Rest In Peace Crazy Neighbour

Steve Wallis
26 Mar 202405:31


TLDRThe speaker shares a heartfelt tribute to his neighbor, Glenn, who recently passed away. Known as 'Crazy Neighbor' on the speaker's YouTube channel, Glenn was a beloved friend and a lively presence on camera. The speaker reminisces about their shared adventures and expresses his sorrow, while also committing to continue creating content in honor of Glenn's spirit and their shared experiences.


  • 🌟 The speaker's neighbor, Glenn, passed away after a brief illness.
  • 🏠 Glenn was a close neighbor living across the back alley from the speaker.
  • 🎥 Glenn was known as 'Crazy Neighbor' due to his appearances in the speaker's videos.
  • 🤣 Glenn's on-camera persona was more eccentric, and he loved entertaining people.
  • 🚣 The speaker and Glenn shared a fondness for river trips, which were a highlight of their friendship.
  • 🕊️ The speaker is deeply saddened by Glenn's passing, considering him the best friend and a great man.
  • 🧠 Glenn was knowledgeable and always willing to help, being as good in real life as he was on camera.
  • 🛍️ The speaker plans to continue making videos in tribute to Glenn and their shared adventures.
  • 🏍️ The speaker imagines Glenn 'riding his Harley in the sky,' symbolizing his free spirit.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The speaker remains close with Glenn's family and friends, who are also grieving his loss.
  • 🌈 The speaker reflects on Glenn's adventurous spirit and his ability to live his dream in retirement.

Q & A

  • What was the relationship between the speaker and Glenn?

    -The speaker and Glenn were neighbors, but more importantly, they had a close friendship. The speaker describes Glenn as the best friend he's ever had in his life, highlighting Glenn's knowledgeability and willingness to help others.

  • How did Glenn get the nickname 'Crazy Neighbor'?

    -The nickname 'Crazy Neighbor' came about when the speaker was filming videos and asked Glenn how he wanted to be called. Glenn chose the name 'Crazy Neighbor' because he enjoyed the attention and was more animated on camera, which made for entertaining content.

  • What type of activities did the speaker and Glenn often do together?

    -The speaker and Glenn frequently went on river trips together, which were their favorite activities. These trips were a significant part of the speaker's YouTube channel content.

  • Why did the river trips stop in recent years?

    -The river trips stopped due to scheduling conflicts and other life events. The speaker mentions that the timing didn't work out for the last couple of years, and there were personal issues such as the speaker's mother being sick.

  • How did Glenn's passing affect the speaker?

    -Glenn's passing deeply affected the speaker, who is now left with a heavy heart. The speaker is still processing the loss and has been delaying making videos due to the emotional impact.

  • What was Glenn's attitude towards life and retirement?

    -Glenn had a zest for life and really lived his dream during his retirement years. He traveled extensively, did what he wanted, and enjoyed the company of good friends. He believed in living life to the fullest.

  • What does the speaker plan to do in honor of Glenn?

    -The speaker plans to continue making videos and living life adventurously, as Glenn would have wanted. He intends to keep Glenn's legacy alive through the content they created together on YouTube.

  • How is Glenn's family coping with his passing?

    -The speaker mentions that Glenn's family, who are great people, are also affected by the loss. The speaker remains in good friends with Glenn's family, including Len's kids, and is supporting them through this difficult time.

  • What was the setting for the speaker's video message?

    -The speaker recorded the video message outdoors, near where Glenn used to live. He mentions that it was not an ideal spot due to someone mowing their lawn nearby, indicating the impromptu nature of the recording.

  • What was the speaker's emotional state while filming the tribute?

    -The speaker was emotional and struggling to find the right words to express his feelings. He admits to 'winging it' as he didn't know what to say but felt it was important to acknowledge Glenn's passing and impact on his life.

  • What is the speaker's future plan for his YouTube channel?

    -The speaker intends to return to YouTube and continue creating content. He acknowledges that now is not the time for making lighthearted videos due to recent events, but he is determined to move forward and honor Glenn's memory through his work.



😔 Remembrance of a Dear Neighbor

The speaker begins by sharing the sad news of their neighbor Glenn's passing, who was affectionately known as 'Crazy Neighbor'. Glenn was a close friend and a significant part of the speaker's YouTube channel, often joining in on adventures and entertaining viewers. Despite his larger-than-life on-camera persona, Glenn was a knowledgeable, helpful, and genuine person off-camera as well. The speaker reflects on the impact Glenn had on their life and the community, and acknowledges the difficult timing of this loss amidst other personal challenges. They express their intention to continue creating content in honor of Glenn's memory and his love for life and adventure.


🌟 Moving Forward with Heavy Hearts

The speaker discusses the emotional difficulty of continuing to create content while dealing with Glenn's passing. They emphasize that now is not the time for them to be enjoying themselves, given the recent loss. The speaker is determined to move forward, though, and assures viewers that they will continue their YouTube journey, albeit with a sense of sadness and a changed perspective. They convey a message of resilience and the importance of honoring Glenn's memory by living life to the fullest, just as he did.




The term 'neighbor' refers to a person who lives in close proximity to someone else, typically in the same neighborhood or community. In the context of the video, the neighbor, named Glenn, is not just a resident living nearby but a significant figure who has made a lasting impact on the speaker's life. The speaker's relationship with the neighbor transcends the usual neighborly interactions, as they shared experiences and created content together, highlighting the importance of community and friendship.

💡Passed Away

The phrase 'passed away' is a euphemism for death, signifying that someone has died. In the video, the speaker is announcing the unfortunate news of their neighbor's death, which is a central theme of the message. The use of this term conveys a sense of respect and sensitivity towards the loss, reflecting the emotional weight of the situation.

💡Brief Illness

A 'brief illness' refers to a short-term or temporary sickness that affects an individual. In the video, the speaker mentions that Glenn had a brief illness for a couple of months before his passing, indicating the suddenness and unexpected nature of his death. This term underscores the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing our time with loved ones.


The term 'legacy' refers to the lasting impact or influence that someone has on others, often through their actions, achievements, or values. In the context of the video, Glenn's legacy is embodied by the memories, experiences, and content he created, which will continue to be shared and remembered. The concept of legacy emphasizes the enduring nature of human connections and the impact we can have on each other's lives.


An 'adventure' is an exciting or unusual experience that involves exploration, discovery, or risk-taking. In the video, the speaker reminisces about the adventurous activities they shared with Glenn, such as river trips, which were a significant part of their friendship and content creation. The concept of adventure highlights the joy of living life to the fullest and embracing new experiences with open arms.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform where users can upload, share, and view content. In the context of the video, YouTube serves as the medium through which the speaker and Glenn shared their adventures and created a memorable legacy. The platform is not just for entertainment but also a space for community building and personal expression.

💡Best Friend

A 'best friend' is a person with whom one shares a deep, personal, and often enduring bond of friendship, trust, and mutual understanding. In the video, the speaker refers to Glenn as the best friend they've ever had, signifying the profound impact Glenn had on their life. This term underscores the emotional depth of their relationship and the significance of Glenn's passing.

💡Heavy Hearts

The phrase 'heavy hearts' is an idiomatic expression that conveys a sense of deep sorrow, sadness, or grief. In the video, the speaker mentions that everyone has heavy hearts, reflecting the collective emotional response to Glenn's passing. This term emphasizes the shared loss and the impact of Glenn's death on those who knew him.


To 'continue' means to persist in or remain engaged in an activity or process. In the video, the speaker talks about the need to continue creating content on YouTube, despite the personal loss they are experiencing. This reflects a determination to honor Glenn's memory and a commitment to carrying on with their shared passion for adventure and storytelling.


To be 'immortalized' means to be preserved in a lasting form, often in a way that ensures perpetual remembrance or fame. In the context of the video, the speaker refers to Glenn's legacy as being immortalized on YouTube through the videos they created together. This term highlights the enduring nature of digital content and its ability to keep the memory of a person alive long after they are gone.

💡Moving Forward

The phrase 'moving forward' signifies a decision to proceed or progress despite difficulties or changes, often with a sense of determination and resilience. In the video, the speaker talks about moving forward as a way to cope with the loss of Glenn and to honor his memory by continuing their shared passion for creating content. This term encapsulates the speaker's attitude of perseverance and commitment to their craft, even in the face of personal hardship.


The speaker announces the passing of their neighbor, Glenn, who was known as 'Crazy Neighbor'.

Glenn passed away after a brief illness, surrounded by his family.

The speaker had a close relationship with Glenn, who lived across the back alley.

Glenn got his nickname 'Crazy Neighbor' from his own preference when asked how he wanted to be addressed in videos.

Glenn was a significant part of the speaker's YouTube channel, often appearing in videos and entertaining viewers.

The speaker and Glenn enjoyed going on river trips together, which were a highlight of their friendship and the channel.

Due to various circumstances, the speaker and Glenn were unable to continue their river trips in recent years.

Glenn was described as a great man, the speaker's best friend, knowledgeable, and always willing to help.

The speaker reminisces about Glenn's real-life persona, stating he was as good off-camera as he appeared on-camera.

The speaker feels a sense of loss and has a heavy heart due to Glenn's passing.

Glenn's family is described as great people, and the speaker maintains a good friendship with them.

The speaker shares that Glenn would have wanted them to continue making videos.

The speaker sees Glenn 'riding his Harley in the sky', a metaphor for his free-spirited nature.

Glenn's legacy will live on through the videos he appeared in on YouTube.

The speaker expresses their privilege to have known Glenn and shared adventures with him.

The speaker is moving forward and plans to continue with their YouTube channel in honor of Glenn.

The speaker acknowledges that it has been a challenging time with many uncontrollable events happening.

The speaker emphasizes that now is not the time for them to be out having a great time, given the situation with Glenn.

The video serves as a tribute to Glenn, focusing on his life and impact rather than the speaker's personal feelings.



hey guys


um you read the title


uh I've


been debating on how


to let the world


know but crazy neighbor passed away last


week Glenn is his real name um he was


surrounded by his


family uh had a brief illness for a


couple of months with I've been out um


back from the coast to visit him I'm I'm


back out on the coast now but




so he was my real neighbor he was right


across the back alley for me


and the reason he's known as crazy


neighbor um I was filming videos and I


wanted him to be in a video wanted the


company on one of the trips and uh


I said well you want me to call you


Glenn and he says no uh I said what do


you want to be called and he


says crazy neighbor and so that's that


that's where the name came from and


that's how we ended up in the videos and


you know he


is a little more crazy on camera as soon


as the camera went on uh he he loved the


camera he'd get up in front of the


camera and uh he loved to uh loved to to


entertain people he uh it was a big part


of my channel um a lot of times a video


would not be nearly as good like the


river trips those were our favorite to


do sadly over the last couple of years


um the timing didn't quite work to


continue our river trip uh we we did


plan to do the one uh a couple summers


ago um and then we plann to do one last


summer as well but then my mom was sick




um he was a great man best friend I've


ever had in my life um a solid guy so


knowledgeable uh about everything always


willing to help like it he he was just


as good in real life as he came across




camera so


uh we're all we all have Heavy Hearts


right now


um and I


know that he wants me to continue


filming videos and I know this is uh


it's been a rough little while uh with


with a lot of things happening that are


kind of beyond my control and but this


isn't about me this is about uh tribute






um he's riding his Harley in the sky


right now and um


uh his family is


um they're they're really great people


and I I'm still good friends with their


family uh with with with Len's kids and


all of all of his friends


like the uh sorry somebody's mowing


their lawn here I didn't have a really


good spot to film this I've been putting


off trying to film this video cuz I


didn't know what to say so I'm just


winging it here




uh I I don't know what to say guys I I


know Glenn did say that you know he


filming the video Steve and from now on


it's an adventure I have to continue on


this adventure for the both of us um cuz


Life Is Life Is For Living and


I'm absolutely privileged to have known


him and


um I'm I'm great


that he was able to have an adventurous


last four or 5 years um traveling around


it's like he he was really living um


living his dream doing what he wanted to


going where he wanted to hanging out who


he with who he wanted to that was what


he said about retirement was so great




he had a great few years and was able to


share uh his joy and his joy and zest


for for life with the world and his


legacy will continue


immortalized on YouTube


um so that's pretty much all I have to




um I'm not quitting YouTube uh I'll be


back but obviously a situation like


that comes before filming videos and


there's no possible way that I


it would be absolutely inappropriate


over the last couple of months for me to


be out having a great time and or


pretending to have a great time knowing


what's what's going on with uh with


Glenn so that's all I could say at this


point and I'm moving forward




I I'm moving forward and we are going to


be we're going to be okay everything's


going to be all right guys uh stay tuned

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