First Night

Lyrical Lemonade, Cochise, Denzel Curry, Teezo Touchdown, Lil B, & Juicy J
20 Mar 202404:24


TLDRThe video script features a catchy and self-assured narrative centered around the theme of singing and self-promotion. The protagonist confidently asserts their singing abilities and global recognition, weaving in a storyline that emphasizes personal desires and aspirations. The lyrics touch on themes of love, wealth, and the allure of the fast life, while also highlighting the importance of taking time to build meaningful connections. The overall message seems to balance the pursuit of personal ambitions with a reminder of the value of love and respect in relationships.


  • 🎤 The script is a song that emphasizes self-promotion and the desire to share one's singing talent.
  • 🌟 The singer expresses a universal recognition of their ability to sing, suggesting a high level of confidence.
  • 💃 The theme revolves around the concept of self-love and the importance of being true to oneself.
  • 🎶 There is a repeated mention of wanting to sing about 'me', indicating a focus on personal achievements and identity.
  • 🥂 The lyrics touch on the idea of not rushing into love, suggesting a preference for taking time to build relationships.
  • 💰 Money and wealth are referenced, indicating a materialistic aspect and the influence of financial success on the singer's life.
  • 🔥 The song includes a warning against rushing into physical intimacy, advocating for a more cautious approach.
  • 🚫 The lyrics discourage judgment, promoting an inclusive attitude towards others' choices.
  • 🎵 The song ends with a return to the theme of singing and self-expression, reinforcing the singer's passion for music.
  • 🌐 The mention of 'the whole world' implies a global audience and a desire for widespread recognition.
  • 💔 The phrase 'rest in peace two times' could suggest a reflection on mortality or a farewell to certain aspects of life.

Q & A

  • What is the central theme of the song as presented in the script?

    -The central theme of the song revolves around self-promotion and the desire for love and attention, with a focus on the singer's abilities and the impact of wealth and status on relationships.

  • How does the singer express their confidence in the song?

    -The singer expresses confidence by stating that they can sing and that the whole world knows their talent, as well as by mentioning their wealth and the influence it has on their interactions.

  • What is the singer's stance on falling in love?

    -The singer indicates that they are not trying to fall in love, suggesting a preference for casual relationships or encounters without emotional commitment.

  • What does the phrase 'let a [__ __] hit it on the first night' imply?

    -This phrase implies a casual or immediate sexual encounter, suggesting a lack of depth or consideration in the singer's approach to relationships.

  • How does the singer describe their attitude towards money and material possessions?

    -The singer describes money as something that comes fluently and influences their life significantly. They also mention that they are a 'real [__ __]', indicating a belief in their authenticity or status in relation to wealth.

  • What is the significance of the phrase 'it's a birth right' in the context of the song?

    -The phrase 'it's a birth right' suggests that the singer believes their entitlement or access to certain privileges, possibly including relationships and sexual encounters, is inherent or naturally owed to them.

  • How does the singer address the concept of respect in relationships?

    -The singer acknowledges that there is much respect in the air, implying that while they engage in casual encounters, they still recognize the importance of mutual respect in interactions.

  • What is the singer's perspective on the idea of waiting for love?

    -The singer suggests that while having sex on the first night is acceptable, there is also a lot of love in the world, implying that waiting for a deeper connection before engaging in sexual activities is a valid choice.

  • What does the singer mean when they say 'shield let a [__ __] hit it on the first night'?

    -This phrase is unclear due to missing words, but it could imply a protective stance or a selective approach to who the singer engages with, possibly indicating a preference for certain types of individuals.

  • How does the song's lyrics reflect societal views on wealth and relationships?

    -The lyrics reflect a societal view where wealth and status can influence relationships and sexual encounters, with the singer using these attributes to assert their desirability and access to potential partners.

  • What message does the singer convey about the importance of communication in relationships?

    -The singer suggests the importance of communication by encouraging talking and asking questions before making decisions about intimacy, emphasizing the value of getting to know someone beyond physical attraction.



🎶 Self-Proclamation of Singing Talent

The paragraph introduces a self-assured individual who is eager to showcase their singing abilities. They express that not only do they know they can sing, but the whole world is aware of their talent. The focus is on the self, with repeated emphasis on 'me'. There's a playful challenge to help them sing, suggesting a desire for validation or a performance opportunity. The paragraph also touches on themes of love and judgment, with the speaker clarifying they are not seeking love but rather a spotlight on their talents.




The act of producing musical sounds with the voice, as mentioned in the script where the speaker expresses their ability to sing. This keyword is central to the theme of the video, suggesting a focus on musical talent and self-expression.


An intense feeling of deep affection or attachment, often used in the context of romantic relationships. In the script, the mention of not trying to fall in love suggests a casual approach to relationships, focusing on immediate experiences rather than long-term emotional connections.

💡First Night

Refers to the initial encounter or experience of an event. In the context of the script, it implies a scenario where the speaker is open to engaging in intimate activities without delay, highlighting a preference for immediate gratification.


Wealthy or having a lot of money and resources. The term is used in the script to describe the speaker's financial status and to assert their ability to attract others based on material wealth.


Esteem for or devotion to someone or something; also, a feeling of deep admiration for someone. In the video, respect is contrasted with the casual approach to intimacy, suggesting that while physical attraction is acknowledged, emotional respect and meaningful connections are also valued.


The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a composition of pitch, rhythm, timbre, and volume. The script begins and ends with references to music, indicating that it is a central theme and possibly a form of self-expression for the speaker.


The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, often used in the context of social or cultural impact. In the script, influence seems to be associated with financial success and the power that comes with it.


To form an opinion or conclusion about someone or something, often implying a critical assessment. In the script, the speaker mentions they would not judge, indicating a non-judgmental attitude towards others' actions or choices.


Individuals who work hard, often in a challenging or competitive environment, to achieve their goals, typically in a way that requires resourcefulness and determination. In the context of the script, 'hustlers' may refer to people who are ambitious and driven, possibly in the pursuit of wealth or success.


A public road in a city or town, often used metaphorically to represent the community or the everyday life of people. In the script, 'the street' may symbolize a place where the speaker's social interactions and activities take place, reflecting the environment that shapes their experiences and attitudes.


A sweet drink made from lemon juice and sugar, often associated with refreshment and a sense of coolness. In the script, 'lemonade' could be used metaphorically to suggest a refreshing or cleansing experience, or it might be a reference to a specific cultural or musical work, such as Beyoncé's album 'Lemonade.'


The theme of self-promotion and confidence is central to the transcript, with repeated emphasis on the speaker's ability to sing and their desire to teach others.

The speaker expresses a universal recognition of their singing talent, suggesting that 'the whole world knows' they can sing.

A recurring motif is the focus on the self ('me me me me me me'), indicating a strong sense of individualism and self-importance.

The transcript includes a narrative of a first-night encounter, with the speaker expressing a desire not to fall in love but to engage in a more casual interaction.

The speaker uses the term 'niggaer' in a provocative manner, which could be interpreted as a reflection of cultural attitudes or a form of empowerment through reclamation.

There is a mention of financial influence and the pursuit of wealth, with the speaker discussing money and its impact on their actions and decisions.

The transcript includes a reference to 'Billy' and being 'real', suggesting themes of authenticity and genuine connections in contrast to superficial relationships.

The speaker discusses the absence of keys, possibly symbolizing a lack of constraints or restrictions in their lifestyle.

A mention of 'swearing' and 'praying' indicates a mix of secular and spiritual elements in the speaker's life.

The concept of 'roookies' and the idea that the game isn't built for them suggests a competitive and challenging environment.

The speaker addresses the audience directly, inviting them to 'come and let me teach you how to sing', indicating an interactive and engaging approach.

The transcript includes a contrast between the casual approach to one-night stands and the deeper value of love, suggesting a nuanced view on relationships.

The speaker encourages taking time to talk and ask questions before making decisions, promoting communication and understanding in relationships.

The mention of 'shield' and 'beat' could be interpreted as references to protection and rhythm, respectively, adding layers of meaning to the transcript.

The transcript concludes with a return to the theme of singing and self-promotion, bookending the narrative with a focus on the speaker's abilities.





come and let me teach you how to


sing oh you didn't know that I could


sing Oh Girl know that I can sing the


whole world know that I can sing it's


all about me me me me me me


me me me me me me


me somebody help me sing somebody help


me sing about


me let a [ __ ] hit it on the first night


I just want to [ __ ] I'm not trying to


fall in love going let a [ __ ] hit it on


the first night night I'm a real [ __ ]


you know I would never judge going to


let a niggaer hit it on the first night


niggaer hit it going to let a [ __ ] hit


it going to let a [ __ ] hit it on the


first do


it I'm like baby what you doing come and


do it uh money come fluent it influence


H I can run into it uh R into it uh she


like [ __ ] if you like it you could come


and view it h I'm like baby what you


mean I might pull up to the scene she


like [ __ ] how you do it I might be the


Billy she a real one when I tell her


this she to leave I'm a rich one when


I'm in the Whi it got no keys I'm


swearing that I'm weak I be praying


before I eat God on my side [ __ ]


playing like a sweet in the bag if a


[ __ ] at the street if a [ __ ] want to


CH me we go push that boy to sleep let


me get myse right hit it on the first


night gripping on her ass like white


women grip P tight if it's getting cash


then my [ __ ] it's a birth right hit it


once hit it twice end it for the third


strike I be a th for the night I steal


anything but some [ __ ] got to keep it


beat cuz you know this game ain't built


for rookies all of these shows going to


overbook me I know what the O at look at


these broke lame [ __ ] asking where the


hoes at can I get a d n dog get your


money up girl where my hug listen dog


she don't [ __ ] with you only deal with


real Rich [ __ ] and some husters I see


what your thirst like when it comes to


me Shield let a [ __ ] hit it on the


first night I just want to [ __ ] I'm not


trying to fall in love going to let a


[ __ ] hit it on the first night I'm a


real [ __ ] you know I would never judge


going let a [ __ ] hit it on the first


night [ __ ] hit it going [ __ ] H [ __ ]


hit it on the


first [ __ ] [ __ ] rest in peace two times




lemonade Poli pleas jumping out and


checking you know one night stands all


right but love is the greatest having


sex on the first night is cool but we


can wait it's so much love in this world


take your time ask questions first let's


talk it's so much respect in the


air don't worry about it but you can


[ __ ] too if you


want but don't feel like you got


to you don't got


to come and let me teach you how to


sing oh you didn't know that I could


sing Oh Girl know that I can sing the


whole world know that I can sing it's


all about me me me me me me


me me me me me


me somebody help me sing somebody help


me sing about





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