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25 Mar 202425:41


TLDRThe transcript outlines the exciting features of the upcoming Season of Discovery Phase 3 in World of Warcraft Classic. It highlights the introduction of a new 20-player raid, the Sunken Temple, with eight bosses and a plethora of new items and rewards. The level 50 class quests are also being introduced, offering powerful items for each class. Additionally, the patch brings changes to PVP, including a new level 50 PVP set and updates to world events. The transcript also teases system updates and new abilities, as well as a preview of the level 60 content, which includes revamped tier sets and profession specializations.


  • ūüéČ Introduction of a new 20-player level up raid, the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, featuring eight bosses and numerous new items.
  • ūüõ°ÔłŹ Level 50 class quests are being introduced, offering a variety of powerful items for each class.
  • ūüíé Updates to PvP, including a new level 50 PvP set requiring ranks 5 through 7 to equip, and the introduction of Massacre coins.
  • ūüŹĻ New and revamped epic drops, as well as rebalanced and restatted quest rewards for previous level up raids.
  • ūüĆŅ Changes to world events, such as the addition of the Nightmare Incursions, offering repeatable PVE content for levels 25 through 50.
  • ūüĒģ New runes and abilities for various classes, providing more options and strategies for players.
  • ūüéĀ Unique rewards for the Sunken Temple, including a new take on the Drake Stone item and a new weapon type, the axe gun.
  • ūüďą Introduction of tier tokens, allowing for multiple drops on bosses that can drop set tokens, enhancing the loot distribution system.
  • ūüĒß Profession updates, including new quest chains for crafting recipes and additional surprises for engineering, enchanting, and alchemy.
  • ūüĆź System update regarding a minor change involving a dashing dwarf with special talents, though considered not a significant change for most players.
  • ūüöÄ Preparation for level 60 content, with plans to standardize raid lockouts to a weekly reset and revamp tier sets to include multiple variants for different specs and roles.

Q & A

  • What is the main focus of the Season of Discovery Phase 3 preview?

    -The main focus of the Season of Discovery Phase 3 preview is to introduce new content and updates, including a new 20-player level-up raid called the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, new rune abilities, PvP updates, world events, profession changes, and a system update.

  • What is the Temple of Atal'Hakkar raid?

    -The Temple of Atal'Hakkar, also known as the Sunken Temple, is a new 20-player level-up raid in Phase 3. It features eight bosses, new items, including new item sets, revamped epic drops, and rebalanced quest rewards.

  • What level are the level 50 class quests introduced in Phase 3?

    -The level 50 class quests are introduced in Phase 3 of the Season of Discovery.

  • What are some of the new rewards players can find in the Sunken Temple?

    -Some new rewards in the Sunken Temple include a new Drake Stone with a Shadow Arcane spell damage variant, a unique axe-gun weapon, and two different tier tokens for various classes.

  • What is the new level 50 PvP set in Phase 3?

    -The new level 50 PvP set in Phase 3 requires ranks 5 through 7 to equip and earn. It is a full six-piece set with appropriate PvP set bonuses.

  • What is the new world event called in Phase 3?

    -The new world event in Phase 3 is called Nightmare Incursions, which offers repeatable PvE content for levels 25 through 50 and allows players to earn reputation with the new faction, the Emerald Wardens.

  • How are the raid lockout schedules changing in Phase 3?

    -In Phase 3, the Sunken Temple raid will have a weekly lockout, and it will be available right at the release of the phase. This change is intended to provide more consistency in raid scheduling for players.

  • What is the new system update mentioned in the script?

    -The new system update mentioned is the introduction of a dashing dwarf from a far away land who has special talents to share with players for a small fee.

  • What are some of the profession updates in Phase 3?

    -Phase 3 will introduce a new quest chain for players to access new Nightmare armaments crafting recipes, as well as additions for engineering, enchanting, and alchemy. The cost to access these recipes will be significantly reduced.

  • What can players expect in terms of level 60 content based on the preview?

    -In terms of level 60 content, players can expect a standardization of raid lockouts to a weekly reset, revamped tier sets with multiple variants for different specs and roles, and new best-in-slot crafting options. Additionally, players will be able to discover methods to swap weapon skill bonuses and unique racial abilities at level 60.

  • How will the discovery of new content work in Phase 3 and beyond?

    -The discovery of new content in Phase 3 and beyond will continue to be a journey co-written by the players. The development team is interested in player feedback and plans to keep some content surprises for players to discover on their own.



ūüéģ Season of Discovery Phase 3 Preview Introduction

Clay Stone, associate production director of World of Warcraft Classic, introduces the Season of Discovery Phase 3 preview. He expresses excitement over the positive reception of previous seasons and looks forward to sharing what's coming next. The preview covers raid information, Rune abilities, PvP updates, world events, profession updates, and a significant system update. Clay mentions that while there won't be a PTR for player testing, data mining will occur ahead of the launch, but not all data-mined content will be included in the current or future phases. He emphasizes that the journey of Classic is co-written by the players and the development team eagerly awaits their feedback.


ūüŹį The Sunken Temple Raid and Rewards

The Sunken Temple, a new 20-player level-up raid, is introduced as the first raid of Phase 3. It features eight bosses and numerous new items, including new item sets, revamped epic drops, and rebalanced quest rewards. Level 50 class quests are also introduced, offering powerful items for each class. The first boss, Atal'arion, is described as a massive Berserker troll, followed by the Festering Rot slime, and Jammal'an and Ogom, a priest and an undead Avenger. The final boss previewed is Eranikus, a Green Dragon with a bad dream manifesting in the player's world. Various rewards from the Sunken Temple are showcased, including a new Drake Stone with a Shadow Arcane spell damage variant, a unique axe-gun weapon, and tier tokens with multiple classes.


ūüĒģ New Runes and Abilities in Phase 3

Matt Everett, senior engineer on the Classic team, discusses new runes and abilities coming in Phase 3. He notes that more runes will be accessible while leveling, with some still to look forward to at level 50. Specific examples are given for each class, such as the Druid's Gore rune, which resets key feral cooldowns, and the Mage's Deep Freeze, a powerful stun on a frozen target. Each class is highlighted with new abilities and runes that enhance their gameplay and provide new strategies for players to explore.


ūüŹÜ PvP Updates and Emerald Wardens

Nora Valletta, a lead software engineer, talks about PvP updates in Phase 3. A new level 50 PvP set is introduced, requiring ranks 5 through 7 to equip and earn. This set is similar to previous PvP sets, being a full six-piece set with set bonuses. A starter set is available from a new faction called the Emerald Wardens. Adjustments are also made to the Blood Moon event, including new rewards for level 50 and a new currency called Massacre coins. The Blood Stained commendations from the blood coin vendor will be retired, and existing accommodations will still function after the patch but will expire after two weeks.


ūüĆÉ Nightmare Incursions and New World Event

Nora continues discussing the new PVE world event called Nightmare Incursions. Emerald portals scattered across Azeroth lead to a realm filled with corruption and overrun with nightmare creatures. Players can enter these portals for repeatable PVE content for levels 25 through 50. The event offers reputation with the new faction, the Emerald Wardens, and a selection of new items as rewards. The event includes content for players around level 20 up to 50 across all four nightmare portals. Specific rewards like the Nightmare Siphon trinket and the Roar of the Dream ring are highlighted.


ūüĒß Professions and System Updates in Phase 3

The professions are updated in Phase 3 with a new quest chain giving players access to Nightmare armaments crafting recipes. The costs to access these recipes will be significantly reduced. Additional potion, elixir, and flask products are added when crafting consumables. The introduction of new items and effects under the influence of The Nightmare are discussed, as well as the ability to pick up specializations and level professions to 300. The Lion's Share of new toys involving profession specs will be available after level 60.

ūüéČ Level 60 Insights and Future Plans

Josh Greenfield, senior game producer on WoW Classic, provides a minor system change involving a special talent from a dwarf character. He also discusses the World Buffs, which will continue to be used up to the current max level, and introduces new powerful consumables exchangeable on a certain NPC. The use of bankable repeatable turn-in items for leveling is discouraged, and instead, players will earn 50% additional XP from all sources from levels 40 to 49. The Sunken Temple raid will have a weekly lockout, and the release and lockout schedule are discussed. Looking ahead to level 60, plans to standardize raid lockouts to a weekly reset are mentioned, along with updates to tier sets and nonset dungeon and raid items. The professions and specialization crafts at level 60 are set to be expanded, and swapping profession specializations will be easier and more flexible, albeit likely with a cost.

ūüôĆ Conclusion and Thanks

The presentation concludes with a heartfelt thanks from the WoW Classic development team to the players for their participation and feedback in the Season of Discovery. The anticipation for Phase 3's release is expressed, as well as the eagerness to provide more information on Phase 4 as it gets closer. The team's appreciation for the community's involvement in the development of the season is emphasized.



ūüí°Raid Information

The term 'Raid Information' refers to the details about the structured group activities in the game, where players team up to tackle challenging content. In the context of the video, it highlights the introduction of the new 20-player level-up raid called the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, which is packed with bosses, new items, and class quests.

ūüí°Rune Abilities

Rune Abilities are special powers or enhancements that players can acquire in the game. They are significant as they can alter gameplay dynamics by providing new strategies and tactics. In the video, the speaker previews new runes that will be available in Phase 3, such as Gore for Druids and Load Your Traps for Hunters, which offer unique gameplay advantages.

ūüí°PVP Updates

PVP, or Player Versus Player, refers to gameplay where players compete against each other. The term 'PVP Updates' in the video signifies changes and additions to the PVP system. The introduction of a new level 50 PVP set and adjustments to the Blood Moon event are examples of such updates, aiming to enhance the PVP experience by providing players with more specialized gear and rewards.

ūüí°World Events

World Events in the game are special occurrences that happen on a global scale, often involving unique quests, activities, and rewards. The video discusses the addition of a new PVE world event called Nightmare Incursions, which introduces content for players levels 25 through 50 and allows them to earn reputation with a new faction, the Emerald Wardens.


Professions in the game are skills that characters can learn to craft items, enchant gear, or create consumables. The video talks about updates to professions, including new quest chains for crafting recipes and the introduction of new items that can be crafted, which will provide players with more options to enhance their gameplay and characters.

ūüí°System Update

A 'System Update' refers to changes or improvements made to the underlying game mechanics or features. In the video, a minor system change is mentioned involving a character with special talents, indicating that the developers are continually refining the game to provide a better player experience.

ūüí°Level 60

Level 60 is the current maximum character level in the game, and it represents a milestone for players. The video discusses the upcoming Phase 4 and provides a sneak peek at what players can expect at level 60, including standardized raid lockouts, new tier sets, and profession specializations.

ūüí°Weapon Skill Bonuses

Weapon Skill Bonuses are passive abilities that improve a character's proficiency with certain weapons. The video confirms that players will be able to swap in and out up to two weapon skill bonuses at level 60, allowing for more customization and adaptability in gameplay.

ūüí°Tier Sets

Tier Sets are collections of armor pieces that provide bonus effects when multiple pieces are worn together. The video discusses plans to revamp tier sets at level 60, adding multiple variants for different specs and roles, which will give players more opportunities to optimize their characters for specific gameplay styles.


In the context of the game, 'Discovery' refers to the process of uncovering new content, abilities, or features as players progress. The video emphasizes the journey of discovery that players will experience in the upcoming phases, with new abilities, items, and systems being introduced to keep the game fresh and engaging.


Introduction to Season of Discovery Phase 3 preview by Clay Stone, associate production director.

Excitement over the positive reception of Season of Discovery and anticipation for Phase 3.

Preview of new content, including raid information, Rune abilities, PVP updates, world events, professions, and system updates.

Disclaimer about PTR (Public Test Realm) and data mining, emphasizing that not all data mined content will be in the current or future phases.

Announcement of the new 20-player Level up raid, Temple of Atal'Hakkar, with eight bosses and new items.

Introduction of level 50 class quests that provide powerful items for each class.

Preview of the first boss in the new raid, Atal'arion, a massive Berserker troll.

Description of the new boss, the Festering Rot Slime, a gelatinous monster that consumes adventurers in the Sunken Temple.

Details on Jammal'an and Ogom, a priest and an undead Avenger dedicated to the return of the blood God Hakkar.

Introduction of the final boss preview, Green Dragon Eranikus, who has been having a bad dream manifesting in the world.

Showcase of new rewards, including a new Drake Stone item with a Shadow Arcane spell damage variant.

Reveal of a unique weapon, an axe gun, for Shaman and Paladins, offering both melee and ranged capabilities.

Explanation of the new tier token system, similar to AQ40, with multiple tokens dropping per boss.

Discussion of updated and rebalanced quest rewards for previous level up raids.

Introduction of Matt Everett, senior engineer, who will discuss new runes in Phase 3.

Overview of new PVP set introduction, requiring ranks 5 through 7 to equip, and the new faction, the Emerald Wardens.

Explanation of the new PVP honor consumable token for level 50 and the addition of new gear.

Introduction of Nora Valletta, lead software engineer, who will talk about PVP updates and the new PVP set.

Details on the new PVE world event, nightmare incursions, offering repeatable content for levels 25 through 50.

Information on the new faction, the Emerald Wardens, and the rewards they offer for participating in nightmare incursions.

Discussion of profession updates, including new quest chains, crafting recipes, and the introduction of new items and effects.

Introduction of Josh Greenfield, senior game producer, who will talk about system updates and level 60 gameplay.

Explanation of the 50% additional XP buff from levels 40 to 49 and the 100% buff from levels 1 through 39.

Details on the new raid release and lockout schedule, shifting to a weekly lockout for the Sunken Temple.

Early preview of Phase 4, including plans for standardizing raid lockouts, itemization updates, and the introduction of new tier sets.



hi everyone I'm Clay Stone associate production  director of wild classic Welcome to our season  


of Discovery phase 3 preview as our team has  shared in the past we have been blown away by  


the reception to season of Discovery and we're  so excited to share this sneak peak at what's  


ahead with you so with that let's take a look at  what we'll be covering today we'll kick things  


off with raid information then a preview of Rune  abilities followed by our PVP updates changes  


and additions being made to world events a look  at what's coming to professions and close it out  


with a very important system update and more  which you're definitely going to want to stick  


around for all right so just like last time some  disclaimers we're going to put the build up on  


PTR soon to check our era and hardcore Realms  but like all the other phases phase three of  


season of Discovery will not have a PTR for player  testing still there will be some data mining that  


occurs in advance of the launch but as we've been  saying since the beginning of season of Discovery  


not everything Data mind will actually be in the  phase or future phases so speculators beware and  


conversely there's more to discover in this  upcoming phase and Beyond than we're going to  


talk about ahead of time and we want your feedback  everything we do across classic continues to be a  


journey that is co-written by you the players and  we can't wait to hear your thoughts on all of it  


all right so I'm sure it is a total surprise  that absolutely no one saw coming that the Temple  


of Atal'Hakkar aka the Sunken Temple will be our  new and first 20 player Level up raid this raid is  


jam-packed with eight bosses tons of new items  including new item sets new and revamped epic  


drops and uplevel and rebalanced Quest rewards  this is also when the level 50 class quests come  


online which will provide a wide array of powerful  items for each class jumping into a quick preview  


of a few of the bosses the first boss in this raid  is Atal'arion a massive Berserker troll that acts  


as a bit of a janitor cleaning up or potentially  eating any person or thing that happens to fall  


down from the atrium above If the fall doesn't  kill you this guy definitely will next up we  


have a brand new boss the festering rot slime this  engorged gelatinous monster inexorably patrols one  


of the outer rings of the sunken Temple consuming  any wandering adventurers Hapless enough to cross its  


path a bit further into the raid we have Jammal'an and Ogom a priest and an undead Avenger utterly  


dedicated to seeing the blood God Hakkar return  to the mortal world these two will keep you on  


your toes and have a few tricks up their sleeve to  keep the fight interesting each time you encounter  


them the last boss in this preview is the mighty  Green Dragon Eranikus Eranikus has been having a bit  


of a bad dream for the past few decades and that  dream is manifesting in our world in a variety of  


ways which Nora will talk about in just a little  bit for those that make it to his lay we can't  


recommend waking this big beast up but if you do  and are able to Prevail a lot of sweet loot will  


no doubt await you speaking of loot here's  a quick look at some of the awesome rewards  


you'll find inside the Sunken Temple first up we  have a new take on the Drake Stone item with a  


new Shadow Arcane spell damage variant next up  is a rather unique weapon yes it's an axe gun  


Shaman and Paladins have felt left out for quite  some time when it comes to having ranged weapons  


and short of Egan's Blaster there's not much for  them now you too can have a gun that you can swing  


like an axe or shoot like a gun with a cooldown of  course it's unfortunately a bit slow on the reload  


lastly we have a quick look at our tier tokens  similar to aq40 we have two different tokens  


with several classes on each we really like the  token system in Gnomeregan but it sometimes felt a bit  


bad to be rolling against the entire raid whenever  one dropped so now we'll have two different tokens  


and multiple will drop on each boss that can drop  set tokens and here's a quick look at some of the  


Epic rewards first off we've got a glow up for the  classic Embrace of the serpent robe for healers  


we've also updated the sword dragon's call one  cool thing about this weapon is that we've added  


several brand new glow effects for weapons in this  patch and this is one of the first items to take  


advantage of having a very fancy but still quite  classic new glow and just like in previous raids  


we've got several fun items lined up as well  the first item is the atalay blood ceremony  


which allows you and a friend or fremy to play a  deadly game where only one survives this item is  


great for when you need to decide something and  a coin flip just won't cut it the unorthodox hex  


stick allows you to embrace your inner Critter  and transform into a disgusting little creepy  


crawler to Dazzle and disgust your friends these  are just a few examples and there are several cool  


things coming with this patch we've intentionally  left the best ones for you to discover yourself  


lastly one bit of feedback we took to heart  this patch was that a lot of updated Quest  


rewards for previous level up raids could feel  a bit underwhelming so for sunken Temple we've  


actually gone a step further and helped rebalance  and restat many of the existing Quest rewards the  


first example here is is a Vanguard Helm and you  can see we've made it a bit more attractive to the  


classes that can use it and Helm of Exile as well  and well not a quest reward we have also carried  


forward some of the work we did updating dungeon  drops in the previous phase and revamped even more  


Dungeon Drop rewards including princess Theradras'  scepter and with that I'll turn it over to Matt  


to give us a preview of runes and just some of  the new abilities you'll get access to hey folks  


I'm Matt Everett senior engineer on the classic  team I'll go over some of the new runes you might  


find in Phase 3 before that I want to note that  we heard your feedback that a lot of runes last  


phase weren't accessible until Level 40 we've  tried to balance phase three so you'll find more  


runes while leveling but you'll still have some to  look forward to at 50 let's look at Druids first  


Gore gives you a chance to reset some key feral  cooldowns and generate some rage and improved  


bark skin gives you all the benefits of bark skin  without the drawbacks and you can cast it on your  


friends next up are Hunters with and load your  traps Grant you a free shot with no cool down  


this could be a great one-two punch with something  like double Chimera shot Focus fire lets your pet  


build up frenzy which increases its attack speed  you can activate it to consume your pet's frenzy  


boosting your attack speed and granting your  pet Focus next up are Mages deep freeze is a  


powerful 5-second stun on a frozen Target if the  target's immune to stuns it takes significant  


damage instead bail Firebolt lets you live on the  edge of risk and reward dealing heavy damage but  


decreasing your spirit if you reach zero Spirit  you die and by the way if you're leveling a new  


Mage you might find this Rune earlier than you  expect paladins improved Sanctuary makes you  


even tankier increasing sanctuary's damage blocked  and damage dealt back to attackers wrath lets you  


crit with Consecration and applies your melee  crit chance to your holy shock holy wrath and  


exorcism spells let's look at priests pain and  suffering allows your mind Flay ability to refresh  


the duration of shadow word pain while surge of light  causes your crits to make your next Smite or Flash  


heal instant cast Rogues honor among Thieves is  incredibly powerful granting you a combo Point  


each time a party member scores a crit it does  have a short cool down but you'll be swimming in  


combo points with this Rune cut to the chase makes  it easier to keep slice and dice up by allowing  


eviscerate and envenom to refresh it back to  its Max duration next up are Shaman when you  


deal melee damage mental dexterity applies your  intellect to your attack power and then applies  


30% of your attack power to your spells rip tide  is a fan favorite that instantly heals the target  


for an initial amount and then heals for a similar  amount over time when you chain heal a target with  


riptide active it gets consumed to power up the  chain heal warlocks pandemic makes damage over  


time spells even more overwhelming by letting them  crit with this Rune you can summon the iconic fel


guards to supplement your stable of demon Pets  the felguard is a powerful melee damage dealer  


capable of both tanking and dealing out serious  punishment he's not the only new demon you can  


summon this phase but I'll let you discover that  on your own warriors with taste for blood your Rend 


damage lets you use overpower once per 6 seconds  sword and board gives your devastate and revenge  


a chance to reset Shield slams cooldown and make  it cost no rage this time Warriors get a bonus  


Rune the much requested Gladiator stance lets you  live that sword and shield Gladiator fantasy this  


increases your damage when wearing a shield as  well as letting you use abilities from other  


stances at the cost of survivability this is one  we've really been looking forward to bringing to  


the season and we can't wait to see what Warriors  are able to do with it I love watching players  


work together to find all the new runes each phase  and I'm looking forward to this one up next Nora  


will join us to talk about PVP updates hey thanks  Matt my name's Nora Valletta and I'm a lead software  


engineer on Wow classic I'm here to talk about  some of the other updates we've got coming in  


phase three starting with PVP one of the things  we've learned from previous phases is that PVP  


can be a bit rough when the only thing available  is PVE gear that is generally set up with output  


stats rather than survivability stats as a result  we're going to be introducing a brand new level 50  


PVP set that requires ranks 5 through 7 to equip  and earn this is similar to the rank 10 and rank  


13 PVP sets in that it's a full six-piece set  with appropriate PVP set bonuses there will  


also be a starter set available from a new faction  called the emerald wardens but we'll go into more  


detail on them later on here's a quick look at a  few of the new PVP sets items you'll notice that  


they are a bit more specialized and focused than  the previous level 60 PVP sets were each class  


will have a variety of sets available to them such  that multiple different specs or roles are covered  


we're also making a few adjustments to the blood  moon event including adding brand new rewards for  


level 50 we'll also be adding a new currency for  the level 50 rewards called Massacre coins which  


you'll earn when killing higher level players  in the event will be retiring The Blood Stained  


commendations that are currently available from  the blood coin vendor any existing accomodations  


that you have will still function after the Patch  but don't hold on to them forever they will expire  


after 2 weeks we think it's okay if you're able  to bank these now to give you a bit of a leg up  


on PVP ranking at the start of the next phase but  we don't necessarily want you to be able to hoard  


enough coins to get you all the way up to rank 14  later on when that rank becomes available we'll  


have a new PVP honor consumable token for level  50 as well purchasable with the new currencies  


and how about some gear here are a few of the  new items ail ailable via the blood moon event  


in Phase 3 do note that the head Hunter's Barbed  spear is a warrior only weapon we also realize  


that ranged Hunters may have felt a bit left  out last time so we've gone ahead and given  


them a pretty strong crossbow option in this  round well phase three of season of Discovery  


will soon be upon us and with it comes new loot  new opportunities to gain experience and new  


adventure let's take a quick look at our new PVE  world event called nightmare incursions picture if  


you will the four Emerald portals scattered across  Azeroth at this point in history the dragons of  


nightmare Taerar Ysondre Emeriss and Lethon have not  yet arrived to spread their Terror however as you  


approach each portal you can't help but sense  hidden danger something's not quite right those  


brave enough to enter an emerald portal will be  plunged into a realm seeping with corruption and  


overrun with Dragons Treants and other poor souls  driven mad by the corruption but beware not all  


foes are alike some enemies can be defeated by  a single seasoned Adventurer While others are  


perhaps too powerful to be faced alone nightmare  incursions offer repeatable PVE content for levels  


25 through 50 to check it out Simply enter one  of the four Emerald portals located in duskwood  


Ashenvale Hinterlands or Feralas this is a great  new opportunity to earn experience and those who  


choose to jump in and fight the corruption will  have the chance to earn reputation with an allnew  


faction called the emerald wardens with great  danger comes great rewards the emerald wardens  


will be very grateful for your help and will  be offering a selection of choice new items  


to sweeten the deal one of the cool things about  nightmare incursions is that we plan to include  


some rewards at different player levels as  there will be content available for players  


roughly level 20 all the way to 50 across  all four nightmare portals the first example  


is this nightmare siphon trinket which could  be really fun for low-l alts for level 50 we  


have the Roar of the dream a somewhat unique ring  that has a sizable spell damage proc on it lastly  


we also plan to take a page from the burning  Crusade Playbook and make a level 50 PVP set  


available at honor with the new Emerald wardens  faction this set isn't as powerful as some of  


the other PVP item rewards we plan to add this  phase but it's a good stepping stone into the  


better items later on with the launch of phase  three comes a host of interesting new updates  


to professions continuing on from the first two  phases we'll be introducing a new Quest chain to  


give players access to New Nightmare armaments  Crafting recipes as well as some fun things  


for engineering enchanting and Alchemy we've also  learned a few lessons from the previous phase of  


professions so the cost to access the recipes  will be essentially free in terms of raw gold  


and the cost of the recipes that Ziri offers and  gnomeregan are going to be decreased as well in case you  


want to buy additional recipes for completion or  you have an ALT that wants to snag the recipes for  


themselves we think gold sinks are important and  are going to explore different ways later on to  


do that that are not so directly on the critical  path of gear progression here's a quick look at  


a few of the crafted items you can make this phase  there are many more across various professions and  


for various specs and roles as you can see some  of these items offer interesting new unequipped  


effects which are applied while you're under the  influence of The Nightmare if you'd prefer to  


stay nightmare free we've got some cool new items  such as the void powered Slayers Vambraces which  


can grant you immunity to fear for 15 seconds we  do plan to allow you to pick up specializations  


this phase as well as allow you to level to 300  in each profession additionally we've added a few  


new surprises here for example we are adding  a quest to allow you to get additional potion  


elixir and flask prodcts when crafting those  types of consumables you'll also have to do a  


little bit of leg work to unlock these things  but the benefits should be well worth it the  


Lion Share of our new toys involving profession  specs will be coming after level 60 and we have  


some very cool things planned there to allow  you to make the most of your professions well  


that was a lot of updates I hope I didn't forget  anything Josh I'm not forgetting anything am I now  


that you mention it Nora there is one small system  update you might have missed but first hi I'm Josh  


Greenfield senior game producer on Wow Classic  so there is one small system change coming and  


honestly the update is so minor we almost didn't  mention it because we didn't think anyone would  


really care but since we're all previewing things  we figured we might as well so in 1152 with phase  


three you may happen Upon A dashing dwarf from  a far away land that has one very special talent  


that He wants to share with you for a small fee of  course actually to be a little bit more specific  


he has two sets of special talents to share like  I said we were pretty sure this wouldn't be a big  


deal to most players we probably should have just  left it out of the presentation entirely so with  


that we're approaching the home stretch but we've  got a tiny bit more to discuss and we want to take  


some time to cover a few other miscellaneous  topics commonly asked question questions as  


well as a quick look at how things will start to  shape up at level 60 so let's jump right into that  


so the first topic here is World Buffs as with the  previous phases will continue to allow you to use  


the previous world buff up through the current  max level the new raid sunken Temple will also  


include a new world buff we'll also be making  some rather powerful consumables available for  


exchange on a certain NPC using materials found  in the sunken Temple raid these are spiritually  


similar to The zanza Elixirs that you could obtain  by exchanging items found in Zul'gurub they're quite  


powerful so you'll definitely want to bring  them with you to the raid when you can also as  


with previous phases we did want to clarify that  bankable repeatable Turn in items will not function  


to allow you to level quickly from 40 to 50 we  really love the preparation aspects of original  


wow and things like pre-questioning are great but  being able to bank hundreds or even thousands of  


repeatable quest Turn in items to get multiple  levels right when the phase begins is not going  


to be Ed in this or any phase going forward to  be clear this includes things like marks of Honor  


waste wander water pouches and the troll necklaces  from the Hinterlands one of the big lessons we've  


learned in season of Discovery is how tricky it  can be to balance the LevelUp journey and the  


Outdoor World but to also encourage players to  play multiple characters It's tricky to manage  


especially against a seasonal backdrop where the  content phases are relatively short by World of  


Warcraft standards to help out with this a bit we  introduced a very powerful discoverers Delight XP  


buff at the midpoint of phase 2 and while that  was effective at increasing the speed at which  


you could level alts it didn't really help to  reduce the fatigue that came with leveling your  


first main character by way of a compromise in  phase three you will earn 50% additional XP from  


all sources from levels 40 to 49 and this will  be active right when phase three goes live this  


is just to give a slight nudge right away it will  still be a sizable number of hours to hit 50 but  


this will help move that along without feeling  like you're either just flying through zones or  


conversely in danger of running out of quests if  questing is your preferred leveling method note  


that the 100% buff from 1 through 39 will remain  in place as well overall we think that these Buffs  


are a decent solution but they aren't what we  consider to be ideal we're going to carry a lot  


of what we learned forward if we do something like  this again and maybe look at other adjustments we  


can make to help smooth the leveling curve in  general additionally as with black fathom deeps  


before Gnomeregan will give a sizable amount of XP  for each boss kill so continuing to run that  


with your guild will be a worthwhile activity  when it is available to you on the same token  


we see nightmare incursions as a good quick way  to get a good chunk of XP if you find yourself  


wanting a change of pace from your normal leveling  routine there's a lot of repeatable content that  


gives experience there as for the raid release and  lockout schedule we've been thinking a lot about  


this and we've decided to shift sunken Temple to  a weekly lockout and it will be available right at  


the release of phase 3 kind of similar to what we  did with Gnomeregan in Phase 2 players will have five  


days to hit Level 50 if you want to try and get in  a raid during that first lockout and then the raid  


will work like any other weekly lockout resetting  on Tuesday or your normal Regional lockout day  


we decided to make this swap for a few reasons  first we've gotten feedback from players saying  


they would like to have a bit more consistency  with their raid schedule and with the raid size  


going up to 20 players in this phase being able  to plan longterm is even more important we'll  


also talk about this a little bit more in the  next few slides but we're also thinking ahead  


to what the rating landscape will look like once  we hit level 60 that also informs this decision  


lastly on this topic we will be sure we are being  generous with drops to compensate for this change  


that's a good segue to talk about level 60 in game  since we're getting close to 60 we think it makes  


sense to dig into a few more details of what you  can expect starting with phase 4 this preview is  


very very early and in no way comprehensive  but it's just meant to be a minor sneak peek  


at some things we have cooking again to stress  that much of what you will see here is still  


very much in development and some specifics could  and likely will change this is more of a look at  


our general thought process rather than the actual  set in stone plans we have as we alluded to a few  


slides ago we plan to standardize raid lockouts  from level 50 and Beyond to a weekly reset this  


includes things like zul'gurub ruins of ahn'qiraj  and onyxia's lair we also want to assure with  


our itemization updates many of the items even in  early raids remain relevant for a pretty good long  


time ultimately this is a very classic approach  and many items you got even as your pre- raid  


best in slot such as the Hand of Justice or the  Savage Gladiator Chain remained good for several  


tiers and we want to carry this forward with this  in mind however we know you will likely want to  


run several different raids a week but we want  to avoid a situation where Logistics gets messy  


because you have to contend with a large number  of a regular unwieldy raid lock timers by the  


time Blackwing lair is out for example there's  going to be a large menu of relevant things to  


do at level 60 and being able to plan and schedule  activities on a predictable Cadence is going to be  


very important last quick note on this while Upper  Black Rock Spire is technically a 10-player raid  


it's never had a lockout and that will remain  true it's essentially a 10-player dungeon and  


will remain that way so go farm those Briarwood  reeds another very frequently Asked question  


we've received is what about weapon skill racial  bonuses from the start we've suggested that you  


shouldn't need to worry too much about things like  orc and Human Weapon skills long term and that you  


should feel good about choosing whatever race you  want based on their Aesthetics or other bonuses  


that race gets apart from weapon skill bonus every  phase we get asked for a status update on this and  


we just wanted to confirm that yes the solution  is coming at level 60 at level 60 you will be  


able to discover a method to essentially swap in  and out up to two weapon skill bonuses for your  


character so for example if I were a troll Fury  Warrior and I had a mace and a dagger I could  


swap my passive bonuses to plus five Maces and plus  five daggers please note that these weapon skill  


bonuses do not stack with each other or with a  certain Race's normal passive weapon skill bonus  


so in the same scenario if I were a human Warrior  I already get plus five Maces for my racial skill  


so instead I might want to use plus five bows and  plus five daggers so that maybe my bow skill had  


a better chance to hit if I was pulling higher  level mobs just like your racial skills however  


these passives will stack with any weapon skill  you gain from items such as obsidian Edge blade  


or Maladath runed blade of the black flight these  unlockable passives will be available right at  


level 60 and while there will be a short Discovery  to unlock them everyone who wants them will have  


access to them early on continuing that line of  thought yes priests will also be able to unlock  


other races unique priest spells as well such  as devouring plague and fear Ward we don't want  


to spoil how this will work just yet but just like  weapon skills we do get asked about this a lot and  


wanted to confirm that this was also coming and  would be available early on at level 60 there will  


also be discoveries tied to accessing these spells  as well so this is the last big item in our level  


60 preview and we think it's the most impactful as  items are obviously going to be a major focus of  


the new level 60 in game we are essentially  totally revamping tear sets to add multiple  


variants for different specs and roles that each  class can fill we don't necessarily intend to make  


a full set for every single Niche play style in  every raid tier as some classes could end up with  


upwards of 5 to seven sets every few months but  we do want to try and cover a lot of the major  


roles as well as some new play Styles we've added  to different classes so that most unique roles  


each class has access to get something cool  at some point during their level 60 Journey  


additionally we plan to revamp many existing  nonset dungeon and raid items at level 60 as  


well as adding new best-in slot or nearly best-  in slot crafting options at 60 we think there's  


a lot of fun and interesting things we can do with  the level 60 professions and profession profession  


specialization crafts and we plan to expand  on those to keep crafting more relevant for a  


longer period of time lastly swapping profession  specializations will be easier and more flexible  


but will likely have a cost associated with doing  so we're still ironing out the final design for  


what this will look like but if you're familiar  with how this worked in Burning Crusade that might  


be a good starting point to inform how this might  work finally here's a few quick examples of what  


potential new tier sets could look like these are  very much not finalized so any of the stats or set  


bonuses could and probably will change so first  off you'll notice we've got a tanking Rogue set  


with a very interesting eight-piece bonus we've  also got a shock it and Paladin set that really  


plays up key abilities such as exorcism and holy  shock lastly we have a boomkin set that really  


leans into some of the bonuses we've recently  added to moonkin form again these are somewhat  


early on rough draft versions of some of these  items but we think being able to make exciting  


new variations of these iconic item sets is very  cool and it's going to be a defining feature of  


the level 60 ingame so with that we're done with  today's presentation thank you for bearing with us  


on this one as it was a long one we've had a blast  on this wild season of Discovery Journey with you  


so far and we honestly can't wait to get phase  three into your hands as well as provide a bit  


more information on phase 4 as we start getting  a little bit closer to that as always we want to  


express a heartfelt thanks from the WoW Classic  development team thank you for playing with us  


thank you for the feedback and thank you for the  participation in helping us develop this season  


we'll see you again when season of Discovery phase  3 goes live shortly thank you again and goodbye

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