Sea of Thieves 2024 Preview Event

Sea of Thieves
20 Mar 202420:57


TLDRThe Sea of Thieves 2024 preview event unveils exciting new features for the pirate sandbox adventure game. Season 12 introduces new weapons, tools, and gameplay mechanics like the Double Barrel Pistol, throwing knives, scattershot, Bone Caller, and Wind Caller. Season 13 brings the return of Captain Flameheart and the Burning Blade ship, offering a dynamic player-created World Event. Season 14, though early, hints at new stealth and mischief options, including the grapple gun and blow dart. These updates aim to enrich the game's sandbox experience, offering players more tools to create unique stories.


  • ūüŹī‚Äć‚ė†ÔłŹ Sea of Thieves 2024 preview event introduces new features and tools for the pirate sandbox adventure game.
  • ūüĒ• Season 12 aims to mix up the meta and enhance player enjoyment with two new weapons and three new tools.
  • ūüĒę The Double Barrel Pistol and throwing knives are introduced as new weapons for tactical choices and strategies.
  • ūü•č Throwing knives can be used for melee combat and thrown at enemies, with the ability to retrieve missed knives.
  • ūüí• The scattershot is a new tool that fires four small cannonballs for a wide spread and quick damage to enemy ships.
  • ūüßô‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ The Bone Caller is a throwable device that spawns skeletons to fight alongside players against enemies.
  • ūüƨԳŹ The Wind Caller allows players to summon winds for various uses, including propulsion and firefighting.
  • ūüĆź Ziplines are added to the game for fast traversal across islands and between points of interest.
  • ūüĒĄ Season 13 brings the return of Captain Flameheart and the Burning Blade ship, with a new player-created World Event.
  • ūüĒ• Players can become the crew of The Burning Blade, sail the world, and complete orders in service of Captain Flameheart.
  • ūüėą Season 14, dubbed 'pirates of mischief', focuses on stealth and mischief, with new tools like the blow dart and grapple gun.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the Sea of Thieves in 2024?

    -The main focus for Sea of Thieves in 2024 is to provide players with more tools, possibilities, and freedom to create memorable stories and enhance the core gameplay experience in the sandbox.

  • What are the new weapons being introduced in Season 12?

    -Season 12 introduces two new weapons: the Double Barrel Pistol, which allows for two individual shots or a charged, more powerful combined shot, and throwing knives, which can be used for melee or thrown at range.

  • How do the throwing knives function in combat?

    -Throwing knives can be used for light and heavy melee actions, thrown at enemies for a high damage attack, and can be retrieved after being thrown by sticking into the environment to replenish ammo.

  • What are the three new tools being added in Season 12?

    -The three new tools in Season 12 are the Wind Caller, which summons the power of the winds; the scattershot, a collection of four small cannonballs for quick damage; and the Bone Caller, which spawns skeletons to fight for the player.

  • How does the Wind Caller enhance traversal and combat?

    -The Wind Caller allows players to blow wind into their sails for increased speed, knock players back off ships or land, propel themselves in the water, rowing boats, put out fires, and cushion fall damage.

  • What is the significance of the Burning Blade ship in Season 13?

    -The Burning Blade is a powerful, player-controlled World Event ship with unique features like a massive flamethrower. Players can board it after defeating it, pledge service to Captain Flameheart, and complete orders while engaging in new puzzle gameplay and collecting the Orb of Secrets.

  • How does the concept of a player-created World Event work in Season 13?

    -As the crew of The Burning Blade, players become a World Event themselves, attracting other players who may want to take down the ship and steal its high value. The ship moves around the world, and players must balance the risk and reward of holding onto the Burning Blade and its Tribute.

  • What are the two main areas of focus for Season 14?

    -Season 14 focuses on expanding the game's playful and mischievous humor by introducing new ways for players to be stealthy and cause mischief, including new tools and mechanics for sneaking and trickery.

  • What new gameplay elements are being explored for stealth in Season 14?

    -Season 14 is exploring the idea of stealthy pirates, allowing players to crouch and move silently, hang off the side of ships, and potentially hide inside chests to avoid detection.

  • How does the grapple gun function and what are its uses?

    -The grapple gun is a dual-purpose tool that allows players to traverse the environment quickly by grappling onto ledges and harpooning items or other players. It can be used for boarding enemy ships, escaping, or repositioning during combat, but requires ammunition in the form of arrowheads.

  • What is the development team's approach to ensuring the game's health and stability in 2024?

    -The development team is securing a dedicated group to focus on the game's health, addressing issues in the core experience, and ensuring hit registration and anti-cheat measures are robust and up-to-date as part of regular monthly updates.



ūüŹī‚Äć‚ė†ÔłŹ Sea of Thieves 2024 Preview Event Overview

The Sea of Thieves 2024 preview event introduces exciting new features for the pirate sandbox adventure game. The focus is on expanding player tools and possibilities for more freedom and memorable stories in the game. Season 12 aims to mix up the meta with two new weapons, the Double Barrel Pistol and throwing knives, offering new tactical choices. Season 13 and 14 are also teased, with Season 14 hinting at a focus on mischief and stealth, including new tools like the grapple gun and blow dart.


ūüĒ• New Weapons and Tools in Season 12

Season 12 introduces new weapons and tools to Sea of Thieves, including the Double Barrel Pistol, which allows for two individual shots or a charged powerful shot, and throwing knives, which can be used for melee or thrown at enemies. The scattershot, a new type of ammunition, overwhelms opponents with multiple projectiles causing minor damage. The Bone Caller is a throwable device that spawns skeletons to fight for the player, adding a new dynamic to combat and boarding tactics.


ūüƨԳŹ Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics and Ziplines

The Wind Caller, a new tool in Season 12, allows players to summon winds for enhanced movement, both on water and land, and to extinguish fires quickly. Ziplines are introduced for fast traversal across islands, adding to the gameplay variety. The ability to balance on harpoon lines provides new ways to traverse and board enemy ships, enriching the sandbox experience and player storytelling.


ūüĒ• The Return of Captain Flameheart and the Burning Blade

Season 13 brings back Captain Flameheart and his Burning Blade ship, reimagined as a powerful and monstrous vessel. Players can defeat and board the ship, pledging their service to Flameheart and becoming a player-created World Event. The Burning Blade, equipped with ten cannons and a flamethrower, allows players to complete orders and collect the Orb of Secrets, a new treasure artifact, while engaging in dynamic naval combat and puzzle gameplay at Skeleton Camps.


ūüėą Mischief and Stealth in Season 14

Season 14, referred to as 'pirates of mischief', focuses on expanding stealth and mischief in Sea of Thieves. New gameplay elements include the ability to crouch for silent movement, hang off ship sides, and the blow dart, which can be used for various sneaky tactics. Traps and the grapple gun, a dual-purpose tool for traversal and harpooning, are also introduced, offering players more options for creating unique stories and encounters in the game.

ūüĆü 2024: A Year of Adventure and Updates

The year 2024 for Sea of Thieves promises to be filled with adventure and regular updates. The game aims to improve performance across hardware, enhance safety against cheating, and ensure reliable hit registration. The introduction of Easy Anti-Cheat in March signifies the commitment to a fair gaming environment. The preview event teases more to come for the seasons, inviting players to stay tuned for further revelations and promising an exciting year ahead.



ūüí°Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed sandbox adventure game where players can create their own stories and experiences. It is the central focus of the video, with the discussion revolving around the upcoming features and improvements in the game for the year 2024.

ūüí°Seasons 12, 13, and 14

These refer to the different content updates or 'seasons' that the game Sea of Thieves is planning to release over the course of 2024. Each season will introduce new gameplay elements, tools, and storylines to enhance the player experience.

ūüí°New Weapons

The introduction of new weapons in Sea of Thieves for the upcoming seasons, which will provide players with additional tactical choices and strategies during their adventures. These weapons are designed to mix up the gameplay and offer new combat scenarios.

ūüí°Tools and Mechanics

Refers to the various gameplay tools and mechanics that are being introduced or modified in the game to enrich the player's sandbox experience. These tools, such as the Wind Caller and scattershot, and mechanics like balancing on harpoon lines, add depth and variety to the gameplay.

ūüí°Burning Blade

The Burning Blade is a ship that is reintroduced in Season 13 as a player-controlled World Event. It is a powerful warship with unique features like a massive flamethrower at the front and a skeleton crew that aids players in combat.

ūüí°Skeleton Camps

Skeleton Camps are new locations in the game where players can engage in combat-focused encounters to discover secrets and artifacts. These camps are tied to the new gameplay introduced in Season 13 and are part of the player's mission to collect the Orb of Secrets.

ūüí°Tribute System

The Tribute System is a new gameplay mechanic where players can collect secrets and add Tribute to the Burning Blade ship. The more Tribute collected, the higher the value aboard the ship, but also the greater the risk of being targeted by other players.

ūüí°Grapple Gun

The Grapple Gun is a dual-purpose tool introduced for Season 14 that allows players to traverse the environment quickly and also grapple onto items and other players. It is designed to add more dynamic movement and mischief possibilities to the game.

ūüí°Stealth and Mischief

These are the two main themes for Season 14, focusing on expanding the player's ability to engage in stealthy and mischievous activities within the game. This includes new ways to move silently, hide, and cause trouble for other players or in-game characters.

ūüí°Player Experience

Refers to the overall enjoyment and engagement of players within the game. The developers are focusing on improving the player experience by addressing issues such as hit registration, performance, and anti-cheat measures to ensure a fun, fair, and stable gameplay environment.

ūüí°Community and Collaboration

The video emphasizes the community aspect of Sea of Thieves, where players create stories together and collaborate in various ways, such as forming crews and working together to overcome challenges and enemies.


Sea of Thieves 2024 preview event introduces new features for the game.

Seasons 12 and 13 are being discussed, with a sneak peek into Season 14.

The game focuses on providing more tools and possibilities for players to create memorable stories.

Season 12 aims to mix up the meta and enhance player enjoyment with new weapons and tools.

Two new weapons, the Double Barrel Pistol and throwing knives, are being added.

The Double Barrel Pistol allows for two individual shots or a charged, more powerful shot.

Throwing knives can be used for melee and ranged combat, with a unique trick shot mechanic.

Three new tools are introduced in Season 12: Wind Caller, scattershot, and Bone Caller.

The scattershot is a unique cannonball variant that releases four smaller projectiles.

Bone Caller is a throwable device that spawns skeletons to fight alongside players.

Wind Caller allows players to summon winds for various uses, including propulsion and firefighting.

Season 12 introduces ziplines for traversal across islands and between outposts.

Harpoon lines can now be balanced on, offering new traversal and boarding tactics.

A dedicated team is focused on improving the game's health and hit registration.

Captain Flameheart and his Burning Blade ship return in Season 13.

The Burning Blade is a player-controlled World Event, with unique gameplay and challenges.

Season 14, dubbed 'pirates of mischief,' will focus on stealth and mischief mechanics.

New stealth options include the ability to crouch and move silently, and hanging off ship sides.

The blow dart is a new weapon for sneaking aboard enemy ships and causing mischief.

Traps are being introduced as throwable devices for setting up ambushes and defenses.

The grapple gun is a dual-purpose tool for traversal and interacting with the environment.

The introduction of these new features aims to shake up the meta and enhance player experiences.



Welcome to the Sea of Thieves 2024 preview event, where we're going to give you your first look at  


some of the exciting features coming to Sea of Thieves this year.


We are going to share information around what's coming in Seasons 12 and 13,


as well as even further into the future with a sneak peek behind the curtain on Season 14.  


So grab a grog and get ready for adventure, as we reveal some of the incredible  bounty of features headed to Sea of Thieves in 2024!


Sea of Thieves is a pirate sandbox adventure game, where players create those stories together


and in the world of Sea of Thieves there are tools  and items that may seem simple on the surface,


but when they're in the hands of real players  who are playing in their own way and bringing  


their creativity, it really showcases that the  sandbox is more than the sum of its parts, as  


it creates these memorable stories.


This year, in 2024, our focus is on giving you more tools, more possibilities,


and with that freedom out on the waves give you the possibilities to have these


amazing moments and really changing up the core moment to moment gameplay of the sandbox


The kind of main aims for Season 12 are  about mixing up the meta and how players enjoy  


all of the different aspects of Sea of Thieves. So  as part of Season 12 we're going to be adding two  


new weapons and three new tools for players to use.


an area we haven't really delved into since launch is adding new weapons to the game.


new weapons that give you new tactical choices and strategies out there on your adventures.


So in Season 12 we're going to be adding the Double Barrel Pistol and throwing knives.


The Double Barrel flintlock is a new type of pistol weapon where you can fire  


two shots individually before you need to reload,  or you can charge them together and release them  


at once for a more powerful shot.


We wanted to kind of create this new weapon archetype that's  


a bit shorter range but a faster fire-rate, but  perhaps not as powerful or damaging as the  


flintlock pistol, but then it has those kind of  blunderbuss-like qualities as well, where you can  


do the charge shot to release two pellets at the same time. 


Accompanying that Double Barrel flintlock with another weapon like the cutlass, for example, for a finishing blow


can lead to a fast time to kill for a player  to be able to quickly take down a target.


Season 12 also brings in the throwing knives  as a weapon. Now these can be used as a melee  


item, they have a light and a heavy melee action,  but they can also be thrown and used at range as well.


You can use it to kind of like stab players  with like a quick attack, but that doesn't do much  


damage, or you can charge it to like pull it into  this kind of, more dangerous stabbing motion that  


will slow the players movement down and give  this like really high damage attack for if you  


like sneak up behind players. And then finally, it  has the ability to kind of flip the knife over  


catch it and then throw it at distance against  players which again kind of feels like a trick  


shot and it'll do a lot of damage as well.


When you throw a throwing knife, and if you miss, you  


can actually go in the world and it'll stick  into any of the geometry and you can just pull  


it out and then it'll replenish your ammo. So  I think personally, for me, this is really good  


because sometimes I miss, as I'm sure some of us  do, uh so you can then just go ahead and pick it up again.


So you get these wonderful moments  where a pirate might throw a knife at you but  


then you can retrieve that knife and throw it  back to them, so it'll really mix up the kind  


of combat scenarios you can expect out in the  world and when boarding other ships.


There are three new tools in Season 12: the Wind Caller, the  scattershot and the Bone Caller.


With the scattershot, the way that it's different to a standard  cannonball is, it's a collection of four cannonballs,  


but they're much smaller. They have a much shorter  falloff range and a really wide spread, allowing  


you to hit a target with multiple projectiles at  the same time. And it does really small amounts  


of damage to the ship just like a level one  size hole so like, really quick for players to  


repair, but it can kind of overwhelm a crew quite quickly.  


Basically if you get up close with the scattershot and you can get a few onto your enemy, 


they're gonna have a lot of holes, and they're going to have a pretty bad time.


What it will do is really eat up an opponent's resources  


they' need to use more wood to repair the  many holes that the scattershot puts into the hull.


So the Bone Caller is an awesome new  throwable that players can wield, and they can  


throw that on the floor and when it smashes all  these kind of bones come out and then skeletons  


spawn around the player in allegiance to them, and  they'll actually fight beside the player against  


enemy players and enemy AI.


Now you might not be going straight for just a normal cannonball or


or a chainshot, you might in fact go straight for  the Bone Caller so you can have some skellies that  


are on your side on that ship sort of messing things up for that crew.


You could use fire to fight fire,


so if somebody shoots a Bone Caller across the  sea at your ship and they spawn in, if you have  


your own Bone Caller you could throw that down on  the deck and have your own skellies go and fight  


those, uh, to take them out for you so that you don't have to.  


I mostly play solo and to be able to spawn


literally anything that is friendly to my cause while I'm playing is a massive positive so I'm kind of


looking forward to that, and I'm sure that other players will find ways to make use of it as well.


The Wind Caller is a new horn-shaped  shell that players can blow into to summon the  


power of the winds. So imagine the scenario that  you're heading fully into the wind and you're  


either chasing someone or you're trying to get  away from someone, now you can use this tool to  


blow wind into your sails and go even beyond full-billow in speed.


Players can also use it to kind of knock players back off their ship or on land, so they can kind of target a player,  


blow into the Wind Caller and it will throw them back into the air.


You can use it as a means of propulsion for yourself in the water but also for rowing boats, so you can either use it 


while you're in the water swimming and you'll  blast along like a really fast water boatman, or


you can stand on a rowing boat and blast out  the back like a speed boat basically.


You can put out fires, and you can do it quickly.  So you can just essentially walk around, your


entire ship is caught on fire, and just put out  all the fires as you walk around.


And they can even use it to, like, stop their fall damage.  Like say you're falling a great distance and 


you use the Wind Caller below you it'll, like, cushion your fall so you're like land safely as well.


There is, like, a finite charge for how long the  Wind Caller can last for, so you have to use it wisely.


So Season 12 also introduces ziplines  onto several of the islands around Sea of Thieves.


So you may have seen these as they debuted in  the Monkey Island Tall Tales and they're a really  


fun and exhilarating way to traverse, so it's  really cool to be able to bring those to the  


wider Sea of Thieves world.


So we've been looking across all the islands of the Sea of Thieves and  


looking at the most ideal places to kind of mix  up the traversal opportunities uh within all of  


the islands, to add these ziplines across them.  So we've added ziplines to like, the Outpost to 


get down to your ship quickly, we've added them to  the Skeleton Forts that allow you to kind of zipline 


between two positions to kind of escape the  skeletons or get close to them when they first 


spawn, or just general kind of ziplines across the islands for like fast traversal when moving chests around the islands quickly.


For example on Ancient Spire Outpost, now you've got to clunk down some 


cliffs in order to get your ship. Now you'll be able  to just go and get on the zipline and go flying 


all the way down to the jetty next to your ship.


So alongside adding completely brand new tools 


to the Sea of Thieves sandbox, there's also the opportunity  for us to go back and add completely brand new 


functionality to existing tools.


So another cool new feature that we're adding for Season 12 is 


the ability to balance on harpoon lines. So you  can shoot that harpoon line at another ship or 


another Island and then jump onto it and then like,  balance across. Depending on the angle in which you 


fire the harpoon, it'll either be like too steep  to climb up it, but if you're on the other end 


you can actually jump on the harpoon line and  like slide down it really quickly back to your ship. 


We're really confident this will lead to some  really inventive player boarding tactics out there 


in the sandbox, as well as giving you new ways to traverse the islands.


With all this that we're adding in Season 12, it gives players more opportunities to create those stories, as we're really enriching 


the sandbox of every session. 


So we're always really excited to add new tools and mechanics


to Sea of Thieves, but we're always mindful that  we want to make sure that the game's health is in  


a really good position as well, that the integrity  of Sea of Thieves is there for our players. And since 


we're adding new weapons into Sea of Thieves, we're very  mindful that we want to ensure that the hit 


registration in our game is as rock solid as  it can be, and this is an ongoing thing for us 


as a development team: we're constantly putting  time and effort into this area to try and make it 


as robust as possible.


In the past we've borrowed time from feature teams to address issues in the 


core experience, but it's always taking a backseat  to the features that those teams are working on.


In 2024, this is changing. We're securing a dedicated  team to focus on the health of the game, bringing 


fixes and Improvement to the things that matter  most to our players as soon as they're ready 


as part of our regular monthly updates. This is  going to be a key focus for the team this year 


we want your Sea of Thieves experience to be  the best that it can be. Adding new loadout 


choices as part of upcoming Seasons shows our  commitment to making encounters between players 


a more dynamic and fun experience. But crucially,  this all has to operate on a stable combat system 


we know that there's still plenty of work to  do here, but this remains a top priority for 


our team. March's update delivered Easy Anti-Cheat,  an industry-leading anti-cheat solution designed 


by Epic. This solution evolves over time, keeping  up with cheat developers, blocking them at every 


turn. This is really though just the first step  at improving the player experience here in Sea of Thieves.


We want to focus this year on making Sea of Thieves play better than ever before, whether that 


be improving the performance of the game  across the variety of hardware it runs on, 


ensuring that it's a safe place to play with a  focus on cheating, but also ensuring that our 


hit registration is as reliable as possible in  all of your adventures out there in the sandbox.


So Captain Flameheart has been a staple  and important character of Sea of Thieves for many 


years, appearing in our novels and appearing  in our many Tall Tales and expanded fiction. 


With Season 13, this brings the return of Captain  Flameheart to the Sea of Thieves.


As Flameheart has been resurrected, so has his Burning Blade ship,  and it's back in more monstrous and terrifying 


form than ever before. So we've reimagined it for  Season 13, and it looks incredible. It almost looks 


like a living entity itself.


So traditionally World Events have been at set locations throughout the world.


The Burning Blade is a little different. The Burning Blade is a ship, and therefore moves around the world.


But the twist is, when you've defeated the ship you have the option to board


it and pledge yourself and your crew to Flameheart, enter into his service and become the


crew of The Burning Blade, essentially becoming a  player-created World Event yourselves.


So obviously we have to go in big with this one. At a base it  is larger and more formidable than any ship we've


seen on the waves. This ship has ten cannons, it has  a statue room dedicated to Flameheart at the back,


it has a balcony where Flameheart likes to take in  the view every morning with his coffee and most


importantly it's got a massive flamethrower  at the front. Players will be able to pull a


lever on their ship and fire two massive balls of  fire out the front of their ship, which is really


interesting because we've never actually had an  offensive weapon that's frontal facing before so I think


this is going to create some really interesting  dynamic naval combat situations.


So once you take over the Burning Blade you are on this really  powerful warship, and you have a skeleton crew 


helping you as well, so even smaller crews have  every chance of crewing the Burning Blade because


the skeletons will come to your aid. So you could  have skeletons repairing while you're on the


cannons firing at enemies, which is excellent.  But it's not just about sailing around the


world, which of course you can do. It's about  completing orders in service of Captain Flameheart.


So around the world there'll be numerous  Skeleton Camps. You'll notice the Reapers have


been conducting excavations on the surface, and  they've been dragging up all sorts of Ancient


artifacts and Ancient secrets from below the  surface. Underground there's basically a chamber


with a prism that the players can control to draw  out constellations on the ceiling in order to


help the ritual come to completion and get that knowledge of the Ancients.


Each of these temples contains the secrets of the Ancients, secrets that Flameheart wants above anything else, and as part


of taking control of the ship you'll be able to sail  around the world, visit these ancient temples deep


below these Skeleton Camps, engaging new puzzle  gameplay, discover treasures. But what you're  


really after is the Orb of Secrets, a new treasure  artifact that Flameheart wants. Collecting these 


secrets will add Tribute to the Burning Blade ship.


The more Tribute that you collect, the more


value will be aboard the Burning Blade. But you  will lose the Burning Blade if it sinks or when


you choose to go and cash that Tribute in to  Flameheart. So it's really up to you how long


you think you can hold on to it with that risk  reward, because everybody in the world is going to


be coming for you, they're going to know you're in  there and know you've got high value, so it really


becomes this dynamic player-created World Event  with players versus players in the sandbox.


So even though you can visit these Skeleton Camps  while in control of the Burning Blade, it's not


only tightly wedded to that new gameplay. Players  can also visit them anytime in their adventures. So


should players visit these Skeleton Camps when  they're not the crew of The Burning Blade, the


skeletons won't be too happy that you found a way  inside these Camps, and you'll be engaging in a


combat-focused encounter to discover its secrets.


What's really exciting about Season 13 is the


interplay of the features and the way that they'll  bring players together and combine to create new


stories. And whether you're the crew of The Burning  Blade who wants to protect it or everyone else


who wants to take it down and steal that value,  everything in Season 13 will bring you together.


So towards the end of the year we have Season 14, and while it's very early for us to talk about we


wanted to share some of our thinking here, because  it is totally aligned with this vision for what


2024 can be, this laser focus on the sandbox and  mechanics that add to the variety of stories you


can encounter in Sea of Thieves.


Internally we're referring to Season 14 as pirates of mischief.


Sea of Thieves has always had this playful, mischievous  and funny sense of humor, and with Season 14 we're


expanding on that. The two main areas that we're  exploring are new ways to stealth and new ways


to cause mischief in the world.


So I think a real aspect of the Sea of Thieves experience


that we haven't dived too deep into previously  is the idea of being a stealthy pirate. So when


you think about Stealth in Sea of Thieves and  enhancing that, imagine being able to crouch and


move around the world silently, or the ability to  hang off the side of an enemy ship.


When we were having these initial conversations about Season 14 the first thing I thought of was the cardboard


boxes in Metal Gear Solid. Could we allow players  to climb into chests and if they choose they can


actually scuttle around with their little legs  out the button. And also if they choose to you


know, keep the ruse up, could other players come  along and pick them up like a normal loot chest


or treasure chest or whatever and take it onto  their ship?


So another cool thing that we've been working on is is the blow dart, which is another new weapon that players can wield from the armory


and use that to kind of sneak aboard enemy ships  and fire kind of these custom darts into players


that will do different effects.


So imagine a blow dart that tracks whatever it sticks to, whether


that's a ship, a chest, an item, a player. Ones that  could potentially like lure skeletons to like a


specific position so you can throw a firebomb in  there or, you know, explode a gunpowder keg. Or darts


that can trigger specific sound effects, which is  quite evil and cunning where you could board an


enemy ship and shoot the capstan and it sounds like  it's dropping or shoot the ladders and it sounds 


like someone's climbing up them. And then thinking  about some of the ways that we want to add more


mischief to the world, one of these is the idea  of traps. So much like the kind of blunderbombs


or firebombs, we've been thinking about them being  this kind of throwable trap that players can kind


of throw into the world, think of it like like a  like a spring trap that players can place on the 


islands to trap skeletons on a bounty or on a Fort,  or they could place it at the top of their ladders


to prevent players from boarding their ships and  get caught in this trap. Along with these we're


also bringing a really exciting new tool, and it's  the grapple gun, which is a dual purpose rifle.


So it allows you to traverse the environment much  quicker, 'cos you're able to grapple yourself up to


a ledge for example, but you can also harpoon items  and other players in. So some of the new cool uses


we've seen from the grapple gun in our early play  test are, you know, players firing themselves out of


the cannon towards another ship to try and board  them and perhaps overcooking it and then using


the grapple gun to fire it at the deck and propel  themselves down onto it, or jumping off their ship


to like an oncoming ship and then using the  grapple gun to kind of grapple up and onto


their ship so that they can board them and  drop their anchor, or have a fight with them.


To make sure that the grapple gun is balanced it  does have ammunition. You'll have arrow heads, and


these essentially break off when you successfully  use the grapple gun, meaning you can't continuously


keep grappling, there is a skill to using the  gun successfully, and accurately, and efficiently.


So when we think about 2024, we really think about  getting to the very heart of what makes Sea of Thieves


great. That is your stories powered by that design  philosophy of tools not rules. Seasons 12, 13 and 14


are fully exploring that, giving you new options,  new tools and fundamentally new possibilities,  


that make this game unique and special. I think  when you look at the year ahead for Sea of Thieves  


our plans for Season 12, Season 13 and Season 14,  it's kind of making the shift away from these big  


kind of systemic changes to Sea of Thieves and  returning back to the core of what makes  


Sea of Thieves so special. The heart of Sea of Thieves, about  giving players new tools to create new stories out there in the world.


We're ultimately shaking up the  meta, giving players new tools to learn and master  


and I can't wait to see what combinations players  start settling on before we shake it back up again.


While everything that you're seeing today is still  work in progress and possibly subject to change  


in some ways, we will be giving more insights onto  how these things are developing as we come closer  


to launch for each of them. With the richness of  all these new Seasons, and of course PlayStation  


pirates joining us as well, it is such an exciting  year for Sea of Thieves in 2024.  


Thank you for joining us for the Sea of Thieves 2024  Preview Event, we hope you've enjoyed this  


sneak peek at what's coming throughout the rest  of the year. There's still a lot more to reveal  


for these Seasons, so keep an eye on the horizon  as we'll have more to share closer to each Season's launch.


For more information and to keep up to  date with what's new in Sea of Thieves, check  


out our social channel. So until our paths cross  again, happy sailing! And we'll see you on the seas.


[Serene music]


*Sqwerk, sqwerk, sqwerk*

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