NRL 2024 | Eels v Wests Tigers | Match Highlights

NRL - National Rugby League
1 Apr 202404:55


TLDRIn a thrilling game at Comback Stadium, the Eels face off against the West Tigers in a high-stakes rugby match. The Eels start strong, but the Tigers' Morgan Harper scores an early try. Both teams display impressive skills, with key players like Gson, Galin, and Hopgood making significant contributions. Despite the Eels' best efforts, a last-minute field goal by Caesar puts the Tigers ahead. The West Tigers ultimately triumph, marking a new era under the leadership of Benji Marshall.


  • πŸ‰ The game is between the Eels and the Tigers at Campbelltown Stadium on a holiday Monday.
  • πŸ’ͺ The Eels started strong, putting defensive pressure on the Tigers in the opening sets.
  • 🌟 Gason sets the tone with an offload, showcasing skill early in the match.
  • πŸ₯… The Tigers score first with a combination of young talent leading to a try by Morgan Harper.
  • 🀺 Tui Galin makes a crucial tackle to prevent a try for the Eels.
  • πŸƒβ€β™‚οΈ A back-and-forth contest ensues with both teams showing impressive skills.
  • 🎯 Gtho manages to put the Eels ahead with a vital try, demonstrating great agility.
  • 🚫 Galvin is sent to the bin, presenting a challenge for the Eels to maintain their lead with a player down.
  • πŸ† Gerson seizes the opportunity with a converted try, increasing the lead for the Eels.
  • πŸ€• The Tigers show resilience, with a key play resulting in a try by Jered Bull.
  • πŸ₯‡ The game comes down to the wire with a dramatic finish, the Tigers ultimately winning in the Benji Marshall era.

Q & A

  • Which team is playing at home in the described match?

    -The Eels are playing at home in the described match.

  • Where is the match being held?

    -The match is being held at Campbelltown Stadium.

  • Which team scored the first points of the game?

    -The West Tigers scored the first points of the game.

  • Who is noted for their impressive offload in the opening sets?

    -VOR is noted for their impressive offload in the opening sets.

  • What significant event led to a change in the game dynamics when Galvin went to the bin?

    -Galvin's hip drop tackle led to a challenge, resulting in him going to the bin, which was a true test of character for the team.

  • Which player scored the try that put the Eels ahead?

    -Gtho scored the try that put the Eels ahead.

  • What was the outcome of the final field goal attempt by the Eels?

    -The final field goal attempt by the Eels was unsuccessful as the ball was interfered with.

  • Which team won the match?

    -The West Tigers won the match.

  • What was the significance of the match for the West Tigers?

    -The match marked a significant moment for the West Tigers as it was during the Benji Marshall era and they secured a win.

  • Which player had a memorable duel with a former team member?

    -Galvin had a memorable duel with a former team member.



πŸ‰ Exciting Start to the Eels vs Tigers Match

The script opens with a description of a rugby match between the Eels and the Tigers at Campbelltown Stadium. The Eels are on the offensive, with VOR making a significant play and Tangi linking up well with Gerson. The Tigers score first with a kick by Penini, and the game becomes a fast-paced exchange between the two teams. Notable moments include a successful try by Harper for the Tigers, a vital play by GTHO putting the Eels ahead, and a hip drop tackle by Galvin. The paragraph ends with a thrilling finish as the West Tigers win, marking a significant moment in the Benji Marshall era.



πŸ’‘Holiday Monday

Holiday Monday refers to the specific day of the week when a public holiday occurs on a weekend day, causing the holiday to be observed on the following Monday. In the context of the video, it signifies an important sports event taking place on this public holiday, adding to the festive atmosphere and drawing a larger audience due to the holiday.


In this context, 'Eels' refers to a professional rugby league team in Australia, the Parramatta Eels, who are one of the participants in the game being described. The team's performance, strategies, and players are central to the narrative of the video, as it details their efforts and interactions during the match.


The 'Tigers' in the script denote another professional rugby league team, the Wests Tigers, who are the opponents of the Parramatta Eels in the described match. The term encapsulates not only the team itself but also their playing style, key players, and the dynamic between the two teams.


An 'offload' in rugby is a skillful move where a player in possession of the ball passes it to a teammate while being tackled or under pressure from the opposition. This technique is significant in the video as it showcases the players' dexterity and teamwork, often leading to strategic advantages and scoring opportunities.


In rugby, 'tackles' are defensive actions taken by players to stop the opposing team's progress by bringing the ball carrier to the ground. Tackles are fundamental to the sport's gameplay and are crucial for both preventing scores and regaining possession. The video emphasizes the importance of tackles through descriptions of key defensive plays.


A 'shootout' in a sports context typically refers to a high-pressure, high-stakes competition or series of plays where the outcome can significantly impact the result of the game. In the video, the term is used to describe a tense and competitive exchange between the two teams, particularly focusing on the young players' performances.

πŸ’‘Field Goal

A 'field goal' in rugby league is a method of scoring points by kicking the ball through the goalposts during open play. It represents a strategic decision taken by the attacking team when they believe they do not have a clear opportunity to score a try. In the video, the field goal is a critical moment that contributes to the final score and the overall outcome of the match.


A 'penalty' in rugby is awarded when one team breaches the rules of the game, providing the opposing team with an opportunity to advance the ball or score points. Penalties are significant in the video as they can change the flow of the game and offer advantages to the team that has been wronged.


A 'conversion' in rugby is a kick taken after a try has been scored, aiming to score additional points by kicking the ball through the goalposts. The conversion is an important aspect of the game strategy, as it can extend the lead of the scoring team or close the gap between the teams. The video emphasizes the importance of conversions in the context of the match, as they contribute to the final score and the competitive nature of the game.

πŸ’‘Sin Bin

The 'sin bin' is a colloquial term for the temporary suspension area in rugby, where a player who has been sin-binned (sent to the penalty bench) must stay for a designated period of time. The term is used in the video to describe a disciplinary action taken against a player, which affects the team's strategy and the overall dynamics of the game during the player's absence.

πŸ’‘Final Score

The 'final score' refers to the end result of the match, showing the total points accumulated by each team. It is the ultimate determinant of the game's outcome and is of great importance to fans, players, and the competition standings. In the video, the final score is a critical element, as it signifies the victory of one team over the other and marks a significant moment in the game's conclusion.


The game starts with the Eels at home against the Tigers at Campbelltown Stadium.

Gus takes an early lead by putting pressure on the Eels defensively in the opening sets.

VOR makes a great offload, Lassik quickly returns, and Tangi links up with Gerson for a kick.

Penini kicks back, and there's an infield chance for the Eels, but a good tackle by Tui Galin at the line prevents a score.

Kicks continue with Justin Allum off the back of the Lan Galin Grber, and the West Tigers score their first points.

A shootout between teenagers ensues, with Gson jumping out of dummy half and trying to pop it over the top.

Harper kicks off, returns to Morgan Harper, and scores a try.

A challenge arises as Lassik makes contact with the ball, leading to a discussion on whether it was a right or wrong call.

Gson returns to Brown, and Fain kicks passes to Lane, capitalizing on a Tigers offside.

Hopwood shows off his skills, beating Corel Pap and scoring a try.

Galvin picks up a try, and it's a vital one for the Eels with all the possession.

Cora slides off the tackle with Hob, and Jermaine Hopgood beautifully sums up the play.

Galvin attempts a hip drop tackle, and the challenge continues.

Galvin heads to the bin, and the Eels face a true test of character.

Gerson takes the Eels beyond, and there's a converted try with two plays remaining.

Caesar wraps around from the left, and the Tigers capitalize on a chance.

Dylan Brown shows his skills, and Caesar goes past Bitman for a try.

Galin shows off his speed to Ioi, and GTH B scores off the back of a piece of brilliance by Llin.

In a race for the line, Jered Bull scores, and the Tigers take the lead.

Galvin heads to head with his former team, in an all-conquering Westfield sports high school team.

Galvin wins the battle, puts a kick in, and the Tigers score.

Pap has the ball, and Caesar kicks a field goal, putting the Tigers in front.

The Eels need to get it back, but there's an interference.

Gus might take the two, and he's going to have a shot to win it for the Eels.

Gus strikes it and drags it to the left side, and the West Tigers win.

The Benji Marshall era is in full swing, marking a significant moment for the West Tigers.



so gon gets us underway on this holiday


Monday the eels at home against the


Tigers at comback Stadium it's uto


aamanu to bring it out here to play it


trying to put some pressure on here


defensively on this eels opening sets


VOR with an offload lassik comes back


very quickly Tangi did well links with


Gerson a kick for penini he kicks back


infield a chance for the eels over the


top of him good tackle by Tui galin at


the line kicks there in justtin allum


off the back of the Lan galin grber the


West tigers have first points and it's a


shootout between a couple of teenagers


gson jumps out of dummy half tries to


pop it over the top Harper kicks off a


tiger back to Morgan Harper and he has


scored oh has it the right fo harer is


in touch when he makes contact with the


ball lassik to Brown gon here short ball


Harper spinning back to gson over the


top to


sio it is Globe tro stop between Harper


and gson and the pass from the fullback


an absolute




gem oh up to try and force it Fu look at


him barking at Morgan Harper lass goes


back to Brown Fain to kick passes to


Lane they've hung on the Tigers were


offside he strikes it well enough Flags


in the


air now offerin G Hopwood showing it


beats Corel Pap he took down an Neil


gson he'll run away and


score there was interference in running


but they won't mind because gtho puts


the eels ahead he picks up a try and a


vital one param with all the possession


Cora just slides off the tackle there


with hob


good and Jermaine hop good summed it up


beautifully tapped on by tuy there is oh


is that a hip drop from Galvin


boin galin commits a hip drop tackle


here this is prior of the challenge it's


a hit drop some in the yeah and there he


goes galvin's going to the bin it's


going to take a true test of character


out here at combank Stadium Gerson takes


the eels Beyond a converted try the


difference chance to the left two plays


remaining Caesar on the wrap around from


saer goes over the top ol for the corner


the Tigers are


in there was a chance on the left and an


old fession run around Caesar and safe


far Dylan Brown well with the help of H


now B Caesar goes past bitman here's


galin showing it toi runs to


GTH B it's a race for the line Jered


bull he scores off the back of a piece


of brilliance by llin


Galvin head tohe head with his former




in an all conquering Westfield sports


high school team they come together


Galvin wins the


battle here is G puts a kick in fling


backwards who wants it for the Tigers


nobody wanted it it sits up here Pap has


it there was an eel taken out of


play Papa Le he says get out of the way


Caesar from right in front Caesar's the


moment here kicks the field goal that


puts the Tigers in


front short restart here the eels need


to get it back bu it looked like was


interfered with well hold on gson might


take the two he's going to have a


shot 6 m in 37 M out


to win it for


pareda to steal it for the




ears he strikes it and drags it to the


leftand side the West Tigers win the


Benji Marshall era is in F


swing what a moment for the West