Champions Cup | Inter Miami 3-1 Nashville | Round of 16 ConcaChampions 2024

13 Mar 202405:00


TLDRIn the 2024 Champions Cup round of 16 second leg at Chase Stadium, Inter Miami CF dominated the match against Nashville SC. With a 2-0 lead from the first leg, Inter Miami continued their strong performance with goals from Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi, securing their place in the quarterfinals. Despite a late consolation goal from Nashville, Inter Miami's 3-1 victory showcased their prowess on the big stage, with standout performances from Messi, Suarez, and others.


  • 🏆 The event is the 2024 Champions Cup round of 16 second leg held at Chase Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • 👟 Inter Miami faced Nashville SC, with Inter Miami having the away goals advantage.
  • 🎶 The match began with a strong start for Inter Miami, highlighted by a dynamic connection between Messi and Suarez.
  • ⚽️ Luis Suarez scored early, with an assist from Messi, giving Inter Miami the lead in the match and on aggregate.
  • 🔥 Messi and Suarez's partnership was on full display, with Messi scoring a goal to put Inter Miami ahead by two.
  • 🤩 Lionel Messi's sublime skills were on show, including a fantastic finish that contributed to Inter Miami's lead.
  • 😤 Nashville SC did find some opportunities and managed to score a consolation goal late in the match.
  • 📊 The final score was 3-1 in favor of Inter Miami, securing their place in the Champions Cup quarterfinals.
  • 🌟 Standout moments included a great passage of play leading to Taylor's goal and Messi's impressive performance.
  • 🛑 Nashville SC struggled defensively, allowing Inter Miami to capitalize on their counter-attacks.
  • 🏹 Sam surge scored a tap-in goal, contributing to Inter Miami's dominant performance.

Q & A

  • Where is the 2024 Champions Cup round of 16 second leg match being held?

    -The match is being held at Chase Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Which two teams are playing in this particular match of the Champions Cup?

    -Inter Miami and Nashville SC are the two teams playing in this match.

  • What is the significance of the away goals advantage for Inter Miami?

    -The away goals advantage means that if the aggregate score is tied at the end of both legs, Inter Miami would advance due to scoring more goals in their away match.

  • Who scored the first goal of the match according to the script?

    -Luis Suarez scored the first goal of the match, assisted by Lionel Messi.

  • What is special about the connection between Messi and Suarez in this match?

    -The connection between Messi and Suarez is described as a 'Dynamite connection' and 'turning back the years,' indicating their strong and historically effective partnership on the field.

  • Who scored the second goal for Inter Miami and how was it assisted?

    -Lionel Messi scored the second goal for Inter Miami, with an assist from Rodrigo De Paul.

  • What was the final score of the match and which team advanced to the quarterfinals?

    -The final score was 3-1 in favor of Inter Miami, and they advanced to the Champions Cup quarterfinals.

  • Who scored the consolation goal for Nashville SC at the end of the match?

    -Sam Surridge scored the consolation goal for Nashville SC.

  • How did the script describe Inter Miami's overall performance in the second leg match?

    -The script describes Inter Miami's performance as 'dominant' in the second leg match.

  • Which player had a notable chance to score but was unable to do so due to a deflection?

    -Davis had a notable chance to score, but his shot was deflected away, possibly off of Schafberg.

  • What was the role of Julian Gressel in Nashville's offensive play during the second half?

    -Julian Gressel was involved in Nashville's offensive play by receiving a wide ball early in the second half, contributing to their attempts to find scoring opportunities.



🏆 Champions Cup Round of 16: Inter Miami vs Nashville SC

The script describes the second leg of the 2024 Champions Cup round of 16 match between Inter Miami and Nashville SC, held at Chase Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Inter Miami takes the lead with a strong performance from their star players, including Messi and Suarez. Messi sets up the first goal for Suarez, and later scores a goal himself, contributing to Miami's 2-0 lead. The script highlights key moments of the match, such as Messi to Suarez's dynamic connection, Gomez's assist, and a sublime finish by Messi. Despite Nashville's efforts, Inter Miami dominates with a 3-1 victory, securing their place in the quarterfinals of the Champions Cup.



💡Champions Cup

The Champions Cup is a prestigious soccer competition featured in the video. It is a tournament where top clubs from various leagues compete against each other, with the round of 16 being a significant stage where teams vie for a spot in the quarterfinals. In the context of the video, the round of 16 second leg is taking place at Chase Stadium, highlighting the importance of this match in the competition.

💡Inter Miami

Inter Miami is a professional soccer team based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, participating in the Champions Cup as mentioned in the script. They are one of the teams playing in the round of 16 second leg at Chase Stadium. The team's performance, particularly their offensive prowess, is a central focus of the video, as they secure a dominant victory to advance to the quarterfinals.

💡Nashville SC

Nashville SC is another professional soccer team competing against Inter Miami in the Champions Cup. They are the visiting team in the second leg of the round of 16 match, and their defensive struggles are a key point in the narrative of the video. Despite their efforts, Nashville SC is unable to spoil the party for Inter Miami and is eliminated from the tournament.

💡Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a world-renowned soccer player, known for his exceptional skills and playmaking abilities. In the context of the video, Messi is a key player for Inter Miami and contributes significantly to their success in the match with Nashville SC. His assists and scoring ability are highlighted, showcasing his impact on the game and his team's performance.

💡Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez is a professional soccer player known for his goal-scoring prowess. In the video, Suarez is a player for Inter Miami and plays a crucial role in their victory over Nashville SC. He scores multiple goals, as indicated by phrases like 'Suarez again and Miami leads' and 'a tap in for Sam surge,' demonstrating his effectiveness in front of the goal and his contribution to the team's success.

💡Chase Stadium

Chase Stadium is the venue where the Champions Cup round of 16 second leg match between Inter Miami and Nashville SC is taking place. It serves as the central location for the events described in the video, and its mention sets the stage for the exciting soccer action that unfolds.


In the context of soccer tournaments like the Champions Cup, 'aggregate' refers to the total score over two legs of a tie. It is used to determine which team progresses if the scores are level after both matches. In the video, Inter Miami has the 'away goals advantage' coming into the second leg, meaning they scored more goals in the first leg played at the opponent's ground, which could be crucial for their progression.


The quarterfinals are the stage of a tournament following the round of 16, where the number of competing teams is reduced to eight. In the Champions Cup, as depicted in the video, the quarterfinals represent a significant advancement for the teams that win their round of 16 matches. Inter Miami secures their place in the quarterfinals by winning the second leg match against Nashville SC.

💡away goals

The 'away goals' rule is a tie-breaking method used in soccer where, if two teams are tied on aggregate score, the team that scored more goals in their away match advances. In the video, Inter Miami has the advantage due to their away goals, which is a critical factor in their progression to the quarterfinals of the Champions Cup.

💡Sam surge

In the context of the video, 'Sam surge' likely refers to a player making a significant impact or scoring a goal, contributing to the team's success. The term is used to describe a player's action that leads to a positive outcome for the team, such as scoring a goal or creating a scoring opportunity.


A consolation goal or win is one that occurs when a team is already losing and has little to no impact on the overall result of the match or tournament. In the video, Nashville scores a 'consolation' goal, indicating that despite their loss, they managed to score at least one goal, providing some solace to their fans and performance.


The 2024 Champions Cup round of 16 second leg match is taking place at Chase Stadium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Inter Miami is playing against Nashville SC in this crucial match.

Inter Miami has the away goals advantage entering the second leg.

Lionel Messi assists Luis Suarez in scoring the first goal of the match.

Suarez scores his second goal of the match, making it 2-0 for Inter Miami.

Messi scores a goal, taking Inter Miami's lead to 3-0.

Gomez gets an assist for Messi's sublime finish.

Taylor scores for Inter Miami, making it 3-0 before the end of the match.

Nashville SC manages to score a consolation goal, making the score 3-1.

Inter Miami advances to the Champions Cup quarterfinals with a dominant performance.

The match features a great passage of play with Taylor getting back into the action after a near mistake.

Gomez fights his way forward, showcasing his skill and determination.

The match is a thriller, with both teams showing impressive skill and strategy.

Schafberg nearly scores after a deflection by Davis.

LoveIt hits the woodwork with a powerful shot.

Washington creates a dangerous opportunity with a cross into the box.

The first half ends with Inter Miami leading comfortably.

Nashville finds opportunities in the second half, with a great ball to Julian Gressel.

The match showcases the stars of Inter Miami on the big stage of the Champions Cup.





tonight from Fort Lauderdale Florida and


Chase Stadium it is the 2024 conap


Champions Cup round of 16 second leg it


is inter Miami taking on Nashville SC


can Nashville spoil the party and


Advance honor will it be ENT Miami we


are underway tonight from Chase Stadium


it's the Champions cop round of 16


second leg


it's 22 on aggregate it's inter Miami


with the away goals Advantage coming


into this second




leg lets it run through it's Messi the


return ball for Suarez who


scores that Dynamite connection Messi to


Suarez again and Miami leads on the


night and on Agra


again turning back the years Messi to


Suarez the dummy to set it all up just a


beautiful run of play and a simple


finish for Luis


Suarez who grabs his second golden


Champions Cup it was so


close broke it




up Gomez progressing still Gomez it's


Messi Messi


scores Miami leads by


two they're running rampid in South


Florida he wanted a foul just moments


forward but he picked himself up he got


back into the play Gomez starts it all


he'll get the assist a Sublime finish


from Lionel


Messi and what else would you




Washington asking chaffle BG to make the


Run he'll get to the end line he'll get


the cross away it's headed towards the


top of the area gy moves it towards goal


couldn't really sweep his foot through


that with the oncoming


buetts MCN launches this in it's headed


into the middle a good clearance and


Alba helps it on its way now Tak it on


the volley it's off the


woodwork mnon couldn't keep it alive


what a hit from


LoveIt a danger throw and it was headed


into a dangerous area as well love it


taking this on the full volley and right


off the


elbow this is a great look at it


here it's more and the cross lifted in


nearly fell for schelberg Washington


down it's Davis deflected away and that


may have come off of


schafberg what a chance and it is the


last Touch of of this first


half well if there is more of that to


comfort Asheville we should be in for a


thriller of a second half but it's the


stars for inner Miami on the big stage


of Champions Cup


tonight shaffle BG couple stepovers


cross in front boy was there it's more




blocked Nashville finding opportunities


at the start of this second half a great


ball out wide to find Julian gresle


here's Luis Suarez the cross in it's


Taylor and Taylor


scores 3-0 to enter


Miami they are running into the


quarterfinals of Champions


Cup just a great passage of play and


almost a broken play you can see Taylor


just getting back into the play


Nashville all over the place


defensively and Taylor popping up in the






Gomez he gets it right back from Taylor


Gomez fighting his way forward all the


way across and it's out of play touched


out of play by Joe Willis Luis Suarez on


the end of it a great passage of play on


the counter for inter




Miami slip through again it's more right


in front it's a tap in for Sam surge


it's a consolation this late but


Nashville will take it it's


3-1 until now it is inter Miami's nights


a dominant performance in this second


leg and they are moving on to the


Champions Cup