Dragons Dogma 2 Review - Climbing to New Heights

20 Mar 202418:17


TLDRDragon's Dogma 2 is praised for its expansive and immersive gameplay, offering a rich character generator and strategic combat with a blend of technique, knowledge, and time management. The game's world is filled with interactive elements, rewarding exploration, and a dynamic day-night cycle that enhances the atmosphere. Despite some performance issues and occasional frustrations with controls, the game delivers a memorable experience with a sense of solitude and a well-crafted world that encourages player engagement.


  • ūüéģ Dragon's Dogma 2 offers an improved and expansive experience over its predecessor, with a focus on refined gameplay mechanics and a larger world to explore.
  • ūüĒ® The game features one of the best character generators in gaming, allowing for extensive customization of both human and beastman characters.
  • ūü§Ė AI companions, or 'pawns', play a significant role in the game, providing combat support, knowledge about the world, and quest information.
  • ūüďö The narrative is driven by a blend of real-time events and flashbacks, creating a story with alternate outcomes based on player decisions.
  • ūü•č Combat in Dragon's Dogma 2 emphasizes technique, knowledge, and time management, with a variety of vocations and strategies available to players.
  • ūüĆć The game world is rich with interactive elements, such as the pawn system, which integrates seamlessly with the HUD and map, enhancing exploration and discovery.
  • ūüŹĻ Players can engage in combat with large, powerful creatures, drawing parallels to the Monster Hunter series in terms of strategy and tactics.
  • ūüĆÉ The game boasts an impressive day-night cycle and atmospheric world design, contributing to a sense of immersion and solitude.
  • ūüéĶ The audio and music design enhance the game's atmosphere, with pawns providing insightful commentary and the soundtrack fitting the game's tone.
  • ūüźě Despite some performance issues in certain areas and occasional bugs, Dragon's Dogma 2 delivers a fun and rewarding experience for players willing to dive into its complex systems.
  • ūüöā The game encourages exploration and discovery through a restrictive fast-travel system and the introduction of ox carts for long-distance travel between cities.

Q & A

  • What makes Dragon's Dogma 2 special according to the script?

    -Dragon's Dogma 2 is special due to its detailed character generator, improved combat system, interactive HUDs in the form of pawns, and a world that rewards exploration. The game also offers a mix of combat, strategy, and exploration that caters to different player styles, including technique-focused, knowledge-based, and time-based gameplay.

  • How does the character creation in Dragon's Dogma 2 differ from the first game?

    -The character creation in Dragon's Dogma 2 has been expanded to include the ability to create both human and beastman characters with a wide range of settings and sliders, allowing for highly customized and unique appearances. Additionally, the game introduces the Beast ran races, which were originally planned for the first game.

  • What are some of the new features introduced in Dragon's Dogma 2?

    -New features in Dragon's Dogma 2 include the Beast ran races, an improved and more interactive pawn system, a day-night cycle that affects the game world, and a larger, more detailed open world with a greater variety of locations and encounters.

  • How does the combat system in Dragon's Dogma 2 differ from its predecessor?

    -The combat system in Dragon's Dogma 2 is more refined, with a focus on technique, knowledge, and timing. The game introduces new vocations and advanced classes, each with unique abilities and skills, and the combat is more tactical, requiring players to understand enemy patterns and weaknesses.

  • What is the role of pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2?

    -Pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2 serve as AI-controlled companions that assist the player in combat, exploration, and questing. They have their own skills, attitudes, and knowledge about the world, which can be leveraged by the player to overcome challenges. Pawns can also be hired and customized, and they play a significant role in the game's HUD and map systems.

  • How does the game's day-night cycle affect gameplay?

    -The day-night cycle in Dragon's Dogma 2 not only affects the atmosphere and aesthetics of the game world but also has gameplay implications. Certain events, enemy behaviors, and environmental interactions may change depending on the time of day, requiring players to adapt their strategies accordingly.

  • What are some of the challenges players might face with the game's controls?

    -The script mentions that the game's controls, particularly on consoles, can be finicky, especially with the use of the B button for multiple actions like talking, picking up items, and resurrecting pawns in combat. This can lead to frustration, especially when trying to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.

  • How does the game's performance compare to its predecessor?

    -While the script does not provide a direct comparison to the first game, it does mention that Dragon's Dogma 2 has some performance issues, particularly in cities where frame rates can drop significantly. Despite this, the game is described as solid overall, especially during exploration and fighting.

  • What is the significance of the game's atmosphere and world design?

    -The atmosphere and world design in Dragon's Dogma 2 are highlighted as key strengths, with the game creating a sense of solitude and immersion that is both engaging and emotionally resonant. The game world is described as richly detailed, with a mix of magical and grounded elements that contribute to a unique and compelling experience.

  • What are some of the game's drawbacks mentioned in the script?

    -The script mentions a few drawbacks, including occasional performance issues, particularly in cities, and the game's use of the B button for multiple actions which can be frustrating. There are also some bugs, such as pawns getting stuck in walls, and the game's frame rate can be inconsistent at times.

  • How does the game reward exploration?

    -Dragon's Dogma 2 rewards exploration through a variety of means, including finding rare items like Stones that enhance travel, discovering hidden loot, and encountering unique environmental interactions. The game world is filled with nooks and crannies that offer surprises and challenges for players who delve deeper.

  • What is the role of the game's pawn system in enhancing the player's experience?

    -The pawn system in Dragon's Dogma 2 plays a crucial role in enhancing the player's experience by providing AI companions that offer tactical support, knowledge about the world, and assistance in combat. Pawns can be customized and swapped out, and they contribute to the game's HUD and map systems, making exploration and interaction with the game world more rewarding.



ūüéģ Introduction to Dragon's Dogma 2

The video script begins with an introduction to Dragon's Dogma 2, highlighting its strengths and unique features. The game's style, presentation, and gameplay are briefly mentioned, with an emphasis on the importance of understanding what makes the game special. The video also thanks Capcom for the code and mentions the community's involvement through random pawns. The game's extensive character generator is praised, along with the variety of customization options available for both human and beastman characters. The script sets the stage for an in-depth discussion of the game's mechanics and strategies, promising an exploration of the game's combat, knowledge, and time-based systems.


ūüĆü Dragon's Dogma 2: Combat and Exploration

This paragraph delves into the combat and exploration aspects of Dragon's Dogma 2. It discusses the game's three main strategies: technique, knowledge, and time. The combat is described as engaging and interactive, with a focus on skill use and mastering tactics. The game's vocation system is also touched upon, with a variety of classes and hybrid classes available for players to choose from. The paragraph highlights the game's non-linear progression and the player's ability to switch between different playstyles. The importance of understanding enemy weaknesses and making informed decisions is emphasized, as is the game's day-night cycle and its impact on the atmosphere and gameplay.


ūüõćÔłŹ Merchants, Gear, and the Carry Weight System

The third paragraph focuses on the game's merchants, gear enhancement, and the carry weight system. It describes the variety of merchants and the wide range of items they offer for purchase. Players can enhance their gear to improve their character's stats, and the paragraph mentions the strategic use of herbs and special armors and weapons. The carry weight system is introduced as a balancing mechanic that can slow down even the fastest characters if they carry too much. The paragraph also touches on the game's similarities to Monster Hunter, particularly in terms of item collection and combat strategies.


ūüĆĆ Atmosphere and World Design of Dragon's Dogma 2

The final paragraph of the script discusses the atmospheric and world design elements of Dragon's Dogma 2. It praises the game for its day-night cycle and the emotional impact it delivers, despite the game's somewhat detached storytelling. The paragraph also talks about the sense of solitude that permeates the game, even when playing with a party of pawns. The game's world is described as vast and filled with rewarding exploration opportunities. The paragraph concludes by acknowledging some minor issues with the game, such as the B button's multiple functions and occasional performance drops in cities, but overall, it emphasizes the game's strengths and the enjoyment it offers to players.



ūüí°Dragon's Dogma 2

Dragon's Dogma 2 is the central subject of the video, referring to the sequel in the Dragon's Dogma video game series developed by Capcom. The game is noted for its open-world exploration, character customization, and combat mechanics. The video discusses various aspects of the game, including its improvements over the first installment, such as the character generator and the pawn system.

ūüí°Character Generator

The character generator is a feature in Dragon's Dogma 2 that allows players to create and customize their in-game avatars with a high degree of detail. This includes settings and sliders for various physical attributes, enabling the creation of both human and beastman characters with a wide range of appearances.

ūüí°Pawn System

The pawn system in Dragon's Dogma 2 is a unique feature where players can hire AI-controlled companions, known as pawns, to assist them in their journey. These pawns have their own skills, attitudes, and can be customized using purchased items. They also provide valuable knowledge about the world, quests, and enemy strengths and weaknesses.

ūüí°Combat Mechanics

Combat mechanics refer to the rules and methods players use to engage in battles within the game. In Dragon's Dogma 2, combat is dynamic and requires players to employ techniques, knowledge, and timing to effectively defeat enemies. The game encourages strategic thinking and the use of various vocations, or character classes, each with its own set of skills and abilities.


Vocations in Dragon's Dogma 2 are the different character classes or roles that players can choose from, each with unique abilities and playstyles. These range from combat-focused vocations to those that emphasize knowledge and exploration. Players can unlock new abilities and improve their vocations through class points earned from leveling up.


Exploration in the context of Dragon's Dogma 2 refers to the player's journey through the game's open world, discovering new locations, completing quests, and interacting with the environment. The game rewards exploration with various finds, including hidden loot and challenging encounters.


Atmosphere in a video game like Dragon's Dogma 2 refers to the overall mood, tone, and feeling conveyed through the game's visuals, sound design, and narrative elements. It creates an immersive experience that affects how players perceive and interact with the game world.

ūüí°Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is another video game series known for its focus on hunting and battling large creatures. The comparison made in the video suggests that Dragon's Dogma 2 shares similarities with Monster Hunter in terms of gameplay mechanics, such as the strategic approach to combat and the verticality of battles.


Performance in the context of video games refers to the technical aspects, such as frame rate, graphics rendering, and overall smoothness of the gaming experience. A game's performance can significantly impact player enjoyment, especially in fast-paced action games like Dragon's Dogma 2.


Graphics in a video game pertain to the visual elements, including character designs, environments, and special effects. High-quality graphics contribute to the game's aesthetic appeal and can enhance the player's immersion in the game world.

ūüí°Day-Night Cycle

The day-night cycle in video games is a feature that simulates the passage of time, transitioning from day to night and back again. This cycle can affect various aspects of the game, such as enemy behavior, visibility, and the overall atmosphere.


Dragon's Dogma 2 offers one of the best character generators in gaming, with extensive settings and sliders for both human and beastman characters.

The game begins with an engaging start, similar to the first game, but improves by cutting out the boring parts and jumping straight into action.

Dragon's Dogma 2 encourages players to employ strategies of technique, knowledge, and time, with different players focusing on different aspects of gameplay.

Vocations in the game are tighter and more skill-based than the original, with a focus on class specifics and hybrid classes.

The pawn system is well-thought-out, with pawns having their own skills and attitudes that can be adjusted, making them an integral part of the HUD and map systems.

The game's combat is interactive and synergistic, allowing for unique party makeups and the ability to switch out pawns based on situations.

Dragon's Dogma 2 has a shared lineage with Monster Hunter, featuring similar tactics and enemy patterns, creating a strategic and engaging gameplay experience.

The game world is richly detailed, with a day-night cycle and atmospheric elements that contribute to a sense of immersion and emotion.

The game's atmosphere delivers a sense of solitude and melancholy brilliance, even when other characters and pawns are present.

Dragon's Dogma 2's biggest weakness is the strict relationship with the B button on consoles, which can lead to issues during gameplay.

The game's performance, especially in cities, can be inconsistent, with frame rate drops that are disappointing for the level of graphical detail.

The game's audio presentation is improved from the original, with better voice acting and sound effects that enhance the overall experience.

Dragon's Dogma 2 is worth buying for its fun and engaging gameplay, despite some imperfections and annoyances.

The game's world is filled with nooks and crannies that reward exploration, and the restricted fast travel system encourages players to experience the world fully.

The game's pawn system, while sometimes needy and interruptive, adds to the dynamic and immersive experience of the game.

Dragon's Dogma 2 is a game where high-stakes gameplay decisions and the resulting victories feel incredibly satisfying and rewarding.

The game's mix of strategy, exploration, and character development creates a unique and enjoyable experience that stands out in the gaming world.



Dragon's Dogma 2 is at its best when well honestly  most of the time but why is it great is the most  


important question because as with all games  its style presentation and gameplay may not be  


for you so sit back and let's discuss what makes  Dragon's Dogma 2o special and thanks to Capcom  


for the code also occasionally random pawns  throughout the community are going to show up  


in this video you get a chance try to guess them  all and I'll throw you into the normal who will  


fur commenters and subscribers for winning the  game while everyone is busy in this world it'd be  


really nice if you were here for the score alone  to maybe just let the video play 80 plus hours  


plus another 10 for editing seems to be worth  20 minutes a time and speaking of time if you  


want to jump in the Discord we will be streaming  this all throughout the week bunch of different  


people coming in as always discussing the game  behind the scenes and I'll be answering anybody's  


questions Dragon's Dogma 2 starts quickly enough  with a small interlude and then you leaping into  


one of the best character generators in gaming so  far regardless if you choose a human or a beastman  


the game has settings and sliders for pretty much  everything in the recent demo it showed just how  


crazy the Creations can be want to make a damned  monster looking human go for it Vin Diesel from  


Pitch Black yep but you can also now make one of  the Beast ran races originally planned for the  


first game they're finally here and surprisingly  look less like humans with kitten heads and  


instead merges the two races well enough to look  natural at least in so much as Dragon Dogma 2 ever  


looking natural hit him out with scars complex  issues make them fat as hell skinny like a rail  


huge small it's all there after that you leap  into the game improper without any real spoilers  


in many ways Dragon's Dogma 2 opens with the same  resonance as the first game but truncated cutting  


out the dirty little Villa location that was so  boring in the first game and starts it actually  


in the same way the first game did at an outpost  battle a larger one here and then a trip that was  


more like Dragon's Dogma one when it really  started to show its systems and its prowess  


it's a better way to start by a good measure in  the game's occasional uses of flashbacks helps  


actually flesh out a story with an alternate  world where two arisens have arised gameplay  


in Dragon's Dogma is also a true reflection of the  focus they expect players to employ and that's the  


simple strategies of technique knowledge and time  while on cursory examination it may sound like a  


trite example that the developers have given the  ideas is that the players will come at the title  


in one of those three ways or of course as they  continue to play a combination of them it's not  


really anything new however Dragon Dogma 2 may  be one of the few games where almost every single  


decision made and the way you set your character  up or that can't be made plays out across those  


three strategies it's a game that entices in the  initial offerings of combat but then interlaces  


that with truly interactive Huds in the form of  the ponds and then adds to that the reward for  


exploration across those other two facets let me  explain them for a second with technique meaning  


heavy skill use and mastering of the combat  tactics and the tighter vocations a player  


focus more on the Marshall prowess than marching  across the world or spending time munching meals  


with pawns and learning about the world through  them while some changes have been made to the  


vocations it's still ultimately a set of classes  then advanced classes and then hybrid classes  


with skills that get unlocked with class points  as well as passive perks upgrading and changing  


these aren't hard at all as you quickly unlock  the ability to do so at any vocation trainer  


after some quests a knowledge based player will  come at this game slightly different hiring pawns  


who know about the world and the quests who  may have explored prior who may be of higher  


level understanding the weaknesses and strengths  of enemies and not pushing into situations that  


the player can't get out of because they entered  into it without any of that information all pawns  


have their own skills and attitudes which can  be adjusted using purchased items as well in  


addition smart understanding of the time of day  and the resources needed for a trip to a quest  


location become vital for this kind of player to  the developers a time-based player is closer to  


the time honored tradition of grinding money and  Times of leveling up the character to the point  


where perfect skill use higher more expensive  pawns are less important than a player that looks  


like they bedazzled themselves with max level  armors and weapons and give off a magical glow  


enemies can see like a second coming over the rise  the expectation here is that almost nobody will be  


able to facilitate all three right away at least  not until an incredible amount of time within the  


game has been put down and the developers have  hit it perfectly for example a combat based  


player it's not about locking or pairing it's  about moving in Magic about sliding between two  


goblins to take down their armored best friend  and then whipping up a storm and Trailer Park in  


an entire enemy camp vocations are indeed tighter  than the original game with more powerful moves as  


you advance but their focuses have shifted a bit  to class specifics and it's also still still a  


stamina based game with a number of afflictions  statuses and specials there's almost no one who  


can't find a vocation that's going to fit them  even if everyone wants to take the more advanced  


classes and try to buff pawns or use Illusions to  lure enemies onto spectral Bridges and then watch  


them fall to their deaths while knowledge-based  players in the pond system are truly well thought  


out here offering ponds that are awarded badges  for knowledge exploration and monsters down  


building their own abilities for those elements  above and beyond just sheer battle prowess this  


makes them an integral part of the HUD and map  systems pawns who've completed missions can  


lead you more easily back to them which can be the  difference between stumbling out into a game world  


where many times the map just says something's  happening over here and gives you a massive swath  


of land to investigate it's an elegant system that  quickly becomes second nature even if you're using  


it as a third option and lastly the game's just  chock full of merchants traveling and hold up in  


Ruins or major cities selling wears all kinds for  you to buy then enhance to impact your character's  


main stats mixing and matching herbs in your  inventory then or combining their Buffs with  


special armors and weapons lets players who just  want to grind it out pretty much do so unless  


they find themselves staring down the shorter and  shorter line of a carry weight system that turns  


even the fastest character into a trudging fatty  if he carry too much in my gameplay I've focused  


on one or the other I've mixed and matched  them at different times taking down enemies I  


shouldn't have been able to with a smart mix of  double Pawn spell casting and potions that kept  


me topped off regardless of how hard the enemies  hit I've also ground down areas at enemies and  


taken their parts back and enhanced weapons and  made myself hundreds of thousands of coins just  


based on being a homicidal maniac but regardless  of which of the tactics you take there's simply no  


denying a couple things the first is a shared  lineage between this game and Monster Hunter  


Dragon's Dogma 2 like a cousin who comes to live  with a family after some terrible other event  


familiar but always a bit alien at the same time  these moments aren't just in collecting items from  


dead bodies but in the verticality that pervades  everything in Dragon's Dogma 2 like the first time  


a 25-ft tall Rampage inversion of Black Death  on Two Legs rip snorted through a village and  


my team of trustworthy walking versions of YouTube  comments had to take them down and you also have  


villagers who spend the afternoon trying to kill  it sure it's about as futile as a bunch of wolves  


trying to eat a fraking Iceberg but still looked  really cool and while they were doing that I got  


to circle around and hit them with a special  move and during these times it's hard not to  


see the similarities it becomes this fantastic  ballet of stamina steel and monster teeth if the  


ballet dancers wore middle-aged armor and were  related to Merlin it's also about the tactics  


for those specific enemies or those locations for  instance the lizard men will moonwalk right the  


[ __ ] out of your attack range when you start  doing damage and chasing them becomes its own  


miname as they Lead You past one of their allies  who then turns and spits at you slowing you down  


so you turn to attack that new enemy and now the  one you were just chasing spits poison at your  


back again it's like the part in Empire Strikes  Back when Darth Vader just kept throwing random  


[ __ ] at Luke's back those glorious moments  of strategy and understanding movement in enemy  


patterns plays out across the whole world and in  the open world really shows an increased feature  


of the terrain and location problem props that we  saw in the original game for example Boulders are  


still here but they're much more often if you  spy Cyclops at the bottom of the hill you can  


just sneak past and maybe find a massive Boulder  to roll down onto them or other interactions that  


I'm not going to say now to stop from spoiling  but they just continue to impress and merge the  


worldview the way you play and the atmosphere  together in a way other games don't it doesn't  


just leave you with a character that say takes 15  seconds to cast a freaking fire spell but it also  


offers you the ability to synergize with the other  spell casters casting that same spell faster this  


also means that a party makeup can look really  unique depending on situations and something  


that you can switch out often because pawns are  all over the game world something I want to talk  


about in a second the same goes for choosing the  harder hitting vocations or the more Marshal ones  


for instance switching from fighter to Warrior  isn't just losing the shield and replacing it  


with two-handed weapon the size of a card door  it's adding a ton of Buffs and resistances for  


example a warrior flatly doesn't give a [ __ ]  about being hit when attacking and the ability to  


get staggered and knocked down considerably drops  which means that Chang in weapon isn't just about  


the hit and the ability to soak but the ability  to weade in and just not be affected at all during  


attacks which also means you can command others  more accurately also it's about the atmosphere  


Dragon Dogma 2 might be the game with the best  day night cycle in World atmosphere merging that  


I've seen cresting a hill in the dead of night  with a small circle of thrown off light from that  


Lantern at your waist and seeing the Embers of a  small fire glowing in the distance there's this  


tentative moving towards and consistently at alert  feeling that starts to grow is it a goblin camp  


or is it just the politeness of past travelers  to leave a fire smoldering and for a game like  


Dragon's Dogma which is I would say somewhat  on the unemotional side when it comes to the  


story and almost a detached feeling to everything  especially with the way the pawns react there's a  


great deal of emotion that the game actually ends  up delivering for example four dead tired pawns  


dragon weapons behind him exhausted from three  afternoon battles as in his Darkness descends  


around you the light collapse is nothing more than  that 15t radius of vague enemy location Pockets a  


safe in a world that's absolutely punishing  then two small dots of blue show up in the  


distance rocking back and forth and for a second  you think to yourself oh maybe that's just the two  


blue flower pedals that illuminate at night and  then nope it's two skeletons and trust me too is  


four times too many if you haven't rested in a  while as you can only regain your true ability  


and health back if you end up resting skeletons  just flatly don't give a [ __ ] if you pound it  


into separate pieces because until you find their  head and crush it like a Terminator movies these  


guys are just going to reassemble sentient hate  filled Lego blocks and kick the living [ __ ] out  


you and that's just one example there's an almost  melancholic Brilliance here a sense of a pervading  


loneliness even with the ponds that seeps through  everything as you continue to Adventure and with  


every single Quest and more exploration it flows  out into the world around you movie like almost  


or dare I say a little bit like dark souls in that  feeling of solitude even when other characters are  


there with the pawns replacing some aspects of the  HUD as well as the Lord dumps and the occasional  


characters you might meet each one is a smattering  of onliners about locations creatures and  


otherwise and that means despite the game having a  party system and despite it having cities there's  


still this awesome feeling of solitude that I love  however there's a couple things I don't love and  


that's especially when you're playing with a  controller Dragons Dogma 2's biggest weakness  


continues to be their strict romance with the  B button on consoles I assume these guys are  


just laying out a bed of roses and a bottle  of Arkansas's finest $3 wine for a date night  


with a B button you hold it to talk click it to  pick up stuff hold it again to resurrect Pawns in  


combat it's notoriously fickle when added to the  system that doesn't have any lock on which I like  


but also means that at time you're fighting with a  camera trying to pick up a needed drop while also  


trying to not resurrect your Pawn because that  takes too long that being said Dragon's Dogma  


2 hits where the first one did but is much larger  mostly more polished and continues the tradition  


that started with the original the combat feels  wide open with your own moves the pawns and the  


ability for random monsters to LEAP into already  frenzied engagements means that fights are always  


interesting and the way everything interacts  together is profoundly enjoyable graphically  


the game continues in its humble Origins there's  something very lay andlike about the way Dragon's  


Dogma has always presented itself initially a  lot of Browns mixed with prairies and forests  


but still a lower level magical style despite  the gigantic spells you may be casting later on  


also a larger world so when you start out in the  slave pits there's a really good chance somebody's  


really nice Castle isn't going to be built 3 ft  from it and instead there's initial layering of  


travel between locations in this massive spreading  out changing between rural and urban that grows  


with each location and builds to make travel not  only a true Delight but something that continually  


tantalizes the senses as you look just over one  more Hill and you see some shiny new location or  


possibly some hidden Loot and really deep and most  likely dangerous cave entrance that you want to go  


to the tough to dirt and soil under your feet  or the soft glow of flowers that only bloom at  


night and Spark around their stems means there's  still a magical feel to everything but it's also  


grounded what I wish wasn't so grounded and  lifted a little bit higher was the performance  


what frustrates me so much about Dragon's Dogma  2 is that rate tracing or not the performance of  


the game it was solid enough when exploring and  fighting but I saw some heavy drops in cities  


which is sort of disappointing because really they  aren't that complex and especially on a 4090 and a  


new i7 you should be seeing better fps than this  and certainly shouldn't be seeing the drops in  


some of these spots now on PC the game's options  let you turn rate tracing on or off it also has  


support for FSR as well as DLS and a number  of options also I got to point out right away  


Bloom really does do something strange so you may  notice that sometimes in the footage when I was  


testing everything it's really not that good and  probably something you should turn off right away  


it's because Dragon's Dogma loves to lace fog and  smoke and particle effects everywhere and Bloom in  


this game has a tendency to just blow the picture  out where in the nighttime it delivers a nice soft  


ethereal glow at campsites that ands to the air  of mystery and fantasy during the day it's just  


much less attractive on the consoles the frame  rate can also be all over the place those with  


variable refresh rate systems can turn that on but  be aware it is noticeable The View distances size  


of the world in general activity level in the  game is grander than the original by far many  


times larger but still would have been nice to  see a locked 30 versus something this variable  


so if you're a pixel peeper be prepared to see  some stuff I also had a couple bugs I had pawns  


especially stuck in walls and stalls luckily  they teleport right to you as you continue to  


move on I had monsters ass hammering the side of  a wall to get to the villagers on the other side  


blissfully unaware of the solid structure in front  of them for a good deal of time when it comes to  


audio the presentation is a good deal better than  the original especially with pawns having a huge  


number of comments about the world quest party  makeup and more sometimes they'll discuss their  


last Master choice of all beastmen party members  or how Everyone likes to smash the crap out of  


everything regardless if they're being attacked  other times calling to attention what they're  


doing or what they can do and a quick button  press from you tells them to go do it it's a  


nice little combo system there musically it's a  subdued Affair like the original and right up my  


alley with a soundtrack that sits well back from  the action many times just a soft backdrop and  


an otherwise harsh world soundwise it's also  excellent with very easy tracking of enemies  


far and wide during battle completely offscreen  you can still usually hear an enemy attacking as  


well as excellent directional sound when trying  to identify where a pawn is or who's calling for  


you or who wants to use levitate to get up to a  chest somewhere when it comes to everything coming  


together and is it fun for all the highlights and  the Praises I can sing let me just say this sure  


there are other games that have made some of the  same choices but it's rare outside of say just  


Dark Soul style titles to see it working so well  yeah sure football was invented by some random guy  


but it takes an amazing quarterback to turn it  into an efficient tool and for the second time  


dragons dogma's creators are those quarterbacks  and without hesitation I can say this is worth  


buying Dragons Dogma team has always been about  fun between locations about that experience across  


the breath of a landscape here massively larger  it's a busier world than the original in many  


places but the world that is filled with nooks  and crannies that always reward exploration but  


it's also that darker world view and the fact  that while some options have their weaknesses  


it's how they drive the world itself that matters  a worldview again reflected in the restricted fast  


travel system with for Stones returning from  the original game rare items that make it very  


difficult to Just Bounce Around The Game World  unless you want to pay for it so if you're like  


me who hates the repetitive location sprawling  runs like Lord of the Rings If The Hobbit just  


kept running back to hington that's reduced and  then somewhat even more because you can now Do  


ox carts that transport you between the big cities  they have their own risks like being attacked and  


left for dead also the game does have some really  annoying ideas that pop up the more you play pawns  


and switching them out is the name of the game  here as they don't progress in levels aside from  


the main one I'm fine with that finding Stones  across the game world's pretty easy and that's  


where you switch them out however pawns are also  around the game World walking and they're some  


needy [ __ ] and consistently interrupt you to  sell their services even at the worst of times  


and even when you aren't focused on them at all or  haven't clicked on them and this can happen on a  


trail in the middle of a battle but the best parts  of this game destroy any of those problems a game  


where a 30 minute fight with a minitar results in  a pawn muttering the Beast is dead and the world's  


laziest high five it's worksman like in its  atmosphere even when you have others with you sure  


you're there risen and someone rumbles great dude  but what have you done for me lately and send you  


on a quest but strangely makes a celebration of an  enemy's defeat all the sweeter because instead of  


a cut scene or even a dark souls-like return to  a bonfire Dragon's Dogma 2 is like a subtle nod  


from a football coach at a job well done it's an  appealing mix of sweaty moments punctuated by pure  


Discovery isn't perfect far from it not everyone  is going to love this kind of high stakes gameplay  


decision that the series makes which is an odd  Meandering between multiple systems and multiple  


Styles but what it is is one of the most fun games  I've played in 2024 full stop subscribe check out  


the patron peace out our packs are heavier and our  purses far lighter these were necessary expenses  


mind no use clinging to every last coin it seems  sir rodick is the one to talk to shall we go and  


speak with him I know where that person can be  found Master this way a guide is most welcome  


now we sh lose our way my Cur of magics are at  your disposal wait right there one of us is being




there would I be without you arisen

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