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TLDRThe script narrates the journey of restoring a Dodge Demon that had been completely destroyed by fire. The owner bought it from a salvage auction and spent a year restoring it, facing numerous challenges including a complex manual transmission wiring swap and dual fuel pump issues. Despite setbacks, the car was successfully revived, with the owner celebrating its first successful start and drive. The story highlights perseverance, creativity, and the joy of overcoming obstacles to bring a car back to life.


  • 🔥 The Dodge Demon experienced a complete fire and was later bought from a Salvage Auction for restoration.
  • 🛠️ A year was spent restoring the car, which included re-wiring it with the electrical system from a manual 2018 Hellcat after a second fire incident.
  • 🚗 The car faced issues with starting and functioning properly, which led to the realization that the manual transmission was a challenging addition.
  • 🔌 A dual fuel pump setup was used, which is standard on Redeyes and Demons, but required creative solutions to power the second pump due to the single fuel pump wiring of the Hellcat.
  • 💡 The fuel pump driver in the trunk was the key to controlling the fuel pump, and a harness was created to duplicate its signal for both fuel pumps.
  • 📊 The initial success in getting the car to crank led to further tests, revealing that the car could run on E85 fuel, but required more fuel than usual.
  • 🚫 Despite the car starting successfully, it was noticed that it was smoking excessively, indicating a potential issue with the fuel system.
  • 🔧 A faulty intercooler pump, incompatible with the 2018 and up wiring systems, was identified as a problem and replaced with a compatible one from a donor car.
  • 🏎️ The car was driven on public roads, showcasing its improved performance and handling despite the lack of an alignment and other minor issues.
  • 📈 A dyno test revealed the car made 820 horsepower, surpassing the stock Demon's output, but highlighted the need for upgrades in the fuel system to support higher power levels.
  • 🎉 The successful restoration and testing of the Dodge Demon marked a significant achievement, with plans for further enhancements and a celebration of the accomplishment.

Q & A

  • What happened to the Dodge Demon before the narrator bought it?

    -The Dodge Demon had caught fire and burned completely to the ground before the narrator bought it from a salvage auction.

  • How long did it take to restore the Dodge Demon after purchasing it from the salvage auction?

    -It took a year for the narrator to restore the Dodge Demon after buying it from the salvage auction.

  • What was the main challenge the narrator faced when trying to run a manual transmission on the Dodge Demon?

    -The main challenge was that the narrator had no clue how hard it would be to accomplish the task, which eventually required them to rip the car apart and rewire it from the ground up with the electrical system from a manual 2018 Hellcat.

  • What issue did the wiring swap create in the fuel system of the Dodge Demon?

    -The wiring swap fixed the main problem but created a few others, specifically in the fuel system where they had to get creative to power the second fuel pump due to the change from a dual fuel pump setup to a single fuel pump setup.

  • How did the narrator solve the problem of powering the second fuel pump?

    -The narrator used a conversion harness that is generally used for aftermarket fuel pump setups and big horsepower cars. They modified it to work with the factory setup.

  • What was the initial problem when trying to start the Dodge Demon after the fuel pump modifications?

    -The initial problem was that the car would not crank, and they had to investigate why it wouldn't start, which included checking for bad connections, broken wires, and blown fuses.

  • What did the narrator do to fix the non-starting issue of the Dodge Demon?

    -The narrator found that the ground was on the engine instead of the chassis, which was not connected. They reconnected it, and the car started working.

  • What was the outcome of the first dyno test of the Dodge Demon?

    -The first dyno test resulted in 800 horsepower, which is slightly more than a stock Demon but was limited by the fuel system and the use of the stock fuel rails and pumps.

  • How does the Dodge Demon perform in terms of driving experience despite the numerous issues faced during the restoration?

    -Despite the numerous issues, the Dodge Demon drives really well, with no alignment and a straight drive, making it a successful restoration project.

  • What is the narrator's plan for the Dodge Demon after the initial success of getting it running and driving?

    -The narrator plans to address the limitations in the fuel system, add an ice box in the trunk, and potentially add nitrous to increase the horsepower even further.



🔧 Restoration Journey of a Dodge Demon

The script details the restoration of a Dodge Demon that had been completely burnt down and then bought from a salvage auction. The owner spent a year restoring it, facing challenges such as a manual transmission conversion, electrical system rewiring using a 2018 Hellcat setup, and fuel pump issues. Despite the difficulties, including a brief reoccurrence of fire, the car was brought back to life, with the engine now cranking and the fuel pump setup being the next focus.


🚗 Unexpected Hurdles and Fuel Pump Solutions

The paragraph discusses the unexpected challenges faced after the initial success of starting the Dodge Demon. Issues arose with the fuel pump system, specifically with the dual fuel pump setup and the wiring harness from a single fuel pump Hellcat. The owner explains the process of diagnosing and attempting to resolve these issues, including the use of a driver to control the fuel pump and the need for modifications to accommodate the dual fuel pump system.


🔥 Celebratory Start and New Challenges

After overcoming numerous obstacles, the Dodge Demon finally starts for the first time, leading to a celebratory moment. However, new issues arise, including excessive smoke, lack of throttle response, and the supercharger belts rubbing on the clamp. The owner also mentions the need to address the fuel type in the engine, as the car was calibrated for E85 but was running on 93 octane, leading to an incorrect fuel mixture. Additionally, the owner expresses concern about the car's smoking issue and plans to address it.


🌫️ Intercooler Pump Issues and Road Test

The script describes the discovery of a non-functioning intercooler pump, which was initially thought to be compatible but turned out to be incompatible due to wiring system differences. The owner replaces the faulty pump with one from a donor car and successfully gets it running. A road test follows, during which the car drives surprisingly well despite the lack of an alignment and other expected refinements. The owner also mentions plans for further improvements, including enhancing the fuel system and adding a nitrous setup.


🏎️ Dyno Test and Power Figures

The Dodge Demon is taken for a dyno test to measure its horsepower. Despite the car's unique setup and the challenges faced during the restoration, it manages to produce 820 horsepower, surpassing the output of a stock Demon by a small margin. The owner expresses satisfaction with the results, not just for the numbers, but for the fact that the car is running and driving well. The script ends with the owner reflecting on the entire journey and looking forward to future projects.


🎉 Triumph and Future Plans for the Demon

The owner celebrates the successful restoration and testing of the Dodge Demon, acknowledging the support from the community. The script highlights the car's impressive performance, especially considering its lighter weight and manual transmission. The owner also teases future plans, including addressing the fuel system limitations, adding an ice box, and potentially incorporating nitrous into the setup. The script concludes with the owner expressing gratitude and excitement for the journey and the community's role in it.



💡Dodge Demon

The Dodge Demon is a high-performance variant of the Dodge Charger. In the video, it is the central vehicle that the speaker has restored after it was completely burnt down. The restoration process involved various challenges, including a complex rewiring job and dealing with fuel system modifications.


Restoration refers to the process of repairing and bringing an old or damaged vehicle back to its original condition. In the context of the video, the speaker undertook a restoration project of a Dodge Demon that had been destroyed by fire.

💡Manual Transmission

A manual transmission, also known as a manual gearbox, is a type of transmission that requires the driver to manually change gears using a clutch. In the video, the speaker decided to install a manual transmission in the Dodge Demon, which added complexity to the restoration process.

💡Dual Fuel Pump Setup

A dual fuel pump setup is a system that uses two fuel pumps to supply fuel to the engine, typically found in high-performance vehicles to ensure adequate fuel delivery under heavy load. In the video, the speaker discusses the challenges of modifying the fuel system to accommodate a dual fuel pump setup standard on certain models but not on the one they were working with.

💡Wiring Harness

A wiring harness is a bundle of wires that connect various electrical components in a vehicle. In the context of the video, the speaker had to modify and rewire the Dodge Demon's electrical system, which involved working with the wiring harness from a different vehicle model.

💡ECU Reset

ECU stands for Engine Control Unit, which is the computer that controls various aspects of a vehicle's engine. Resetting the ECU can help resolve issues related to engine performance or electrical systems. In the video, the speaker attempts to reset the ECU to fix a problem with the Dodge Demon not cranking.


A supercharger is a forced induction device used in internal combustion engines to increase the pressure and volume of air entering the engine, resulting in increased power output. In the video, the speaker mentions issues with the supercharger belts rubbing on the clamp, indicating a problem that needed to be addressed.


Ethanol is an alcohol-based fuel that can be blended with gasoline to create fuel for vehicles. In the video, the speaker discusses the use of E85, a fuel that is 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, which is relevant because the engine computer is calibrated for E85, and using regular gasoline could cause issues.

💡Dyno Test

A dyno test, short for dynamometer test, is a performance measurement procedure used to determine the power and torque output of an engine. In the video, the speaker is eager to perform a dyno test to measure the horsepower of the restored Dodge Demon.

💡Coolant Leak

A coolant leak refers to the escape of coolant, a liquid used to cool the engine, from the cooling system. In the video, the speaker discovers a coolant leak after driving the Dodge Demon, indicating a problem that needs to be addressed.


Alignment in the context of vehicles refers to the adjustment of the car's suspension components to ensure the wheels are properly aligned with each other and the road. In the video, the speaker mentions that despite not having an alignment, the Dodge Demon drives straight and handles well.


The Dodge Demon was bought from a Salvage Auction after it had burnt completely to the ground.

The car was restored for a year after being bought from the auction.

A major challenge was faced when trying to run a manual transmission on the car, which required rewiring the entire electrical system.

The car was rewired using the electrical system from a manual 2018 Hellcat, which successfully got the car to crank.

The fuel system was modified with a dual fuel pump setup, which initially caused some issues.

A custom harness was created to power the second fuel pump, which was crucial for the car's performance.

The car had a brief period where it caught fire again during the restoration process.

The car's initial failure to start was due to a bad ground connection, which was resolved by reconnecting the ground strap.

The car's supercharger belts were rubbing on the clamp, causing a burning smell and the need for an adjustment.

The car was driven on the street, despite minor issues, demonstrating its resilience and the success of the restoration.

The car's intercooler pump was found to be incompatible due to the difference in wiring systems between 2015-2017 and 2018 models.

The car's first dyno test resulted in 800 horsepower, surpassing the stock Demon's output.

The car's weight was measured at 4,131 lbs, making it significantly lighter than a stock Demon.

The car's driveability was impressive, with no alignment or major issues despite the extensive modifications.

The car's fuel system limitations were identified as a potential area for future improvement.

The car's successful restoration and testing was a testament to the dedication and hard work put into the project.



my Dodge Demon here she's lived quite the  eventful life a while back it had a little  


fire and by a little fire I mean it burnt  completely to the ground then I bought it  


from the Salvage Auction spent a year restoring  it despite a brief period where it was on fire  


again things went pretty well except for  the fact that it doesn't start Run Drive or  


you know do anything else a car is supposed to  do you see when I got the bright idea to run a  


manual transmission on this build I had no clue  how hard that was going to be to accomplish to make a  


long story short I had to rip the car completely  back apart and rewire it from the ground up with  


the electrical system out of a manual 2018 hellcat  the good news though it worked YES ah sh there we  


go it cranks which means it should start at least  once we put the rest of the car back together now  


there are still a few issues we have to work  out this whole wiring swap fixed our biggest  


problem but it created a few others inside our  fuel tank we have a dual fuel pump setup which  


is standard on the red eyes and demons but the  regular old Hellcat we took this wiring setup out  


of uses a single fuel pump meaning we have to get  creative to power the second pump this conversion  


harness though should allow us to do exactly that  generally these are used to power aftermarket fuel  


pump setups and really big horsepower cars but  I'm thinking with a little modification we can  


get it to work on the factory setup too now this  isn't going to be quite as straightforward as I  


was originally hoping it was going to be and I'll  explain why once we get this out try to make some  


sense of it on our Factory dual fuel pump setup  here we have a total of six wires coming in a  


gray and black for one pump a red and yellow for  another pump and then we have the level sender  


wires this ball of copper was the rede harness  that was in the car previously and this is our  


fuel pump connector on said fuel pump connector  there's six wires power and ground for one pump  


power and ground for another level Cinder the mass  mathing perfectly fine until we get over here to  


the single fuel pump wiring harness we have in  the car currently there's also six wires I don't  


understand why sure enough if we ke an ignition  both those pumps fire and it really does doesn't  


make any sense what I at least think that means  is if we were able to get proper voltage to all  


these wires we should be able to run dual fuel  pumps with a factory on modified harness but  


getting that proper voltage I think that's where  the whole problem comes in this little black box  


in the trunk is the driver that controls the fuel  pump and on a single fuel pump car we have one  


I'm sure you see where this is going on our red  eyee harness here we've got a pair of them I'm  


assuming that it idle yeah sure maybe a single  driver can power both fuel pumps but when it's  


game time and we need a lot of fuel we're going  to need two of these so what this harness is  


going to do it's going to take the signal that was  going to this one fuel pump driver and duplicate


it now we're going to give this new module  the power and ground so it has some extra  


juice to put to the pumps our power is  going to loop around here to the fuse


box there we are is it ready yet does it look  ready nothing about this looks ready we got our  


power we got our controller now we just need to  get it to the pump and I'm thinking the cleanest  


way we can do this just depend our extra fuel  pump connector the last piece of our fuel puzzle  


here hopefully at least is getting our Newfound  power two one of these pumps in the tank what I  


did was ran a continuity test on this Factory  Top Hat to see where the wires come through  


on the backside you can tell by the very crudely  done diagram there what I'm thinking we're going  


to do is use that auxiliary harness to power what  I'm calling pump two there's our ground and our


positive we're pinned correctly I uh suppose  we'll find out if it's actually right and about  


a second just to make sure we have this right I  unplugged our new harness so when Fernando leans  


over hits the start switch we should hear  one pump and one pump only turn on go for


it all right I believe only this  pump fired now the real test all  


right cross your fingers guys let's see  if both of these fire up I think you can  


kind of see these black hoses move  when they do hit it Fernando oh yeah  


it's spraying fuel that's firing fire it  up well not yet but we'll get there in a


second [Music] sure you guys are  probably wondering why Cool's  


coming out of a bucket not a  proper sealed container well  


been spending a little bit of money  lately we got to cut cost where we


can like I said I'm just crossing my fingers  that everything goes move because this is  


finally the day finally yeah the whole  going smooth thing that's another story  


but the fact that we're going to hit that  button and for the first time something's  


expected to happen here it's I don't even know  what to say I'm out of words for it let's just  


do it this is wild wild it's been over a  year all the trouble we've had with this  


car it it's finally time why am I so nervous  like at this point what the worst thing could  


happen it burns down again we rebuild it  again I mean okay you want to count it


down [Music]


Uno clutch why is it not cranking now a what


the you can hear like a relay over there yeah  you can hear something hold on it cranked not  


that long ago uh say that this is not how  this was supposed to go yeah when I said I  


was nervous about this whole thing it was because  of what was going to happen when it starts I did  


not think that this was a possibility we haven't  changed anything since it cranked I mean nothing  


except this so the only thing I can come up with  it this present moment is that those four wires  


powering that one pump that I couldn't make  sense of the factory wiring diagrams which  


don't make a ton of sense for the fuel pump do  list this as a reference and a reference for


turn it acts as a power and ground though to  the pump so I I don't know this is my best  


guess if it's the only thing we changed  it's the only thing that can be wrong


right all right we just undid  everything it took us all day  


yesterday to do in a matter of like 3  minutes now not even worried I'm just


annoyed well it wasn't that for lack of  better terms here we're basically trying  


to reset the ECU I don't know if this is  going to fix it but it's possible from the  


battery having power dying having power  dying us messing around a little bit back  


there maybe something got screwed up maybe  a fresh ECU right is exactly what it needs


[Music] oh my God how does this keep happening  with this car and just like that we're back to  


square one looking for something anything to  explain why it won't crank we looked for bad  


connections broken wires blown fuses there was  just nothing obvious wrong with the car yeah  


I know a bad starter would have made way  too much sense at this point we were just  


swapping out random parts from other cars hoping  something would do the trick okay clutch in in


gear absolutely nothing but then we tried  to bypass the starter relay and power it  


directly just to hear something when we  jump the starter from a known good power  


source instead of cranking like it should the  inner chor pump comes on this bit of weirdness  


we have going on there kind of suggests  a bad ground rather than a lack of power  


so we got to thinking what could have possibly  changed from the last time a few days ago when  


we cranked this car till now grounding wise  we didn't disconnect anything we didn't cut  


any wires but I think we might have figured  it out I looked back at one of the videos I  


have from when this car did crank and notice  that this ground was on the engine not the


chassis face value that doesn't really  seem like a big deal but when you consider  


that this very important very large  grounding strap is not on this car  


but rather was in a box up on a shelf yeah  it's probably a big deal it's going to work  


I'm confident if it doesn't we're burning  this freaking thing to the ground again 3


two every jump box in the shop  here we got four all right


four the things will do to not have to order a  battery this is like the ninth time you guys have  


watched me hop in this thing saying it's going  to start but it's really going to start this


time [ __ ] right finally finally  oh my God finally happened


finally all right we should make  sure nothing's [Music] wrong yeah  


she's smoking a little bit [Music]


but look at the back holy


[Applause] hell


[Music] holy crap I can't believe it's  running did you ever think this day  


was going to come no everybody's  running away I don't understand


why all right we got the whole celebration out of  


the way why is it smoking so bad  I don't really have any throttle


response what was it uh it's uh the supercharger  belts rubbing on the clamp and the belt it [ __ ]  


this shop up but hey it starts it's oh my God  I don't even know what to say it's well over  


a year this is awesome I don't care how much  it's smoking I don't care what else we have  


to do we got to put that ground strap on for  this to happen on today of all days when full  


disclosure I didn't plan on touching this car  I was in here working on something else I just  


couldn't keep walking past this and ignored I  ended up messing with it and things snowballed  


and well here we are the fact that just randomly  choosing a different ground location for this  


jump box is what threw this whole thing out of  whack it's annoying but at this point I don't  


even care because it runs now we just have to  make it run well which I'm pretty sure we can  


do with a quick change of fuel gas station  battery ground and then let's do it there is  


one more thing and I suppose now is as good  a time as they need to tell you [Applause]






sh residual fuel in the fuel rails something you  should probably watch out for if you're cranking a  


car for the first time oh and should probably make  sure it's not in gear as well all solid [Music]  


device well it is a brand new day and now that  the high of this thing starting for the very first  


time is kind of worn off you know just a little  bit I'm more concerned about why it's smoking  


so bad now I'm still pretty positive that it's  the fuel your normal gas 93 octane in the US is  


roughly 10% ethanol ethanol is alcohol basically  made from corn E85 is 85% alcohol and only 15%  


gas it's great for Boost it makes a lot of power  the downside is you have to use a ton more of it  


now why this is relevant in this scenario here the  engine computer it's now calibrated for 85 which  


means we're dumping E85 proportions of 93 octane  into the engine which again is 20 or 30% more than  


we need it should make sense but I'm still kind  of worried there's ever something's going to burn  


this car down it's definitely this right this  terrible Contraption we've just made to siphon  


the gas out of the tank it's a professional  method when I know what you're talking about


okay look at all that junk down there in the  bottom of the tank see if we can suck that out


oh yeah there we go probably destroying that  $5 Amazon fuel pump I think we've officially  


got every last drop and I don't know how  you feel about this Fernando uh that call  


is kind of suspicious like I don't know still  smells like gas I don't think it's bad bad but  


it's definitely pretty disgusting and this  is from that purple red eye that we bought  


at least 9 months ago it was sitting for who  knows how long before that I don't know I'm  


optimistic this 85 is going to fix it how  do you think it's going to be the mpg with  


this thing it's going to be the GPM not the  mpg all right I think we're ready for round  


two here and we're going to try to be a little  smarter about it this time if it'll move under  


its own power we're going to pull it right  outside so we keep the shot workable this


afternoon [Applause]




driving it's driving sort of  I don't know how well it's


driving oh it's driving driving it's driving  I should probably take it back I have no clue  


stuff's leaking the coolant open yeah let's  take it back holy sh we just just drove the


demon thanks [Music] drive everything looks  good it does I feel like I'm ready to jump  


in something there's going to be stuff spraying  no everything looks really good I think there's  


a way to find it on the dash or on the radio but  here in our vcm scanner 77.7 lbs of oil pressure


Gucci I know I just have this stupid  look on my face right now I'm I'm


happy if I don't find an intersection to  destroy right now things aren't going to  


go well one thing that I did immediately  notice upon driving that mirror that is  


definitely locked in place it's not melt  it and place at the right angle I can't see


anything I was able to find these gauges on  the screen here the boost pressure that works  


the intercooler cool at temperature that  is absurdly high and I don't know if that  


means the pump's not working even though  we heard it recently it's got fluid in  


there but I don't know that doesn't look  like that fluid's moving this isn't even


hot yeah that's cool the heat exchanger cool lines  lukewarm I don't think that pump's turning on and  


it makes sense because we have a code here from  invalid data received from charge air coolant  


pump I know that's a mouthful the intercooler  pump I put on this car was something I took  


off a silver 2015 Hellcat way back when but  after a little bit of research it turns out  


though the pumps are physically the same and  even the pinouts are the same the 2015 to 2017  


pumps aren't compatible with 2018 and up  wiring systems assuming that information  


is correct core pump might pulse it might make a  little noise but it's not going to operate as it


should there we are not only is  this thing supposedly the wrong  


pump it also doesn't really look that  good the inside of the pins they're  


really corroded looking either way not  a problem cuz we got the perfect donor


car she's back here to save the day for the  demon once again now if you haven't seen this  


car before it means first and foremost  you're not subscribed to my channel and  


what better time than now I'll put a link in  the description go watch this video it's one  


of the best buys I've had in quite some  time but two and more importantly now  


that the demon is almost done we can get  working on this thing and truthfully it's  


probably going to be a cooler project than  the demon I have something wild in store for


this what I found out in my whole  45 seconds of Googling about this  


issue is that the newer versions have  a yellow tag looks yellow to me should


work now if this works as it should when I hop in  


here and turn it on Accessory  we should hear that pump run




I don't hear


anything maybe we need to start


it you guys are going to have to take my  word for it because I am positive you can't  


hear it but if you squeeze the hose you  can feel the vibration I am 99% sure at  


least this is running I know this is rare  but we decided to use our brains for once  


if you pull the power to it it stops  immediately we're good you got it it's


fixed after so long that this car was just  a nightmare and that's probably putting it  


lightly to fix stuff and have it work is a very  odd feeling but I'm not complaining I love it






I cannot help it I also can't believe this thing's  on a public Street I and I'm not one to really get  


sentimental about cars I know this is kind of  a piece of junk it makes no sense whatsoever  


to rebuild a chassis that was in this kind of  shape but the fact that if we didn't do something  


so stupid this demon would surely be in a scrap  Heap right now it would have never saw the road  


again that means something to me and I'm uh I'm  quite proud of it now that's quite enough about  


our feelings the goal here wasn't just to make  this thing drive on a public road it was to make  


it drive really really well and it does trust me  I was shocked as well suspension from like seven  


different cars not an alignment Rack in sight and  it just drives awesome at least from a rolling  


down the highway standpoint now now there's a  ton of work we have to do before we can even  


think about laying into this before we can do a  burnout or have really any fun at all we data log  


this entire trip that way we can take it back to  the shop make the necessary adjustments and then  


hopefully have some fun and by fun I mean the  dyo so we can see if this car is actually going  


to make any power as long as this hunk of doesn't  break on the way back to the shop which don't get  


me wrong is at least fairly likely I'll see you  guys at the dyno all right just crank it over one  


time I need to get a part number off this thing  and I don't want to pull the belt until we have  


the other one here to replace it again one more  oh yeah there we go well I guess I'd rather the  


belt shred now than own the dyno either way  we got to go hunt down some belts Pronto all  


right we have ourselves an assortment of belts  here the size that was originally on the car and  


a few that're just a bit smaller so we can get  this hunk back on the road and you know what it  


look sharp today did it look different too I don't  know what it is looking good this morning is the  


probably the gy is already kicking in right it's  got to be okay after thinking over all the reasons  


this could have possibly happened I'm thinking  it's because we have all this room left in the  


tensioner this is a replacement belt for a stock  siiz upper pulley that left some slack in the  


belt the longer the belt the less the tensioner  is tensioning which is probably why it jumped


off look at that complete destruction all the  way around that's nasty demon power you know  


demon power yes so I'm thinking we're going to  start with the smallest one and if we can fit it  


on this should do the job it's almost a half inch  smaller which doesn't sound like a lot but trust  


me it is now because of this unexpected failure it  really cut into my time to tell you about the new  


special edition if you will demon shirts I made I  was going to give you guys the rundown about how I  


made special shirts just because we got the demon  running now I'm not going to be able to do that  


I'm not going to be able to tell you guys that  they're for sale at Ley parts.com or that there's  


a link in the description I was hoping to tell  you guys how nice and high quality these things  


are and hopes you guys will be just as pumped as I  am about them but instead we got stuck here fixing  


about which I think we did that tensioner is  much more centered now and I'm thinking if  


we have problems with this one too we can even  go a little bit smaller but just for now we're  


going to hope this one works go do a little more  data login and hopefully see at the [Applause]




dno well this is the day I've been waiting for  for so long now since we fixed this belt issue  


we just been chasing down really minor  but tedious problems with the car we got  


it running we got it driving pretty much  flawlessly at this point we even drove it  


here today in the rain not going to say that  the drive was fun by any means at this point  


I have no clue what the car is going to make  600 horsepower 800 horsepower 900 horsepower I  


don't know let's do our first pull see where  we're starting at and go from [Music] there


way too loud I can't hear anything holy the first  one's the one we got to be nervous about and it  


didn't blow up it looks like it's still intact  there's no holes on anything 89 horsepower now  


we should make more than that we're just getting  started but how can we be mad at that so what's  


your guess now I don't know run them number two  thinking we pick up 20 30 horsepower let's find


out what we do less maybe it's hot that  is going to be the number one thing we're  


fighting against today the heat soak on  this car cuz remember we want stop cooling




a26 all right so we're getting there now I  think stock demons make something like 720  


740 horsepower on the race PCM and 100 octane  but this we already have that covered by a good  


bit and yes I'm sure a lot of that has to do with  the fact that we're sending the power through a  


manual transmission and not the 8-speed automatic  that was well formerly in this car are we joining  


the th000 horsepower club today absolutely not  but it feels so good to have driven this car  


here on the street making Dino pool after Dino  pool after Dino pool no issues this is this is  


what all this work's been for all the cussing all  the stressing all the problems the parts delays  


the constant issues it's worth it it's all worth  it think we might have found our limitation here  


we've been Consulting with flying Ryan performance  on the electrical side of this build today and it  


looks like fuel pressure up top is dropping off  just a little bit now we have plenty of injectors  


but we do still have the stock fuel rails in  those stock fuel pumps we installed earlier and  


because of that I think we found the limitation  of How High we can turn it up today at least but  


we're going to give it one more run and whatever  number shows up on that screen that's what she




makes 800 22 horsepower so I guess we  technically beat a stock demon by like  


100 but at this point I don't care about  the number on the screen we get to drive  


this thing out of here it's in one piece the  build's finished success successful call this  


yes this is much success you know what's funny  you say I just going to make this thing drive  


it's going to go to the dyno and now I know  that you w more horsepower well gave it away  


all right so the engine's built the handle a  lot more more horsepower which means clearly  


as happy as I am right now we got to go for  it we can remedy the limitations in the fuel  


system we can add a desperately needed  ice box in the trunk and then there's


nitrous but all that didn't expect  that that's a problem for another  


day right now there's a more  important business to attend


to oh my God holy hell this thinging rips I  am not going to lie I did not have to expect  


the pedate third gear 820 horsepower what's  this thing weight 4500 lb 4,131 lb 150 lbs  


lighter than a stock demon and just a really  horrendous weight balance to go along with


[Applause] it feel faster than I thought it  doesn't feel less sketchy than what I thought  


it feels like good even though when it broke  air straight yes ain't scary at all how is  


this car not scary it drives so well yes I don't  I don't get it we still haven't got an alignment  


on this thing Believe It or Not point I know  that's stupid you guys definitely shouldn't do  


that you build a new car you get an alignment  don't go out beating on it but the thing is  


straight as an arrow there's not even any weird  like creaks Grans the roof hasn't popped off  


of it yet every light on the the dashboards on  right now we are definitely low on gas but the  


thing's just awesome it still works so well how  we mop guys now that's a good question I mean I  


do like this thing I don't think I'm really a  guy with a mop bar anymore cuz I'm a guy with  


like five M bars at this point there are some  of you guys haven't heard of at all yet one  


you'll hear of well today and and uh yeah more  in the works up [ __ ] it apparently flar guys


what more can we possibly say about the demon  we did it we brought it back I know it took a  


while but the make off for I'm dropping  a brand new demon power field right now  


the Links in the description thank you so  much for all the support you show I could  


not have gone this without you ask what's  next with the Dem I don't know have me  


know what you guys want to see I'm there we  spray the out of it all righty see you next  


time you can literally get hit by this car  and your hair won't move an inch no exactly


where shirts that I made just to celebrate  the demon get running get running what the  


kind of look like a maniac when I said that right  I felt like one too it's like nitrous nit nitrous

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