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TLDRMinecraft introduces a new weapon, the mace, designed to enhance combat mechanics. The mace is a heavy weapon that allows players to push enemies away, with damage increasing with the length of the fall. It negates fall damage upon a successful hit, offering a risk/reward gameplay element. Synergizes well with existing game elements like scaffolding and wind charges, adding a dynamic layer to the combat system. The mace, crafted from breeze rods and a heavy core, is a rare item obtainable through a trial key from a vault.


  • 🆕 Minecraft is introducing a new weapon called the mace after six years.
  • 🥋 The mace is designed for combat and is not intended to replace existing weapons like the sword or axe.
  • 🏹 The mace is a heavy weapon with a unique mechanic: the longer the fall before hitting an enemy, the more damage it does.
  • 🌟 The mace's damage potential ties into classic Minecraft mechanics, enhancing the existing fall damage concept.
  • 🛡️ Successfully landing a mace hit negates all fall damage, making it a risk/reward weapon.
  • 🏗️ Players can use scaffolding to create towers for strategic mace attacks in combat.
  • 💨 The mace synergizes well with wind charges, increasing mobility and impact during fights.
  • 🌬️ Breeze rods, dropped by breezes, can be crafted into wind charges or combined with a heavy core to create the mace.
  • 🎁 The mace is a rare item, obtainable through a trial key for a chance from a vault.
  • 🚀 The update, including the mace, is already available for players to experience.
  • 🎮 The developers are excited to see how players will utilize the new combat mechanics and weapon.

Q & A

  • What new weapon is being added to Minecraft after six years?

    -A new weapon called the mace is being added to Minecraft.

  • What is the primary purpose of the mace in Minecraft?

    -The mace is designed as a heavy weapon for pushing enemies away and is not intended to replace the sword or axe.

  • How does the mace's damage output work in relation to falling?

    -The mace's damage output increases the longer the player falls before hitting an enemy, allowing for more damage if the fall is longer.

  • What happens when a player lands a hit with the mace?

    -Upon landing a hit with the mace, the player negates all the fall damage they would have otherwise received, making it a risk/reward weapon.

  • How does the mace synergize with existing Minecraft mechanics?

    -The mace synergizes with existing mechanics by enhancing the core concept of dealing extra damage through fall attacks, taking it 'up to eleven'.

  • What is the wind charge, and how does it affect the mace?

    -The wind charge is an item that, when used with the mace, increases the player's mobility and impact, making them a 'bouncing, smashing, bunny-hopping menace' against enemies.

  • How can players obtain the mace?

    -Players can obtain the mace by using a trial key for a chance to get one from a vault, but it is considered a rare and challenging item to acquire.

  • What are breeze rods and heavy cores, and how do they relate to the mace?

    -Breeze rods are dropped by breezes and can be crafted into wind charges or combined with a heavy core to create the mace. The heavy core is a decorative item that can be built with but also plays a role in crafting the mace.

  • In what context would the mace be particularly useful?

    -The mace is particularly useful in situations with elevation or multiple floors, such as trial chambers, allowing players to jump from towers and use the mace effectively.

  • How does the introduction of the mace affect the Minecraft combat system?

    -The mace brings a fresh perspective to the combat system by introducing a simple yet impactful mechanic that offers a lot of potential for strategic play and adds variety to combat situations.

  • When was the mace update released?

    -The mace update has already been released at the time of the transcript, and players can start playing with the new weapon immediately.



🛡️ Introduction of the Mace in Minecraft

After six years, Mojang introduces a new weapon to Minecraft called the mace. This weapon is designed to complement existing combat mechanics rather than replace the sword or axe. The mace is a heavy weapon intended to push enemies away, appealing to players who prefer a more defensive playstyle. Its unique feature is that the damage increases with the length of the fall before hitting the enemy, tying into the game's core mechanics of fall damage and crit attacks. The mace offers a risk/reward gameplay style, where a successful hit negates fall damage and deals significant damage, but a miss can result in self-harm. The mace can be used creatively, such as building towers for jumping off and incorporating with wind charges for enhanced mobility and impact. The mace is obtainable through a trial key with a chance from a vault, making it a rare and challenging item to acquire.




The mace is a newly introduced weapon in Minecraft, designed as a heavy weapon not intended to replace the sword or axe but to offer a unique gameplay experience. It is characterized by its ability to push enemies away and inflict more damage the longer the player falls before hitting an enemy, tying into the core Minecraft concept of fall damage and crit attacks.


Combat in the context of this video refers to the in-game fighting mechanics and strategies that players employ in Minecraft. The update discussed in the video focuses on enhancing combat experiences by introducing new weapons and mechanics, such as the mace, which adds a new dimension to player interactions and battles.

💡Fall Damage

Fall damage is a game mechanic in Minecraft where players take damage when they fall from a certain height. The mace weapon introduced in the video takes advantage of this mechanic by increasing the damage dealt to enemies based on the distance fallen before attacking, thus rewarding strategic positioning and timing during combat.

💡Crit Attack

A crit attack, or critical attack, in Minecraft, is an attack that deals extra damage compared to a regular hit. The video discusses how the mace weapon enhances this mechanic by allowing players to deal increased damage when falling onto enemies from a height, effectively 'taking that up to eleven' as mentioned in the script.


The concept of risk/reward in gaming refers to the balance between the potential dangers a player might face and the benefits they could gain. In the context of the video, the mace weapon embodies this concept by offering the potential for high damage output if used correctly but also the risk of taking damage if the attack misses.


Scaffolding in Minecraft is a block that can be used for construction, allowing players to climb and reach higher areas. In the video, it is suggested as a tool for players to build towers from which they can jump off and use the mace to attack enemies, adding a strategic element to combat.

💡Trial Chambers

Trial Chambers are in-game structures that provide challenges for players to overcome. The video highlights that the mace works well in these chambers due to their vertical design, offering players opportunities to use the mace's falling damage mechanic to its full potential.

💡Wind Charge

Wind Charge is a feature or item in the game that, when used in conjunction with the mace, enhances the player's mobility and attack capabilities. It is described as making the player a 'bouncing, smashing, bunny-hopping menace,' which suggests a significant increase in combat agility and power.

💡Breeze Rod

The Breeze Rod is an item that players can obtain from breezes in the game. It can be crafted into wind charges or combined with a heavy core to create the mace, adding a new element to crafting and item combination in Minecraft.

💡Heavy Core

Heavy Core is a new decorative item introduced in the game, which can be used for building and crafting. Importantly, when combined with a breeze rod, it creates the mace, introducing a new crafting recipe and gameplay element to Minecraft.

💡Trial Key

A Trial Key is an item in Minecraft that offers players a chance to obtain rare items, such as the mace, from a vault. This introduces an element of rarity and challenge to the process of acquiring the new weapon, enhancing the player's sense of achievement when they successfully obtain it.


Minecraft is introducing a new weapon after six years: The Mace.

The Mace is focused on combat, adding new situations and mechanics to the game.

The Mace is a heavy weapon, not intended to replace the sword or axe.

It's designed as an 'introvert's weapon' to push enemies away.

The longer the fall before hitting an enemy, the more damage the Mace does.

The Mace enhances the classic Minecraft fall damage mechanic.

Hitting with the Mace negates all fall damage, introducing a risk/reward element.

The Mace can be used creatively with scaffolding and trial chambers.

Combining the Mace with wind charge makes for a dynamic and powerful gameplay experience.

The Mace's simple yet effective design synergizes with existing game elements.

Breezes now drop breeze rods, which can be crafted into wind charges or combined with heavy core.

The Heavy Core is a new decorative item that, when combined with a breeze rod, creates the Mace.

Players can obtain the Mace through a trial key from a vault, though it's a rare challenge.

The Mace update is already live for players to experience.

The introduction of the Mace brings a fresh perspective to the combat system.



Yeah, so after, like, six years,


we're adding a new weapon to Minecraft.


The mace.


We almost did that in unison.


Yeah. The mace.


Ten out of ten.


This update is a lot about combat


and new combat situations and mechanics,


and we thought that a new weapon would be a perfect fit into it.


The mace is a heavy weapon,


so it's not intended as a replacement for a sword or an axe.


It's its own thing.


It's something that the player can use to, well,


push people away.


In some sense.


This is the introvert's weapon.


-Yeah. Very much so. -Just push it right away from you.


It's just, "Go away."


The core thing that makes it special is that the longer you fall


before hitting your enemy, the more damage you're going to do.


And I think that's super exciting to me


because it really ties into, like, old-school, core Minecraft concepts.


As we all know, we're all pro players here,


when you fall down, as you hit someone,


you get a crit attack, you get an extra damage.


So this basically takes that up to eleven.


And also, I think something that's, like,


a small tweak that's kind of interesting is that if you land that hit,


you're going to negate all the fall damage you would have gotten.


So it's sort of this risk/reward kind of weapon


that if you hit it, you're going to do tons of damage,


blow everyone away and save yourself from taking that damage.


But if you miss, you're going to smash yourself into the ground, basically.


I think that's super interesting.


Yeah, and it's really in the spirit of Minecraft, too.


Like, it's a simple mechanic, but it has a lot of potential effects.


I think you can use scaffolding to build little towers


you can jump off of and smash your enemies.


It works great with the trial chambers


that have so much elevations and different floors.


And it's extra fun to use with the wind charge, too.


The wind charge is amazing.


You can use the mace by itself and it will feel good,


but then suddenly you add the wind charge into it


and you're a crazy, bouncing, smashing, bunny-hopping menace


that goes and smashes all your enemies, and it feels so much better.


I think that is so cool,


that it's such a simple concept, very concise,


but still synergizes with all the stuff we already have in the update.


And it really brings a breath of fresh air


into the combat system.


So we're really excited to see what the players do with it.


Oh, wait, we need to tell them about the breeze rod.


-Oh, yeah, true. -Right.


So breezes now, they're going to drop breeze rods


that you can craft into the wind charges that you've seen before,


or you can craft it together with the heavy core.


-Yes. -Heavy core is this new item.


It's also decorative. You can place it and build with it.


But if you combine it with a breeze rod,


-you're going to get the mace. -The mace.


For now, you can use a trial key for a chance of getting one from a vault.


But don't expect it to always be that easy.


Let's just say it's going to be quite an interesting, rare challenge.


-Rare, you say? -Very rare.


It's good to know.


-When is it out? It's already out. -Yeah.


It's there. Go. Play with it. What are you doing? Stop the...


-Come on. -No, don't stop the video.