Natanael Cano X Oscar Maydon - Madonna [Official Video]

Natanael Cano
7 Mar 202403:05


TLDRThe script appears to be a mix of lyrics from a song or a dialogue from a video, possibly featuring a strong, confident character who is not intimidated by powerful figures such as businessmen or traffickers. The narrative includes themes of desire, wealth, and a carefree attitude towards life's challenges. The character seems to be driven by instinct and is compared to Madonna, suggesting a rebellious and iconic persona. The overall tone is bold and energetic, with a focus on self-worth and the pursuit of one's desires, regardless of societal expectations.


  • 🎶 The script appears to be a mix of lyrics from a song, possibly in Spanish, with references to music and a narrative.
  • 💰 The lyrics mention financial transactions and the influence of money, suggesting themes of wealth and power.
  • 🚶‍♂️ There is a sense of fearlessness and confidence, as the speaker seems to be unafraid of powerful individuals like businessmen and traffickers.
  • 🔫 A mention of a gunshot suggests elements of danger or violence, possibly related to the speaker's boldness.
  • 💖 The script includes expressions of affection and desire, as indicated by phrases like 'I want you' and 'a kiss for you'.
  • 🍾 A reference to Lady Gaga and champagne implies a connection to luxury, fame, and celebration.
  • 🎉 The speaker seems to enjoy a lavish lifestyle, as indicated by the mention of moving the world for someone and the use of luxury items like champagne.
  • 🌹 The mention of 'Rosa' and 'flor' (rose) could symbolize beauty and admiration, possibly referring to a woman or a romantic interest.
  • 🎤 The script might be from a song that combines themes of love, wealth, and a fearless attitude.
  • 🌟 The narrative seems to be about a person who is not intimidated by the powerful and is willing to go to great lengths for love or admiration.
  • 🎵 The overall tone of the script is upbeat and confident, with a focus on the speaker's boldness and their pursuit of a desired person or lifestyle.

Q & A

  • What is the theme of the music in the transcript?

    -The theme of the music in the transcript appears to be energetic and possibly related to a narrative about power, wealth, and a certain level of fearlessness, as indicated by the lyrics and the context.

  • Who does the speaker claim not to be afraid of?

    -The speaker claims not to be afraid of 'empresarios a, traficantes', suggesting they are not intimidated by businesspeople or traffickers.

  • What does the phrase 'mi que sepas cu te' mean?

    -The phrase 'mi que sepas cu te' is not a standard Spanish expression and seems to be either a typo or a slang term. It could potentially mean 'my knowing what you are', but without further context, it's difficult to provide an accurate translation.

  • What is the significance of the line 'mi instinto animal cuán roles te ocupo'?

    -This line translates to 'my animal instinct how many roles you occupy', suggesting that the speaker is referring to the various roles or personas they might have to navigate through life, possibly in a competitive or survivalist context.

  • What is the role of 'Lady G' in the script?

    -The script mentions 'Lady G' in the context of 'Lady G tomasos con champaña', which could imply that Lady G is a person who enjoys or is associated with luxury items like caviar and champagne.

  • What does the speaker imply about their relationship with the person they are addressing?

    -The speaker implies a complex relationship, with lines like 'no te preocupes Por la lana Tú, vales eso y, más' suggesting that the person they are addressing is worth more than just money, and 'mi guerita flor, Rosa' indicating a term of endearment.

  • What is the significance of the line 'Rota, for'?

    -The line 'Rota, for' seems incomplete and could be a typo or a fragment of a larger phrase. Without additional context, it's difficult to determine its significance.

  • How does the speaker describe their own status or position?

    -The speaker describes themselves as someone who is not easily intimidated and who has a strong presence, as indicated by lines like 'no me asustan sos nadie, conmigo, va y ya no s por dónde'.

  • What is the context of the line 'mi que sepas cu te quiero y su compa Óscar'?

    -This line suggests that the speaker is expressing a desire or affection ('quiero') for someone, possibly named Óscar, and that there is an expectation that the person they are addressing should know this.

  • What is the significance of the line 'Eres Madonna en la actualidad mi guerita flor, Rosa'?

    -This line compares the person being addressed to Madonna, a famous pop icon, and calls them 'mi guerita flor, Rosa', which could be a nickname or term of endearment. It suggests that the speaker holds the person in high regard or admiration.



🎶 Music and Business Confidence

The first paragraph introduces a theme of confidence in business dealings, with a backdrop of music. The speaker expresses a fearless attitude towards powerful individuals such as entrepreneurs and traffickers, suggesting that they do not intimidate them. The narrative includes a playful tone with references to buying a 'besito' (little kiss) with money and moving the world for someone, indicating a sense of power and influence. The mention of 'Lady G' and 'Oscar' might be references to people or brands, and the speaker seems to be in a position to offer luxury items like champagne. The paragraph ends with a reference to Madonna, possibly indicating a comparison or admiration, and a playful challenge to 'buy a little kiss' with money.



💡Le encantan

The phrase 'Le encantan' translates to 'They love it' in English. It suggests a strong affection or enjoyment for something. In the context of the video, it could be referring to the characters' passion for their lifestyle or activities. The script implies that the speaker is not deterred by others' opinions, as they are confident in their own preferences.

💡Quedantes de empresarios

This term, which can be translated as 'remaining businessmen,' might refer to individuals who continue their business dealings despite potential risks or challenges. In the video's narrative, it could symbolize resilience or determination in the face of adversity, possibly related to the competitive or dangerous nature of the business world.


The word 'traficantes' means 'traffickers' in English. This term is often associated with illegal activities, such as drug or human trafficking. In the video, it could be used to describe the dangerous or criminal elements that the speaker is not afraid of, indicating a bold or fearless character trait.

💡Mi querido

This phrase, 'Mi querido,' translates to 'My dear' or 'My beloved' in English. It is a term of endearment used to address someone the speaker cares deeply for. In the video, it could be used to express affection towards a loved one, possibly a romantic partner, and is likely part of a narrative that involves personal relationships.


The word 'compañía' means 'company' in English. It can refer to a business organization or a group of people assembled for a common purpose. In the context of the video, it might be used to describe the social or professional circles the characters are part of, highlighting the importance of connections and networks in their endeavors.


A 'besito' is a 'little kiss' in English. This term is often used affectionately and can indicate a gesture of love or affection. In the video, it might be part of a romantic or intimate interaction, suggesting a subplot involving personal relationships and emotional connections.


The word 'dinero' translates to 'money' in English. It is a central concept in many narratives, often driving the plot and character motivations. In the video, money could be a symbol of power, status, or the means to achieve certain goals, possibly reflecting on the characters' ambitions and the lengths they are willing to go to obtain it.

💡Muevo el mundo

The phrase 'Muevo el mundo' can be translated as 'I move the world' or 'I shake the world.' It conveys a sense of power and influence, suggesting that the speaker has the ability to make significant changes or impact the world around them. This could be a metaphor for the speaker's influence in their personal or professional life.

💡Lady G

Lady G could be a reference to a character, a nickname, or even a brand mentioned in the video. It might symbolize a certain lifestyle, status, or persona that the speaker aspires to or identifies with. The use of this term could indicate a focus on luxury, fame, or a particular social image within the video's context.

💡Instinto animal

The phrase 'instinto animal' translates to 'animal instinct' in English. It refers to the innate, often subconscious, drives and behaviors that are common to animals, including humans. In the video, this concept might be used to describe the raw, primal aspects of human nature that influence the characters' actions and decisions.


The word 'Rosa' means 'Rose' in English. It can symbolize beauty, love, and passion. In the video, it might be used as a metaphor for a character or a relationship, suggesting a connection to themes of romance or the complexity of human emotions.


The merging of personal and professional personas in the lyrics.

Emphasis on the importance of small gestures, like 'un besito', in relationships.

Portrayal of a strong, unafraid character dealing with various societal elements.

The theme of using one's influence to make significant changes for loved ones.

Comparison of the protagonist to iconic figures like 'Madonna' for their current relevance.

Expression of deep affection and willingness to provide materially ('dinero a tus papás').

The motif of luxury and indulgence, as seen in 'tomasos con champaña'.

Imagery of resilience and readiness to face challenges ('ma bolsa de quién me pegue un tiro').

Asserting self-worth and dismissing concerns about expenses ('No te preocupes Por la lana').

Visual representation of success and luxury, affecting visibility ('lo diro, rápido se empaña').

The dynamic of power and influence in relationships and social circles.

Use of metaphorical language to express affection and intentions ('muevo el, mundo si es por ti').

The narrative of an 'instinto animal' driving actions and decisions.

Portrayal of a character navigating between different social layers ('de empresarios a, traficantes').

A sense of starting anew despite uncertainty ('y ya no sé por dónde empezar').







y si no es que no la llamen Le encantan


todos los detalles y ahí es donde entro


yo sus quedantes de empresarios a


traficantes no me asustan sos nadie




va y ya no s por dónde






anim roc comprar un


besito m dinero a tus papás muevo el


mundo si es por tis eres en la






mi que sepas cu te


quiero y su compa Óscar




ma bolsa de quién me pegue un tiro para


comprarla No te preocupes Por la lana Tú


vales eso y


más Lady G tomasos con champaña lo diro


rápido se empaña me ves al


manear y ya no sé por dónde empezar too


más de Mi instinto animal cuán roles te


ocupo comprar un besito nada más m


dinero a tus papás muevo el mundo si es


por ti no más Eres Madonna en la


actualidad mi guerita flor






yerita nor







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