Godzilla x Kong FINAL Trailer BREAKDOWN | NEW Footage Analysis

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27 Mar 202410:25


TLDRIn anticipation of 'Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire's' theatrical release, this video script offers a detailed breakdown of the latest trailers, categorized by titan appearances. It highlights Godzilla's various forms, including a supercharged pink state, and his combat against Titanus Scylla and other titans. The script also explores Kong's upgrades, including a powerful new weapon and a healing serum. The introduction of new titans like Shimo and the role of Mothra in the upcoming battles are discussed. Additionally, it teases a mysterious, massive skeleton in the Hollow Earth, hinting at further surprises. The video script promises an action-packed film, encouraging viewers to subscribe for future insights.


  • 🐟 Godzilla exhibits multiple forms in 'Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire', including a normal state, a blue supercharged state, and a new, evolved pink supercharged state.
  • 🚨 Titanus Scylla returns with a new reddish coloration, suggesting that titans undergo evolution to adapt to their environments.
  • 💥 Godzilla's pink form is significantly more radioactive and powerful, suggesting his atomic breath has also increased in temperature and power.
  • 🔮 New footage showcases Godzilla's combat agility and his confrontation with Scylla, hinting at intense titan battles.
  • 🐻 Kong receives a significant upgrade with a powerful beast glove, and a serum potentially enhances his strength further.
  • 🐯 Skar King, a new character, appears to be agile and a formidable opponent for Kong, despite being smaller in size.
  • 🦊 Mothra is confirmed to play a critical role in the film, showcasing abilities that could be pivotal against terrestrial titans.
  • 🏆 The great apes feature prominently as adversaries, with new clips hinting at their organized efforts against Kong and possibly others.
  • 🦖 Shimo, a titan under Skar King's command, adds a new dynamic to the titan hierarchy with its frostbite blast and massive size.
  • 🐺 The monsterverse continues to expand with the revelation of a titanic skeleton, suggesting the existence of even larger creatures within this universe.

Q & A

  • What are the different states of Godzilla mentioned in the script?

    -Godzilla is described as having multiple forms in the film, including his normal state, a blue supercharged state, and an evolved supercharged pink state.

  • How does Titanus Scylla's appearance change in 'Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire'?

    -Titanus Scylla, previously having a graying brown color with hints of yellow, now exhibits a reddish coloration and a membrane between her limbs, suggesting adaptation to an aquatic environment.

  • What does the new information reveal about Godzilla's pink form?

    -Godzilla's pink form is significantly more radioactive than its previous form, implying that its pink atomic breath is much hotter and more powerful than the blue atomic breath.

  • What new weapon does Kong acquire in the film, and what is its significance?

    -Kong gets a new weapon described as a 'beast glove,' showcasing immense power, including the ability to deliver a knockout uppercut to Godzilla.

  • Who is Skar King, and how does he compare in size to Kong?

    -Skar King is a new titan featured in the film, initially thought to be slightly taller than Kong. However, he is actually smaller, both in height and mass, due to his hunched posture.

  • What role does Shimo play in the film, and how does Skar King control it?

    -Shimo is a titan much larger than Godzilla in terms of mass, controlled by Skar King using a crystal tip to command its actions, including firing its frostbite blast.

  • What critical role does Mothra play in 'Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire'?

    -Mothra plays a critical role in calming Godzilla down and keeping terrestrial titans at bay with her airborne abilities and shooting web capabilities.

  • What does the cave relief featuring Godzilla and the great apes suggest about their history?

    -The cave relief suggests a historical enmity between Godzilla and the great apes, showing Godzilla burying members of the great apes, potentially explaining Skar King's hatred towards Godzilla.

  • How does the script describe the largest titan revealed in the trailers?

    -The script mentions the reveal of a skeleton so large it defies easy description, suggesting it might be the most powerful titan ever, with a length over a mile.

  • What is the speculated significance of the giant skeleton discovered?

    -The giant skeleton, speculated to be a bridge carved by the Kongs or a once-living creature, represents a mystery of immense scale in the Hollow Earth to be explored further.



🎬 Godzilla x Kong: Titans of the New Empire

The script highlights the anticipation for the 'Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire' movie, focusing on the detailed breakdown of titans appearing in the film based on the latest trailers. Godzilla, the central titan, is discussed in various forms including his evolved pink state, which promises more power and radiation, hinting at a climactic battle with a new energy source. The emergence of Titanus Scylla with a new aquatic-adapted appearance suggests evolution among titans. Kong's significant upgrade and the introduction of a powerful glove and serum are detailed, alongside the strategic prowess of Skar King and his control over other titans including Shimo, hinting at a complex battle dynamics among the titans. The script teases the role of other creatures, the great apes under Skar King, and the strategic battles that will unfold in the film.


🌍 The Dynamic Ecosystem of Hollow Earth

This segment delves into the evolving relationships and power struggles within the Hollow Earth, featuring Kong and Suko's budding father-son bond and the introduction of Shimo, a titan under Skar King's command with significant mass and power. Mothra's critical role is highlighted, potentially bringing balance with her unique abilities against terrestrial titans. The narrative teases mysterious elements such as cave reliefs hinting at historical enmities and alliances among the titans, and a gigantic skeleton suggesting the presence of an ancient, unprecedentedly large titan. The script builds anticipation for the movie's exploration of Hollow Earth's mysteries, teasing future revelations and encouraging viewers to stay tuned for more detailed explanations post-release.




Godzilla, often referred to as the 'G man' in the transcript, is a central figure in the video's theme, showcasing his evolution and various states, including normal, blue supercharged, and a new, pink supercharged state. These transformations highlight Godzilla's adaptability and increasing power levels throughout the narrative. Specifically, the pink state is noted for its heightened radioactivity and temperature, suggesting an even more powerful atomic breath capability. Godzilla's encounters, particularly with Titanus Scylla and his pivotal role in battling other titans, underscore his significance in the unfolding events of the film.


Kong represents another primary titan within the narrative, undergoing significant developments such as receiving an upgrade and wielding a new weapon described as a 'beast glove.' This glove, along with a serum that enhances Kong's strength, illustrates his readiness to face formidable adversaries, including Godzilla. Kong's actions, including a powerful uppercut to Godzilla, demonstrate his physical prowess and strategic growth. Furthermore, Kong's dynamic with Suko and his leadership against the great apes add depth to his character and role in the movie.

💡Titan evolution

The concept of 'titan evolution' is introduced through the changes observed in both Godzilla and Titanus Scylla, suggesting that titans adapt to their environments or circumstances. This evolution is not just physical but also involves enhancements in their abilities, as seen with Godzilla's transition into a pink supercharged state. This concept is critical for understanding the dynamics of titan powers and their implications for the film's conflicts.

💡Atomic breath

Atomic breath is a hallmark ability of Godzilla, with variations in color indicating different power levels. The transition from blue to pink atomic breath represents a significant increase in temperature and destructive capability. This ability's evolution is pivotal for countering the effects of other titans' powers, emphasizing Godzilla's unique position in titan hierarchies and his strategic importance in battles.

💡Titanus Scylla

Titanus Scylla is mentioned as having undergone a notable transformation, adopting a reddish coloration possibly due to spending time underwater. This adaptation underscores the broader theme of titan evolution and environmental influence on titan physiology. Scylla's interactions with Godzilla highlight the diverse range of titans and their distinct abilities within the monsterverse.

💡Great apes

The 'great apes' refer to a faction of titans allied with or under the command of Skar king, opposing Godzilla and Kong. Their involvement introduces a complex layer of conflict, showcasing various types of titans with unique abilities and roles in the narrative. The great apes' interactions with Kong, particularly in the context of loyalty and combat, enrich the story's exploration of titan dynamics and allegiances.

💡Skar king

Skar king emerges as a key antagonist, notable for his mastery of kaijutsu and command over Shimo and the great apes. His strategic agility and smaller stature compared to Kong introduce a nuanced challenge, emphasizing skill over brute strength. Skar king's acquisition of Kong's ax and his impact on the hollow earth human civilization highlight his significant threat level and strategic depth.


Shimo is described as a titan with a frostbite blast ability, indicating a power to significantly alter the battlefield. Under the command of Skar king, Shimo's abilities contribute to the strategic advantage of Skar king's forces. The dynamic between Shimo's brute force and the agility of Skar king underscores the multifaceted nature of titan combat and strategy in the narrative.


Mothra is reintroduced with critical roles both in pacifying Godzilla and combating terrestrial titans through her airborne abilities and web-shooting capability. Her involvement signifies the importance of tactical diversity and alliances among titans, highlighting the interconnectedness of their fates and the balance of power within the monsterverse.

💡Hollow earth

The hollow earth serves as a pivotal setting for the film's events, housing titan civilizations, battles, and hidden truths about the monsterverse. It's a place of origin for many titans and a source of powerful artifacts and energies that influence the storyline. The discovery of a gigantic skeleton and the implication of an ancient conflict between Godzilla and the great apes within this realm add layers of mystery and historical depth to the narrative.


Godzilla takes many forms in the new film, including a supercharged pink state.

Godzilla's evolved pink state suggests increased radioactivity and power.

Titanus Scylla has adapted to an aquatic environment, changing color.

Godzilla's pink atomic breath is significantly hotter and more powerful than the blue version.

A new energy source contributes to Godzilla's evolution into his pink form.

The film features many great apes, including Kong with a new powerful weapon.

Kong uses a serum made of hollow earth elements to regain strength.

Skar king, a new titan, is revealed to be smaller than expected but still formidable.

Shimo, a titan much larger than Godzilla, adds massive power to Skar king's army.

Mothra plays a critical role in the film, capable of disorienting terrestrial titans.

Godzilla and Kong team up against Shimo and Skar king, balancing the scales of power.

Cave relief hints at a historical enmity between Godzilla and the great apes.

A mysterious cave art suggests a significant event involving Godzilla and Shimo.

The reveal of an enormous skeleton hints at the existence of a titan larger than any known.

The skeleton's size suggests it could be the most powerful titan of all time.



Godzilla x Kong the new empire is only days away from theatrical release, but first we


are going to do one last quick review over some of the footage revealed in the latest




Except this time we’ll be dividing this breakdown by each titan that will appear in


the film.


Starting with: Number 1: Godzilla


That’s right, it’s no secret at this point that we’ll see the g man take many forms


in this film, from his normal state to blue supercharged state, to his evolved and supercharged


pink state.


This state will be covered in more detail after GxK is released.


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Godzilla in these clips, especially the ones where he’s running, imply that Godzilla


will brawl more than any time we’ve witnessed him before.


Note that even in his pre-evolved state we see Godzilla take on titanus Scylla and look


closely, Godzilla literally jumps and shoulder checks her in the face.


Now is a good time to make a little parenthesis here and talk about Titanus Scylla.


Who in her last appearance did not have this reddish coloration but rather graying brown


with hints of yellow.


What happened?


We’d like to think that just like Godzilla, titans tend to go through some sort of evolution


that allows them to adapt to different situations or environments.


Scylla, between KOTM and GxK, has spent most of her time underwater.


Not in a desert like in 2019.


Suggesting that this crab like coloration including a membrane between her limbs was


a result of her body adapting to an aquatic environment.


Godzilla will encounter Scylla in this film and well, our money is on the wielder of atomic




Speaking of which, new information that has surfaced on Godzilla's pink form suggests


that this titan is now many times more radioactive than its previous form.


Why is this important?


In many cases, levels of radiation and temperature tend to correlate.


Meaning that this pink atomic breath is much, much hotter and more powerful than the blue


atomic breath.


So if Godzilla were to ever negate the effects of Shimo’s climate changing ability in the


atmosphere, something like this will be required.


But where did Godzilla actually get this energy from?


In this clip we see Godzilla emerge with his new pink form, but we’d like to think Godzilla


didn’t get access to this without a fight.


There’s absolutely no way another titan didn’t also notice this crazy energy source.


This clip shows what may be the eye of another titan who got here first.


Godzilla shoots his atomic breath at said threat and once again Godzilla would have


to come out on top.


As you can see the Gman in this film will probably make up for all the kills he didn’t


rack up in the last installment.


number 2: the great apes This film will feature many, many apes.


Let’s start with Kong.


Who as we already know, got a really big upgrade.


We’ve explained this beast glove already in a previous episode.


But since then, we’ve been witnessing many clips showcasing the sheer power of this new




However there’s two particular points we want to make here.


One is the introduction of this new serum that seems to have been injected inside Kong,


perhaps made out of a mix of hollow earth organic and radioactive elements that help


kong regain strength.


Since we see that he had recently gotten his butt handed to him by Shimo.


More on this titan later.


The impacts inflicted by this glove is no joke, knocking back a scrawny monkey isn’t


much of an impressive feat.


But this is.


Observe as Kong locks and loads an impressive uppercut to the Gman himself.


Knocking him out.


Yessir, your eyes aren’t fooling you here.


We may have just found (or confirmed) a new maneuver that gojiras in general are vulnerable




But before Kong got this glove things really didn’t seem good for him.


New footage featuring skar king makes it clear that this fella mastered and got the art of


kaijutsu down to a science.


Extremely agile for a titan that is over 300 ft tall, moving really rapidly and even hopping


on Kong's back using the whip as a tool to choke him.


Skar king however is now so far confirmed to be a lot smaller than expected.


Previously this channel and many other outlets speculated that this guy would be slightly


taller than kong to make up for its leaner build.


However some sources state that skar king measures only 318 ft in height.


In these clips we see that skar king is in fact considerably smaller both in height and


in mass.


Fully stretched however as seen in this clip, they look more or less the same.


This height may be a result of skar kings hunched posture.


Regardless of size we see that skar king here is holding Kong's ax.


Going back to Kong's first encounter with Shimo, we find that Kong lost this weapon


against the frost wielder, with skar king taking possession of the ax shortly after.


Here we see skar king tear through what seems to be a protective membrane that protects


the hollow earth human civilization.


Behind him we see more of the great apes that make up part of his army.


Including some of his own personal henchmen or generals that rank directly under him.


Other clips that have surfaced show them actually chasing after Kong after the Shimo incident.


With orders to re-capture or kill him after escaping.


And we also get a little fun clip of one of them falling into a trap probably fabricated


by Kong hehe.


These guys would also chase after Suko, the scrappy mini Kong who is allegedly not meant


to be the cute furry monkey everyone expects him to be.


On the contrary, this fella fights back showing up in many other scenes displaying his fearsome




Imagine how much more brutal this guy will be when he grows up!


These past trailers imply that Kong and Suko will eventually develop a father-son relationship,


with kong adopting him as his own, giving him what he himself did not have when he was


a newborn.


By the way this clip shows us how warbats are actually quite numerous, traveling in


packs and feeding on what could either be psycho vultures or Hellhawk seen in the previous




Number 3 - Shimo Ever since our latest episode discussing Shimo


we’ve had an opportunity to not only see more shots of this titan but also see its


full body.


Size wise this is an animal who is definitely much larger than Godzilla in terms of mass.


Dwarfing all of the great apes but somehow under the control of Skar king.


In this clip we see how skar king uses this crystal tip to point at any given target,


commanding Shimo to attack or fire its weapon.


The frostbite blast.


Shimo, although being a titan that can easily dispatch any member of the great apes, actually


takes part of the ranks of skar kings army of titans.


Kept subjugated behind this curtain of lava using the spines of long serpentine creatures,


and released by dropping a giant boulder on the lava current allowing Shimo to step out




In this clip we get a clear view of what we are looking at in terms of balance of power.


With Shimo providing bulk and sheer power in this fight.


Skar king providing strategic command and agility.


However Godzilla and Kong will attempt to even the scale here providing brute strength,


new and improved atomic weaponry, and also kong with a physical edge vs skar king and


with a thunderous punch.


but there’s another element here that’s missing.


Skar kings ape army.


Surely they must also be dealt with right?


but who would provide this much needed support against an innumerable number of hostile apes?


Number 4 - Mothra That’s right ladies and gents this new recent


trailer gave us clear confirmation that mothra will have a critical role in this film.


First of all, who better than the queen of the monsters to calm Godzilla down after this


guy met his rival alpha again?


And who better than an airborne alpha kaiju with shooting web capabilities to keep exclusively


terrestrial titans at bay?


This titan is capable of a lot more, her god-ray ability being able to disorient other titans


and perhaps other abilities we aren’t even aware of yet now that we see mothra in the


hollow earth for the first time.


These abilities would be enough to handicap many great apes in a short amount of time.


However time will tell if the wonky effects of Hollow Earth gravity will nullify Mothra’s


airborne ability.


She will be a lot more agile and capable of maneuver at will unlike a giant flying monkey


flying through mid air with limited control over its trajectory.


We’ll conclude with what perhaps may be 2 of the most mysterious revelations of this


trailer so far.


Beginning with this cave relief showcasing Godzilla himself burying several members of


the great apes underneath some rubble.


Isolating them from the rest of the Hollow earth and most definitely from the surface.


These power hungry apes would somehow find a way to escape..


Or unleashed inadvertently by another force.


Perhaps this is why the Skar king would hate Godzilla so much, further enforcing the ongoing


enmity between the Gojiras and the great apes..


Here we find another depiction of what seems to be Shimo and Godzilla firing at each other..


Or could it be that they are firing at the same thing?


Stay tuned and subscribe to see another episode covering this mysterious cave art.


Featuring the Gman and Shimo, the largest titan in the monsterverse… or so we thought.


Yea the monsterverse keeps getting crazier with the reveal of this skeleton, so big that


there are almost no adjectives that can properly describe how big this Skeleton is.


Yeah this one will be pretty hard to explain.


Given that the entire length of this animal is well over a mile in length, the size alone


would likely establish this thing as the most powerful titan of all time.


An animal way too big for this universe.


So before we throw any outlandish theories out there we’ll wait until this movie is


released; and then you need to make sure to come back for a more detailed explanation.


That being said, we can’t throw out the small possibility that this may just be one


gigantic bridge carved out by the kongs in the shape of a skeleton.


But it's equally likely that this was probably a living creature, the equivalent of what


a sauropod or a whale would be in comparison to humans.


There’s a lot more to uncover here in the Hollow earth.


So again.


Subscribe, like this video, and strap on because the fun has just begun.