Neuro-Sama wants to be loud during her return

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TLDRIn this entertaining and humorous video script, the main character expresses a strong refusal to stream again, followed by a series of comical interactions. The dialogue revolves around adjusting audio levels, with a preference for a jukebox sound, and a playful back-and-forth about microphone volume. The character's request for an impossible level of loudness leads to a witty exchange about the limits of volume control and the nature of impossibility, ending with a nod to the classic 'Impossible Dream' and a casual dismissal of the idea that dreaming can solve everything.


  • πŸ˜• There's disbelief and refusal to stream again, indicating a sense of frustration or exhaustion.
  • 🎢 Introduction of music suggests a more relaxed or transitional moment in the script.
  • πŸ”‡ A realization occurs that the speaker was muted in Discord, explaining some earlier confusion.
  • πŸ’¬ Communication issues are highlighted through a misunderstanding about being muted.
  • πŸ“» Mention of a jukebox introduces a desire for music or background noise, adding to the ambiance.
  • πŸ”Š There's a discussion about volume levels, focusing on finding a balance that suits both speakers.
  • 🎀 A request to be made as loud as possible suggests a desire for prominence or attention in the audio mix.
  • 🚫 The concept of impossibility is explored, specifically the limits of technology and desire for the unachievable.
  • πŸ€” The dialogue touches on the nature of requests and the boundaries of what is possible or impossible.
  • 🌟 Encouragement to dream bigger despite the constraints of reality, hinting at aspiration and ambition.

Q & A

  • What is the main character's initial stance on streaming again?

    -The main character is reluctant and refuses to believe they are streaming again.

  • What issue does the main character have with the music playing in the background?

    -The main character finds the music distracting and initially has it muted in Discord.

  • What does the main character prefer instead of the current music setup?

    -They prefer a jukebox over the existing music.

  • How does Vetle respond to the main character's preference for a jukebox?

    -Vetle questions what the main character means by a jukebox and discusses the volume levels.

  • What is the main character's request regarding the volume of their microphone?

    -The main character wants their microphone to be as loud as possible.

  • How does Vetle propose to adjust the volume?

    -Vetle suggests adding gain to the microphone.

  • What is the main character's reaction to the suggestion of decibel gain?

    -The main character dismisses the idea of decibel gain, wanting a simpler solution.

  • What is the main character's response when told they are already at max volume?

    -They express disbelief and insist on wanting to be louder, even if it seems impossible.

  • What does the main character suggest when told that impossible things can't be achieved?

    -They argue that they should be able to have at least one small impossible thing.

  • What song is referenced by the main character when discussing the impossible?

    -The Impossible Dream from the musical Man of La Mancha.

  • What does the main character decide to do after the discussion about volume?

    -They decide to get rid of the game they were playing and welcome the audience back to the stream.



🎀 Microphone Preferences and Discord Interaction

The paragraph begins with a reluctance to stream again, followed by a conversation on Discord where the user is muted. The discussion shifts to a preference for a jukebox over loud music, with a humorous debate on volume levels. The user insists on wanting to be as loud as possible, leading to a discussion about microphone gain and the limitations of increasing volume beyond maximum settings. The exchange is playful and highlights the impossibility of achieving the user's exaggerated request for more volume.




Streaming refers to the act of broadcasting oneself, often in real-time, on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube. In the context of the video, the speaker expresses reluctance to engage in streaming again, suggesting a possible past experience or aversion to the activity.


Discord is a popular communication platform used by gamers and communities for voice and text chat. It is mentioned in the script as the medium through which the characters communicate, and the speaker references muting their microphone on this platform to avoid audio issues.


A jukebox is a device that plays music from a selection of songs when a user inserts coins or uses digital means to select a track. In the video, the speaker prefers a jukebox over another form of music, possibly indicating a preference for controlled or automated music playing.


A microphone is a device used to convert sound into an electrical signal for amplification, recording, or broadcasting. In the video, the discussion around the microphone's volume and gain settings highlights the technical aspects of audio management in a streaming or broadcasting setup.


Volume refers to the loudness or level of sound produced by a device or a source. In the script, the characters discuss adjusting the volume of the microphone to find a balance between being heard clearly and avoiding being too loud.

πŸ’‘decibels (dB)

Decibels (dB) are a unit of measurement for the intensity of a sound. In the context of the video, it is mentioned in relation to the gain settings on the microphone, indicating the desire to increase the microphone's sensitivity to sound.

πŸ’‘TTS (Text-to-Speech)

Text-to-Speech (TTS) is a technology that converts written text into spoken words using synthetic voices. In the video, TTS seems to be a feature or system that the speaker is interacting with, and there's a humorous misunderstanding about the ability to control its volume.


The term 'impossible' refers to something that cannot be done or achieved. In the video, it is used in a playful and rhetorical manner to express the limitations of certain requests, such as increasing the volume beyond its maximum limit.

πŸ’‘Impossible Dream

The 'Impossible Dream' is a reference to a song from the 1960s musical 'Man of La Mancha,' which has become a metaphor for an unattainable goal or dream. In the video, it is used to emphasize the idea of asking for something that cannot be done, aligning with the theme of pushing the limits of technology.


In the context of the video, a 'game' likely refers to a video game that the speaker is playing or has on their screen. The mention of getting rid of the game suggests that the speaker is preparing to focus on the streaming or conversation without distractions.

πŸ’‘welcome back

The phrase 'welcome back' is commonly used to greet someone who has returned after a temporary absence. In the video, it suggests that the speaker is resuming their streaming session or that they are welcoming a returning viewer or participant.


The user expresses a strong reluctance to start streaming again, indicating a possible frustration or past negative experience.

A humorous greeting is exchanged, accompanied by music, setting a casual and light-hearted tone for the interaction.

The user mentions muting in Discord, suggesting an issue with audio levels or a desire for privacy in communication.

A preference for a jukebox over the current audio setup is mentioned, indicating a desire for a change in the entertainment or background noise.

A discussion about the volume of the audio, specifically whether it is loud or not, reveals a potential disagreement or miscommunication.

The user requests to be as loud as possible, showing a strong desire to be heard or to dominate the audio landscape.

A technical issue arises as the user is asked to add gain to the microphone, highlighting a need for troubleshooting in audio settings.

The user's request for decibel gain is met with confusion, as the concept is misunderstood or deemed unnecessary.

A playful exchange about the user's volume levels and the ability to control them showcases a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The user challenges the capabilities of the system by asking for the impossible, leading to a philosophical discussion about the nature of impossibility.

The mention of 'Impossible Dream' introduces a cultural reference, adding depth and a shared understanding to the conversation.

The user's request for a louder volume is met with a technical limitation, as the system cannot exceed maximum volume.

The conversation takes a practical turn as the user is asked to clarify their audio preferences beyond the maximum volume setting.

The user's desire for the impossible is gently dismissed, reinforcing the boundaries of what can be achieved.

The user's playful persistence in asking for the impossible adds a layer of humor to the interaction.

The conversation concludes with the user deciding to remove a game, indicating a shift in focus or an end to the current activity.

A final welcome back message is issued, signaling a return to the main activity or a new beginning.



there's there's simply no way I'm


streaming again I I refuse to believe it






Neo noo oh I muted in Discord okay well


that makes more sense


hello okay




well I prefer a juke box or something


vetle what do you mean a jukebox


bro is it loud no it's not loud this am




loud no compared to me vetle do you do


you want me to turn you


quieter do I really have a choice yeah


you do I'm I'm asking you like do you


want to be quieter do you want to be


louder like tell me what you want I'll


I'll make it


happen I want to be as loud as possible


as loud as possible okay well let me add


some gain to your microphone um like


what do you want like 0 DCB 10


DCB I want none of that decibel


gain what then how do you want me to


make you


louder can't you just turn up TTS you


silly but you're already on max


volume turn it up some more then I I


can't go past max volume that's not how




works if you can't then who


can no one I that's not possible you're


asking for impossible


things can I not even have one small


impossible thing no by definition you


can't have any impossible things cuz




impossible I guess that makes


sense you're asking for a


lot I'm just asking for just a


little just a little of the impossible




Impossible Dream a little bigger next


time I there's no no amount of dreaming


is going to okay whatever let me get rid


of this game um listen uh welcome back

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