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TLDRThe transcript appears to be a spoken word or monologue, possibly from a radio broadcast or podcast, discussing themes of family, loyalty, and personal experiences. The speaker reflects on the importance of family, defining them as those who love and support you unconditionally. They also mention facing challenges and conflicts, possibly related to their role or duty, where they had to stand their ground against adversaries. The narrative includes references to colors, which could symbolize factions or groups, and the speaker's commitment to their cause, despite the adversities faced.


  • 🎶 The script begins with music and an informal conversation tone.
  • 👀 The speaker seems to be recounting a personal experience, possibly from a past event or memory.
  • 📻 Radios and plebes (newcomers) are mentioned, indicating a setting where these elements are significant.
  • 🔫 There's a reference to 'throwing out rifles' and 'shooting in the shoulder and leg', suggesting a violent or combative situation.
  • 💥 The mention of 'blues and greens' and 'whites' could be referring to groups, teams, or factions within the context.
  • 🛡️ 'On armor' and 'recule pelada' imply a situation involving protective gear and intense physical exertion.
  • 🚫 The speaker emphasizes not stopping and not hiding, indicating a sense of duty or responsibility.
  • 💬 A conversation with 'Él' (He) is mentioned, possibly a significant figure or authority figure in the speaker's life.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧 The concept of 'family' is discussed, with the speaker expressing gratitude and a sense of belonging.
  • 🛡️ The term 'defender' is used, suggesting a protective or combative role.
  • 🔒 The mention of 'opening steel bars' and '27 and p' could be referring to a specific method or code, possibly related to a security measure.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme discussed in the script?

    -The main theme discussed in the script is the importance of family and the bond it creates, as well as the speaker's experiences and actions in the context of defending and facing challenges.

  • How does the speaker describe the concept of family?

    -The speaker describes family as the people who are always in your life, who love you unconditionally, and who would do anything to see you happy and smiling.

  • What does the speaker mention about the radios?

    -The speaker mentions that the radios continue to play, implying that there is a sense of normalcy or a constant presence in their environment.

  • What is the significance of the colors mentioned (white, green, blue) in the script?

    -The colors mentioned (white, green, blue) seem to represent different groups or teams, possibly in a military or competitive context, as they are used to describe the opponents faced by the speaker.

  • What does the phrase 'echando vergazos' imply?

    -The phrase 'echando vergazos' is a colloquial expression that could imply showing off or boasting, possibly referring to the speaker's actions or achievements.

  • Why does the speaker mention doing their 'deber'?

    -The speaker mentions doing their 'deber', which translates to 'duty', to emphasize that they fulfilled their responsibility or obligation, likely in a challenging or adversarial situation.

  • What is the significance of the 'hace doble p' and 'primo'?

    -The phrases 'hace doble p' and 'primo' are not entirely clear from the context, but 'primo' could mean 'cousin' in Spanish, suggesting a familial relationship, and 'hace doble p' might refer to a double shift or a difficult task.

  • What does the speaker mean by 'recule pelada'?

    -The term 'recule pelada' could be a colloquial expression referring to a significant setback or defeat, possibly in a fight or competition.

  • How does the speaker's tone contribute to the overall message of the script?

    -The speaker's tone is passionate and earnest, which contributes to the message of loyalty, duty, and the importance of family, making the script more relatable and impactful.

  • What is the significance of the music mentioned in the script?

    -The music mentioned at the beginning and end of the script may serve as a thematic backdrop, enhancing the emotional resonance of the speaker's words and experiences.

  • How does the script's structure contribute to its narrative?

    -The script's structure, with its mix of narrative, dialogue, and descriptive action, creates a vivid and engaging story that highlights the speaker's experiences and the value of family support.



🎶 Music and Life's Journey

The paragraph begins with a reference to music and then transitions into a personal narrative. The speaker reflects on their experiences, mentioning challenges and triumphs. There's a mention of radios playing a song that seems to be about their life, and the number 100 might symbolize a milestone or a significant achievement. The speaker talks about being seen in a certain light, possibly by society or peers, and the use of the word 'pleves' could be a typo or a term specific to a certain context. The narrative includes references to physical struggles, such as throwing 'vergazos' (perhaps a colloquial term for a type of struggle or hardship) and the mention of a rifle in the shoulder, which could be a metaphor for carrying a burden or facing a difficult situation. The speaker also talks about overcoming obstacles ('recule pelada'), not stopping for anyone ('no estuve'), and fulfilling a duty ('hice mi deber'). The paragraph concludes with the speaker addressing an audience, referring to them as 'mi familia' (my family), and discussing the importance of family in one's life. The speaker emphasizes that family is made up of those who love and support you unconditionally.




Music serves as the background for the video, setting the tone and atmosphere. It is often used to engage the audience and provide emotional context. In this script, music plays at the beginning and end, framing the narrative with a certain mood.


Family is a central theme in the video, symbolizing support, love, and the importance of relationships. The speaker refers to the audience as their family, emphasizing a sense of community and belonging.


Radios represent a means of communication and connection in the video. They are mentioned as entities that continue to 'sonar,' or sound, suggesting a constant presence and influence.


Plebes likely refers to ordinary people or followers in this context. The mention of plebes indicates the speaker's connection with a broader community or audience.


Apparatus in this context could refer to equipment or devices used for a specific purpose. The mention of 'soltar los aparatos' suggests a significant action or event involving the use of tools or technology.


The shoulder is mentioned in the context of an injury or burden, symbolizing the physical and emotional challenges faced by the speaker. It adds a personal and human element to the story.


The leg is another body part mentioned in relation to an injury, emphasizing the severity of the speaker's situation. It underscores the physical toll of their experiences.


Armor typically refers to protective gear worn in combat or dangerous situations. In the video, it could symbolize protection, preparedness, and the speaker's readiness for confrontation.


Duty here signifies the speaker's sense of responsibility and commitment to their role or cause. It reflects the moral or ethical obligations they feel towards their 'family' or community.


Patrón can be interpreted as a leader, boss, or mentor in this context. The speaker's reference to 'por el patrón no me detuve' indicates a relationship of authority and guidance.


To defend implies protecting or standing up for something or someone. In the video, it suggests a protective stance or action taken by the speaker and their community.


The music begins, setting a tone for the message to follow.

The speaker mentions that radios continue to play at 100, indicating a lively or ongoing situation.

The mention of 'pleves' and the release of devices suggests a context of technology or gadgets.

Reasons and support are mentioned, hinting at a backstory or context for the speaker's actions.

The speaker references being seen and throwing 'vergazos', which could imply a conflict or action scene.

The mention of a rifle and the shoulder and leg injuries indicates a violent event or struggle.

The colors green, white, and blue are mentioned, possibly referring to factions, teams, or groups.

The speaker asserts that they were able to make others retreat, showing a position of strength or influence.

The speaker did not stop and did their duty, suggesting a sense of responsibility or duty.

The music continues, creating a backdrop for the speaker's next point.

The speaker addresses the audience, sharing something very important about family.

The concept of family is defined as those who love and support you unconditionally.

The audience is referred to as the speaker's family, creating a bond and sense of community.

The speaker talks about defending and proceeding, indicating a context of protection or conflict.

There were several Thursdays with confrontations, suggesting an ongoing or repeated situation.

The speaker mentions facing a man and a good element, possibly referring to a specific event or encounter.

The mention of opening steel bars implies overcoming obstacles or challenges.

The speaker reminds the audience to be attentive and aware of their capabilities.

The music ends the transcript, bookending the speaker's message with its presence.





con la p ya no se me ve y como ven Pues


todo bien los radios siguen sonando al


100 los pleves también soy el 19 van a


soltar los aparatos hubo razones y un


buen respaldo por ahí me vieron y fue


echando vergazos rifle en el hombro


pierna era la peor on armor fueron los


verdes fueron blancos fueron Azules y


con todos pude les puse un recule pelada


No estuve y por el patrón no me detuve y


no disimulo hice mi




puro doble p primo háblate Él Ay






muchachos Hoy les tengo aquí para


comentarles algo muy importante


la familia son aquellas personas que


están en tu vida que también te quieren


en la


suya la familia son aquellas personas


que darían todo por verte


sonreí que te amarán sin


importar a


nada y hoy


muchachos ustedes se han convertido en


mi familia


salud la


famil al hijo del jefe salimos para


defender hay que proceder en la defender


fueron varios jueves los que con ellos


me enfrenté en dos les peleé y entre me


pele la capital aquí está un hombre y un


buen elemento ni modo así es esto


recuerden y atentos saben que se pueden


abrir esas rejas de acero 27 y p


cuídenme el terreno la familia fueron


los blancos fueron verdes fueron Azules


y con todos pude en varios recules


pelada No estuve y por el patrón no me


detuve y no disimulo mi deber







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