When You Get A Trash Devil Fruit

13 Mar 202405:13


TLDRThe transcript appears to be a mix of lyrics and spoken word, possibly from a rap or hip-hop song or video. It touches on themes of self-assuredness, societal expectations, and the desire for success and recognition. The speaker addresses topics such as not fitting the mold, dealing with phobias, and the excitement around new merchandise and upcoming content, including a fantasy film project likened to 'Black Harry Potter'. The narrative is interspersed with direct addresses to the audience, creating a personal and engaging tone.


  • 🎶 The script starts with music and a casual conversation about not being fast or slow, and embracing one's own pace.
  • 🗣️ The speaker mentions a desire for something specific, possibly a remote control, and discusses the unexpected presence of an item.
  • 😶‍🌫️ There's a sense of confusion and frustration as the speaker tries to understand the situation, questioning the presence of a TV remote with no power.
  • 🤫 A demand for silence and money is made, but the speaker clarifies they don't have any money, leading to a tense moment.
  • 🌞 The script references it being 'B daylight,' possibly indicating a significant time or event, and the speaker questions the remote's presence again.
  • 🏞️ A discussion about a phobia of being perceived as crazy and the speaker's inability to act like others is mentioned.
  • 🖐️ A physical description is given, possibly of the speaker's hand, indicating a unique characteristic or limitation.
  • 🎥 The speaker promotes new RDC merchandise, emphasizing the end of 'misses' and the availability of a new mug for Universe members.
  • 📺 Upcoming content is teased, including videos, streams, and a Batman Telltale gaming video, as well as a short film titled 'Imagine That'.
  • 🎬 'Imagine That' is described as a fantasy film akin to Harry Potter but featuring black characters and avoiding themes of trauma.
  • 🏆 The speaker expresses confidence and ambition, mentioning plans to shine and represent with pride, possibly in the context of music or entertainment.

Q & A

  • What is the speaker's attitude towards the concept of 'fast' and 'cool'?

    -The speaker seems to be critical or skeptical of the idea of being 'fast' and 'cool,' as indicated by the repeated statement 'I ain't fast' and the mention of eating 'the fast fast cool cool,' which could imply a preference for a more genuine or slow-paced lifestyle.

  • What does the speaker mean by 'not a loia'?

    -The term 'loia' is unclear in this context, possibly a typo or slang. The speaker might be expressing that they are not a certain type of person or do not belong to a specific group, but without further context, it's difficult to provide a precise interpretation.

  • Why does the speaker mention a remote for the TV and its lack of power?

    -The speaker brings up the remote for the TV and its lack of power to highlight a sense of confusion or absurdity in their situation. It seems to be a metaphor for something unexpected or out of their control.

  • What is the significance of the speaker's repeated assertion 'I'm nice'?

    -The speaker's repeated assertion of being 'nice' could be a form of self-assurance or an attempt to convince themselves or others of their positive nature, amidst a situation that seems to be causing them stress or discomfort.

  • What does the speaker mean by 'I got a phobia Oro people be, thinking I'm crazy'?

    -The speaker is expressing a fear or concern that others might perceive them as crazy or unstable, which suggests a desire to maintain a certain image or reputation.

  • What is the significance of the merchandise mentioned in the script?

    -The merchandise is significant as it represents the brand or community that the speaker is a part of. They mention that the quality of the merchandise has improved, indicating a positive development in their brand's image and offerings.

  • What is the 'Universe' that the speaker refers to?

    -The 'Universe' mentioned by the speaker likely refers to a platform or community where members can access exclusive content or products, such as the mentioned mug, suggesting a fanbase or subscriber system.

  • What upcoming content is the speaker excited about?

    -The speaker is excited about various upcoming content, including videos, streams, gaming videos, and a short film. They specifically mention 'Batman Telltale' and a fantasy film that they compare to 'Harry Potter,' indicating a diverse range of content in production.

  • How does the speaker describe the fantasy film they are working on?

    -The speaker describes the fantasy film as a 'black Harry Potter' without the typical elements of trauma often associated with fantasy films featuring black characters. They express a desire to create something new and different in the genre.

  • What is the speaker's stance on the representation of black people in fantasy films?

    -The speaker feels that there is a lack of fantasy films with black people that do not center around trauma or negative experiences. They aim to create a fantasy film that is a departure from this trend, offering a fresh perspective and positive representation.

  • What does the speaker imply about their personal goals or aspirations?

    -The speaker implies a strong determination and ambition, as seen in their statements about not going anywhere and being an MVP. They also express a desire for recognition and success, both in their personal brand and in the content they produce.



🎶 Rapping and Merchandise Promotion

The paragraph starts with a musical intro and the speaker raps about their pace in life, mentioning their preference for calmness. The speaker then transitions into a dialogue about a TV remote, questioning its presence and the lack of power. The conversation takes a turn with the speaker demanding money and the other person denying having any. The speaker mentions a fear of being perceived as crazy and talks about not being able to do certain things like others. The paragraph ends with a mention of a 'bit B' and a reference to a 'slap T', possibly indicating a transition or a beat drop in the music. The speaker then promotes new RDC merchandise, highlighting its availability for Universe members and the end of misses in their merchandise line. The speaker also teases upcoming content, including gaming videos, streams, and a short film titled 'Imagine That', which is described as a fantasy film akin to Harry Potter but featuring black characters without any connection to trauma. The paragraph concludes with the speaker expressing their ambition and determination, mentioning a jacket and hat from The Underdogs and their status as an MVP in the rap scene.




In the context of the video, 'remote' refers to a television remote control. It is used as a prop to highlight a bizarre situation where the remote is present but lacks power, which is deemed a 'coincidence' by the speaker. This could be a metaphor for feeling powerless or out of control in a given situation.


Phobia is an irrational fear or aversion to a specific thing or situation. In the video, the speaker mentions having a 'phobia' of people thinking they're crazy, which adds a layer of personal anxiety and vulnerability to their character. This term is used to show the speaker's concern about their perception by others.

💡Fantasy Film

A fantasy film is a genre that features magical, supernatural, or other imaginative elements that do not exist in reality. In the video, the speaker expresses their desire to create a fantasy film that features black characters in a non-traumatic setting, which is a departure from the usual narratives that focus on overcoming adversity.


Merchandising refers to the marketing and sale of products that are associated with a particular brand, event, or in this case, a content creator or their community. In the video, the speaker talks about new merchandise for their community, indicating a business aspect of their online presence.

💡Batman Telltale

Batman Telltale is a reference to the episodic video game series 'Batman: The Telltale Series,' which is based on the DC Comics character Batman. The mention of this game in the video suggests that the speaker is either a fan of the game or plans to create content related to it, such as gameplay videos or reviews.

💡Short Film

A short film is a motion picture that is not long enough to be considered a feature film. The speaker in the video talks about a short film project they are working on, which is a creative endeavor that allows them to express their artistic vision in a condensed format.

💡Black Harry Potter

This term is a creative concept mentioned by the speaker, envisioning a fantasy film similar to 'Harry Potter' but with black characters in prominent roles. It represents a desire to see more representation in fantasy media and to create content that breaks away from traditional narratives that often focus on overcoming trauma.


The term 'underdogs' typically refers to individuals or teams that are considered less likely to win or succeed, often due to being at a disadvantage. In the video, the speaker uses this term to identify with a group or brand, possibly indicating a sense of overcoming obstacles or defying expectations.


MVP stands for 'Most Valuable Player', an accolade often given in sports to the best player on a team. In the context of the video, the speaker uses 'MVP' to self-identify, indicating a high level of personal achievement or recognition in their field, possibly in music, entertainment, or another area of their expertise.


Perception refers to the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted. In the video, the speaker is concerned about how others perceive them, particularly in relation to their sanity and their creative endeavors.


Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new and valuable. The speaker in the video demonstrates creativity through their various projects, including a short film and merchandise, showcasing their ability to generate innovative content and products.


Community refers to a group of people who share common interests or activities. In the video, the speaker mentions a community of fans or followers, indicating that they have built a network of people who support and engage with their content.


The transcript begins with a musical introduction.

The speaker expresses a lack of speed but a preference for coolness.

A mention of not being a loia, possibly a typo or slang term.

The speaker discusses a desire for something and the unexpected presence of a TV remote.

A humorous situation arises where the remote is found but it lacks power.

The speaker confronts an unseen person, demanding money.

A denial of having money leads to a continuation of the demand.

The speaker mentions it's broad daylight, indicating the time of day.

A discussion about the remote control and its strange situation.

The speaker talks about a phobia of being perceived as crazy.

A moment of physical comedy where the speaker pretends to be choking.

The speaker asserts their niceness multiple times.

A mention of a jacket and hat with 'The Underdogs' on top, indicating a fashion choice or merchandise.

The speaker expresses a desire to shine and be recognized as an MVP.

A reflection on the lack of fantasy films featuring black people without trauma.

The speaker introduces a new project, a fantasy film likened to 'Harry Potter' but with a black focus.

The speaker's excitement about the upcoming content, including gaming videos and a short film.

A preview of the short film 'Imagine That' is teased as being similar to a black 'Harry Potter'.

The speaker's ambition to create fantasy content without relying on trauma narratives.





okay I ain't fast I ain't fast I Ain eat


the fast fast cool cool


okay all right I'm not a loia [ __ ] I


wanted that one not Lo nigas be clean


fight hard but guess not was in my plans


okay all right just chill be


calm okay okay


what a remote for the for the TV


ain't no power that must been a


coincidence stop stop stop why is it


still here stop stop for




[ __ ] hey [ __ ] shut up and give me all




money give me your [ __ ] money I'm not


going to say it again give me your money


I don't have any money it's B daylight


what why you got the remote like that


remote no I no it's it's weird it's a


weird situation no I can't you know


coming how was I supposed to know you


coming hey I got a phobia Oro people be


thinking I'm crazy do you think I'm


crazy no no I don't think you could look


look look I'm choing my but look look


see it's back of my hand it's back of my


hand I can't do just like them oh it's






oh oh he frze he he


froze no I'm nice no I'm nice I'm nice


I'm nice I'm nice I'm nice yeah I'm nice


it's up it's up it's up for sure it's up


be sure


bit B you going to feel that in a




second slap T uhhuh uh-huh let rewind


that see if that rewind real quick


oh good sh crazy oh you know me talk I I


whoop your ass guess I just whoop your


ass get oh my God oh my


[ __ ] [ __ ] what's up y'all RDC world


one here and I want you to see


something we got that new merch in now I


know RDC merch in the past has been hit


or miss ain't no more


misses ain't no more misses man that's


that Japanese Blossoms you feel me and


Blossoms right there but look I just


want to let y'all know this mug is


already available for order for already


Universe members go to artist Universe


we really really really starting to


stack that mug up no cap we're really


locked in we got videos coming out y'all


we got streams coming we got gaming


videos coming Batman Telltale and like


the strange and of course we got our


short film imagine that on the way


here's another preview really the same


preview as the last one but the next


time youall see the preview it will be


something new but you know imagine that


is our fantasy film it's like a I told


you I likeing to like a black Harry


Potter you know what I'm saying and I I


just wanted to be really some fantasy


film stuff futuring black people I feel


like there's not a a lot of fantasy


films with the black people in it that's


just like ain't got nothing to do with


some some uh some some prior trauma


stuff you know what I'm saying no no no


hate to that but like I'm just saying


like I just like to make some stuff like


usually we don't make stuff with too


much you know what I'm saying crazy


stuff in it but like this fantasy film


it's I'm telling you it's going to be on


some Harry Potter [ __ ] all right all


right y'all y'all check all that RC is


stepping up and going crazy all


2024 RC what I


won go get that jacket hat with The


Underdogs on top and I'm going shine


homie into my ahead and envy me I'm reps


MVP and I ain't going nowhere so you can


get to know me hated love with the under


on top and I'm going to shine homie my


heart stop gov me I'm raps MVP and I


ain't going nowhere so you can get to


know G you


[ __ ] don't nobody know the game


part it's beautiful out here ain't it


why would you bring two black people to




mountains cuz it's beautiful out here


[ __ ] last chance you change your mind


yet see I don't like the way you said











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