Riding the WORLDS FASTEST Bullet Train From Shanghai to Beijing, China ūüá®ūüá≥

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4 Oct 202318:51


TLDRThe video script details an exciting journey on China's high-speed rail system, highlighting the impressive speed and efficiency of the trains. The traveler shares their experience navigating a bustling train station, the comfort and smooth ride of the train, and the convenience of amenities like Starbucks on board. Despite some challenges with seat assignments and language barriers, the overall experience showcases China's advanced rail network, which is the largest in the world with 40,000 km of track. The video ends with the traveler's arrival in Beijing, setting the stage for further exploration in the capital city.


  • ūüöĄ China's High-Speed Rail (HSR) network is the largest in the world, with over 40,000 km of track, significantly more than Japan's.
  • ūüĆź The experience of traveling on a Chinese bullet train is smooth and fast, reaching speeds of up to 350 km/h.
  • ūüíļ Despite being assigned seats apart, the streamlined design of the train cars offers some storage space for bags and a comfortable ride.
  • ‚ėē Onboard amenities include Starbucks coffee and snacks, available for purchase from attendants moving through the train.
  • ūüöĺ Train stations and the train itself are very clean, with the train even featuring a relatively spacious bathroom.
  • ūüďć Navigating train stations in China can be challenging due to the lack of English signage and information.
  • ūüíį The cost of high-speed rail tickets in China is comparable to flights for similar routes, but offers a unique travel experience.
  • ūüŹôÔłŹ Upon arrival in Beijing, the city feels more like a bustling yet approachable metropolis compared to other mega-cities.
  • ūüõŹÔłŹ Staying at a hotel with a good metro connection can save money and offer a comfortable stay, even when not located in the city center.
  • ūüĆź WeChat is a valuable tool for ordering food and services in China, but can be difficult for foreigners to access without an invitation from a Chinese resident.
  • ūüĆü Overall, the high-speed rail experience in China is efficient, fast, and offers a world-class transportation option for travelers.

Q & A

  • What does HSR stand for?

    -HSR stands for High-Speed Rail, which refers to the world's fastest commercial bullet trains operated by China.

  • How does the amount of high-speed rail track in China compare to Japan?

    -China has over 10 times the amount of high-speed rail track compared to Japan, showcasing its extensive and advanced rail network.

  • What was the main challenge faced by the travelers at the train station?

    -The main challenge faced by the travelers was the lack of information in English, which made navigation and finding the correct platform difficult.

  • How long did it take for the travelers to get a coffee at Starbucks?

    -It took the travelers 40 minutes to get a coffee at Starbucks due to the large number of people present.

  • What was notable about the seats on the high-speed train?

    -The seats on the high-speed train were noted to be smaller and more narrow compared to other trains the travelers had experienced in countries like Indonesia.

  • What was the top speed of the high-speed train the travelers were on?

    -The high-speed train the travelers were on could reach a top speed of 350 km per hour.

  • How much did the travelers pay for their high-speed rail seats?

    -The travelers paid about 110 USD, which was roughly equivalent to 170 AUD, for their high-speed rail seats.

  • What was the travelers' overall impression of the high-speed rail experience?

    -The travelers were impressed by the high-speed rail experience, noting the smooth ride, cleanliness, and the convenience of being able to purchase Starbucks on the train.

  • What was the issue with the bathroom on the train?

    -While the bathroom was quite spacious, it had an unpleasant smell, which discouraged the traveler from using it.

  • How did the travelers find the process of navigating China without WeChat?

    -The travelers found it quite difficult to navigate China without WeChat, as it is widely used for various services, including ordering food and selecting seats on trains.

  • What was the travelers' strategy for finding a hotel room in Beijing?

    -The travelers used the Metro system to find a hotel room in a location that was not in the middle of the city, saving money while still having easy access to the city center.



ūüöĄ Experience on China's High-Speed Rail

The paragraph describes the author's first-hand experience with China's High-Speed Rail (HSR), known for being the fastest in the world. The author highlights the vast network of high-speed rail in China, which surpasses Japan's by ten times. The journey begins at a bustling train station, where the author encounters challenges with seating assignments and long waits for coffee. Despite the crowded conditions, the train's streamlined design and impressive speed are noted, reaching up to 350 km/h. The author also mentions the convenience of purchasing Starbucks on board and the smooth, comfortable ride, comparing it favorably to other train experiences in Asia.


ūüćĹÔłŹ Dining and Comfort on the Train

This paragraph focuses on the amenities and services available on the high-speed train, including the dining cart and the option to order Starbucks to one's seat using WeChat. The author narrates their experience with the train's cleanliness, the availability of food and beverages, and the impressive size of the train's bathroom compared to airport facilities. The narrative also touches on the difficulty of navigating without WeChat in China and the author's amazement at being able to purchase Starbucks on a train.


ūüďćArrival and Exploration in Beijing

The author recounts their arrival in Beijing and the initial impressions of the city. After disembarking from the high-speed train, they navigate the busy train station and discuss the challenges of finding local food options. The paragraph also includes advice for travelers on seat selection and the importance of obtaining tickets in advance to ensure better seating arrangements. The author expresses their excitement about exploring Beijing and shares their plans to use the city's efficient metro system to travel and save on accommodation costs.


ūüŹ® Check-in and Initial Impressions of Beijing

In this paragraph, the author describes their check-in process at the hotel and shares their initial impressions of Beijing as a city. They mention the convenience of their hotel location, the use of Hilton membership points for the stay, and the excitement of watching the Women's World Cup with the local staff. The author also talks about the city's vibrant atmosphere and the ease of getting around using the metro system. The paragraph concludes with the author's anticipation of exploring Beijing and a brief mention of their plans to eat local food.



ūüí°High-Speed Rail (HSR)

High-Speed Rail, often abbreviated as HSR, refers to a category of rail transport that is significantly faster than conventional rail traffic. In the context of the video, it is the mode of transportation the travelers are using to navigate within China. The script highlights China's impressive HSR network, which is noted for its extensive coverage and speed, setting it apart from other countries' rail systems.

ūüí°Bullet Trains

Bullet trains are a type of high-speed train, known for their aerodynamic design and high speeds. The term originates from the Japanese 'Shinkansen,' but in this video, it is used to describe the fast trains in China. The travelers are experiencing the speed and comfort of these trains firsthand, comparing them to other countries' systems and noting the unique aspects of the Chinese bullet trains.

ūüí°Train Station

A train station is a central location where trains stop to pick up and drop off passengers. In the video, the travelers encounter a particularly busy and complex train station, which they describe as the 'craziest' they have ever seen. The station's size and the bustling crowd of commuters and travelers reflect the scale and efficiency of China's rail network.


Starbucks is an American multinational coffee company and coffeehouse chain, known for its widespread presence in many countries, including China. In the video, Starbucks serves as an example of global brands integrated into local settings, and the travelers' experience of purchasing Starbucks on a high-speed train highlights the convenience and familiarity of international brands during their journey.


Beijing is the capital city of China and a major global city. It is the destination of the travelers in the video, who discuss their arrival and initial impressions of the city. Beijing is noted for its rich history, cultural landmarks, and as a hub for China's political and cultural activities.


Travel refers to the act of moving from one place to another, typically for purposes such as tourism, business, or visiting family and friends. In the video, travel is the central theme as the travelers share their experiences navigating through China's high-speed rail system and arriving in Beijing for further exploration.


China is the world's most populous country and one of the largest by land area. It has a rich cultural history and is known for its rapid economic growth and modern infrastructure. The video focuses on the travelers' experience within China, particularly their use of the high-speed rail system and their arrival in Beijing.

ūüí°Seating Arrangement

Seating arrangement refers to how seats are assigned or organized, especially on public transportation like trains. In the video, the travelers discuss their seating arrangement on the high-speed train, which happened to be separated, affecting their travel experience.

ūüí°Smooth Ride

A smooth ride refers to a comfortable and stable journey without significant bumps or jolts. In the context of the video, the travelers comment on the high-speed train's smooth ride, emphasizing the stability and comfort of the journey despite the train's high speed.


WeChat is a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social media, and mobile payment app developed by Tencent. In the video, WeChat is mentioned as a tool that could enhance the travel experience by allowing passengers to order food and drinks directly to their seats on the train, but the travelers faced challenges in accessing it due to the need for a Chinese mobile number.


A hotel is a place that provides lodging paid on a short-term basis. In the video, the travelers discuss their accommodation in Beijing, mentioning the use of Hilton membership points to secure a room, which reflects strategies for saving costs while traveling.


China's high-speed rail system, known as HSR, is the fastest in the world, with trains that are incredibly streamlined.

China has over 10 times the amount of high-speed rail track compared to Japan, making it the largest network globally.

The experience of catching a high-speed train in China is marked by impressive and vast train stations filled with commuters and travelers.

Despite the language barrier, with information not always being available in English, the process of finding the correct platform and boarding the train is an adventure.

The high-speed rail trains in China are designed with a focus on aerodynamics, contributing to their record-breaking speeds.

Seats on the high-speed trains may be narrower than those in other countries, but they offer a smooth and comfortable ride, even at top speeds of 350 km/h.

The high-speed rail network in China connects major cities like Shanghai and Beijing, making travel efficient and convenient.

Onboard amenities such as Starbucks and a variety of food options are available, enhancing the passenger experience on these high-speed trains.

The cleanliness and orderliness of the train stations and the trains themselves are notable features of China's high-speed rail system.

The bathrooms on the high-speed trains are surprisingly spacious and well-equipped, providing a comfortable experience for passengers.

China's high-speed rail system offers a smooth ride, allowing passengers to stand and move around with ease, even at high speeds.

The cost of traveling on the high-speed rail is comparable to that of a flight, but it provides a unique and enjoyable travel experience.

Arriving in Beijing, the travelers found a bustling city with a different vibe compared to Shanghai, marking the beginning of a new exploration.

The use of technology like WeChat for ordering food and services on the train highlights the integration of digital platforms in daily life in China.

The experience of traveling on China's high-speed rail provides insights into the country's technological advancements and infrastructure development.

The high-speed rail journey from Shanghai to Beijing, covering 1200 km in just 4 hours, showcases the efficiency and reach of China's rail network.

Despite the challenges of navigating in a country with limited English, the high-speed rail experience in China is memorable and impressive.



China has the world's fastest commercial bullet  trains you never see how fast it goes until one  


comes next to you known as HSR or highspeed Rail  and today I'm going to catch one very streamline  


for many of us in the west bullet trains are  synonymous with other parts of Asia such as  


Japan but the reality is that China has over  10 times the amount of highspeed rail track  


that Japan has let's check out what the world's  fastest highspeed rail is all about starting with  


the craziest train station I have ever seen  in my life where do we go I don't know son  


isn't great at all there's waiting lounge but I  can't see where we're supposed to go yeah where  


is that there's no information on here that's  not in English which is totally fine but it's  


not just not helpful to us so the information  person just there let's go ask them where do we  


go after finding out where we actually needed to  go in the station we made our way upstairs only  


to find that the station we already thought was  busy was packed full of commuters and travelers  


we ended up being a assigned seats apart from  each other the only problem is it took 40  


minutes to get a coffee at Starbucks yep people  absolutely everywhere after a short wait we made  


our way down to the platform and boarded our first  High-Speed Rail train ready to depart for Beijing


China W all right so we are on the  platform now this is the train behind  


me we're encourage four but different  seats so we'll see what it looks like  


when we get inside but the train itself  looks so cool wow very streamlined all  


right so we're heading on now we can put  our bags here if we need but we don't have


any oh yeah we have a thing above oh sorry  sorry you're on 15 I on 13 it's okay 15 so  


I'm here and you're what here no I'm in 13  oh okay right so you have a spot you can put  


your bags at the Top If you need to and we have  three seats on this side two seats on this side  


they're actually quite small in narrow all right  so we're sitting down in the chair there was a man  


up there heading he fed with us we've been on  trains in like Indonesia India all of that all  


of the seats were wider it's a tight squeeze  to be honest with you there's nowhere to put  


your legs up the other one some of the other ones  the one in Indonesia had like a leg flip where it  


was 350 K that's true this one does go what 400  km 350 350 km an hour so that's true maybe you  


have to streamline some things but you do have  a little um tray table so you can use that if  


you want to the space between your knees and the  thing in front of you is actually large you have  


a lot of room for your legs and you've got one  PowerPoint down the bottom let me see if there's  


one okay so you've got two PowerPoints in between  three people there's a couple of spots oh a couple  


of spots for your luggage bags if you have them  but not that many so I'm not sure what you would  


do if it wasn't a best spot but they are above us  just like an airplane thing for but small baggage  


like i' would say carry on to a large backpack  up there you can not fit a large luggage bag at


all okay we have taken off oh departed wa it's  kind of going fast already mhm oh China is the  


biggest high speeed rail network in the world  with 40,000 km of highp speed rail track how  


much reckon second place would have how do you  know that first of all but what what who do you  


think how much you be second if first is 40,000  Japan and how much Dron they might have 20,000  


3,000 and it is Japan are you serious over 10  times more high speed rail in China than any  


other country so we pay about 110 us which was  about 170 AUD our money each for the seat this  


which is roughly about the same cost as a flight  from Shanghai to Beijing one of the reasons why  


I personally like traveling by train across  foreign countries when we travel is that I get  


a go one thing to know is that the plane the  plane that's how fast we're going the train  


is going so fast but it's so smooth my camera is  standing up on its own and it's not being knocked  


over it is such a smooth ride except for when  you go past another bullet train and then like  


you can really feel how fast you're going but  I just saw someone come down the pile and she  


was holding a tray of Starbucks and I think you  can just buy them so we bought them it was 30 um  


which I think is the same price as Starbucks but  you can just get Starbucks they just come down  


the street down the street down the down the  aisle so we are already going really fast like  


I'm looking out the side and before I can't even  look at anything it's basically just zooming past




[Music] us so there are people coming down the  aisles um I got my Starbucks from them but they  


had um was it heisen do hen H ha I've never had  to say no I've been in DA's comment down below  


do you like Ben der's or haand I don't know  how say h ice cream been chilling and there's  


more coffee we're stopping at the first stop  it is ning and obviously some people will get  


off here some people will probably get on um  and then we have one more stop and then we're  


in Beijing but only an hour into the 4-Hour  Journey at the moment there's an hour between  


here between Shanghai and n 2 hours for the  next stop and then an hour for the next stop  


very very clean um train stations as well even  this one everything's so clean okay so I'm on  


the way to the dining cart I'm going to try  and get I'm going to order my own Starbucks  


this is crazy I'm ordering a Starbucks on a on a  train but I'm standing here and I am not falling  


over this is the smoothest ride in a train I've  ever been on I got up on the Indian one we took  


I got up on the Indonesia one and I was like  doing that like here I'm standing here normally  


I'm not rocking I'm not shaking I just realized  that I normally show you the bathrooms in these  


sort of train videos as well so I'm going to  pop in and show you what the bathroom is like  


while I'm up so it's actually it's pretty big if  I'm being honest it's quite a bit bigger than an  


airport toilet um but it smells like quite badly  I'm not going to go cuz I need to get out um but  


you've got paper towel you've got toilet paper  and you've got um a place to wash your hands as  


well with a bin um and a place to flush there's  a toilet seat cover provided if you want to use  


that as well I probably would um but it smells in  here so I'm going to I'm going to get out but it  


is big enough um and actually pretty impressive  size for a train out here in the gy way you've  


also got a place to wash your hands you've got  a basin and a sink soap rubbish bin all of that


wo okay that view caught me off


guard coffee Cofe yeah oh cold thank


you American American coffee no American  coffee like this one oh yeah like is it just


latte just a yeah just a lot okay thank  you share share grapes fruit yeah yes the  


those one yeah yeah yeah and you have uh coke  coke No Coke No Coke um Pepsi no none of that  


water oh yeah yeah yeah yeah thank you yeah  yeah uh noodle oh no nood okay all right uh


sure sh thank you yeah one 2 three can I pay


this okay that's okay sh okay so that was pretty  expensive I got the um Americano and the grapes  


and the water and it was 91 which I think  is like $17 for two drinks and a thing of  


graves so pretty expensive um but I can't  I still can't believe I got Starbucks on a  


train I think it's also worth noting that I  think Michael just said you can order it to  


your seat if you have WeChat but we can't have we  can't get WeChat cuz you have to have a a current  


current member invite you and then we don't know  anyone they can only do it once a month so your  


hotel doesn't CH to do doesn't help you either  so yeah honestly getting around China without  


WeChat is actually quite difficult here's the  grapes look how big they are there's not that  


many I've been wanting to try these grapes  since like the whole time I've been here


they're so sweet oh they're Genetically  Enhanced me sweet up 100% they're like  


taste like cotton candy no they  have cotton candy on home not like


that they're nice though they've  got a pack of sugar in them but  


other than that really cool I can get  Starbucks on a train I'm still I'm still




you never see how fast it goes until one comes  next to you we're just on time cuz we're about  


5 minutes away we just popped into is this like  the outskirts of fuming for pretty quick hours  


later we arrived in Beijing a whole new city  to explore we grabbed our bags hopped off the  


train and started the process of navigating  our way to our hotel in China's capital city  


all right so we made it here to Beijing  we've just gotten off the train obviously  


so we're just going to now find something  to eat in the station probably would have  


preferred having the two seats on it on  their own obviously when you're traveling  


as a as a couple but anyway it was fine came  to get a photo and then this listen no don't


don't come


come okay that that sense is really sensitive um  


that's a passport do you have  to do a passport no you need a


passport so the terminal on this side is just  as crazy as the terminal in Shanghai so we're  


trying to find this McDonald's but I really want  some noodles I want some I want some Chinese food  


I'm trying to find something that I'd like to eat  Starbucks should I have my fifth Starbucks from  


the day I bought like three Starbucks drinks on  the train oh I even okay I apologize in F we ended  


up in a Japanese um place to eat I know we're  in China but we had some traditional food in the  


last video go check that one out if you haven't  already great conversation with this one he's


uh watching the soccer it's the World Cup  Australia the Maas or the ches are playing  


France and it's nil nil if you arrive in China  with like maybe 4 or 5 days or a week before  


you catch your train try and get to a train  station and get your ticket cuz then they can  


assign you seats which is what happened to us  we purchased the tickets 3 weeks ago however  


because we arrived late people had locals had  already bought tickets on on their system and  


they can select seats and we can't I kind of  I think I forgot to mention that but there  


was a QR code menu on the uh armrest I tried  to use it and it just didn't work so yeah if  


you get WeChat if you're lucky enough to get  WeChat that would be really handy if we going  


between seats China like Indonesia would win but  if we're going through overall experience China  


would win in Indonesia we booked first class  executive class and that was second class now  


the price in first class of Indonesia was  like 20 bucks Australian and the price of  


second class in China is $170 $180 Australian so  obviously there's a what you get for your money  


is vastly different oh thank you Che sh so now  the plan is to grab the Metro to where we are  


staying and then show you the room I'm going to  tell you what my thoughts are on China so far




I this one


then oh my [Applause]


God yay oh my gosh oh my okay so we are  heading down to catch the train oh my gosh


you have you have


to that was probably going to be really bad  you almost heard us in the news I think we  


people probably could have died then there was  nowhere to go so at the end of at the bottom  


of the escalator there was a small Gap to the  left and to go on this side and then a bigger  


gap on the right and everyone just lined up to  go left even though they couldn't go anywhere  


because the gap on the right was behind a pylon  you couldn't see it it looked like they blocked  


that off and you had to go left cuz the actual  exit was behind P but it wasn't blocked off it  


so everyone just could have gone right and not  blocked out the actual bottom of an escalator  


inste everyone just stood there yeah that was  ridiculous Hest that was [Music] dangerous [Music]


street lights above this city is  buzzing creatures in love getting  


lost in the crowd all of these people where


are wow okay so this is our first look at  Beijing you know what this feels less like  


a metropolis Mega City in more like a city city  a home City or something in the very first like  


5 Seconds that we've been here I like it I like  it I might even like it more I I've only been 2  


seconds but something feels good about this place  yeah after I don't know two trains to get to the  


actual train the train for 4 hours another two  trains to get here after six trains today that's  


five didn't we take two this morning yeah 2 +  1 plus 2 2 + 1 after five trains we are almost  


here okay I got a feet excuse me ah than to this  is our welcome cookie the best part yum is that


delicious yeah correct [Music] delicious STS EX  bedro for you thank you so much okay so right now  


there is the women's football and no it's 2023  it's just the world cup doesn't matter that they  


okay sorry and the Australia is playing France  right now and it's gone to penal KCK penalty


kicks we won we won yay this is the room and  Michael like points and stuff like that so  


that's how we got this room but we normally give  a little bit of tips and tricks and things like  


that in my weekly newsletter so sign up to that  down below you just leave your email and I send  


out just a weekly update and also some tips tricks  but let me quickly show you the room so yes as you  


walk in you have some wardrobes over here and  then it kind of just like any normal hotel room  


opens up into the bed you have the TV where  we just watch Australia win you have the TV  


over there SC and then you have a desk with this  double seat in front of the window here so he can  


sit on that side I can sit on this side there's a  mutual table in the middle the bathroom and it's  


basically a really just white bathroom you can  see through all the way to the bedroom but you can


just do that if you want shower basin pretty  standard um and this was a upgrade I think as  


well the best thing about it is the Double Tree  cookies places like like Beijing and Shanghai  


we stayed right in the middle of the city in  Shanghai just because it was our first time  


in China all right I apply this to places like  Bangkok and then here in Beijing when you have  


a good Metro System that's cheap you can save  like 100 bucks a night by staying out here and  


I was able to use my Hilton members Pokemon card  sorry I was able to use my Hilton members points  


and a little bit of cash to get this room for  basically less than what we would have paid for  


an a three star hotel or a two star hotel in the  middle of the city all right no one cares show  


me the Pokémon cards him in the last video open  it oh she gave me a full on like like sticker  


booster set and stuff oh did you Snorlax I  haven't opened them yet are you going open  


them on camera no not on camera why not are  they going to care about Pokémon let me know  


in the comments below if you care about Pokémon  if you care about Pokémon next time I buy a deck  


cuz I like to buy the different languages I'll  show you okay so I ordered some what I think  


is just noodles like these ones um the first one  again China has been like the hardest place cuz  


it's been the least amount of English to any  country I've ever been so it's been like the  


hardest place to order or get around and  as you can see so I just picked this one


no I got a picture of a chil no no chili yeah  oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I like  


that there no chili a sh thank you so that  was our highspeed rail experience in China  


apart from it being a somewhat difficult  process if you use the video and learn from  


am Stakes you'll have an amazing time clean  efficient worldclass transport that took us  


from 1200 km from Shanghai to Beijing in  Just 4 hours it was seriously impressive  


in the next video we'll explore Beijing  and all it has to offer hope to see you



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