chiori can fit into, such as Mono Geo, Double Geo, and other off-field damage support roles. It explores the synergy between Chiori and other Geo units, particularly in terms of construct generation and the benefits of her first constellation. The author expresses a mixed opinion on Chiori's current situation due to upcoming character releases but appreciates her playstyle and burst animation. The paragraph ends with the author's intention to share more thoughts on Chiori post-release and a call to action for viewers to like and subscribe to the channel.




Chiori is a new 5-star Geo Sword unit in the game, specializing in off-field damage. She is the central character of the video, and the script discusses her abilities, weapon comparisons, and team synergy. Her unique playstyle involves deploying dolls that deal damage over time, and the video explores her potential in various team compositions.


Albedo is another character in the game, often compared to Chiori due to their similarities, such as being Geo units and having abilities that involve creating constructs. However, the video highlights differences in their mechanics, such as Albedo's flower being more fragile compared to Chiori's dolls, and Chiori's potential to deal higher single-target damage.


Geo is one of the elemental affiliations in the game, and it is a significant theme in the video as both Chiori and Albedo are Geo characters. The script discusses how Chiori's abilities scale with both ATK and DEF, and how she synergizes well with other Geo units and constructs in the team.


Dolls refer to the mechanical constructs that Chiori deploys as part of her skill. These dolls autonomously attack enemies and have specific mechanics around them, such as their durability, range, and damage output. They are a key component of Chiori's playstyle and contribute significantly to her damage potential.

💡Weapon Comparisons

The video includes a detailed analysis of Chiori's performance with different weapons, such as Harbinger of Dawn, Festering Desire, Cinnabar Spindle, and her signature weapon, Uraku Misugiri. Each weapon's impact on her damage output and overall utility is discussed, highlighting the best options for her build.

💡Team Synergy

Team synergy refers to how well Chiori works with other characters in the game, particularly those who can create Geo constructs or benefit from Geo resonance. The video explores various team compositions that maximize Chiori's potential, including Mono Geo and Double Geo teams.


Constellation refers to the tiered upgrades that characters can receive in the game, which unlock at certain levels and provide additional abilities or enhance existing ones. The video specifically mentions Chiori's constellation 0 status and how it affects her gameplay, as well as Albedo's constellation 2 benefits.

💡Off-field Damage

Off-field damage is the damage dealt by a character when they are not actively on the field or controlled by the player. Chiori specializes in this type of damage with her dolls, which continue to attack enemies even after she has switched out of the active combat role.

💡Energy Generation

Energy generation refers to the process by which characters accumulate energy to use their elemental burst. In Chiori's case, the video discusses how her dolls generate energy particles, which is an essential aspect of her ability to use her burst frequently.

💡AoE (Area of Effect)

Area of Effect, or AoE, describes abilities that affect multiple enemies within a certain area. The video discusses the limitations of Chiori's AoE capabilities, particularly in relation to her dolls' attacks and how they can be grouped for more effective damage.


Chiori is a new 5-star Geo Sword unit specializing in off-field damage.

Her playstyle is simple, yet unique with dual scaling talents in ATK and DEF.

Equipped with a fully refined Harbinger of Dawn, her burst deals about 33,000 damage at a cost of 50 energy.

Her skill allows for teleportation and a slash attack with 25K DMG, followed by the appearance of a doll named Tamoto.

Tamoto deals damage every 3.6 seconds for a total of 5 times over a 16-second duration.

Chiori's 1st passive talent allows for Geo infusion or the deployment of a second doll with the right timing.

Her 2nd passive talent grants a 20% GEO DMG buff for 20 seconds when a Geo Construct is created.

In a fully built Geo team, Chiori can unleash a total of 486,000 DMG within 20 seconds.

Her dolls make up 50% of her damage, coordinated attacks 22%, burst 16%, and skill slash 12%.

Chiori's skill does not snapshot, limiting the use of certain buffs like Gorou's DEF boost.

Festering Desire provides similar damage to Harbinger of Dawn but with Energy Recharge.

Cinnabar Spindle offers a DEF buff every 1.5 seconds, resulting in a 21% overall DMG increase.

Her signature weapon, Uraku Misugiri, deals 45% more damage than Harbinger of Dawn.

Chiori's damage potential is higher than Albedo's, especially when considering Albedo's flower's fragility.

Albedo's constellation 2 provides a DEF boost and scales with DEF for burst damage.

Chiori's critical rate from ascension is 19%, while Albedo gains a 29% Geo DMG bonus.

Chiori can be used effectively in Mono Geo, Double Geo, or as a solo Geo unit in any team composition.

Chiori's dolls do not count as constructs, allowing for more flexibility in team compositions.

Despite similarities, Chiori and Albedo have different strengths and can be used in various scenarios.

Chiori's first constellation is situational and may not be as appealing in certain team compositions.

Chiori's burst animation is visually impressive and adds to her character's appeal.



So, Chiori has finally arrived and after playing with her for a while…


I gotta say, this showcase video is going to be full of twists because I’ve tested


her with 4 different weapons and the results shocked me but what surprised me even more


was the comparison between Chiori and Albedo – two units that are very similar but tell


a different story when you actually see their performance.


So, strap in boys, girls and gacha gamers, because I wanna show you everything about


this Inazuma fashion designer, so you can see for yourself how good is constellation


0 Chiori.


But first..


So, Chiori is the new 5-star Geo Sword unit who specializes in off-field damage while


you’re busy playing with your main damage dealer.


She’s a fairly simple unit when it comes to her playstyle but there are a couple of


things that make her unique, so let’s first take a look at her personal damage.


For now, she’s equipped with a fully refined Harbinger of Dawn sword but later on it will


be compared to Cinnabar Spindle, Festering Desire and her Signature sword while her main


artifact set for this showcase is going to be Golden Troupe but honestly, Husk of Opulant


Dreams is not that far behind and I just used Golden Troupe because of stronger substats.


Also, keep in mind all of her talents are dual scaling with ATK and DEF, so that’s


why she has DEF Sands because it’s a bit better stat for her.


And finally, all of her talents are max level 10 and she’s constellation 0.


Now just to quickly show her solo potential, her burst deals a single AoE attack which


results in about 33,000 DMG and it costs 50-energy, so pretty cheap but probably the best thing


about it is that it’s really pretty, subjectively speaking.


Still, the majority of her damage comes from the skill – just like with Keqing or Alhaitham,


you can select where you want to teleport and then she does this 25K DMG slash attack


and more importantly this doll called Tamoto shows up.


Every 3.6 seconds it will deal about 13,700 DMG and this will happen for a total of 5


times over 16 second duration.


So, taking into consideration all the other 5-stars released in the past, her own solo


potential without team mates is pretty much what you would expect and she does possess


decent raw damage potential.


But here’s where things get interesting.


Thanks to her 1st passive talent when Chiori uses her skill, she has a small timing window


where you can decide to either press the attack button or skill.


If you press attack – she gains Geo infusion for 5 seconds and then… proceeds to hit


like a wet noodle, because nothing else in her kit amplifies her normal attacks, so forget


about it.


But if you instead press the skill again, she will immediately switch to the next character


AND now a 2nd doll can potentially be deployed.


You see, this will only happen if there’s another Geo construct on the field or if one


is created when the 1st doll is active but most important of all – when you switch


to the next character, no matter who attacks afterwards, for 8 seconds, the dolls can unleash


a coordinated attack every 2 seconds but only for a total of 2 times.


However, the damage is pretty good, not gonna lie and all you gotta do is make sure to hit


with Normal/Charged/Plunging Attack with anyone to trigger the coordinated attack.


Oh, and more thing – because of her 2nd passive talent, she gains 20% GEO DMG for


buff for 20 seconds when anyone creates a Geo Construct, so expect this to be always


s active on her when playing in Geo teams.


But that’s pretty much her entire rotation – do the burst then skill and switch out


to let her do dolls do the rest of work.


In a fully built Geo team with C6 Gorou buffs, it takes about 4.5 seconds of Chiori’s field


time to setup the whole rotation and then for the next 16 seconds while the Dolls last,


she will unleash a total of 486,000 DMG.


I wish my Gorou was C0 so his C6 wouldn’t provide a huge critical damage buff but it


is what it is, however, Chiori’s damage is still pretty good for a Geo unit.


Now if we take a look at her damage breakdown, you can see here that her Dolls make up a


total of 50% of her entire damage, while the 2 coordinated attacks make up 22% percent


and then the burst is responsible for 16% and skill slash attack for 12% of her entire


damage output.


Basically, her skill when fully utilized makes up the majority of her damage output.


It’s her entire identity and no matter what your opinion is about playing with dollies,


they are her lifeline.


In fact, let me tell you everything about these dolls.


And starting with energy generation – it’s pretty random.


The dolls will generate particles up to 5 times and usually it will be 1 particle, maybe


sometimes 2 but it’s a pretty low chance, so expect on average 5 to 7 particles.


And there’s also a cooldown between particles, so even if there’s 2 dolls hitting the enemy


at the same time – it’s just hardcoded to provide particles every 3.6 seconds.


Next – targeting.


It’s pretty easy – you don’t need to hit the enemy, the dolls have a mind of their


own and will just attack anybody who gets close to them.


Which brings us to range – it’s not big, I would say medium at best, you can see me


even pushing the doll to find the maximum range, which is pretty funny that they can


be moved around.


And speaking of being a pushover – durability is good.


The dolls DO NOT count as constructs which means the stupid 3-construct limit does not


apply to them and compared to Albedo’s Flower – they will not get destroyed by enemy attacks,


at least Maguu Kenki wasn’t able to do it and… you can even summon them on Oceanid’s


floor no problemo.


I mean look at poor Albedo trying to do the same and instead he just generates 1 more


doll for Chiori.


That’s foreshadowing of what’s to come later in this video.


Now AoE… is pretty bad, basically non-existant.


I tried forcing these big hunks of junk to stay together and one time it worked – you


can see here both of them getting hit with 1 single Doll attack but the enemies will


need to be almost on top of each other for this to happen….


Unless you use Anemo units for grouping… which I suspect won’t be a popular choice.


But yeah, in a nutshell – these dolls are super chill, they will do their job and they


won’t disappoint you, the damage is good and it scales well with other buffs.


However, one important thing to mention would be the fact that her skill DOES NOT SNAPSHOT.


To me that was a pretty shocking discovery because this means she will not be able to


utilize Gorou’s DEF and Geo boost buff from the skill when she’s off-field, not to mention


Benny’s circle also fizzles out in potential, since now only her burst and initial skill


hit will be boosted.


However, Gorou still remains her best buffer because his passive when burst is activated


still provides DEF boost and of course, his C6 still remains active even when she’s




Overall, when looking at her personal potential with just the Harbinger of Dawn, she’s a


low complexity unit that can deliver decent amount of supportive damage – but the big


question is – how good is she with other weapons and is she better than Albedo?


Well, let’s find out.


Ok, here’s the plan – Harbinger of Dawn’s baseline damage has been already established,


so we’re going to compare it to three other options – Festering Desire, Cinnabar Spindle


and the new 5-star signature weapon – Uraku Misugiri…?


I don’t know…


And starting off with good old Festering Desire – surprisingly, the majority of its damage


is about the same as Harbinger of Dawn’s but if we take into account that you’ll


need more Critical Rate substats, it ends up about dealing 10% less DMG, HOWEVER, it


does provide Energy Recharge from the substat which means Chiori will be able to very easily


burst every rotation.


Overall, this old event weapon is not something to worry about if you don’t have it because


Harbinger of Dawn will be better in most cases, unless you run into those Rifthounds.


Now Cinnabar Spindle – that’s a different story.


This weapon gave me a headache when I was trying to understand it’s passive’s logic


because it states that it will provide 80% DEF buff for elemental skill DMG every 1.5


seconds but the thing is – it felt so random.


Sometimes, both doll hits would benefit from the buff, other times just 1 doll, so it was


pretty random but ultimately, it ended up beating both previous weapons with a chunky


21% overall DMG increase.


I dunno, my methods of testing might be flawed here because I just repeated the rotation


with roughly the same loadout.


But brace yourselves because the signature weapon completely demolishes its competition


and ends up dealing about 45% better damage than Harbinger.


Again, I tried my best to just record a scenario where all hits count as critical attacks and


this was the result – don’t quote me as a reliable source, this was field testing


data so the crits wouldn’t be as consistent as with Harbinger of Dawn, however…


I mean jeez, this damage gap is pretty disgusting not gonna lie.


I tell ya – this weapon is tailor made for Chiori if you know what I mean.


But should you pull for it – nah, the weapon banner is a scam but it’s a really nice


vertical investment, at least from my own experience.


Overall, this testing with all 4 weapons was done with a full Geo team with C6 Gorou and


some of the buffs for her do wear off before the 2 final hits from each doll, so it’s


very possible a better rotation could be found for the weapons to beat Signature’s big


advantage… and of course, it’s still just early impressions that I am providing you


guys here with, so take everything you saw here with a grain of salt.


I just found this to be very interesting and wanted to share with you all.


Also, there are other weapons that Chiori can definitely utilize, like Fontaine’s


craftable and Battle Pass swords or any of the 5-star stat sticks but to my knowledge


– all of them fall within the same range between Cinnabar and Harbinger of Dawn, so


it’s more like which stats do you need more.


But… you know what else ticked my curiosity.


My sweet Albedo.


I mean look, it’s no secret if you watch my channel I feature him in a lot of shots


and I have the best memories about him thanks to amazing Dragonspine storyline during Christmas…


but I’ll be honest – things are not looking great for him.


And you know why?


When I recorded Chiori’s footage with trusty old Drake here, everything went smooth.


Then I went ahead and wanted to compare Albedo’s damage to Chiori’s.


And guess what happened?


His flower got destroyed.


Showcase over.


Ok, seriously I had to go ASIMON so he wouldn’t crush Albedos flower.


And his damage with Harbinger was… well how should I say this… decent but about


ended up being 18% worse than Chiori’s.


And here’s the big plot twist – my Albedo is constellation 2.


So, this means, when his burst deals damage, it also scales with DEF because at C0, the


dude is a split scaler.


Also, keep in mind Albedo’s flower DMG becomes way better when the enemy is below 50% HP,


so he would catch up to Chiori’s potential if that’s the case but in Abyss – you


still start fights with enemies who have full health.


But even then, even with the very similar critical stats they both had, he still ended


up losing.


Now to be fair, damage is not the only thing here I am comparing.


Albedo unlike Chiori, is not completely selfish, he can provide 125 Elemental Mastery boost


after using his burst, although a lot of team comps don’t even want him to use his burst


to have faster rotations.


Then of course, the fragility of flower comes up – dolls stay no matter what, flower decays


when the boss sneezes.


And to add insult to injury – Chiori obtains 19% Critical Rate from her ascension, while


Albedo gains 29% Geo DMG bonus… and I probably don’t have to tell you how Critical Rate


is much more valuable and makes it easier to achieve better builds.


Not to mention the fact Chiori can literally gain 20% Geo DMG bonus from her 2nd passive.


However, Albedo can snapshot all the buffs with his skill and it does last 30 seconds


compared to Chiori’s dolls who only stay on the field for 16 seconds and of top of


that, his flower has a much better AoE range than Chiori’s dolls so there is a silver


lining… but overall, I feel kinda weird about this.


I am not ready to declare that Chiori is powercreeping Albedo but I also cannot ignore what I just




so all in all – I wanna say that Chiori is better in single target while Albedo could


potentially be as good as her when in AoE scenario.


I dunno maybe I need to make a separate video with more in-depth comparison of all the pros


and cons of the two because I don’t wanna be that guy whose COPING.


At least they both suck when it comes to the fact that the enemies can move away from their


skill’s range.


Although I will say this – in my previous video I pondered about Albedo’s and Chiori’s


potential to be together, because initially I thought they might have problems with the


3-construct limit, however, seeing now that Chiori’s dolls do not count as a construct


– I did build a team with both of team.


In fact, I built several strong teams – so let’s talk about this in the next part.


Essentially, there’s 3 team archetypes I found Chiori to be good at.


First one is obviously a Mono Geo comp with either Itto or Noelle.


The tricky part here is that if you play with Noelle and you don’t bring someone else


who can create a construct since Gorou, Noelle and Chiori do not have constructs, the 2nd


doll will not be generated unless… you shell out your primogems for her 1st constellation


because now if you use her skill, it’s enough to just have another Geo unit for the doll


to appear immediately.


Sure, it also provides 50% bigger AoE for the dolls but the big selling point here if


you want to pull for C1 is that she can deploy 2nd doll without relying on constructs.


Otherwise, if you just play her in Itto Geo comp, she will provide a good amount of off-field


Geo damage and you can of course mix in 1 other element unit like Mona, Benny or Furina


just to name a few, while Gorou, Itto and Chiori remain in the team.


But going with Zhongli for extra resistance shred and reliable shielding is going to do


wonders both for Chiori and either Itto or Noelle, well especially Noelle since now the


pillar can help summon a 2nd doll.


I mean in the end – it’s Mono Geo comp that does pretty well in the current abyss.


Now another variation would be Double Geo with either Navia or Geo Traveler.


Obviously, Navia is the stronger choice, however, again if Chiori doesn’t have the 1st constellation


enabled, Navia will not be able to help Chiori generate 2nd doll, while Geo Traveler can


easily do that with one of those chunky boulders or even burst, since they all count as constructs.


And on top of that – Chiori’s 2nd passive will not activate with Navia because well…


her gunbrella does not generate constructs, just pure pain for enemies.


Also, Double Geo Albedo and Chiori can work pretty nicely, like in a similar manner how


Yelan and Xingqiu work together just not as powerful, so it’s pretty cool to see this


new archetype.


Finally, you could also just use Chiori as a solo Geo unit in any team comp where you


want additional off-field damage support.


It will be only 1 doll and she will be missing out on a bunch of buffs she could otherwise


utilize in Geo comps, so take that into consideration.


At the end of the day – she’s an off-field damage unit that shines best with other Geo


units, especially if they can create constructs, so more or less you want her to be in Geo


centric teams if you want to get the best Primobuck out of her.


So, what do I think about Chiori?


I think that she’s in a pretty bad situation right now – Arlecchino just got announced


as the upcoming 4.6 unit, I asked you guys if you’re pulling for her and well… the


results speak for themselves I mean, we even have Neuvilette and Kazuha coming up in the


2nd phase, so she’s really in a tough spot.


And look – I personally love her playstyle and that mostly has to do with the fact that


I love Albedo, in a platonic way, of course.


I am not gonna beat around the bush and pretend they don’t share a lot of similarities.


But as I said before – I am also not ready yet to declare that Albedo is powercrept by


Chiori because if you haven’t noticed – she kinda depends on other Geo units, while Albedo


can just chill out by himself and deal pretty much the same damage no matter who you’re


playing with, unless of course we’re talking about Gorou who boosts both of them really


well, especially at C6.


And sure, Albedo still wants that Geo resonance to function well but at least half of his


damage potential isn’t locked behind the requirement for someone to produce a construct.


And here’s the thing - I don’t like Chiori’s first constellation at all.


Feels a bit of a bait that she can’t have 2 dolls when playing in Double Geo Navia team


but on the other hand – this also kinda makes her look not that ridiculous when compared


to Albedo.


But for what it’s worth – I think she’s a fun character and again, subjectively speaking,


she has one of the best burst animations in the game, in my humble opinion.


But there’s definitely some questionable things happening with her and I will most


likely make a follow-up video in the future to share my post-release thoughts.


Anyway, thanks for watching the video, I hope you enjoyed it and I would really appreciate


it if you could press the like button and subscribe to my channel.


Thanks again and see you next time.

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