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TLDRThe script conveys a poignant narrative of heartbreak and lingering attachment. It depicts the struggle of moving on after a significant relationship ends, with the protagonist caught in a cycle of reminiscence and the painful realization that they must overcome their past love. The lyrics express the emotional turmoil of feeling 'terminally' affected by the absence of their loved one, yet determined to eventually 'get over' them, despite the overwhelming sense of loss and the deep imprint left on their heart.


  • 🎶 The song is about struggling with the lingering presence of an ex-lover in one's thoughts and emotions.
  • 🛌 Difficulty in moving on from a past relationship is a central theme, with the bed symbolizing a place of introspection and fixation.
  • 🤔 The lyrics express a desire to forget and act indifferent to the words that were spoken during the relationship.
  • 💔 A sense of heartbreak and being left 'broken' is conveyed through the mention of a 'broken back' and the emotional impact of the relationship's end.
  • 🚶‍♀️ The struggle to move on is highlighted by the repeated wish to 'R around and do things differently'.
  • 😔 The feeling of missing the person is palpable, especially after they are gone, indicating a deep emotional connection.
  • 💪 Despite the pain, there is a determination to 'get over' the person, signifying resilience and a desire for healing.
  • 🔪 The phrase 'Over My Dead Body' is used to emphasize the intensity of the emotions and the difficulty of letting go.
  • 💔 The lyrics suggest a pattern of the person coming and going, leaving the singer emotionally drained each time.
  • 💓 There is a recognition that even though the relationship was tumultuous, the connection was profound and irreplaceable.
  • 🏁 The song ends with a final declaration of intent to move on, despite the lingering pain and unresolved feelings.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the song?

    -The main theme of the song is about struggling to move on after a breakup and the emotional turmoil that follows.

  • How does the song express the singer's inability to forget their past relationship?

    -The song expresses the singer's inability to forget their past relationship through the lyrics 'I can't get out of my bed your voice, inside of my head' and 'I'll try my best to forget all of the words that you said'.

  • What is the significance of the phrase 'Over My Dead Body' in the song?

    -The phrase 'Over My Dead Body' signifies the intensity of the singer's emotions and their determination to get over their ex-partner, no matter how difficult it may seem.

  • How does the song convey the feeling of missing someone?

    -The song conveys the feeling of missing someone with the line 'I miss you now that you're gone', indicating a sense of loss and longing after the end of the relationship.

  • What does the line 'you still inside of my blood' suggest about the singer's emotional state?

    -The line 'you still inside of my blood' suggests that the singer still feels a deep connection with their ex-partner, implying that their presence is still strongly felt emotionally.

  • How does the song use the concept of 'madness' to describe the singer's feelings?

    -The concept of 'madness' is used in the line 'turning all the damage in, Madness over, be' to describe the chaotic and overwhelming nature of the singer's emotions post-breakup.

  • What is the significance of the word 'tragic' in the context of the song?

    -The word 'tragic' is used to emphasize the severity of the emotional pain the singer is experiencing, comparing it to a tragic event but also noting that it's not as bad as 'suffocation'.

  • How does the song suggest the singer plans to cope with their emotions?

    -The song suggests that the singer plans to cope with their emotions by moving on, as indicated by the repeated phrase 'but I'll get over, you baby'.

  • What is the overall mood of the song based on the lyrics?

    -The overall mood of the song is melancholic and introspective, focusing on the struggle to overcome heartbreak and the lingering effects of a past relationship.

  • What does the song imply about the nature of the relationship that ended?

    -The song implies that the relationship was tumultuous and emotionally intense, as suggested by the lyrics 'you leave me broken back and move' and 'still remember the lost, you come you go'.

  • How does the song's structure contribute to its emotional impact?

    -The song's structure, with its repetitive chorus and verses, reinforces the cyclical nature of the singer's thoughts and emotions, contributing to the emotional impact by mimicking the struggle to move on.



🎶 Struggling with Heartbreak

The paragraph depicts a deep emotional struggle following a breakup. The narrator is haunted by their favorite song, which reminds them of their ex, and is stuck in a loop of reliving memories and conversations. Despite their longing and the pain of the separation, they express a determination to move on and get over their lost love. The lyrics suggest a sense of finality and desperation, with the phrase 'Over My Dead Body' highlighting the intensity of their feelings and the difficulty of letting go. The narrator acknowledges the lingering presence of their ex in their thoughts and life, but resolves to persevere and eventually overcome the heartbreak.




Obsession refers to a persistent and intrusive preoccupation with a thought, idea, or desire that often dominates one's mind. In the context of the video, the protagonist is obsessed with the voice of their loved one, which they can't get out of their head, indicating a deep emotional attachment that is hard to overcome. This is evident in the lyrics 'I can't get out of my bed your voice, inside of my head'.


Forgetting is the process of losing memory of information that was once known. In the video, the protagonist wishes to forget the words that were said by their significant other, which suggests an attempt to cope with emotional pain by trying to erase the memories associated with the person. This is reflected in the line 'I'll try my best to forget all of, the words that you said'.


Denial is a psychological defense mechanism in which a person is unable to accept reality and refuses to acknowledge certain truths. In the script, the protagonist seems to be in denial about the impact of the relationship, as they claim it's nothing to them, yet the emotional turmoil suggests otherwise. This is seen in the lyrics 'act like it's, nothing to, me'.


Regret is a feeling of sadness or disappointment over something that one has done or failed to do. The protagonist expresses regret over not being able to change the past and the way things unfolded in the relationship. This sentiment is captured in the line 'I wish that I, could R around and and things, differently'.


Loss refers to the state of being deprived of or of being without something that one has had. The video conveys a sense of loss through the absence of the loved one, with the protagonist missing them now that they're gone. This is articulated in the lyrics 'I miss, you now that you're gone'.


Closure in the context of relationships often refers to the resolution or sense of finality that one seeks after a breakup. The protagonist is striving for closure, as indicated by their repeated assertion that they will 'get over' their loved one, signifying a desire to move on and find peace. This is evident in the recurring phrase 'but I'll get over, you baby'.


The term 'broken' is used metaphorically to describe a state of emotional pain or distress. In the video, the protagonist feels emotionally broken due to the end of the relationship, as indicated by the line 'you leave me broken back and, move'. This suggests a deep sense of hurt and the struggle to heal from the emotional trauma.


In this context, 'terminally' is used to emphasize the extreme degree of the protagonist's feelings, suggesting a sense of finality and hopelessness. The lyrics 'I feel it, terminally' convey the intensity of the emotional pain, as if it were an incurable condition.


Madness refers to a state of extreme mental or emotional disturbance. The protagonist uses the term to describe the overwhelming emotional turmoil they are experiencing as a result of the breakup, as seen in the lyrics 'turning all the damage in, Madness over'. This indicates a loss of emotional control and the chaos of their inner world.


Tragic describes something that is extremely sad or unfortunate. The protagonist compares their situation to a tragedy, indicating a profound sense of sorrow and misfortune in the dissolution of the relationship. This is highlighted in the line 'I know it's, tragic but not as bad as, Su', where 'Su' likely stands for suicide, suggesting the protagonist is grappling with the gravity of their emotional state.

💡Last Thing

The phrase 'last thing' typically refers to the final action or event before something else happens. In the context of the video, the protagonist implies that getting over their loved one is something they will do as a last resort or as the ultimate action they must take, as indicated by 'it's the last, thing I, do'. This underscores the difficulty and the gravity of moving on from a deeply impactful relationship.


The theme of being unable to forget someone's voice, which is like a song stuck in one's head.

The struggle to act as if the words spoken by someone else hold no importance.

A common experience of wishing to change past actions but finding it difficult to move on.

The feeling of missing someone deeply after they are gone.

A declaration of determination to overcome heartbreak.

The metaphor of someone's presence being deeply ingrained, like being inside one's blood.

The assertion that the person's memory is irreplaceable and unmatched.

A repeated promise to oneself to eventually get over the person, despite the difficulty.

The emotional turmoil and damage caused by the loss of someone significant.

A comparison of the pain of heartbreak to a tragic event, yet acknowledging it's not the worst that could happen.

The finality of the decision to move on, expressed as the 'last thing' one would do.

An unanswered question, possibly reflecting on whether the person heard the speaker's feelings.

The concept of helplessness in the face of overwhelming emotions.

The paradox of feeling terminally affected yet determined to recover from the emotional impact.

The cyclical nature of the pain, coming and going like the tide.

The use of the phrase 'Over My Dead Body' to emphasize the intensity of the emotional struggle.

The persistent memory of the person, remembered through both the good and the bad times.





I can't get out of my bed your voice


inside of my head I favorite song I


repeat I'll try my best to forget all of


the words that you said act like it's


nothing to


me this happens every time I wish that I


could R around and and things




but can't bring myself to move on I miss


you now that you're gone I feel it


terminally yeah cuz I can't help


myself but I'll get over


you baby Over My Dead Body there's


nothing I can do cuz you ain't never




somebody still remember the he the L you


come you go you leave me broken back and


move but I'll get over


you baby off of My Dead




Body you still inside of my blood I


won't be done till I'm done I you run


through my


face if I got air in my lungs baby then


you still the one nothing comes close to


the same


oh still can't myself


but I'll get over


you baby of My Dead Body there's nothing


I can do cuz you Ain never just


somebody still remember the HT the lost


you come you go you leave me broken back


and move but I'll get over


you baby I'm for my dead body I can't


understanding turning all the damage in


Madness over




oh baby I can't stand it feel like


nothing worse could happen I know it's


tragic but not as bad as


Su but I'll get over


you baby of My Dead Body there nothing I


can't do cuz you a never just


somebody still remember the the lost you


come you go you leave me broken back and


move but I'll get over you it's the last


thing I


do did you hear



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