My 1 Million Sub Party!

11 Mar 202404:04


TLDRThe transcript appears to be a mix of lyrics from a song or a spoken word performance, featuring themes of celebration, personal achievements, and gratitude. The speaker expresses thanks to friends, family, and supporters, mentioning specific individuals who have contributed to their success. There's a sense of triumph and acknowledgment of past struggles, with a focus on enjoying the present moment and the company of loved ones. The language is colloquial and contains references to partying and personal anecdotes, creating a vivid and relatable atmosphere.


  • 🎉 The speaker is celebrating a milestone, having reached one million subscribers and expressing gratitude for the support.
  • 🥳 There's a mention of a tendency to get too drunk and make too many speeches at parties, hence the decision to keep this one short.
  • 💖 Special thanks are given to various important people in the speaker's life, including a best friend Alyssa, high school friends, YouTube friends, a manager named Jenna, and an ex-boyfriend named Jay.
  • 🎤 The speaker acknowledges the influence of their ex-boyfriend, Jay, who taught them everything they know and helped them get to where they are today.
  • 🍬 There's a recurring theme of enjoying edible gummies, with the speaker expressing a feeling of being 'full of Ed gummies' multiple times.
  • 👠 The speaker mentions having big heels and a big purse with a rhinestone buckle, indicating a sense of style and personal flair.
  • 🔫 A pink stun gun is kept just in case of trouble, suggesting a sense of self-awareness and preparedness.
  • 🚗 The speaker talks about driving with 'coke heads' and having guests over, indicating a lively and potentially wild social life.
  • 💰 There's a mention of making money and having 'little cash now', suggesting a level of financial success.
  • 🎀 The speaker seems to be a fan of the color pink, as they mention pink beds and a pink stun gun.
  • 🎉 The party atmosphere is emphasized, with the speaker encouraging everyone to have fun and enjoy the event.

Q & A

  • What is the speaker feeling full of at the beginning of the script?

    -The speaker is feeling full of Ed gummies at the beginning of the script.

  • What does the speaker mention about their big heels and PES?

    -The speaker mentions that they have big heels and are pleasing on PES, although the term 'PES' is unclear in this context.

  • What does the speaker thank their audience for?

    -The speaker thanks their audience for coming out to celebrate their one million milestone and for their support since they were a kid.

  • Who are some of the people the speaker acknowledges in their speech?

    -The speaker acknowledges their best friend Alyssa, high school friends, YouTube friends, manager Jenna, and ex-boyfriend Jay.

  • What does the speaker mention about their ex-boyfriend Jay?

    -The speaker mentions that Jay is their number one supporter, taught them everything they know, and without him, they would be nowhere.

  • What does the speaker say about their tendency at parties?

    -The speaker says they are notorious for getting too drunk and making too many speeches at their parties.

  • What does the speaker express about their relationship with a certain individual?

    -The speaker expresses a complicated relationship where the individual loves them but also hates certain aspects, leading to a tumultuous dynamic.

  • What message does the speaker convey towards the end of the script?

    -The speaker conveys a message of support and representation for girls and the LGBTQ+ community, specifically mentioning 'the queens and the que'.

  • What is the significance of the 'Ed gummies' mentioned throughout the script?

    -The 'Ed gummies' seem to be a recurring theme, possibly symbolizing a carefree or indulgent attitude, as the speaker feels 'yummy' and full of them.

  • What does the speaker imply about their lifestyle and possessions?

    -The speaker implies a lifestyle of luxury and preparedness, mentioning a big purse with a rhinestone buckle, a pink stun gun, and a pink bed.



🎉 Celebration and Gratitude

The speaker is at a party where they are feeling the effects of edible gummies and are in a playful, celebratory mood. They are wearing big heels and seem to be the center of attention. The speaker thanks various people in their life, including their best friend Alyssa, high school friends, YouTube friends, their manager Jenna, and their ex-boyfriend Jay, who they credit with teaching them everything they know. The speaker also mentions their notorious habit of getting too drunk and making too many speeches at parties, and they have prepared this speech to avoid those pitfalls. The atmosphere is lively, with the speaker encouraging everyone to have fun.



💡Ed gummies

Edible gummies, often infused with THC or CBD, are a form of cannabis edible that the speaker mentions to describe their state of mind. In the context of the video, it suggests a relaxed and possibly altered state, indicating the influence of cannabis on the speaker's mood and behavior. The phrase 'full of Ed gummies' is repeated multiple times, emphasizing its significance in the narrative.


PES is likely an acronym or slang term used in the context of the video. Without clear definition or context, it could represent a brand, a person's name, or an inside joke among the speaker's circle. Its mention suggests it holds some importance or relevance to the speaker's narrative.

💡YouTube friends

YouTube friends refer to the community or individuals who interact with the speaker through the platform of YouTube. This term implies a social network that is built and maintained online, specifically through content creation and sharing on YouTube. The speaker expresses gratitude towards these friends, indicating a sense of community and support that is part of their journey and success.


In the context of the video, 'Juicy' could be a reference to the brand Juicy Couture, known for its velour tracksuits, or it might symbolize a lifestyle of luxury and excess. The speaker claims to be the 'first lady of Juicy,' which could imply a preference for the brand's style or an association with the lifestyle it represents.


Manel is likely a misspelling or playful alteration of the word 'mane,' which refers to a person's hair, particularly when it is long and styled in a prominent manner. In the context of the video, it suggests a focus on appearance and personal grooming, which is a recurring theme as the speaker discusses their looks and style.


Speeches in this context refer to the act of delivering a formal address to an audience. The speaker mentions their tendency to give too many speeches when drunk, indicating a habit of engaging in lengthy or excessive public speaking at their parties. This reveals a personal trait and sets the scene for the video, where the speaker is about to give a speech.


Alyssa is mentioned as the speaker's best friend who flew out from New York. This reference highlights the importance of personal relationships and support networks in the speaker's life. It also sets up a personal anecdote, adding depth to the speaker's narrative and showing appreciation for their friends.


Jay is identified as the speaker's ex-boyfriend and number one supporter. This mention underscores the significance of past relationships in personal growth and the speaker's journey. It also reveals a layer of emotional complexity, as the speaker acknowledges the impact of this person on their life.


In this context, 'gays' refers to the LGBTQ+ community, specifically gay men. The speaker mentions doing something 'for the girls and the gays,' indicating a sense of solidarity and inclusivity. This phrase shows the speaker's awareness and support for diversity, suggesting that their actions or messages are intended to resonate with a broad audience that includes the LGBTQ+ community.

💡T party

A 'T party' is not explicitly defined in the script, but it could be a reference to a specific type of gathering or event, possibly related to the speaker's personal life or social circle. The mention of 't party' suggests a unique social setting that is central to the video's narrative.


The term 'Edmm' is not clearly defined in the script and appears to be a misspelling or a slang term. It could be a reference to a substance, a person's name, or an inside joke. Its inclusion in the script suggests it has some relevance or meaning to the speaker or the context of the event being described.


Feeling full of Ed gummies and experiencing a 'gummy track' sensation.

Wearing big heels and feeling pleasing with 'PES'.

Describing something funny about 'baby fat' and 'just rag'.

Mention of 'Buck to' and 'can't R' in the context of a record.

The difference between 'me and you' and 'my [__ __]'.

Claim of being a 'size too big' and its implications.

Being the 'first lady of Juicy' with a little cash.

Lips compared to a 'Manel'.

A speech at a party, expressing gratitude and mentioning specific people.

Acknowledgment of a tendency to get too drunk and make too many speeches.

Thanking Alyssa, high school friends, YouTube friends, Jenna, and ex-boyfriend Jay.

Carrying a pink stun gun for safety.

A humorous anecdote about fries and an ice cream ride.

A vivid description of a personal encounter and its dynamics.

A statement of support for girls and the LGBTQ+ community.

A celebration of body positivity with 'girls with the big ass clip' and 'girls with the big ass dick'.

Encouraging everyone to stay for the 't party' and to enjoy themselves.



tumy full of Ed gummies I'm feeling


gummy track F whenever I'm feeling bu


big heels got the PES I'm pleasing on


something funny baby fat just rag


whenever we feeling cmy yeah you Buck to


back you can't R for [ __ ] H your record


and your line sound just like hit see


the difference me and you [ __ ] my [ __ ]


hit you're a size too big [ __ ] in my


[ __ ] I'm the first lady of Juicy got a


little cash now so the is beor and my


lips look just like a Manel of course


now the kids are screaming you were


better before before what [ __ ] still


snorting away still sipping red bu b a


gallon and say still racking chin


chilling knowing I pay drop top pink


[ __ ]


out I'm going to make literally one


speech and that's it because I seven


speeches of party all right I hope




fun all right I'm notorious for getting


too drunk and making too many speeches


at my parties so I wrote it down this




I just want to say thank you guys for


coming out my one


mil I've been waiting for this since I


was a kid so it's crazy to sele with


people I love to thank just a few people


to thank my best friend Alyssa for


flying out from New


York my high school friends for


believing in


me my YouTube friends for putting up




me Jenna for being the best manager




my ex-boyfriend


Jay my number one supporter and teaching


me is literally everything I know I'd be


nowhere without him and you know what I


don't give a [ __ ] I hope you guys have


fun that's




it Ed gummies yummyy full of Ed gummies


yummy something yummy something I'm


feeling yummyy full of edible gummies


I'm feeling yummy yummy tummy full of


edible gummies I'm feeling yummyy full


of edible gummies I'm ymy ymy ymy full


of edum yummy yeah big purse with the


rhinestone Buckle keep a pink stun gun


just in case I'm in trouble double


double yeah they asking for the fries on


the side but I never take them home


unless it's ice on ride run with coke


heads get they rock my threads let them


spend the night in my H pink bed May bab


send him home with a lot more breath I'm


just trying to keep out the point Su set


yeah he love me but he [ __ ] me like he


hates my gut he h de to make me squirt


and let me paint his nut he pay me right


then right there when he bust I'm a fake


[ __ ] so I'm paying him dust I do it for


the girls and the gays that's it the


queens and the que yeah they loving my


[ __ ] yeah shout the [ __ ] out to the


girls with the big ass clip and Shout


the [ __ ] out to the girls with the big


ass dick stay up full of


edmm Ed gummying yummy feeling yummy


yummy full of Ed gummying yummy ym full


of edible gummies feeling yummyy full of


edible gummies feeling yummy feeling


yummy feeling yummyy full of


Ed people are still


here but I just want to say no one's


leaving cuz it's a t party so time to



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