Hozier - Too Sweet (Official Lyric Video)

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TLDRThe video script is a poetic and rhythmic expression of a personal and intimate connection between two individuals. It revolves around themes of love, desire, and the simple pleasures of life, such as waking up with the sunrise, enjoying the scent of bonfire, and savoring the moment with a cup of black coffee. The lyrics suggest a deep appreciation for the other person's sweetness and the speaker's contentment in the simplicity of their life together, even as they acknowledge the complexities of the world outside their relationship.


  • 🎵 The script seems to be lyrics from a song, with a focus on personal preferences and lifestyle.
  • ⏰ The lyrics mention specific times, such as 10:00 and 3:00, indicating a narrative around daily routines.
  • 💤 There's a theme of sleep and waking up, with references to sunlight and the desire to wake up naturally.
  • 🌅 The imagery of 'dark as a lake smelling like a bonfire' suggests a longing for natural and serene environments.
  • 🥃 The mention of being 'drunk on life' could symbolize living life to the fullest and embracing every moment.
  • ☕ The repeated phrase 'skin my coffee black in my bed' emphasizes a preference for strong coffee and relaxation.
  • 🍇 The lyrics use metaphors like 'sweet as a grape' and 'pretty as a vine' to describe someone in a romantic or affectionate manner.
  • 🎯 The line 'I aim low I aim true' might reflect a philosophy of setting realistic goals and achieving them with precision.
  • 🌿 The mention of being free from the phone and job suggests a preference for disconnecting from daily stressors and responsibilities.
  • 🎶 The presence of applause suggests that the script is from a live performance, with an audience reacting positively to the song.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the song?

    -The main theme of the song revolves around the singer's personal preferences and lifestyle, emphasizing a laid-back approach to life with a focus on enjoying the simple pleasures.

  • What time does the singer mention at the beginning of the song?

    -The singer mentions that it's 10:00 at the beginning of the song.

  • What does the singer suggest about their sleeping habits?

    -The singer suggests that they have an unconventional sleep schedule, waking up for the daylight and going to bed before sunrise.

  • What is the significance of the 'lake' and 'bonfire' in the lyrics?

    -The 'lake' and 'bonfire' are used metaphorically to describe the singer's desire for a deep, immersive experience of life, akin to the darkness and the smell of a bonfire.

  • How does the singer describe their preference for coffee?

    -The singer prefers their coffee black, which could symbolize a preference for the strong, unadulterated taste of life.

  • What does the phrase 'skin my coffee black' mean?

    -The phrase 'skin my coffee black' is a poetic way of saying the singer drinks their coffee without any cream or sugar, emphasizing a raw and intense flavor.

  • What is the significance of the number 'three' in the lyrics?

    -The number 'three' is mentioned in the context of the singer's bed, possibly indicating a preference for solitude or a specific time of day that holds significance to them.

  • How does the singer describe the person they are addressing as 'too sweet'?

    -The singer describes the person as 'too sweet' to convey that their sweetness is overwhelming and perhaps even more than the singer can handle, indicating a deep affection.

  • What is the meaning behind the line 'I aim low, I aim true'?

    -The line 'I aim low, I aim true' suggests that the singer values authenticity and sincerity over grand ambitions or pretensions.

  • What does the singer imply about their attitude towards work and life balance?

    -The singer implies that they find a balance by working late in a place where they are free from distractions like the phone and job, allowing them to get things done effectively.

  • What is the significance of the repeated musical interludes and applause?

    -The repeated musical interludes and applause suggest a live performance setting, enhancing the immersive experience of the song and connecting the singer with the audience.



🎶 Lyrical Reflections on Love and Life

This paragraph is a poetic and rhythmic exploration of the complexities of love and daily life. It begins with a musical interlude, setting the tone for the narrative that follows. The speaker expresses their feelings of being unappreciated and misunderstood, using the metaphor of a bird to symbolize freedom and the constraints of time. The dialogue shifts to a more intimate setting, discussing the nuances of a relationship where the speaker is often left in the dark, both literally and metaphorically. The mention of waking up to sunlight and the desire to live life to the fullest is contrasted with the speaker's preference for solitude and quiet reflection. The paragraph is interspersed with musical and applause elements, emphasizing the emotional ebb and flow of the spoken words. The speaker's love for their partner is evident, yet they also acknowledge the challenges and the need for personal space and self-care, as indicated by their preference for black coffee and solitude in bed. The paragraph concludes with a return to the musical theme, leaving the audience with a sense of the speaker's internal struggle between love and independence.




The term 'loneliness' refers to the feeling of being alone or isolated without companionship or support. In the context of the video, it is implied through the lyrics where the singer expresses a sense of solitude and a desire for connection, as seen in lines like 'you can't be shy I'm unly' and 'do you sleep so well', which suggest a longing for someone to share experiences with.


A 'routine' is a sequence of actions that are regularly followed. The script mentions a daily routine with 'go to bed before the daylight' and 'wake up for the sunlight', indicating a structured lifestyle that the singer might be trying to follow or is trapped in, contrasting with the desire for spontaneity and freedom expressed later in the song.


Pretense refers to the act of pretending or making a false appearance. In the lyrics, 'don't you just want to wake up dark as a lake smelling like a bonfire' suggests a yearning to drop the pretense and live more authentically, embracing the raw and natural aspects of life rather than maintaining a facade.


Intoxication, in this context, metaphorically refers to being deeply engrossed or 'drunk' on life, indicating a state of being fully immersed and exhilarated by life's experiences. The line 'if you're drunk on life babe I think it's great' praises this attitude of embracing life to its fullest, without reservation or restraint.


Whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash. In the song, 'I take my whiskey skin my coffee black' uses whiskey as a symbol for a preference for stronger, more intense experiences, which reflects the singer's desire for a more robust and unfiltered lifestyle.


Coffee is a widely consumed beverage, and in the lyrics, 'skin my coffee black' refers to drinking it without milk or cream, which can be interpreted as a preference for the more authentic, unadulterated taste of life. This aligns with the theme of embracing reality as it is, without sugarcoating or pretense.


The 'bed' is a place of rest and comfort, and in the context of the song, it symbolizes a personal space where the singer seeks solace and reflection, as indicated by the repeated phrase 'in my bed'. It contrasts with the outside world and represents a safe haven for the singer's thoughts and feelings.


Sweetness in the lyrics is used metaphorically to describe a person's endearing qualities. The repeated phrase 'you're too sweet for me' suggests a sense of admiration or possibly inadequacy, as if the singer finds the other person's sweetness overwhelming or unattainable in comparison to their own self-perception.

💡work-life balance

The concept of 'work-life balance' refers to the distribution of time and energy between work and personal life. The lyrics 'I work late where I'm free from the phone and the job gets done' touch upon this theme, suggesting that the singer finds a sense of fulfillment and freedom in their work, which may come at the expense of their personal life and relationships.

💡aiming low

The phrase 'aiming low' typically means setting one's goals or expectations at a lower level. In the song, 'I aim low I aim true' could be interpreted as a strategy for achieving success or satisfaction by focusing on more attainable goals, perhaps as a counterpoint to the grander, yet unattainable, desires expressed elsewhere in the song.


Freedom, in this context, refers to the state of being unrestricted or not controlled by external forces. The lyrics 'where I'm free from the phone and the job gets done' suggest a desire for autonomy and a break from societal pressures, indicating a core theme of seeking liberation in one's life.


The lyrics start with a musical introduction, setting a mood for the listener.

The phrase 'you can't be shy, I'm unly' suggests a theme of openness and honesty.

The line 'bird it's 10:00 before I say a word' implies a contemplative start to the day.

The mention of 'sleep' and 'wake up' introduces a contrast between rest and activity.

The lyrics 'don't you just want to wake up dark as a lake smelling like a bonfire' evoke vivid sensory imagery.

The phrase 'lost in a high if you're drunk on life' suggests a state of being fully immersed in the moment.

The line 'I think it's great, but while in this world' shows a balance between appreciation and realism.

The repeated 'you're too sweet for me' could be a metaphor for someone being too good to be true.

The mention of 'skin my coffee black' might indicate a preference for simplicity and authenticity.

The phrase 'Cree, you're too sweet for me' introduces a name, possibly the subject of the song's affection.

The line 'I aim low I aim true' could represent a grounded and focused approach to life.

The 'grounds where I go, I work late' suggests dedication and hard work.

The metaphor 'Heaven's gate, the rest of you like you're the TSA' compares the allure of the unknown with the scrutiny of reality.

The desire to 'wait until that day' implies patience and a longing for something more.

The mention of 'soft as the R, pretty as a Vine sweet as a grape' continues the trend of sensory-rich language.

The repeated structure 'I take my [something], skin my coffee black in my bed' emphasizes a personal routine or ritual.

The applause and music interludes suggest live performance elements or breaks in the narrative.





you can't be sh I'm unly


bird it's 10:00 before I say a


word baby I can never tell do you sleep


so well you keep telling me to live


right to go to bed before the


daylight but then you wake up for the


sunlight you know you don't got to


pretend baby now and then don't you just


want to wake up dark as a lake smelling


like a bon fire lost in a h if you're


drunk on life babe I think it's great


but while in this world I think I'll


take my whis


skin my coffee black in my bed Cree


you're too sweet for


me you're too sweet for


me I take my whis


skin my Cofe black and my bed is three


you're too sweet for


me you're too sweet for








me I aim low I aim true in the grounds


where I go


I work late where I'm free from the


phone and the job gets done but you were


is some I know but who wants to live




babe you treat your mouth as if it's




G the rest of you like you're the


TSA I wish I could


goone bab don't get me wrong you know


your but is a morning soft as the R


pretty as a Vine sweet as a grap if you


can sit in a barrel maybe I wait until


that day I'd rather take my whis


skin my coffee black in my bed at PR


you're too sweet for


me you're too sweet for


me I take my was


skinny my coffee black in my bed at


three you're too sweet for


me you're too sweet for












me w












I take my


skin my Cofe back in my bed every you're


too sweet for




you're too sweet for





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