England 2-2 Belgium | Bellingham Scores Last Kick Of The Game! | Highlights

26 Mar 202406:28


TLDRThe transcript describes an exciting football match between England and Belgium, highlighting key moments and goals. England takes an early lead with a confident clearance, followed by a penalty and a stunning goal at Wembley by Tans, replicating his club success. The game sees several first-time goals, including a crucial penalty conversion on a player's England debut. Despite Belgium's efforts, including a brilliant goal by Lukaku, England maintains its advantage with strategic plays and impressive teamwork. The match concludes with a last-minute goal by Jude Bellingham, showcasing the importance of big players in decisive moments, even in a friendly match.


  • 🥅 Ben Cherwell's clearance led to the opening goal for England, highlighting the importance of defensive contributions in scoring opportunities.
  • 🎯 Ian Tony's confidence on the ball and his potential for creating chances, including a possible penalty, emphasizes the significance of player composure during matches.
  • 🏆 Tans' goal at Wembley for his country, mirroring his performance for Leicester in the FA Cup Final, showcases the impact of individual talent on both club and national levels.
  • 📈 England's second goal from a corner, with Foden and Mayu's involvement, illustrates the effectiveness of well-executed set-pieces in increasing the score.
  • 🔄 The disallowed goal for Bowen due to being offside underlines the importance of precise positioning and the offside rule in football.
  • 🤝 Kobby Mayu's good performance in finding spaces and assisting in plays highlights the value of teamwork and understanding队友间的配合.
  • 🚀 Lukaku's fabulous ball leading to Tans' second goal demonstrates the power of a well-placed cross and the impact of star players like Lukaku.
  • 🛑 The defensive mistake by Lewis that led to Tans' goal emphasizes the need for concentration and awareness in one's position on the field.
  • 🎭 The description of the goalkeeper's challenge in waiting for penalties reflects the mental aspect of the game and the need for goalkeepers to remain focused.
  • 🌟 Jude Bellingham's third England goal, set up by Madison, showcases the effectiveness of creative play and the importance of seizing opportunities in front of goal.
  • 🏉 The match, despite being a friendly, carries significant meaning for the players and the fans, as it showcases talent and national pride.

Q & A

  • Who scored the opening goal of the match?

    -Ben Cherwell scored the opening goal, giving Belgium a 1-0 lead against England.

  • Which player scored a goal for his country at Wembley, similar to his performance for his club Leicester in the FA Cup Final?

    -Yuri Tans of Aston Villa scored the goal, mirroring his success in the FA Cup Final.

  • What was significant about the penalty awarded to England?

    -The penalty was awarded after a protest from Belgium, and it was the second cap for the player who scored it, marking his full England debut.

  • How did England double their advantage in the game?

    -England doubled their advantage through a header from a corner taken by Foden, which was deflected in by an England player.

  • Which player scored a goal for England despite a tight offside call?

    -Jared Bowen scored the goal, which was initially in question due to a tight offside call but was eventually allowed to stand.

  • What was the key to England's third goal as described in the script?

    -The key to England's third goal was a brilliant cross from Lukaku, well-weighted for Gomez, which allowed Bingham to score with a shot.

  • How did Belgium manage to get back in front in the match?

    -Belgium got back in front through a goal by Yuri Tans, capitalizing on an England mistake.

  • Who delivered a standout performance in the match according to the script?

    -Gobby Manu delivered a standout performance with a series of great saves for Belgium.

  • What was the final goal of the game scored by and who assisted it?

    -The final goal of the game was scored by Jude Bellingham, with an assist from Madison.

  • What was the significance of the friendly match despite it not being a competitive fixture?

    -Despite being a friendly, the match held significant importance as it showcased the talent and potential of the players, particularly Jude Bellingham's performance in a high-pressure situation.



🏆 Exciting Football Action and Memorable Debut Goals

This paragraph describes an intense and thrilling football match where Belgium faces England. The narrative begins with a confident play by Ben Cherwell, who scores the opening goal, putting England in the lead. The excitement continues as various players showcase their skills, including Aston Villa's Yuri, who scores at Wembley, replicating his success from the FA Cup Final for his club, Leicester. The summary also highlights the performance of Ian Tony, who has a chance to score and potentially earn a penalty. The spotlight then shifts to the Belgian team, particularly the Austrian referee, who becomes a point of contention for the players and the audience. The paragraph also covers the England debut of the 'king of the spot kicks,' who scores his first goal for the team, delighting the crowd and his teammates. The description further details the strategic plays and attempts by both teams, with mentions of players like Kobby Mayu and Jared Bowen making significant contributions. The paragraph concludes with a focus on the teamwork and coordination of the English players, leading to a disallowed goal and a penalty situation, emphasizing the high-quality football on display.


🎉 Match-Winning Moment and the Impact of Star Players

The second paragraph focuses on the climactic moments of the match and the significant contributions of key players. The narrative centers around the final moments of the game, where Jude Bellingham, identified as a crucial player, rescues the situation for England with a last-minute goal, showcasing his composure and skill. The summary emphasizes the importance of teamwork and individual brilliance, as seen in the performances of players like Madison, who sets up the winning goal with a creative play. The paragraph also highlights the impact of star players in friendly matches, where their presence and performance can carry significant weight and meaning. The description concludes by acknowledging the collective effort of the team and the satisfaction derived from witnessing such high-level football, even in a friendly setting. The narrative leaves the audience with a sense of excitement and appreciation for the sport and its players.




Clearance in the context of the video refers to a defensive action in soccer where a player kicks the ball away from their goal to prevent the opposing team from scoring. It is a crucial skill for defenders and is highlighted in the script when Ben Cherrwell makes a clearance that leads to an attack for England.


Wembley refers to Wembley Stadium, the national stadium of England located in London. It is one of the most iconic stadiums in the world and is often the venue for major football matches, including international fixtures and cup finals. In the video, Wembley is the setting for the match where Tans scores for his country, mirroring his success at the club level in the FA Cup Final.


A debut in sports refers to a player's first appearance in a professional game or at the international level. It is a significant milestone as it marks the beginning of a player's career at a higher level of competition. The video highlights the England debut of a player who scores a goal, showcasing his immediate impact and skill.


A penalty in soccer is awarded when a defensive player commits a foul within their own penalty area. The opposing team is then given a free shot at the goal from the penalty spot, which is a significant advantage due to the closer distance and lack of defenders. The video script mentions a potential penalty situation, indicating a critical moment in the game.


A corner in soccer is a set play that occurs when the defending team last touches the ball before it crosses their own goal line, without a goal being scored. The attacking team then takes the ball from the corner arc and aims to score by crossing it into the goal area. The script describes England's second corner leading to a goal, demonstrating the effectiveness of this set piece.


A cross in soccer is a pass played into the goal area from wide positions on the field, typically using a kicking motion. It is a common tactic to create goal-scoring opportunities by delivering the ball to teammates in advantageous positions. The video script highlights a fabulous cross from Lukaku, which showcases the importance of accurate crossing in soccer.


In the context of the video, a mistake refers to an error or poor decision made by a player during the match, which can lead to opportunities for the opposing team. Soccer is a game of fine margins, and mistakes can quickly shift the balance of play. The script mentions England making a mistake that was punished by Tans, illustrating the consequences of errors during a match.


A save in soccer is when the goalkeeper prevents a shot from entering the goal. It is a critical action that can change the outcome of a game and is often celebrated as a significant defensive play. The video script mentions a great save by the goalkeeper, showcasing his skill and the importance of the goalkeeper's role in the team.


A tackle in soccer is an attempt by a player to regain possession of the ball from an opponent by disrupting their control. It is a defensive action that requires timing, skill, and sometimes physical strength. The video script describes a tackle on Manu, which led to a penalty decision, illustrating the dual nature of tackles as both a defensive tool and a potential source of penalties.


A header in soccer is when a player uses their head to direct the ball, often to score a goal or to clear the ball from a dangerous area. It is a skillful move that requires good timing, jumping ability, and accuracy. The video script describes a header by an England player from a corner, which resulted in a goal, showcasing the offensive power of a well-executed header.


A friendly in soccer is a match that is played for practice or entertainment purposes, rather than as part of a competitive tournament or league. While the outcome of friendly matches does not affect standings or rankings, they still provide valuable experience for players and teams. The video script mentions that despite being a friendly, the match holds significant meaning, indicating the importance of such games for team building and player development.


Ben Cherwell scores a clearance goal, giving Belgium a 1-0 lead against England.

Yuri Tielsmans scores at Wembley for Belgium, replicating his success for his club, Leicester, in the FA Cup Final.

Ian Tony scores a penalty, marking his first goal for England on his full debut, and England's second in the match.

Jared Bowen manages to find the back of the net, but his goal is disallowed, keeping the score at 2-1 in favor of England.

Romelu Lukaku delivers a fabulous ball leading to a goal by Yuri Tielsmans, who scores again for Belgium.

England's defense makes a crucial mistake, leading to another goal for Belgium and Tielsmans, putting Belgium back in the lead.

Phil Foden creates a scoring opportunity but is denied by the goalkeeper, highlighting the strong performance of the Belgian defense.

Jude Bellingham scores with the last kick of the game, securing a third England goal and demonstrating the impact of creative play.

The match showcases the importance of teamwork and strategic play, as seen in the build-up to England's goals.

The game features a mix of individual skill and collective effort, with standout performances from both Belgian and English players.

Despite being a friendly match, the intensity and passion displayed by the players show that it means a lot to both teams.

The match highlights the importance of adaptability and quick decision-making in football, as players like Tielsmans and Lukaku demonstrate.

The goalkeeper's performance is crucial, as seen in the saves and attempts to read the game, emphasizing the psychological aspect of the sport.

The transcript showcases the high level of competition and sportsmanship, with both teams fighting for every opportunity.

The match serves as a platform for young talents like Bowen and Bellingham to shine on the international stage.

The game is a testament to the power of perseverance and resilience, as both teams continue to push forward despite setbacks.

The transcript captures the excitement and unpredictability of football, with moments of brilliance and dramatic turns of events.



it's confident Ben cherwell in


there clearance tman shot one- nil


Belgium all of England's


doing Aston Villa's Yuri


Tans scores at Wembley for his country


just as he did for his Club Leicester in


the FA Cup




Final so confident on the ball Ian Tony


have a chance even might have a penalty




do Belgium protest V tongen in


particular with the Austrian referee


points to the


spot and just his second cap on his full


England debut the king of the spot kicks


scores for


England his first England goal


calmly and cooly


dispatched no one more delighted than


Jordan pfet number 17 what a moment for


Ian Tony Tony England back on turns


callest man in the stadium One Step


never looks at the ball watches and


waits for cells they are the hardest as


a goalkeeper you stand and you wait and


you wait and you try to not die too




England's second Corner deeper one this


time from foden headed back across and




in England double their advantage and in


a night for first England goals Jared


Bowen gets in on the


ACT ah he might or does


he it's tight but he is the only player


on the goalkeeper he's all smiles at the


moment but they'll be taken




off it will be disallowed and it does




count interchange him really well kobby


Mayu as well finding these spaces here


is Fen in one of them he knew that Bowen


was way to his


right Jared


Bowen encouraging again though it's


really good for England really clever


really patient that was the key pass


that was the ball


Tony Belgium trying to break by fighting


Lukaku dunk hasn't made it R Lukaku for


Belgium that's a fabulous ball it's a


brilliant goal and it's Yuri Tans


again and it's an England mistake


punished again this time Lewis dun tans


at the Double Belgium back in


front it's out of nothing just the


hopeful clearance first


off just a long ball no don't aware of


who's alongside he goes with the wrong


leg goes with the right the right foot


trying to hook it away with his left


would have been a better option and then


it's just who wants to get up there with


him who wants to support him Tans that's


your role in the team get up there it's


a fabulous cross from Lukaku wonderfully


weighted now




boing into Bing got room for the shot


couldn't really generate the


power no just not enough that's really


good from England again orchestrating


where to go good from Jared


Bowen foden a to turn




Gomez over Tony and then the header


behind him from Jude


Bingham who's


frustrated had the


time watched it all the way it's really


good football


again waed cross for him he just


completely miscued


it just a tackle on Manu slid it off


and Stu on the back of him is outside


the penalty area so it can't be reviewed


for a




bingham's touch found


foden and space to run


into Phil




foden and then


Bingham and then


Mayu denied by


cells Tony can't get to that maner away




Belgium he's asking the question looked


like it was a another


long ranging sliding tackle from


Anana it would cap a compl performance


by gobby Manu that go but another great


save checked and cleared that particular


incident long from


pford Watkins challenging


Madison it's


Bellingham and England has rescued it


with the last kick of the game and it's


Jude bellingham's thirdd England


goal assistance pays


off well it's the biggest man for the


big moment the biggest name in the team


delivers he brilliant from


Madison just a wait just to buide that


time just a bit of


creativity 12 yards out


a cool composed


finish from the biggest player and it


may well be a friendly but it means so