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TLDRThe video script is a powerful testimony of spiritual transformation and redemption. It emphasizes the transformative power of faith and grace, as the speaker shares their journey from spiritual anemia to being healed and empowered through divine intervention. The narrative is filled with biblical references, highlighting the overcoming of adversity and the assurance of salvation. It denounces hypocrisy and falseness, urging individuals to stand firm in their faith, as only Jesus can provide true salvation and light in the face of judgment. The message is clear: with faith, one can conquer fears, overcome challenges, and experience a profound spiritual awakening.


  • 🩸 Transformation through sacrifice: The speaker emphasizes a personal transformation brought about by the metaphorical 'blood', symbolizing a transformative experience or sacrifice.
  • 🌟 Divine Grace: The narrative focuses on the grace of the 'Father', highlighting the importance of divine intervention and support in one's life journey.
  • 🛡️ Fearlessness with faith: The script underlines that with faith and divine protection, there is no room for fear as the individual is taken care of.
  • 💪 Personal empowerment: The power derived from faith gives the speaker a sense of empowerment and life, enabling them to overcome challenges.
  • 🔥 Speaking truth to power: The speaker mentions 'fire comes out of my lips', indicating a boldness to speak truth even in the face of opposition or adversity.
  • 🐫 Parable of change: The reference to the camel and the needle signifies the possibility of change and transformation, no matter how unlikely.
  • 👹 Condemnation of hypocrisy: The text criticizes those who are seen as hypocritical, likening them to the Pharisees of old, and warns of their downfall.
  • 🥿 Authenticity over pretense: The speaker values authenticity, rejecting the idea of wearing 'shoes bigger than my size', or pretending to be something they are not.
  • 🌈 Spiritual revival: The speaker likens their experience to a revival, suggesting a renewed spiritual awakening or rebirth.
  • 🏹 Faith over disbelief: The emphasis is on faith and belief in divine power, regardless of others' skepticism or disbelief.
  • ✝️ Salvation through Christ: The core message is that salvation comes through Jesus Christ, who laid down his life, and those who stand firm on their faith will find strength and salvation.

Q & A

  • What does the phrase 'healed with his blood' signify in the script?

    -The phrase 'healed with his blood' refers to the spiritual transformation and redemption that the speaker experiences through the grace of their faith, symbolizing the cleansing of past sins and the path to a renewed life.

  • How does the speaker describe their transformation after being 'healed by his blood'?

    -The speaker describes feeling fundamentally different, liberated from past constraints, and empowered by the grace and guidance of their faith, indicating a profound personal change.

  • What is the significance of the phrase 'Free path through your blood'?

    -The phrase 'Free path through your blood' signifies the liberation and guidance the speaker feels after their spiritual healing. It suggests a newfound sense of direction and purpose in life, achieved through their faith and connection to the divine.

  • What does the speaker mean by 'Fire comes out of my LIPS'?

    -The phrase 'Fire comes out of my LIPS' metaphorically represents the speaker's empowered speech and testimony, suggesting that they have become a powerful witness for their faith, sharing their experiences and beliefs with fervor and conviction.

  • How does the speaker address the concept of judgment and redemption in the script?

    -The speaker acknowledges past judgments and skepticism from others but emphasizes their personal redemption and spiritual awakening. They assert that their faith and the 'blood of the CALVARY' have brought them from death to life, regardless of others' opinions.

  • What role does the concept of fear play in the script?

    -Fear is presented as an unnecessary burden that is alleviated through faith and trust in divine providence. The speaker reassures that with the grace and power of their faith, there is no need to fear as they are cared for and protected.

  • What is the significance of the phrase 'I don't wear shoes bigger than my size'?

    -This phrase suggests humility and authenticity. The speaker is emphasizing that they are true to themselves and do not pretend to be more than they are, reflecting a core aspect of their spiritual journey and personal growth.

  • How does the speaker describe the hypocrisy they encounter?

    -The speaker criticizes those they perceive as hypocrites, referring to them as 'MODERN Pharisees' who are destined for 'HELL'. This reflects the speaker's strong stance against those who they believe are insincere or judgmental without recognizing their own faults.

  • What is the significance of John's voice being raised in the desert?

    -The reference to John's voice in the desert is an allusion to the biblical figure John the Baptist, who prepared the way for Jesus. In the script, this signifies a call to spiritual awakening and a preparation for the speaker's own message of faith and redemption.

  • What does the phrase 'salvation is individual' imply?

    -The phrase 'salvation is individual' emphasizes the personal nature of one's spiritual journey and relationship with the divine. It suggests that each person's path to salvation is unique and must be personally embraced and understood.

  • How does the speaker express their unwavering faith?

    -The speaker expresses unwavering faith through declarations of their spiritual transformation and trust in divine protection. They assert that no one can take away their faith or extinguish their spiritual light, and they find strength in their belief that Jesus will save them.

  • What does the phrase 'The Almighty who makes me stronger' signify?

    -This phrase signifies the speaker's belief in a higher power that provides them with strength and resilience. It underscores the idea that their faith and connection to the divine are the sources of their inner strength and courage.



🙏 Healed by Grace and Blood

This paragraph emphasizes the transformative power of divine grace and the metaphorical healing through the blood of a spiritual figure. It speaks of a personal journey from a state of spiritual deficiency to redemption and empowerment. The individual expresses gratitude for the Father's grace, which has provided a path free from fear and bestowed new life through the metaphorical blood. The narrative also touches on overcoming judgment and criticism from others, highlighting personal growth and spiritual awakening. The speaker draws strength from their faith, asserting that only Jesus can provide salvation and that they stand firm in their beliefs, unshaken by external opinions or challenges.




Healing in the context of the video refers to a spiritual and transformative process where an individual is made 'whole' or 'well' through divine intervention. It is depicted as a profound change from a state of spiritual deficiency to one of enlightenment and salvation. The term is used multiple times throughout the script, emphasizing the transformative power of 'his blood' and the grace of the 'Father'.


Grace is the unmerited favor or love given by God to humans. In the video, it is portrayed as the benevolent act of the 'Father' that leads to the healing and transformation of the individual. It signifies the divine assistance that is freely given, irrespective of one's worthiness, and is central to the theme of redemption and spiritual rebirth.


Fear, in this video, represents the anxieties and apprehensions that one might experience in the face of the unknown or in challenging situations. However, it is contrasted with the peace and assurance that comes from faith and trust in the divine. The message is clear that with faith, there is 'no need to fear' as the individual is taken care of and protected by a higher power.


Power in the script symbolizes the divine strength and authority that is bestowed upon the believer. It is the force that gives life and enables the individual to overcome obstacles and spiritual challenges. The 'power' is associated with the blood and the grace of the 'Father', which work together to transform and empower the believer.


Blood is a central metaphor in the video, representing the sacrificial act of atonement and the cleansing of sins. It signifies the transformative moment where the individual transitions 'from death to life', indicating a deep and personal connection with the divine. The 'blood' is the medium through which healing and redemption are achieved.


Change in the video signifies a personal transformation or conversion that is brought about by spiritual awakening. The 'rich man' is able to make a change, indicating a shift from a materialistic or worldly perspective to one that is more aligned with spiritual values. This keyword encapsulates the idea of personal growth and the potential for redemption available to all.


Pharisees in the script are portrayed as hypocrites who are quick to judge others but fail to recognize their own faults. They are likened to 'modern Pharisees' who are criticized for their insincerity and are warned of divine retribution. This term is used to caution against hypocrisy and to emphasize the importance of genuine faith and righteousness.


Salvation in the video is depicted as the ultimate goal of spiritual journey, where an individual is saved from sin and granted eternal life through faith and divine intervention. It is presented as an individual process, where each person must make their own decision to 'follow' and accept the teachings of Christ. Salvation is the culmination of the transformative power of 'his blood' and the grace of the 'Father'.

💡Spiritual Anemia

Spiritual anemia is a metaphor used to describe a state of spiritual weakness or lack of spiritual vitality. In the video, it signifies the initial state of the individual before their transformation through divine healing. The 'heavenly donor' arrives to provide 'special blood', which not only heals but also empowers the individual, freeing them from spiritual deficiency and aligning them with divine strength.


The 'Rock' in the video symbolizes the solid foundation of faith and belief in God. It represents the unwavering trust and reliance on divine power for strength and protection. Those who 'stand firm on The Rock' are depicted as unshaken and fearless, regardless of external circumstances, because their faith provides them with an unbreakable sense of security and resilience.


Faith in the context of the video is the belief and trust in God's power and promises. It is the driving force behind the individual's spiritual journey and transformation. The video emphasizes that faith makes the impossible possible, allowing believers to witness and experience divine miracles. It is the cornerstone of the believer's relationship with God and is essential for salvation.


Healing through blood signifies a transformative experience.

The grace of the Father is emphasized as a source of healing and change.

Fear is alleviated by the protective and life-giving power of divine intervention.

The metaphor of fire coming out of lips suggests a powerful testimony or spiritual awakening.

A transformation is described from a state of vileness to one that shames the wise.

The story of the rich man and the camel passing through the eye of a needle symbolizes the difficulty of material wealth in the path of spiritual change.

The speaker defies accusations of selling their soul for fame and money, asserting their spiritual redemption.

The condemnation of modern Pharisees as hypocrites reflects a critique of those who appear religious but lack sincerity.

The importance of recognizing one's own falsehood is emphasized to avoid hypocrisy.

The speaker's voice is likened to John the Baptist's, calling for a spiritual revival.

The individual nature of salvation is highlighted, with the call to follow Christ's teachings.

The transformative power of faith is underscored, as it enables one to overcome spiritual anemia.

A divine donor is credited with providing special blood, liberating from evil.

The concept of individual salvation and the importance of personal faith in Jesus are emphasized.

The speaker asserts that no one can extinguish their spiritual light or bear their cross.

The final judgment is reserved for Jesus, who sacrificed his life and spirit for believers.

The theme of strength and fearlessness in faith is prevalent, with the Almighty as a source of empowerment.

The conquest of death by the only being capable of such a feat is celebrated.

Abraham's vision of the invisible and the speaker's experience of the impossible through faith are connected.

The transformative power of faith is reiterated, with life being granted through the divine blood.



I was healed with his blood Free path through your blood


I'm different than I was before Thanks to the grace of my Father


I was healed by his blood Free path through your blood


I'm different than I was before


Thanks to the grace of my Father


There is no need to fear, he takes care of me With its power it gives me life


There is no need to fear, he takes care of me With its power it gives me life


Fire comes out of my LIPS They raised me up from the vile


to shame the WISE The camel passed


the needle, the rich man was able to make a CHANGE I passed from death to life through the


blood of the CALVARY and


Where are they? those who said that I was not going to be SAVED Those who said that I sold my life to Satan


For fame and MONEY that's what THEY SAID MODERN Pharisees squirt and hypocrites


You are going to burn in HELL I don't wear shoes bigger than my size.


Ego is walking through fire barefoot There are people who are so false and the most false thing


is that they do not recognize that they are false. John's voice was raised in the desert


Mine in this last revival Announcing Christ and his gospel


Who is going to stop me? He who can catch the wind with his hands.


I was healed with his blood Free path through your blood


I'm different than I was before Thanks to the grace of my Father


I was healed by his blood Free path through your blood


I'm different than I was before Thanks to the grace of my Father


There is no need to fear, he takes care of me With its power it gives me life


There is no need to fear, he takes care of me With its power it gives me life


That's real I had spiritual anemia The sky opened with power, a heavenly donor arrived


He gave me a special blood


that freed me from all evil He said: “follow me”, salvation is individual


And so I followed it, believing I feared Don't care! If you believe or not if God lives in me


No one will carry my cross No one is going to turn off my light


No one in the final judgment will save me only Jesus


The one who laid down his life for me even used his spirit to free the inmate.


took me out of the darkness He comes to look for his sowing


Whoever stands firm on The Rock, my brother, never trembles


The Almighty who makes me stronger The only being that put death to death


Abraham saw the invisible, I have seen the impossible Faith makes it possible, he who receives it lives


I was healed with his blood Free path through your blood


I'm different than I was before Thanks to the grace of my Father


I was healed by his blood Free path through your blood


I'm different than I was before Thanks to the grace of my Father


There is no need to fear, he takes care of me With its power it gives me life


There is no need to fear, he takes care of me With its power it gives me life

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