Morgan Wallen - Graveyard Whistling (Abbey Road Sessions)

Morgan Wallen
3 Mar 202404:04


TLDRThis transcript appears to be lyrics from a song or musical performance. The lyrics explore themes of letting go of beliefs, embracing the present moment, and finding freedom from fear and worry. There's a sense of rejecting false idols and conventional wisdom, with a carefree, questioning attitude towards life. The lyrics encourage the audience to open their minds, let go of limiting beliefs, and find a sense of wonder in the present. The overall tone is defiant yet reassuring, inviting listeners to join in this liberating perspective.


  • 🎶 The script opens with an affirmative 'yep we're good,' setting a positive or resolved tone early on.
  • 👏 The inclusion of '[Applause]' and '[Music]' suggests moments of celebration or emphasis, punctuating the narrative with energy.
  • 🔥 Expressions like 'let's go out tonight kill some stubborn M set those gos till I get into it' convey a theme of defiance or confrontation.
  • 💥 The line 'all your gods are false just get used to do it' introduces skepticism or rejection of established beliefs or norms.
  • 🤖 The motif of youth and its fleeting nature is highlighted with phrases like 'no one's getting younger,' suggesting urgency or a carpe diem theme.
  • 💎 Offering a 'souvenir' as a metaphor suggests seeking tangible memories or experiences to hold onto amidst transience.
  • 💧 'Let it take you under feel your words disappear' and similar lines emphasize surrender to experiences or emotions for liberation or escape.
  • ✨ The recurring advice 'if you don't believe it can't hurt you' promotes detachment or disbelief as a shield against harm or disappointment.
  • 📷 References to 'a picture and a backb and a number' and 'access to the cloud' touch on themes of digital identity and the search for meaning in a connected world.
  • 🔄 The final verses reiterate the core message of non-belief as protection, alongside a longing for discovery ('will I find a sense of wonder') and openness ('open up the gates').

Q & A

  • What is the central theme of the lyrics?

    -The central theme revolves around the concept of disbelief and its protective power, suggesting that not believing in something makes it incapable of harming you.

  • What does the phrase 'all your gods are false' imply about the speaker's view on religion?

    -This phrase suggests a skeptical or atheistic viewpoint, dismissing the validity of religious deities and possibly criticizing the reliance on religious beliefs.

  • What is the significance of 'let's go out tonight kill some stubborn M set those gos till I get into it' in the context of the song?

    -This line could imply a desire to challenge or confront deeply held beliefs or norms, engaging in activities that question or defy conventional moral standards.

  • How does the refrain 'cuz if you don't believe it can't hurt you' serve the song's message?

    -The refrain emphasizes the protective nature of disbelief, suggesting that skepticism or lack of faith shields one from the negative impact of those beliefs.

  • What does 'would you like a souvenir' symbolize in the lyrics?

    -This phrase likely symbolizes the idea of taking something memorable or significant from an experience, possibly hinting at learning or insights gained from challenging one's beliefs.

  • How does the concept of 'no one's getting younger' relate to the overall message of the song?

    -This concept highlights the urgency of living life fully and questioning beliefs, as time is constantly passing and one should make the most of their life without fear.

  • What role does the imagery of 'graveyard withle' play in the lyrics?

    -This imagery might evoke a sense of morbid fascination or acceptance of mortality, aligning with the song's themes of confronting fears and beliefs about death.

  • What does 'give me access to the cloud I'm living under' metaphorically represent?

    -This metaphor could represent a desire for enlightenment or clarity, seeking to understand or escape the 'cloud' of confusion, ignorance, or uncertainty.

  • How does the idea of 'open up the gates' fit into the song's narrative?

    -This idea suggests a moment of revelation or liberation, encouraging the opening of one's mind or the barriers that hold back understanding and acceptance.

  • What is the significance of 'I got a picture and a backb and a number' in the context of the lyrics?

    -This line might represent the tangible evidence or memories one holds onto, possibly signifying connections or experiences that remain despite a rejection of certain beliefs.



🎶 Embracing Disbelief

The paragraph appears to be lyrics to a song. The speaker expresses a carefree and rebellious attitude, embracing disbelief and dismissing traditional beliefs and societal norms. They encourage living in the moment, enjoying life without worries or regrets, and finding solace in not believing in anything that can potentially harm or restrict them. The lyrics convey a sense of freedom and liberation from conventional constraints.




The concept of an afterlife refers to a belief in a life after death, where the essence of a being's identity or consciousness continues to exist. In the video script, the mention of 'after life' suggests a thematic exploration of existential questions or a rejection of traditional religious concepts, as indicated by the line 'all your gods are false.' It implies a perspective that challenges or disregards conventional religious beliefs about what comes after death, focusing instead on the present or on alternative spiritualities.


In the script, 'gods' likely symbolize established religious or cultural beliefs and their authority over individuals' lives and moral choices. The statement 'all your gods are false' reflects a rebellious or skeptical stance towards these traditional beliefs, suggesting a theme of questioning or rejecting external sources of moral or existential authority in search of personal truth or freedom.


The repeated use of the word 'believe' in the script emphasizes the importance of personal belief systems and their impact on one's perception of pain or harm. The lines 'if you don't believe it can't hurt you' and variations thereof suggest that mental and emotional suffering is significantly influenced by one's beliefs. This could imply a message about the power of mindset, skepticism, or detachment in avoiding the pain associated with certain truths or realities.


The term 'hurt' in this context refers not only to physical pain but more so to emotional or psychological harm. The script's refrain 'it can't hurt you' if you don't believe in it underscores a theme of emotional resilience or the idea that belief and perception greatly influence one's vulnerability to being hurt. It suggests a coping mechanism or philosophical stance where disbelief or detachment shields one from suffering.


A 'souvenir' traditionally refers to a keepsake or memento that reminds someone of a place, event, or experience. In the script, asking 'would you like a souvenir' metaphorically suggests offering a tangible or lasting reminder of the experiences or lessons learned. It may symbolize the desire to keep a part of the experience alive, to remember the philosophical or emotional journey undertaken.


The word 'disappear' in the context of 'feel your worries disappear' suggests a theme of escapism or relief from burdens and anxieties. It implies a transformation or a process of letting go where concerns and fears are alleviated, possibly through the act of not believing or detaching oneself from the sources of these worries. This is indicative of a search for inner peace or mental freedom.


The phrase 'no one's getting younger' is a common expression acknowledging the inevitability of aging and the passage of time. In this script, it may serve to underscore themes of mortality, the fleeting nature of life, or a call to action to make the most of the present, rejecting fears or disbelief that hold one back from fully experiencing life.


Mention of a 'graveyard' likely serves as a metaphor or imagery related to death, the end of life, or a place of reflection on mortality. In the script, it could symbolize an exploration into themes of existentialism, the afterlife, or confronting one's mortality, especially in the context of 'graveyard withle and I'm into it,' suggesting an acceptance or fascination with these themes.


In the modern context, 'cloud' often refers to cloud computing or online data storage. The script's mention of 'give me access to the cloud I'm living under' could metaphorically speak to a desire for clarity, enlightenment, or access to a higher understanding or consciousness, possibly playing on the double meaning of 'cloud' as both a technological and natural phenomenon.


The term 'wonder' in 'will I find a sense of wonder' suggests a quest for awe, curiosity, or a deeper appreciation of life's mysteries. It indicates a longing for experiences or insights that reignite one's sense of amazement and fascination, possibly in contrast to or as a result of the script's earlier themes of disbelief and detachment.


All your gods are false, just get used to it.

Let's go out tonight, kill some stubborn myths.

No one's getting younger, would you like a souvenir?

Let it take you under, feel your words disappear.

If you don't believe, it can't hurt you.

When you let it leave, it can't hurt you.

If you don't believe then you know it can never do you wrong.

I'm not in, I did everything and I would again.

Graveyard whistling, I'm into it.

I got a picture and a backpack and a number.

Give me access to the cloud I'm living under.

When I go there, will I find a sense of wonder?

Open up the gates.

Then when you let it leave, it can't hurt you.

If you don't believe, it can't hurt you.



yep we're good






Perfect all that after life I don't hold


with this all your gods are false just


get used to do it let's go out


tonight kill some stubborn M set those


gos till I get into it no one's getting


younger would you like a


souvenir let it take you


under feel your words


disappear cuz if you don't


leave it can't hurt


you and when you let it


leave it can't hurt


you cuz if you don't


believe then you know then you know it


can never do you wrong cuz if you don't


believe it can't hurt


you ah




oh okay I'll admit I'm not


in I did


everything and I would again I'm not


listening I've heard


everything graveyard withle and I'm into


it no one's getting younger


would you like a


souvenir let it take you


under feel your worries


disappear cuz if you don't


believe it can't hurt


you and when you let it


leave it can't hurt


you cuz if you don't


believe then you know then you know it


can never do you harm cuz if you don't


believe it can't hurt




you I got a picture and a backb and a


number and give me access to the cloud


I'm living under and when I go there


will I find a sense of


wonder open up the




cuz if you don't


believe it can't hurt


you then when you let it


leave it can't hurt


you cuz if you don't


believe then you know then you know it


can never do you all cuz if you don't


believe he can't hurt